I hate it when I lose the dog, then find him in the couch cushions

It’s like, days go by, and the dog is nowhere to be found. Then I find him in the couch cushions with the remote. Geeshe.


I love it when a photo makes me LOL—then I know it has to go up on the site, Deena and James I.



  1. That is TOO TOO much. Tiny footsies!!!

  2. I love the little paws. He must be in heaven!

  3. This site is seriously costing me my goth-credentials. How can I be taken seriously when I start squealing like a five year old over pictures like this? It’s entirely unfair!

  4. ZOMG PUPPEH FEETZ!!1 *pop*

  5. Whoa check it out we’ve finally found the other end!!!

  6. That’s not a puppy; that looks like a tiny, tiny little deer.

    (And I think, from the fact that that’s a sheet on the couch, SOMEONE is in the dog house…)

  7. Those look like IG feet to me. Is it Rooofeees?

  8. Brak_Silverbone says:

    Let’s go tickle the doggie-toes and see how far we can make him jump, and how loud we can make him yelp! Or just snorgle them.

  9. GreenEyedHawk says:

    Is it Roofees? Are those Roo-feets?

  10. Yeesh no… if those were ‘roo feets, they’d be HUGE.

  11. Lol on da little feets and on da roo feets!

  12. He’s just looking for spare change for doggie treats.

  13. Everyone needs some private time, even doggies.

  14. Dawwwww. Something vaguely Rufusesque about this one.


  15. Awwwwwwwww! Wee feet 🙂

  16. Is it roofies or his cousin? And btw, there has been a serious lack of Rufus pictures on this site as of late.



    Disembodied stick legs are *so* much funnier than faces sticking out of the couch cushions.

  18. DDaaawwww is right. Eet ees just a weee snorgle appeeetizer. Can we see the pup attached to the feetsies? Someone post a peeeecture! 🙂

  19. brownamazon says:

    It looks like it’s being devoured by the slipcover of death.

  20. I snorted. 🙂

    I have a great dane- no chance of losing her in the cushions. She does try though!

  21. All I could think of when I saw this was “crime scene”…better bring the cat in for questioning.

  22. I think we need a “lab” report!

  23. Doggone it, Wolf! I’ve been working on a detective story for the last hour, and you beat me to it. 🙂

    Well, if I can finish it, I’ll post it anyway.

  24. …I have days like this…

    Of course, I don’t look nearly as cute with my fat, nasty feet hanging out from under the sheets. 😉


  25. Perhaps this will make you come out from under the jersey knit couch cover…


    Cute Overload makes Time Magazine’s “50 Coolest Web Sites”. Congrats, Meg!

  26. So when does Glinda, the Good B**ch of the North show up?

    CO, I don’t think we’re in Kansas any more…

  27. You killed him and hid the body!

  28. wolf plushtoy says:

    My ex-roommate had a maramalade cat named Pachouli who would actively let the couch eat him. On time, the cat was missing for 8 hours… couldn’t find him anywhere. Finally, we heard this soft mewling coming from the couch. Sure enough, we found Pachouli and *he* had found the missing remote.

  29. good old whatshername says:

    God, I hate it when the couch eats the pets.

  30. Other Mike… with bated breath.

    Aubrey — you’re gonna be pop-uuu-lar.

  31. Re: pets in couches. A friend of mine sold a couch which was still harboring her aged kitty in the cushions. She never got her back. Very sad.

  32. Theo — Thanks… I’m going to have that song in my head for DAYS now!

  33. Diane — SchmoopTeen2 just got the “Wicked” soundtrack, which we listened to on the drive to Chicago. No tickets were available at The Oriental, though (that’s the theater it’s playing at), sadly.

  34. oh oh oh! I’m going to see Wicked when it comes to the big city of Lansing next summer. Can’t wait. Seeing Mama Mia (again!) in October. I have the sound track to that, and I play it whenever I need a toe-tappin, head-noddin, pick-me-up.

  35. jaypo, say it ain’t so!

  36. Great giggle first thing in the morning!

  37. LaurieC, the new people left the sofa outside for a few hours before they brought it in and little Betty escaped. She was 18. 😦 Still makes me weepy.

  38. musicchick2 says:

    I realize this is off topic, but this is in response to someone’s post re: http://www.babyanimalz.com. Can sombody tell me WHAT this is???http://www.babyanimalz.com/images/apie.jpg

    OR this? http://www.babyanimalz.com/images/oddanimals120.jpg

  39. re: babyanimalz…those little guys are pygmy marmosets. and the second one is a baby chipmunk.

  40. Wow, sad cat story! 😦
    Sorry, jaypo.

    I have a Great Dane, too, and she would LOVE to disappear into a couch like this. She “becomes one” with the dog couch all day anyway.

    Last night Calli was lying “deaddog” sideways flat on the floor. My husband comes in with a Milkbone and says “watch this”. He lays the biscuit right by her mouth.
    Without ever lifting her head she slurped the biscuit in sideways, crunched, chewed and swallowed. She is the Queen of Relaxation!

  41. LOL! A baby chipmunk doing what they do best!

  42. I kinda thought the second one might be a baby dwarf hamster?

  43. LOL! A baby dwarf hamster doing what they do best! :-p

  44. musicchick2 says:

    Sue, Lauri, Jaypo…thanks! Can’t you just hear the baby chipmunk (or whatever it is) going “hee hee hee” in a teeny tiny high pitched voice?? And the feeties, and handsies, and the poofed cheekitude. OMG! And he’s just so teeny aaall over! *ACK*

  45. musicchick2 says:

    I think I might NEED some ‘o ‘dose pygmy marmosets!! Really awesome! ‘Course I’d have to lock the kitties in the bathroom so they wouldn’t play with the eensy creatures. THAT wouldn’t be good! 😦

  46. musicchick2 says:

    Jaypo…. I just now read your post about the 18 year old kitty. I’m so sorry to hear about that! *hugs* Sorry for butting in with my odd animal pics.

  47. musicchick, not to worry. Your animals picts were a perfect counterpoint!

  48. It *is* too sad, jaypo.

  49. It *is*. I know it would haunt me, too, but some things seem to happen that we can’t control. Ha, way too many things….but let’s get cute, not philosophical!

    The bebe pics were awwwwww inspiring musicchick! 🙂

  50. haha that reminds me when my mini dachshund buries himself under the covers. Just the other day he buried himself under pillows and I was frantically calling him and *then* he decides to poke his head out. Actually I saw the pillows moving around and out pops Jack in the Box Doxie!

  51. Off subject to food…which is never really all THAT far from cute….

    Summer BLTs with homegrown tomatoes!!! Nam nam nam!!!

  52. Edmund Hon says:

    That’s what happens when you ask your dog to find the TV remote for you.

  53. For some reason I thought of the poem that Nell would say in the movie “Nell” when I saw those sweet little doggie feets:

    ‘Lilten pogies
    Lilten doggies…’

  54. Lauri –
    I HATE tomatoes, which is sad, as my father grows them in his backyard, so I can get all the fresh ones I want (should I undergo a complete personality change and suddenly desire them).

    But bacon – and apologies to the wee piggies which have made their most welcome appearance on CO – makes everything, even the shushiest, gushiest (bleah) tomato seem like manna from heaven.

    A CO picnic wouldn’t be out of order, here.

  55. Oh my gosh, isn’t that the truth about the wee piggies! 😦 Why o why do they have to taste SO good……:P

    *Starts shuckin’ the corn for the CO picnic*

  56. omg, *bacon* is probably the thing I miss most since I became vegetarian. And let me be the first to say that veggie bacon is just *not* the same…

  57. Lauri,

    need some help with that corn?
    I think I shall bring a pie to the CO picnic. peach, blueberry, blackberry? what you guys think?

  58. cjoe,
    yep, ‘fakin’ bacon’ is not the same, but:
    – adding a drop of smoke flavoring helps a lot
    – allows one to watch ‘Babe’ and ‘Babe in the City’ without guilt
    – with onions. cream and parsley makes a pretty acceptable carbonara sauce.

  59. thanks for the tips, mariser. And peach for me, please.

  60. My hat’s off to you, mariser; I’ve always found pies DIFFICULT to make in the extreme.

    That being said, I make a swell antipasto/pasta salad, and I can make vats of the stuff. And I can make a vegan version too, it goes without saying.

  61. Oh YUM, blueberry!

    And antipasto…vats of it…geez…I am starving! :P~~~

  62. I made a perfectly *wicked* lattice crust peach pie in July. I’d be glad to repeat the scenario…

  63. …Oh, that is, unless you guys would like my brownies, which have 8 oz. of Valhrona chocolate AND 2 sticks of butter. I guess I’d could do both.

  64. hrh.squeak says:

    Woo hoo, picnic!! I’m bringing Fruit salad with All Berries and Cherries and Watermelon and Such and dessert wine on the side to drizzle on!!

    Love the micro-munk, musicchick2.

  65. hrh.squeak says:

    jaypo – nawm nawm drool drool nawm.

  66. Some good Italian grill sausages (sorry, veggies…) would be perfect, hot and sweet.

    Can you tell I’m gettin’ a teensy bit *hungry*
    [wipes mouth, dreams of fatty stuff]

  67. LOL…I think hrh.squeak summed it up….nawm nawm drool drool….

    Oooo…a huge vat of mayo/mustard redskin potato salad with crunchy chunks of celery and green onions…

  68. Ooh, I love picnics. In my pic-a-nic basket I can bring my chocolate eclair cake, and we have a bocce ball set, if anyone would like to play!

  69. I LOVE BOCCE!!

  70. I gots Frisbees!!

  71. We could go to Jellystone Park!

  72. musicchick2 says:

    Dang, this picnic is sounding GOOOOODDDD!! I’m in Seattle. Where’s everybody else? ( Can you imagine a get together of C.O. peeps??? We’d be all *SQUEEE* and *AWWWWWWW*, and falling over dead and stuff…LOL 😉

  73. hrh.squeak says:

    OK, that’s It. It’s lunchtime, peeps. (Runs off to stuff face while dreaming of Lauri’s potato salad and Jaypo’s brownies and Mariser’s peach pie and g-lo’s chocolate eclair cake and Aubrey’s antipasto . . . .)

  74. I’m always good to bring an armful of bags of chips, cheesies and other savory junky snacks. ‘Cause it wouldn’t be a picnic if you didn’t turn your fingers orange eating cheesies.

    (Theo could wipe them off on his orange shirt and no one would be any wiser.)

  75. Gotta have chunks of egg in the potato salad. pleeeeezzzz???

    I’ll bring my world famous layered taco dip. (No family get-together is complete without it – the nephews and neices don’t want me, they only want my dip…)

  76. Oh yes of course! I forgot the egg chunks! I always put those in, too!!

    Gallons of lemonade, and iced tea…marguaritas anyone?

    And, yes, gotta have lots of chips, LaurieC!

    I am in SE Michigan…let’s pick a central location and all meet up.

  77. Cheetos, yummy!! No napkins, please, gotta lick the fingers when eating Cheetos!

    Deviled eggs, bbq chicken, iced tea, iced coffee, potato salad *with* egg chunks, grilled sausages, hamburgers, pie, brownies, chips, cheetos, JELL-O salad with chunks of canned fruit, checkered tablecloths, wine coolers, ants, mosquitos, puppies, water, frisbees.

    check. check. check. We forgetting anything?

  78. Denita TwoDragons says:

    Did someone say food…? I’ll bring the Kahlua Chess pie! (My signature specialty! *grin*)


  79. How ’bout some cuppycakes?

  80. Like the cute ones I always see on flickr?

  81. *Sighs* Sounds perfect!
    Oh, maybe a few cold beers would be good, too!

    And, later, a bonfire and s’mores! Cute little s’mores…so cute that all our heads would explode….stomachs, heads, both *poit*

  82. picnic.with.peeps ::poit::

  83. Curiously enough, no one’s bringing pudding. Did it all get used up in the pudding-a-pult?

  84. Good God – this picnic is sounding SAVAGE. All the suggestions sound too perfect, but I must admit that I have a serious potato salad weakness. Lauri, I don’t know how the others feel, but I am not afraid o’ having gallons of mayo slapped into my potato salad.

    I can also bring Zazu’s Cookies – they use chunks of Heath Bars, people: resistance is futile.

    I’m near the coast – the boyfriend’s friend has a beach house in Oxnard: too bad we can’t all converge there, behind his back!

  85. I’m with Aubrey, I could sit and eat a gallon of potato salad by myself. As long as it has eggs… and crunchy celery… and lots of mayo…

  86. oh wait… then I wouldn’t have room for pie and brownies and s’mores… oh dear!

  87. Laurie C –

    My chocolate eclair cake is loaded with vanilla pudding! And chocolate frosting! Would that work?

  88. room; shrooom. pack it in. i always over indulge when there is good food around. it helps me keep the curves in my hourglass. 🙂
    can i bring white chocolate cheescake with a rasberry and strawberry sugar reduction. my fav!

  89. Oh yeah….giganto gallons of mayo in the potato salad!

    Still drooling over the brownies …and then heath bar cookies…

    How do you type the Homer Simpson tonguehanging out drooling sound?

  90. eclair cake and cheesecake!!! *faints*

  91. Eclair cake? That simply can’t exist. It’s impossible. The human race simply isn’t ready.

    Also, all this talk about puddin’ flingin’ is to be commended. I dareseay mayo and sugar reductions would lend themselves well, too. But when the food is intended for my consumption at a CO picnic, well let’s just say you’ll get my vanilla puddin’ eclair cake only when you pry it from my cold, dead, chubby hands.

  92. hrh.squeak says:

    This is me after the Picnic to End All Picnics:

    ( v )
    -( )-
    ( . )
    – –

    Or possibly a stunned baby chipmunk.

  93. Chocolate eclair cake!!!!!!!
    wasn’t that what tried to kill Homer Simpson with? But hope the local hospitals have been warned about the CO pinic so they can order the tankers of insulin in.

  94. g-lo, that’ll do fer sure.

    Oh, and potato salad? Wicked with the addition of fresh dill, peeps.

  95. hrh.squeak says:

    dammit, it took out all my spaces, I was *much* plumper.


    dat made me laff out loud! ssssssshhh… s’posed be workin.

  97. Lol…that’s ok, hrh.sq. it’s just you after you asploded!

    Ooo, dill in the potato salad does sound great!

  98. Now *you* have an hourglass figure, squeak.

  99. bunnajenny says:

    Wegmans has a chocolate cookie cake. Chocolate cake with soft cookie layers with little soft chocolate chip cookies on top. Ideal for post asploding dessert.

  100. I’ll bring my world-renowned Best Meatballs Ever! Forget that goopy chili sauce/grape jelly stuff. Mine is all about hot chunky salsa, apricot preserves and a touch of cinnamon. SUPER YUMMY! I get invited to potlucks just for the meatballs. The key is at least six hours in a crockpot for the meatballs to soak up the sauce.

  101. And for a fat cat who never misses a good meal, here’s my Elvis:

  102. MMmmmm meatballs! And Elvis looks to be the twin of my Pinto!

  103. an Elvis sighting!!! !yay!
    AmyH, he is gorgeous. I love the first pic with the white fur draped over his chest.

  104. With all this talk of puddin’, I’ll just have to bring my butterscotch banana cream pie (with whipped cream of course) to the picnic. The wivits sound wonderful…

  105. Thanks, mariser! He’s quite a pretty kitty, if I do say myself. 🙂 Elvis is my buddy and I’m just crazy about him – if not just crazy in general!

  106. AmyH – he’s wonderful! Thanks so much for sharing! I used to have a big black & white girl kitty named Bobbie (after Robert Redford).

  107. Amy,

    the stuff about Elvis and the sheets made me laugh out loud. Steven Elizabeth can also “hear fresh sheets unfolded from a mile off”, come running and get underneath. cute.
    Elvis does seem to enjoy posing, and you avoided the redeye! hope you are enjoying Flickr.

  108. I once pinned Elvis under the bottom/fitted sheet because he wouldn’t stay off the bed. I made the entire bed with a big lump in the middle. Eventually he squirmed his way out. He’s a silly one.

  109. I heard mention of cute S’mores. A women I know who works for the Girl Scouts relayed to me a brilliant idea.
    She roasted marshmallow Peeps and Bunnies and made S’mores with them. Mmmmmm extra sugary……
    Oh and I will make chocolate chip, mocha meringues.

  110. AmyH,

    I’ve done the same. when Steven E. was smaller he used to actually burrow under the sheet of an already-made bed (with a conforter on top, no less). at the time it was scary as he wasn’t much bigger than a bed lump. many times I had to ‘unmade’ beds searching for him.
    he is a lot easier to search for now, at 12+ pounds.
    here are some pics:
    lazing, http://www.flickr.com/photos/mariser/163939962/

  111. EricaE sez,
    “…relayed to me a brilliant idea.”

    possibly brilliant, but I’m leaning towards creepy… and I have a 7-year-old niece that will love the idea, I’m sure. if I told her.

  112. mariser – that is a great shot of him on the chair. Love the crossed back legs!

  113. Oh lord, I laughed really really loud when I saw the pic of Steven Elizabeth with the crossed legs! Wonderful!

    That is so funny about the Peeps! We had a Peep contest at work where you had to semi melt Peeps into creative artwork…one of the winners was a Peep partially melted between two graham crackers, entitled “Why Peeps Never Go Camping.”

  114. Deena, dogfeet's momma says:

    Thanks for al the comments, the little dog foots belong to my Minipin, Priscilla. I sent Meg a picture of Priscilla in a pillowcase, but it didn’t make it. If I knew how to post it myself, I sure would because it is the best!

  115. Awwwwww! A minipin! That explains the dainty little feets!

  116. hrh.squeak says:

    Ummm, cute feets on the mini(what?). Beatimus kitties, Mariser and AmyH.

  117. ‘She roasted marshmallow Peeps and Bunnies’

    Run, little buns, run! EricaE has a campfire and she’s not afraid to use it!

    Also – Steven E. is felinely divine. The crossed legs are too, too elegant.

  118. Not so hip on the roasted peeps. Makes me feel a little…vulnerable.

  119. Steven Elizabeth takes a bow and thanks all for the comments. he is certainly a modest kitteh, unlike *some* that have no qualms “letting it all hang out” as it were, cf. http://mfrost.typepad.com/cute_overload/2006/06/oh_for_the_love.html#comments

  120. Dey is miniature pinscher feets! Teeny tiny!

  121. OMG, Aubrey, I just now scrolled back and caught your “When does Glinda, good b&&ch of the north show up?”

    I am howling!!!

    Talk about slow on the uptake!

    (I stole that last line from Mama Mia)

  122. Lauri, I saw that too but didn’t get it. me simpleton?

  123. JP – it’s just a take on the Wizard of Oz, and how Dorothy’s house landed on the Evil Witch, and only her feet showed. I threw in the Glinda remark, so I can add the Good B**ch (re: doggie) reference. No one’s slow, we’re all happy, drinks all around.

  124. ceejoe, you know what makes faux bacon taste good? Cooking it in REAL bacon grease!

  125. P.S. I’ll bring the fried chicken… and some snickerdoodles, too!

  126. Lol….now everytime I look at that picture I can see the Wicked Witch of the West and hear the little doggie..”I’m snorgling….snoooorrrling”….

    I just made some tater salad for real! Yum yum yum!

    Ooo, snickerdoodles…are those made with peanut butter and chowmein noodles?

  127. No, Lauri, snickerdoodles are pale cookies that are rolled in cinnamon sugar before baking and come out with crinkly tops (like gingersnaps) after baking. SO good!

  128. Brak_Silverbone says:

    I can bring my legendary World Domination Chocolate Chip Cookies.

    And somebody PLEASE bring that cute li’l doggie in the couch. He/she deserves some fun and rompin’ around and chasing of frisbees and whatnot after all the joy he/she has brought all of us today.

  129. Oh, yes, I remember now..the cinnamon!

    And, good point, Brak! Bring Priscilla! 🙂

  130. Denita TwoDragons says:

    Y’know, a CuteOverload Cookbook just might be worth marketing…*hint hint* 😉

    Mmmmm…snickerdoooodles…*Homer drool*


  131. What about:

    “Meg’s COok Book”

    “The Ultimate Pudding Cute Book”

    “Overloading Your Picnics – The Cute Way”

    But DON’T let the illustrations look like this:


    (this is a GREAT site, by the way)

  132. ppriscilla would love that, we call her “puppy doodles” and “monkey”. she has noidea she’s a dog or what a dog’s life is lik!!

  133. ppriscilla would love that, we call her “puppy doodles” and “monkey”. she has noidea she’s a dog or what a dog’s life is like!!

  134. Aubrey, that’s what I thought but I wasn’t making the connect to Glinda’s wicked feet hanging in the air. She was scary!

  135. P.S. I can’t believe you know lileks.com!! It’s one of my fav weirdo websites.

  136. Oh o.k. I guess the roasted Peeps fall a little more toward the sadistic than the cute… but please remember they *are* marshmallow.

  137. Lileks is my homie. Twin Cities, represent! Word.

    [dodges the hail of flying objects launched by Jaye]

  138. JP, T:

    Lileks’ commentaries on roasted meats of the 1950’s are both pithy, witty and so funny, I know better than to be drinking any liquid when reading them. No spit-takes here.

  139. LOL! One of my favorite pics ever! Too cute!

  140. EricaE, and we are peeps…;-)

  141. pink dragon says:

    Seems “on topic”…..
    frantic search for lost yorkie ends when a large crash is heard…trash basket cabinet in kitchen flies open and yorkie emerges stretching as he rises from nap!!! We breathe again…;o)