Fuzzy bee-tocks

Can you just SEE this bee animated? He’s got a super-heavy back end, and he droops and floats, droops and floats and the he finally lands on the flower, and he’s all; "Do my ‘tocks look big?"

///UPDATE!///This photo has been removed at the request of the owner and may be viewed online here

I’d like to apologize to the photographer Elke for posting the photo and not giving the proper credit.



Danke, FotoBlicke!!!



  1. Hee! “Bee-tocks”!

  2. Cute…until he stings you!

  3. Fish Eye no Miko says:

    “Do these wings make my butt look big?”

  4. fuzzy buzzy pants!

  5. That IS a cute bee! And it gets to luncheon on a tasty coneflower!

  6. Droopy-butt, really… I mean, *look* at that pic. Der bee is fightin’ to stay aloft…

  7. oooh!! stripe-a-licous!!

    *also checks out the fluttery-airy wings* 🙂

  8. I love the fat fuzzy body to teeny leg ratio.

  9. What a sweet bee! I am just now re-reading the lovely novel “The Secret Life of Bees” so this pic really caught me. And I do believe this is a she-bee, as they do all the work. The he-bees are only good for one thing…

  10. buzzy fuzz-butt.

    say that three times fast…

  11. I will concur that this is a she-bee, belina is correct in that he-bees are only good for one thing, and then they get their fuzzy ‘tocks kicked outta the hive… She-Bees Rule! And no, your ‘tocks aren’t big, sweety, you’re just fluffy.

  12. great picture – cute animal, i love to meet them on my balcony (in passau, germany). though: this is not a bee, it’s a bumble-bee: way cuter than bees and way more peaceful. you can even touch them carefully without being stung.

  13. Did I hear someone say this bee needed to be animated?


  14. Wow. How the hell did they get such a good photo?

  15. I love fuzzy bumble bee butts!
    Bumble bees are one of the few insects I’m not actually scared of, they’re just too cute!

  16. That’s hilarous, Other Mike! I see that hovering bees gets on each other’s nerves, too, not just mine…

  17. Two Sheds Jackson says:

    NTMTOM – Eeeeeeeeeeeep! (Falls over in astonishment.) – We’re not worthy etc.!

  18. Other Mike – ROTFLMAO!! :)))

  19. Oh I like bee butts and I cannot lie…

  20. NTMTOM: Astonishing!! Bravo, bravo.

    Fuzzy bee butts + tiny legs + tiny prosh antennae + little wings = muy cute.

  21. NTMTOM: yay!

  22. DavidBoBavid says:

    Other Mike: HAHAHa.. that was fantastic!

  23. Other Mike — YAY is right.

    (I note you also got a Yay from *that* Michelle.)

  24. [golfclap] for NTMTOM.

    Bellina, I just finished The Secret Life of Bees. For any one who has not read it, it has bees in it, but is a coming of age novel set in the 60’s. NOT a documentary about fuzzy-butt bees.

    “Nah dude, those wings don’t make you look fat, but you might want to have the pleats in those stripes taken in or something.”

  25. Other Mike!! Loved it!!! Big Grins here!

    And lemura! LOL….I like bee butts and I cannot lie, those other buzzers can’t deny….

    I love how dis leetle bee has her toes pointed out just so…..so dainty!!!

    CO gets me buzzed!

  26. Wow, has teh Yay pic always had that many hedgehogs???

  27. (Lauri — there’ve been 4 “YAY” hedgehogs for quite a while now. At some point, one of the “duplicate” hedgies got swapped for the li’l flower girl, though.)

  28. CUKIIII!!!! Nagyon aranyos! Csak ne közelítsen! 🙂

  29. brownamazon says:

    Other Mike: Hats off to you, sir.
    A couple of years ago, our house was infested with big, fuzzy bumblebees for about 6 weeks. Every day I’d come home from work to find six or seven of them banging against our upstairs windows. Husband and I would carefully catch them (using drinking tumblers) and release them. The cats got their share, though. Turns out the little fuzzpants had built a nest in our dryer outtake vent. We only figured this out a year later, when we moved the drier and found literally hundreds of little dessicated bumblebee corpses. Freaky.

  30. It’s amazing the places the little bumblers will find to live.

    Every day I find one buzzing in our entry way, probably came in thru the cat door.
    I simply open the front door and they see the light (literaly) and noisily buzzle their way back outside.

    I do believe I will go off for groceries now with whilst humming “I’m bringing home a baby bumblebee, won’t my mommy be so proud of me….”

  31. LMAO at the flying bee whoo! she is cute.

  32. I tink I BEE in love with the fuzzbuzzy.

    ROTFL, Other Mike!

    Theo, maybe there should be a bee in YAY…?!

  33. NTMTOM–that was brilliant! I’m sooooo sending that to my husband at work, so he and his buds can get a good laugh!

    What program did you use?


  34. PS Bees are awesome! I soooo want to have a hive or two someday. Yeah, I’m crazy that way…*grin*


  35. HelenWheels says:

    Loved the fuzzy bee-hind (and can’t believe nobody else called it that). Oh, and Other Mike? You owe me a new keyboard. This one got morning tea sprayed all over it. TOO funny!

  36. “ROTFLMAO!!”

    Care to be a little more articulate, Hila?


  37. I never thought a live bee could look cute! 😀

  38. LOL!!! I bet his body can’t carry the weight of his buttocks!

  39. Brak_Silverbone says:

    This bee looks so fuzzy and pettable…

    You’re bee-utiful, honey. Don’t ever change!

  40. Huh! I never would have thought bees could be cute, but holy crap, this bee is cute! The fuzzy little bee-hind and the dangly little bee legs are what get me.

  41. check this website out for more cute pics! i found it when this site didnt add anymore for ages = there are a lot on there that you’ll recognise from here too! not sure who got them first though lol!

  42. if you want cute bugs, you should go to my friend Jane Davenport’s site

    a self proclaimed artimologist, she makes her living from photographing bugs…

  43. I’ve heard that scientists have studied the bumblebee, and by all rules of engineering and aerodynamics there is NO WAY it could fly. But somehow, it does. I wonder if that’s true. Anyway, this is the most snorgleiferous bee, EVER.

  44. thanks carol! off to check it out :)!

  45. Oh my gorshhhhhh, that bee is actually really cute! I want to stick it in my mouth! Hehe

  46. Fuzzy-bottomed bumble-bee!
    Please get some honey for me!


    NTMTOM – LOVE the animated bumblebutt.

  47. Hi,
    this is an stolen pic and I’m very angry about! You didn*t have any permission to usw it, you even didn’t ask to me. So remove this picture oft the bees immediately or I have to send an account to you and I will inform my advocate.

  48. Wow, GORGEOUS photo. I think it’s adorable, and bees are actually one of my few irrational fears.

    Other Mike, you ROCK! I’m dying over here!

    And I always hated that baby bumblebee song because when I first heard it, I was all into having a cute little baby bumblebee, then it gets to the squishing part, and I cried. Catchy little tune, though. 😛

  49. Wow, are Nigerian scammers now posting on Cute Overload?

    In other news…it may be a good photo, but bees will NEVER be cute to me! I’m terrified of them, so it’s just a personal thing. BEE TERROR!!!

  50. This is a STOLEN Pic. You don*t have any permission. Remove it immediately !!

  51. NTMTOM;

    Utter brilliance, you gave quite a laugh.

    I’ve always thought bees were cute (but perhaps that’s because I’ve never been stung). Wasps? Not so cute.

  52. smokeyJoe says:

    not to be repetitive, but this is a super shot.

  53. Two Sheds Jackson says:

    ellemo – We just comment here – Sie mussen Meg fragen – I said my German was bad!

  54. Ryan Blackhawke says:

    Wow I guess some ppl just don’t realize what an honor it is to have a pic posted on a site that won a webbie!

    Meg, I hereby grant blanket permission to you to post any pics of my stuff that you find worthy.

    I love springtime because of all the bumbleybees flying around my thyme.

  55. good morning. animated i quess. when i first looked at this.fuzzy head and floopy ears…..omg it is a bee. too cool.

  56. How can a pic be “stolen” when Meg posted an acknowledgement at the bottom…?


  57. I’m deathly afraid of bees, there is no way that I could ever find this to be cute

  58. How can anything with a fuzzy bottom not be cute? I would even snorgle it’s beehind!

    And, D2D, I first thought you wanted to be a Queen Bee in a future life…then realized you want to own hives in THIS life!

    ellemo has a bee up his butt!

  59. Mike that was just awesome. Funny..thanks

  60. Rachel-

    I’m seriously bee-phobic too.
    But *look* at the fuzziness of that bee-utiful bee-hind.

    I surrender, already, you guys are the lords (and ladies) of cute.

    And Ellemo-

    If you are for real, maybe you should be discussing your issues directly with CO, via e-mail, and not here in the comments trail?

    Going on about it here seems so, I don’t know, trollish maybe?

  61. It is a stolen pic because nobody asked für using it here.
    I replicate: Remove it !!!!

  62. Fuzzy bee butts…

    tee hee! Love it!

  63. great picture

  64. OK – and where I can get the E-Mail of Meg?

  65. Ryan Blackhawke says:

    Look around. It is posted on the site. You don’t honestly think that we are going to do your work for you, do you?

    And before you go running off in a huff, maybe you should look up fair use laws in the US.

  66. pinupkate says:

    i used to catch those big fluffy fuzzy bumblebees all the time to gently play with them (they don’t sting) and find fun flowers for them to inspect. and yes, their bottoms are just that fun to pet.

    and when they collect lots of pollen on their legs they get… bee pantaloons!

  67. Meg, since you are getting some negativity on this picture, maybe this is a good time to remind you that there are a LOT of us who really appreciate CO and all the work you put into it. I think this site is wonderful.

  68. Yikes! I come for the cute and get scared by CO.

    *hides in a corner*

    I’m horribly bug phobic.

    Someone get me a kitten, quick!

  69. i never thought Id wanna snorgle a bee

  70. I just thought of something that I WOULD be terrified of that has a fuzzy behind and that is a tarantula!!! *shudder* NOT cute!!!
    Oh, and maybe a Nascar fan, too! Haha…joke, joke.

    Watch out, ellemo is replicating!

  71. ginettissima says:

    Wow… never seen a bee with furry white ‘tocks before. Adorable. 🙂

  72. This is bee-ooty-licious!

  73. i checked the fotoblicke site linked below the pic, and apparently “ellemo” is quite upset & has no clue about what appearing on CO means (like what RyanB said).

  74. Two Sheds Jackson says:

    Lauri – c’mon did you see my German? Don’t take the micky unless your German is really good!

    Perhaps ‘fair use’ laws are different in Germany. If ellemo was serious and not a troll though I might remove FotoBlicke from my Favourites (and as I’m British *I* can spell that word correctly whilst we’re on the subject of languages! ;D Just gently ribbing y’all)

  75. great photo! (ellemo, feel the love! cute overload is ein fest der liebe!) awesome caption, meg!
    and the other mike, that animation is perfect!

  76. maybe someone should alert the F.Bee I.

  77. is it ur photo ellemo? did you take ir or someone you know> email meg here:
    if it is yours then i understand you’d be upset at it being taken and posted all over without permission.

  78. No, 2sheds, my German is no good at all! I knew I probably shouldn’t have made that statement when I said it…but I “took the micky” anyway….

    Does “taking the micky” mean being a know-it-all snob?

    And, I wouldn’t even have enough ability to even attempt a post on a site in German, or anything else for that matter, so peace to all of ya.

  79. @ Ryan, sorry, you are wrong! Nobody asked me to use this picture here on this site. Meg has stolen it and it’s a infringement of the copyright – I’m sure also in the USA. The minimum is to ask before using.
    Now the Site Fotoblicke is off – to show everybody what happened.
    The way the people deal with me is really nasty.
    It’s not an honour if somebody steal pics
    @ Sabrina, thank you to post the E-Mail!
    regards el

  80. PS Sabrina, it’s my pic, I took the picture of myself.

  81. Netherland Dwarf rabbit, owner!!♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ says:

    Buzz cute!

    “Do these wings make my butt look big?”

    Posted by: Fish Eye no Miko
    Good one!

    Great Bee ani! Posted by: Not That Mike The Other Mike

  82. holy fuzzy beepants…robin…its superstinger!
    what an awesome photo…a flying mini jewel!!!!!

  83. ellemo, this is no different than someone using an article for a research paper. if you cite the exact place where you nicked it from, it isn’t theft, it’s fair use. that’s why people are using that term for this.

  84. Ellemo,

    Uhm…sweetheart, you need to relax for like two seconds, ok? First off, there was no copyright infringement. She linked back to your site rather than saying that it was her own picture.

    Second, you should be happy that it’s up there and there’s a link to your site. It means more publicity for you.

    Third and finally, there are much better ways to deal with these things than ranting and raving like a crazypants. Throwing hissy-fits is only going to make people mad at you. Just *calmly* take it up with Meg and try to get the issue resolved in a peaceful manner, rather than going off on a wild tantrum.

  85. lurkertype says:

    I too would like to give Other Mike a “YAY!” for his excellent animation and funny bee dialog.

    Bee pantaloons, yes! How they manage to fly when they’re all pollened up is even more amazing.

  86. Two Sheds Jackson says:

    Lauri – No ‘taking the micky’ doesn’t mean being a ‘know it all’ snob. As I’ve posted elsewhere – I’m a teacher – being a ‘know it all’ becomes the default position I’m afraid! Sorry I can’t help it. The snobbyness was unintentional though.

  87. ellemo, you took a lovely picture of the bee. No one wants to steal it from you. It’s not plagiarism. It’s like showing a bunch of friends a beautiful photograph in a book. The person does not say “Look at *my* picture.” They say,”Look at the lovely picture ellemo took.”

    Do you understand? No one stole anything.

  88. Actually, Jaypo (and others who’ve posted on this topic), Ellemo is entirely within his rights to ask that the photo be removed, and Meg would do well to comply. Cute Overload depends heavily upon the goodwill of content creators like Ellemo, and should not be seen as disrespectful of their rights.

    But isn’t the use of the photograph “fair use,” as some here have claimed? No. “Fair use” is intended to aid news reporting, commentary and education, not commercial entertainment ventures like Cute Overload. For more information on Fair Use, see:

    This is not to say that Ellemo hasn’t been completely oafish and clumsy in seeking resolution. However, if it’s Ellemo’s picture, then it’s Ellemo’s right to control how it is displayed.

    Which means that I’ll be taking the bee animation down shortly, so … last look, everybody:

  89. OtherMike, thanks for that fine clarification.

  90. Two Sheds Jackson says:

    Poo! It’s all gone and got serious. 😦

  91. In all the time I’ve been reading CO, this is the second time I’ve seen someone object to their photograph appearing. The first, of course, was the infamous Sunnie, who got herself in rather a lot of hot water over the whole thing.

    ellemo, I have a hard time believing you are unfamiliar with the blogosphere and the Internet. You had a web site, on which many pictures were publicly displayed. A reader of CO e-mailed Meg a photograph of yours and linked to its source. Meg posted the photograph and linked to its source, admiring it as “cute”. That’s the point of this site.

    It is absolutely true that you can object and request that it be removed, but the way you have gone about it is completely at loggerheads with the mood of this site. Perhaps you do not want more publicity as a photographer, in which case you should think about why you have a web site where your photographs are publicly accessible on the Internet in the first place.

    In short: I think Meg offers nothing but flattery and good publicity here, she has a huge readership, and the comments have -all- been of a complimentary nature. Artists ought not look gift horses in the mouth, as we say.

  92. You know…once you put anything on the internet you’re just begging for it to be stolen and used in ways that you either would approve of, or wouldn’t.

    Meg didn’t steal it. She showed it, and gave a link back to your site. She gave you FREE PUBLICITY. She never claimed it was hers, she never claimed to have taken it.

    The only way you’re going to get around your pictures being re-posted and passed around on the internet is to not post them there. Meg will most likely take it down, but all you’ve done is make us think that you’re rude and over-reacting. What could have been a huge influx of comments, traffic, and admiration for you is now going to be blacklisting.

    Good job Ellemo.

  93. Darkflame says:

    I wish I had a clue why ellemo is so apparently upset over this. The picture is credited, it’s not as though CO is claiming it as their own. All she’s doing is making sure I never want to visit her site and see any of her other pictures, which is sad, as this picture is very cute! Ellemo, please stop protesting so much and enjoy the fact that people are enjoying your work! It’s making you look very bad to post in the comments like you have been doing! 😦

  94. Two Sheds Jackson says:

    Other Mike re: ‘oafish and clumsy’ Of course there’s also the fact that ellemo is German and therefore less able to couch in nuances his/ her complaints. S/he might not be able to read all of the site and therefore not able to realise the spirit in which the photo was used. His/ her English is pretty good judging by his/ her comments but it’s fair to suppose that s/he hasn’t ever heard of CO and so might not see a post here as flattery. I have to say that the comments do sound hissy fit-like but I’m prepared to give it the benefit of the doubt and put it down to a language barrier.

  95. Darkflame says:

    By the by, for anyone who may not have noticed, or doesn’t have LJ, in the LJ feed post of this entry, Ellemo made a LiveJournal *just* to protest this picture. That that as you will, but I find that just a bit much, myself. 😦

  96. Darkflame says:

    *take* that as you will ^^

    Misspells FTW! ^^

  97. All copyright infringement comments aside, this is an amazing photo. So amazing that my first thought was…photoshopped? Am I the only one who thought that? Or am I just a cynic? (or both?!)

  98. Actually, Two Sheds, I was commenting more on Ellemo’s whole approach to the complaint, which we really can’t chalk up to language problems:

    1) Airing the complaint in the comments thread, rather than looking for the e-mail address of the site operator, which is usually easy to find in blogs of this type.

    2) Altering his own web site in protest, which must have been somewhat puzzling to his other users unfamiliar with the controversy.

    That’s not English vs. German, that’s smart vs. silly.

  99. Two Sheds Jackson says:

    Other Mike – well ok yes but (and I’m really just playing Devil’s advocate now)perhaps s/he acted in anger rather than rationally. If s/he felt genuinely upset and ill-used s/he may have acted in haste. Perhaps there isn’t an equivalent to CO or anything like it in German speaking websites.

    On the other hand – YAY – for CO and Meg – keep ’em coming!

  100. It’s the same discussion – everywhere – and in every discussion indignities happened …. like I have to read it here in many ways ….. it’a great pitty ;-(

    In germany it’s a constant discussion about copyright infringement – and my friends amd I are very damageable about this. It’s like a peccadillo to take a picture and use it as somebody want, often in a way to avoid the costs of a photo. And therefore the german law said, it’s theft.
    Meg could have asked me – I’m available on the net.

    Never would I have been disapproved, if she asked and if I knew, what kind of site is it, where sha wants to link my picture. It’s not easy to identify a foreign site on the first look.

    And please remember, it’s quiet expensive and takes a lot of time to take such a picture, it’s something like a big shot – it’s not an effect of PS!

    yes, and sorry of my english – it’s not so easy to appreciate all the things you’ve written here.


  101. Oh poo. He defaced his own site…

  102. graycie alaina jarboe says:

    hi my name is graycie alaina jarboe iam 7 and iam new at this

  103. Welcome, Graycie. I hope you enjoy all the cuteness here as much as I do.

  104. I know I’m new here, and I know that commenting on anything but the cute in the comments thread is frowned upon, but I have to agree with ellemo here.

    Copyright isn’t about making people pay for stuff, it’s about letting the creator of a work control how that work is used. In some cases, that control is critical to the commercial value of a work. In others, it’s just the polite thing to do. Using a copy of someone else’s work for your own purposes (no matter how innocent those purposes are) is saying to the creator, “It doesn’t matter to me whether you want me to do this or not, I’m doing whatever I want to do with your work.” Assigning credit doesn’t change the fact that the creator no longer has control over their own work.

    The Internet has made it *possible* to copy things and use them so easily that most people have forgotten that just because something is possible doesn’t make it right.

    I understand this is an unpopular position to take on the Internet. You may proceed to flame me into oblivion now.

  105. graycie alaina jarboe says:

    can somebody plaeae post back? can i have some aticon? all my life i wanted to bee get it famos and your cring it in to tiny bite size pices

  106. Welcome, Graycie. I hope you enjoy all the cuteness here as much as I do.

  107. … I Heart Teh Bee.
    And I heart NTMTOM’s animation.

  108. shortieee says:

    awwww. its absoloutly adorable!! greattshot!<3

  109. NTMTOM, can I call you
    Not To Much Tom?

  110. Two Sheds Jackson says:

    So most people don’t mind having stuff posted on CO but perhaps (for foriegn language postees particularly – who won’t have heard of CO)a double-check/ heads-up is necessary. Mind you that might take up time and so result in less posts. Hhmmmm.

  111. As promised earlier, and in the spirit of international cooperation and fair play, I’ve taken down the bee animation, and replaced it with a version that does not use any elements from Ellemo’s copyrighted intellectual property.


  112. warrior rabbit says:

    I understand his position, but it’s too bad he can’t see the promotional value of a guest spot on CO. He probably got more traffic today than ever. Well, until he dismantled his site in a fit of pique.

    Normally I’m totally with Wolf and against the dot communism attitude of the internet, but ellemo managed to quash my sympathetic feelings. Ironically, given the bumblebee subject, it makes me think of that saying, “You catch more flies with honey than with vinegar.” Even if you’re in the right, it holds true.

    Auf Deutsch, etwas ähnliches wäre, “Der Ton macht die Musik.”

  113. NTMTOM, you made me make my first post.

    Thank you for both animations; I finally recovered from the first, only to dissolve into fits of giggles over the second.


  114. Two Sheds Jackson says:

    Other Mike – like the new photoshop 🙂

  115. Two Sheds: Thanks, yeeeeeeaaaaaaahhhhhhh.

    And Beachy, let’s see if you still want to thank me after the Ominous Floating Head Of Gary Cole invades your nightmares.

  116. Yeah, I would have sympathized more with Ellemo, myself–but there’s professional behavior, and then there’s BAD behavior. And Ellemo chose to behave BADLY, at a time when he (or she) could have been professional.

    Too bad. It was a great picture. What a shame, the bee had a better sense of decorum than the photographer did…


  117. It’s not often you get a snapshot of a bee’s behind. Who knew it could be(e) so cute?

    Nice shot, Ellemo.

  118. Two Sheds Jackson says:

    Other Mike – it probably helps that I have no idea who Gary Cole is. I guess that means I’m missing the joke does it? I just like the muppet!

  119. Two Sheds: Gary Cole played a smarmy office manager in the cult comedy movie “Office Space,” from which I also borrowed some of the dialog. The character’s key line is a slow, condescending “yeeeaahhh…” which probably doesn’t translate well into print.

  120. Two Sheds Jackson says:

    Aha – thanks Other Mike

  121. 2SJ,

    Gary Cole character (Bill Lundbergh):
    “Ahh, I’m going to need for you to come on Saturday, mmmmkey? around 9ish, mmmmkey?
    and yeah, I have to go ahead and ask you to come in on Sunday, too…”

  122. Well.. I was going to say nice things about the photo, but now that I’ve seen the attitude the photographer has… NM.
    It’s not like this site is trying to sell shirts and mugs, and mousepads and what not with your pic on it.
    They posted the pic and linked back to your site.
    It’s NOTHING to get angry about in the least.

    And even if you were angry… emailing the webmaster and POLITELY asking them to take it down would’ve been better than coming into the comments section moaning and groaning.
    And posting up multipile websites and such about the pic being stolen is only making you look like more of an ass.

    I apologize to this website about my own ranting, but coming from an artist who has had her artwork actually stolen, THIS is NOTHING.

  123. i cant understand “how” ellemo acted badly, all he/she did ask was to have the photo removed – fair play it is their choice they took the pic not you all 😉 I think respect of their wishes is important.

  124. “Ahh, and I’m going to need you to go ahead and take down that photograph of the bee, mmmmkey? Yeeaaaaah. If you could do that, that would be really great, thanks.”

  125. Just marvelous…

  126. Too bad some of the “cuteness” was destroyed with people yammering back and forth about “rights”. Can’t remember who said it, but these conversations should have taken place between the people involved, if any, that were in the wrong.

  127. Two Sheds Jackson says:

    On a cuter note I have just wasted ages on the Ebenezer and Snooch site thanks to Theo posting the link in the ‘real life cartoon cat’ comments. I swear this site is the bane of my waist-line.

  128. [sigh]

    OK. Am back home now. There are POUNCEY CLIMBEY KITNZ here. They are a wee mite stinky but they are teh luvs.

    Ellemo *can* ask to have the photo removed, if they *are* his (hers?), regardless of poor form and/or temper tantrums and/or lack of understanding of the exposure CO can lend. So whatever. (Meg, if you’re reading these…?)

    Did I mention the little fuzz luvz? They’re busy subduing my shoelaces right now…

  129. QZ777777==;\\\\\\\\\\\\\\L-88888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888

  130. As terrified as I am of Bees (And other similiar insects), I can’t deny the cuteness of it’s fuzzy, droopy bum.

    I also wanted to say that I agree with what many other posters have already stated. I can understand his desire to be notified about his picture being used, but the way he went about it was completely unprofessional and vacuous.

    CO has a lot of traffic and it could have brought his website and photographs more attention. Instead, he had to ruin it by being a whiner.

  131. I read “Gary Coleman” not, “Gary Cole”. Totally different imagery there.

  132. Meg should be getting permission from the originators of the images, if possible. So what if it takes more time? She doesn’t own the images, they do. Also, she’s earning money from the ads and t-shirt sales on this site, money that the photographers never see. Would it be okay with you if a magazine published a photo you took and didn’t pay for it?

  133. Milagro: “I read “Gary Coleman” not, “Gary Cole”. Totally different imagery there.”

    Yeah, I’m going to have to go ahead and ask you what ‘choo talkin’ about, Willis. If you could just tell me what ‘choo talkin’ about, that would be great, thanks.

  134. ACK ACK ACK…..TWoSHedsJackson!!!

    I was NOT saying that YOU were a knowitall snob…..I was saying that _I_ was by making fun of ellemo’s English…..

    I was sincerely asking you what “taking the mickey” means!!!

    Arggggh…I get so frustrated with computer communications …..sometimes I sound like a snot and I really DON”T mean to!!!!

    Oh, wait, I don’t have to panic and scream about this hear and fear that 2SJ won’t read it, I can go to their email and email an apology directly. *blush*

  135. “They’re busy subduing my shoelaces right now…”

    Well, Theo, you ARE famous for having uproarious shoelaces…

  136. “you ARE famous for having uproarious shoelaces”


    You’re off your bean, you are.

  137. Oh, don’t pretend, mister. Those are wily and partying laces on your happy feet. Everyone knows it… ESPECIALLY the Doonses. There is no fooling them.

  138. [looks at shoes]
    [goes crosseyed]

  139. Theo- Please tell Leroy Doone that he is plagiarizing my cat Oreo – he wrote the same thing in his blog this morning. Just because he is another cookie doesn’t make it right!

  140. Jackie from Michigan says:

    Bee butt! Bee butt!

    (Wow, there’s a lot of comments about the bees..I thought people are afraid of them!!!)

  141. Worker bees = females. Same for ants!

  142. Is that echinacea?

  143. brownamazon says:

    Other Arnold: I actually saw some dude the other day with a t-shirt that said “I’m what Willis was talkin’ about.” Also, the new Ikea ads are using the Diff’rent Strokes theme song. The movie revival starring Dave Chapelle cannot be far behind…

  144. Ha, sounds like it’s from t-shirt hell. I love that site: http://www.tshirthell.com/store/product.php?productid=202

  145. Wow! All this controversy over an adorable lil bee… everyone take a chill pill. Feel the love! 🙂

  146. brownamazon says:

    Arbed, that’s it exactly!

  147. bug-phobic says:

    No more bugs please! I don’t like bugs! I certainly don’t want to have to see bugs when I go to Cute Overload! 😦

  148. Err, not to be a wet blanket or anything, but under US law, the owner of the image is also the owner of the reporduction rights. So, if Ellemo hasn’t sold this image to someone else (stock photo database, etc.) it’s his/hers.

    I honestly don’t see anything untoward re. people being concerned about unauthorized use of their work. The interent is great, but it’s also a paradise for plagiarists (in the most blantant sense). Not that that’s what happened here, but I can fully understand why

    1) C.O. isn’t known in central Europe

    2) Ellemo might be upset

    3) How hard it can be to communicate in another langauge.

    And I know that Meg *really* likes to post creidt lines, whenever possible.

    BTW, other photographers have asked for their images to be removed from this site. Click on “Bunnies” and check the comments…

  149. Ellemo: *Beautiful* photograph!

  150. Tony James says:

    I likes bees 🙂 Nothing like a bumblebee for sticking two fingers (if you’re english – one of you’re american) up at the world of science: “Oh yeah, Mr. Physicist? Bumblebees are aerodynamically incapable of flight? Well, guess what – you can kiss my fuzzy black-and-yellow stripy airborne ass! F’shizzle.” (it’s true – bumblebees actually do say f’zhizzle, even English ones. If you lie out in the fields one day and you listen to them, you can hear them: “F’shizzle m’nizzle, I been all up in that flower’s shizznit and got p’zozzle all over mah butt.” Obviously sometimes you only catch certain words, but that’s what they’re saying. The Secret Life of Bees barely scratches this topic, which I think is a shame.”

    Which brings us to…

    The world expert on European wasps and the sounds that they make is taking a stroll down his local town. As he passes by the record shop, a sign catches his eye: “Just Released – New LP – Wasps of the World and the sounds that they make – available now”
    Unable to resist the temptation, the man goes into the shop.
    “I am the world expert on European wasps and the sounds that they make. I’d very much like to listen to the new LP you have advertised in the window.”
    “Certainly, Sir,” says the young man behind the counter. “If you’d like to step into the booth and put on the headphones, I’ll put the LP on for you.”
    The world expert on European wasps goes into the booth and puts on the earphones. Three minutes later, he comes out of the booth and announces, “I am the world expert on European wasps and the sounds that they make and yet I recognised none of those.”
    “I’m very sorry Sir”, says the young assistant. “If you’d care to step into the booth again, I can play you have another track.”
    The world expert on European wasps and the sounds that they make steps back into the booth and replaces the headphones.
    Three minutes later, he comes out of the booth shaking his head. “I don’t understand it”, he says, “I am the world expert on European wasps and the sounds that they make, and yet I still can’t recognise any of those!”
    “I’m terribly sorry, Sir” says the young man, “perhaps if you’d like to step into the booth again, you could hear another track.”
    Sighing, the world expert on European wasps and the sounds that they make steps back into the booth. Five minutes later, he comes out again, clearly agitated.
    “I am the world expert on European wasps and the sounds that they make and yet I have recognised none of the wasps on this LP.”
    “I really am terribly sorry”, says the young assistant,

    “I’ve just realised I was playing you the bee side.”

  151. TJ – That was too funny! NOt where I thought it was going, but I almost fell off the sofa, lol! I think you need to be of a “certain age” to get it!

  152. Tony James says:

    For those born after 1980: an LP is a Long Playing record. These were made out of vinyl, and were usually black, but sometimes they were other colours too. They were 12″ (30cm) across, and came in a cardboard sleeve to stop them getting scratched. They were played on a record player that had a stylus that picked up the tiny ridges in the grooves in the vinyl. You could put a whole album (60 minutes) on an LP, and it played at 33rpm. Once upon a time you could go into a record shop and listen to a record in a booth to see if you liked it before you bought it (ask your mum). This was in the days before we knew what an internet was, a virus was something very small that you gave three days of work, and a hacker was someone who did your hedges.

  153. yes, and “the Bee side” is *soooo* groanworthy, TJ. (Just between us “old” people. ;-))

  154. Tony James says:

    Sorry – I neglected to mentioned that LPs had an A side and a B side. This is why the previous joke is funny to those of us who can remember wondering why a second-rate B-movie was elected president, and wouldn’t the chimp that he used to co-star with be a better choice. At the risk of being political, the chimp is now in office and we’re wondering if we weren’t better off with a guy whose wife ran the country with the help of her astrologer.

  155. Well it would appear that someone has sorted out the issue.

    The fotoblicke.com site is back up.

  156. GUYS.


    Classic Troll behaviour. I can just see the troll choking on his laughter as theyr’e allowed to poo all over everything here.

    You game enough, you see crap like this practically every other day.

    Don’t buy into it.

    Anyone who puts together a website like that knows how to contact others on their websites if they have an issue.


    IF they don’t know how to contact others, ignore them. Let them get a clue on their own time.


    Not even the sunshine lady wasn’t outwardly aggressive. If anything, she asked for private email conversations!

  157. OH MY GOD i love bee asses

  158. Constance says:

    …why is the kitty in the baseball cap in the “bunnies” section?

  159. When I was nine, a bumblebee chased me home from school (I still stand by this story). I ran for five blocks.

    I’m afraid I have childhood issues here, so I’ll just have to bow out of this one.

  160. Ryan Blackhawke says:

    I’d find it utterly hilarious if the pic was replaced with a pic that said “the photographer that took this photo of a bee ass has decided they wish to remain in utter obscurity instead of becoming internationally reknown and rich beyond their wildest dreams.”

  161. Two Sheds Jackson says:

    Lauri – ACK ACK back at ya – I’m really sorry but my email isn’t my actual email -sorry. – I got burnt once by putting my email out there for all to see – I got wary after that – I had lots of very annoying emails until I changed my account. Mind you I could probably trust CO – but you just never know.
    ‘Take the micky’ means ‘make fun of someone’ – it’s a politer way of saying ‘take the piss’. Sorry for the misreading of your comment!!:)

  162. Two Sheds Jackson says:

    Great joke TJ but now I have my morning coffee on my keyboard!

    As a by the by the old scientists have now decided that bees can fly (stunning revelation I know) – I watched a Horizon or something similar (TV programme in Britain for others reading this)all about it. Something to do with the rotation of each wing at just the right time which makes all the aerodynamics non-essential -rotational uplift like helicopters I seem to remember. Can’t be sure but they definitely solved the question somehow.

    And babyguru – I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – ellemo is German. If you reckon you could negotiate your way to a webmaster’s email address on a German site whilst feeling all upset because a foriegn language speaking site you’ve never heard of is using your picture then fine call the poor sod a troll. However I personally think ellemo should be given the benefit of the doubt – they commented here because they were probably panicking – give the poor sod a break – ellemo’s probably still reading this as best s/he can and calling her/him names isn’t helpful – or very cute!
    Right that’s my rant over with – I’m off to go ahhh at dogs stuck down the back of couches!

  163. The Honourable Gladys Anstruther says:

    Wow! I have just trawled through this barrage of comments all over a picture of a fecking bee.
    Loved the picture or did untill ellemo through a wobbly.All you folks who are scared of Bumbles don’t bee you can stroke a bees bum as I have done, they have enough trouble flying let alone doing anything else.Tony James the B side I was beeside myself with glee.

  164. stephaneanderthal says:

    Oh, Ellemo. Let me get this straight. In this world where poverty, war and AIDS rule, where women are now willing to use their innocent babies as cover on trans-Atlantic flights they want to blow up, getting posted on CO sends you this far over the edge? I say we let this kid take his or her Barbies back and go home.

    And if you’re a troll, nice work.

  165. “When I was nine, a bumblebee chased me home from school (I still stand by this story). I ran for five blocks.”

    Aubrey, are you sure it wasn’t a wasp? Maybe Teej could lend you that LP. (Listen to Sides A *and* B.)


  166. The Guy Over There says:

    Hey, hey; guys. Guys! Give the dude a break. This person saw this on LJ and freaked there first. They didn’t just come over here to say “OMGWTFBBQ”

    If this is the person’s copyrighted property, they should have the right to say whether to keep it or take it off. Besides, considering how junked the contact system on this site became, it wouldn’t surprise me if it came down to a person ranting like this instead of having their emails bounce.

  167. The Honourable Gladys Anstruther says:

    That should of course read threw a wobbly. Doh!

  168. The Honourable Gladys Anstruther says:

    Tarnation! I should have emphasised that Bee bum stroking only applies to Bumble bees, honey bees do sting.

  169. Whew, *wipes brow with relief*, glad to see you got my ACKs, 2SJ.

    I did sound like the Martians in Mars Attacks, though.

    Hilarious groaner of a joke, TJ. I LOVE those kind!

    And, Aubrey, when my Aaron was about 4 he really freaked out about bumblebees following him around. I told him that they “thought he was a flower” and he should stand still and they would realize their mistake. For some reason he loved that explanation and has loved bumblebees ever since.

  170. Honourable GA, it’s a good thing you emphasized which beebums to stroke! Someone could go out and stroke the wrong kind, get stung and there might be liability problems! Does Meg have insurance?

    Theo, are you going to be able to give Lorna and ALL of the Doones up if someone wants to adopt them, or are you going to be keeping some? 😉

  171. Lol…maybe the kitty is in the bunny section cuz he really was a bunny and his ears are hiding in the baseball cap? Funny question, Constance! Who does QC around here?

  172. Yeesh. Poor Ellemo, give him/her a freaking break.

  173. Lauri — yep, it’ll be a full changing of the guard. We gotta.
    Spot and Bounce get to stay, though. 😉

  174. Tony James says:
  175. Lauri and Theo – that would be the benefit of fostering for a humane society. They have someplace to go back to. Unlike with a homegrown rescue group. Which is how I’ve ended up with my houseful. But it’s ok, I lurvs them all!

  176. bunnajenny says:

    TJ, is that the HQ of the CO Aquatic Division?

  177. Tony James says:

    Bunny – yes, and in this picture he’s reporting to the head of Human Capital Management for his annual performance appraisal 🙂

  178. If I fostered I would end up keeping them all! So, I just adopt all the ones that come to my door, and that has kept my house full since forever.

    Haha, bunnajenny, it MUST be the HQCOAD!

    I lurves da smiley stingray, too!

  179. Welll… you CAN safely pet a honeybee sometimes, but there’s not as high a ratio of fuzzy to pointy area, and I think they move a bit quicker when foraging.

    If you have a nice gentle hive, you can even carefully nudge them out of the way to get a place to pick up frames.

    On the other hand, you have to look out for the occasional dead one stuck head down in propolis, that the bees on undertaker duty couldn’t get loose. About the worst reaction I ever had to a sting was when I accidentally jammed my thumb down on a decayed one. (No wonder, huh?)

  180. SMiley stingray? No way, that’s Caspar the Friendly Ghost, the friendliest ghost in town…
    [continues to skip and sing]

  181. Ryan Blackhawke says:

    I think bumblebees are the pimps of the bee world and wear a pimpin fur coat which makes em look at fat and stylin. I swear I have even seen some wearing little bumblebee-sized pimp hats.

  182. Haha…Casper! now there’s an old song.

    I must say that I had forgotten the verse in the bumblebee song about “smushing up a baby bumblebee”. I must have purposely forgotten that verse…pushed it out of my memory to spare myself the trauma. I think I will boycott that song from now on!

  183. Well, I for one think that Elke was the loser here cuz now we can’t just come here and admire his/her work.


    Loved the beetocks while they lasted!

  184. I’ve stumbled back in here, just to see what was what.

    JP: It was a BUMBLEBEE! It was big, black and buzzing and as big as my fist!

    Re: Ray of Happiness. When I was in Alabama, we were on the coast, and visited one of the harbor cities. We drove to the pier one night, and as we walked, I noticed people hanging over the edge, shining flashlights into the water.

    They were looking for fish, but just to view, not to hook. Once, a ray was caught in the flashlight’s beam – it looked so surreal, leisurely flying through the dark water…

  185. bicyclefish says:

    ellemo, how you went about this was rude and childish, not to mention as a “professional” photographer, I’d think such publicity would be welcome. No one claimed the photo was anyone’s but yours, and credit was given. But instead of accepting this or politely asking it be taken down once via private email, instead you spam, spam, spam with repeated comments,. Moreover, when people tell you to email CO, you’re too lazy to find the address yourself, but have more than enough time to post more annoying spam.

    It could be a language barrier, but spam is spam in any culture that knows a thing or two about the internet, and I don’t give her the benefit of the doubt. Furthermore, altering his site in protest only emphases the immaturity of this person, a little kid who decides to have a virtual tantrum.

    Copyright and the internet is a cloudy and confusing subject, but I think most agree here ellemo reacted foolishly, and that’s what everyone here is annoyed about, not his right to ask for it to be taken down, but his attitude. “Give him a break”? Naw. He didn’t give anyone here one.

  186. Good points, Bicyclefish.

  187. Anyone else miss the days when a linkback to a website and saying where the used material came from was good enough? *sighs*

  188. smokeyJoe says:



  189. TJ: Ba-dump-bump.


  190. Li wrote: “Would it be okay with you if a magazine published a photo you took and didn’t pay for it?”

    Exactly! And – I have a horrific story about my M.A. thesis and plagiarism. I know of others. If it’s never happened to you, be glad – and hope it never does.

    Meg did the right thing here, I’m thinkin’…

  191. Ryan Blackhawke says:

    While I have been known to buy artwork that I find exquisite, such as bumblebee tocks, I would never ever ever buy a thing from ellemo because of how he handled himself here. So really, he pretty much cut off his nose to spite his face, now didn’t he.

    Good riddance to bad rubbish and I am sure there are other photographers here who are thankful for FREE publicity and are just as talented – that can help me fill that hole on my wall.

  192. hrh.squeak says:

    TJ – Yay smiley ray!!

    There’s a hotel in Kailua-Kona which has a restaurant patio next to the water. The plankton are attracted by the light, and the rays are attracted by the plankton. So some smart person set up guided “night swim with the rays” tours, and I Wanna Wanna Wanna Go!!!

  193. My family went swimming with the stingrays out of Cancun, or was it Grand Cayman?

    What a completely FUN thing to do! Rays, hundreds of them, as big as three, four feet across would come swimming right under us, you had to lift up your feet and let them go under you…more like your feet lifted THEMselves up when you saw these things coming at you! Quite a rush! And you could feed them bits of shrimp and they would slurp it right out of your hands. Such totally cool creatures.

    E.C., yep, Meg has class.

  194. Denita TwoDragons says:

    PK–sounds like you’re familiar with apiculture…if so, you have an email waiting in your Inbox from me! I’ve wanted to get into beekeeping for years now. Any advice from experienced apiarists would be warmly welcomed!


  195. Is it just me, or does the whole bee thing bring back memories of John Belushi? Although I never really focused on his ‘tocks!

  196. Denita TwoDragons says:

    BTW–general announcement to all CO regulars…my blog site has been shut down (we need the extra money) and my email address has changed. Anyone who has me on their Contact List (suuuuure…*grin*) needs to change their info!


  197. bees on pie says:

    La-dee-dee, 1-2-3
    Eric the half a bee!
    Eric the half a bee!

    Is this wretched demi-bee
    half-asleep upon my knee
    some freak from a menagerie?
    No! It’s Eric the half a bee!

  198. Ryan Blackhawke says:

    Years ago, the wife and I decided to learn to scuba before we went to Puerto Vallarta on vacation. Well, we went down there and on our first dive, we were looking at stuff near teh bottom when our guide knocked on her tank and pointed overhead. This huge HUGE (it seemed huge to me) stingray was passing overhead. It was so incredibly majestic and we were all awestruck. Then, one flap of its wings and it was out of sight and we went back to ogling pregnant seahorses and urchins and other fishies.

  199. I can’t scuba dive (never will – I’ve been watching old ‘Sea Hunt’ episodes…too many things can go wrong!)

    Anyway, I can always go to the aquarium and pet the little rays – they’re like little flying/swimming swatches of chamois cloth!

  200. Oh that sounds so extremely cool, Ryan. I would LOVE to see a ray THAT big.

    Scuba-ing is kinda scary. I have done it a couple of times, but the ear pressure and stuff…meh. I am more comfortable snorkling.

    And snorkle is one of my favorite words…in case anyone was wondering! 😛

  201. Ellem: Well aren’t you the un-nice, unappreciative one?!?!

    Meg: Yay for taking off the pic from the un-appreciative not-cute-not nice ellemo.

    We only need cuteness here, cuteness in the visual sense, in the mental sense, and in the Buzzz-sense.

  202. bees on pie, that is a truly amazing song!

  203. “un-appreciative not-cute-not nice ellemo”

    Why should he appreciate someone using his photo without permission and without credit? There’s nothing cute or nice about violating someone’s copyright. I’m glad Meg did the right thing and I’m sure she meant no harm but it seriously bugs me that people are so cavalier about intellectual property. E. Collision, I’m glad someone agrees with me!

  204. Ryan Blackhawke says:

    snorkle is a fun word….and it is only ONE letter from SNORGLE!!!

  205. bees on pie says:

    Lauri–it’s a Monty Python song, one of my favorites. It popped into my head as I was reading the comments. 🙂

  206. AuntieMame says:

    What’s all this about “with no credit”? There was a link that went back to the original website. If that’s not “credit” then I don’t know what is.

    It’s not like Meg was passing the photo off as her own, and she certainly wasn’t attempting to make any profit off of it. And that’s what copyright laws are intended to protect.

    I’m all for protecting an artist’s intellectual property, but I’m also for behaving in a mature, polite manner and dealing with problems like a professional adult and not like a 2-year-old.

    Nobody is saying that you can help yourself to other people’s stuff. We’re just saying that there are better ways to solve the problem than pitching a hissy.

  207. I love CO and I’m glad most photographers don’t object to their cutenesses being posted here…but ellemo is completely within his rights. Just because it’s *easy* to use other people’s intellectual property on the web doesn’t mean it’s *legal*.

    Some useful info on myths about copyright:

    Years back I had some of my web content ripped off and published by a small newspaper without my permission, and trust me, I was not grateful for the “free publicity”. I was angry that they’d stolen content that they otherwise would’ve had to pay someone to write.

    Sorry to be a curmudgeon, but as a writer I have strong feelings about copyright protection.

  208. lurkertype says:

    I cannot think of the German phrases for “cuuuuuute” or “chill out, dude”. Do they exist? 😉

    TJ, your joke was v.v. funny! I am old enough to get it.

    NTMTOM, animation #2… I have no words save LOL.

  209. AuntieMame says:

    I read your link, Jaye, and those are all very valid guidelines.

    However, they seem to apply more to the written word than to photographs. You can’t exactly “rewrite” a photo in your own words.

    I’d be interested in seeing the rules specifically regarding photography. It seems to me that posting a single photo could be covered by fair use (CO qualifies as “commentary” IMO), and stating where you got it should sufficient to protect the photographer’s copyright.

  210. Ah, Monty Python explains all!

  211. Ryan Blackhawke says:

    One of the main issues seems to be did “copying” the photo here hurt the value in the marketplace? I would have to say no, since I would think it could very easily RAISE its value because of the huge audience and international acclaim that CO enjoys. BTW, I am not a lawyer.


  212. **”and got p’zozzle all over mah butt.”**

    I refuse to believe that no one else has commented on how hilariously silly that phrase is.

  213. Isn’t it kind of the same exact thing? How Meg just has the link up now as opposed to the link + photo? It all seems so silly to me.

  214. Yeah, it is silly, but Meg handled it best, now let’s hope Elmer goes away.

  215. ….and beesides, who wants to have their photography shown on a site that has only been in Time magazine twice?

  216. “Some people mistakenly believe it’s permissible to use a work (or portion of it) if an acknowledgment is provided. For example, they believe it’s okay to use a photograph in a magazine as long as the name of the photographer is included. This is not true. Acknowledgment of the source material (such as citing the photographer) may be a consideration in a fair use determination, but it will not protect against a claim of infringement. In some cases, such as advertisements, acknowledgments can backfire and create additional legal claims, such as a violation of the right of publicity. When in doubt as to the right to use or acknowledge a source, the most prudent course may be to seek permission of the copyright owner.”


  217. I thought the bee bum looked awfully cute. Too bad the owner thinks they are too good for CO.
    Keep up the good work! This site is great!

  218. warrior rabbit says:

    I commented on this upthread, but I hate the dot communism mentality of the web. I know that Elke/ellemo was within her rights, etc. I’ve been in her shoes before, and I understand the issues.

    However, ellemo’s method and tone totally made me lose all sympathy, and considering how I’m a major rule follower and champion of ‘what’s right,’ that takes some doing. It made me wish we had a Less! Less! Less! box for select sites/individuals.

    Meg’s kinder than I; I would have apologized and taken it down, but not left a link up.

    In the end, Elke’s the loser — exposure on a site hailed by TIME (as well as EW and the Webby’s) would have immeasurably aided her work. If it’s what she wants, it’s what she wants — but I and many others won’t be visiting her site any time soon. Not because she opted not to have her work displayed here, but because of her petulance.

    But in terms of cooperation, it also makes me appreciate people like Tanja Askani all the more.

  219. “Sorry to be a curmudgeon, but as a writer I have strong feelings about copyright protection.”

    Yay! Jaye and Li!!! IKWYM. (And wish other people understood.)

    I also help Elke’s pics will be featured here in the future – the bee shot is really a winner. I’d like to see more of her work…

  220. Elke’s attitude didn’t bother me, because I think language and cultural differences had a lot to do with it.

    E. Collison, I think what we’re seeing here is the difference between people who don’t sell their work and would be thrilled to have their personal photos featured, and those of us who’ve actually had to make a living from our creations. And remember, this is a commercial site and Meg makes money from it even though she isn’t paying for the content.

  221. Well, I’m sorry Elke was disturbed by the photo posting, though I understand her concern.

    Maybe she seemed a bit too edgy over the whole thing.
    But hasn’t everybody had at least one time when their reaction to something was a bit over the top?
    (Well, I have.)
    Maybe this one is Elke’s one time.

    I hope the change to link alone is satisfactory.
    I hope some people followed the link and saw other cool stuff Elke’s done, so that the whole thing works out all right.

    I am really impressed with the picture.
    I have no problem seeing kittens and puppies as cute.
    (Though Meg does seem to find exceptionally cute samples for us.)
    And I’ve learned to appreciate even the occasional moose.

    But I’m seriously bee phobic– many, many bee stings as a child, with resulting increased sensitivity.
    (Yes, sometimes they chase people.)

    Most bee pictures just look alien and insectoid, and leave me cold.

    The fuzziness here was unexpected and disarming.
    I’m still scared of bees, but maybe I’m a little less hostile.
    I’d never seen them as soft before.
    That’s a pretty remarkable feat for a single photo.

    So thanks, Elke, for your work.
    And thanks, Meg, for posting it, because I certainly wouldn’t have ever come across it on my own.

  222. Hallo again – and I promise to you: the last time! … even it’s my picture you wrote about 😉

    I’m very disappointed to some of you, you’d think, some of you have lost their education …..
    I wrote to Meg and I’ve allowed to post the link to my picture, but I asked her to delete my photo here on this posting. That’s a great difference, please think about it. I thank you, Meg, for your acting like you did.

    Some of you already wrote it: it is an infringement of the copyright to post a picture without accreditation. Linking the author is not adequate. It would have been very easy to ask me – because my e-mail is written on my site. So – why didn’t somebody ask?
    I’ve got a big experience with such infringements and everybody we catch is acting like some of you. It is not a peccadillo.

    In the majority of cases it is the only way to act, how I did. I haven’t been rabid or such a thing some of you wrote – it were the comments of some of you, I had to search the E-Mail of Meg of my own and if I really think, that anyone would help and something like this – it’s a long listing. It really wasn’t very far. You’ve completly forgotten that taking pics like this is very expensive and it took a lot of time and many trials went sour.

    And about the hits to my site – sorry, it’s absolutly not important for me to have a traffic like I have at this time because of the link on your site. So why have I to thank you? The intention of my site is a completly different. It is ok if somebody wants to join my pics, everybody is welcome, but it’s not the first intention of the Fotoblicke. You also have to know, that CO in our ambience is completly unknown. So – why should I be happy about this link?

    However, I wish you all the best und have fun with my bumblebees – it is a great picture, I know that allready before you wrote it 😉


  223. Ryan Blackhawke says:

    OH YAY! He is back to insult us all again. Screw you and the horse you rode in on bud. If you want to cut your nose off to spite your face, more power to you. If you are going to insult us, at least brush up on your english so it makes sense.

    I had to laugh when the next post was talking about how CO is one of the 50 best on the web! You could have had that exposure.

    You think it was great for you to come on here in the COMMENTS section and spam over and over again about how you been done wrong? OMG you were soooo put out by going through PROPER channels to FIND Meg’s email address! I bet you expect everything to be handed to you. It isn’t OUR job to tell you jack, jack.

    I have friends who are professional photographers. Luckily, they realize that it is not a good idea to look a gift horse in the mouth and would dearly love to be posted on a site such as this, if they photographed cute things instead of statues or people, whom you alone prove are not necessarily cute at all. They realize that the exposure would have been fantastic for their career. And give me a break. You make it sound like you paid $100,000 to take that shot. It isn’t nearly as expensive as you make it out to be here.

  224. Ryan Blackhawke says:

    I’m sure Meg is about to quit the software company, with all the money she is raking in here…

  225. Blackhawke, that was kind of a low blow, but you know that.

    Ellemo, abgesehen von den paar Leuten, die es lieben, im Schutz der Anonymität Ärger zu machen, finden es die meisten einfach schade, daß das wirklich sehr schöne Photo nicht mehr direkt zu sehen ist. Wenn man sich etwas für die sogenannte Blogosphäre interessiert, ist diese Seite hier wirklich gut und regelmäßiger Anlauf (Anklickpunkt).
    Nur zur Erklärung, es ist allen klar, daß das Photo nicht von den Betreibern der Seite selbst stammt. Ich selbst habe, als ich das Photo gesehen habe, sofort auf den Link geklickt, um weitere Bilder von Ihnen zu sehen.

    Wenn das jetzt ein überflüssiger Kommentar war, dann naja.

  226. @ Elsa, ich kann Sie gut verstehen und danke für den Kommentar, dem ich gerne antworten möchte – zumal Sie in Deutsch schreiben.

    Ich bin selber Mitglied in einer tollen Community und kenne die Gepflogenheiten nur zu gut. Es geht auch nicht darum, das es nicht deutlich war, von wem das Bild ist, es geht darum, das ich nicht wusste und man mich nicht fragte, ob ich möchte, das es hier verlinkt wird.
    Leider erleben wir Fotographen das ständig und mit der Zeit wird man wirklich richtig sauer, wenn man es entdeckt. Fragen Sie mal, sehr viele meiner Bekannten sind mittlerweile auch nicht mehr bereit, jemanden auf einen solchen Verstoß aufmerksam zu machen, die schicken gleich Anwalt und Rechnung.

    Was mir nur wirklich weh tut mittlerweile ist die Art und Weise, wie mich einige meinen, hier behandeln zu müssen. Sei es, weil ich nicht fließend englisch schreibe oder weil ich darauf bestanden habe, das Bild zu löschen. Aber beleidigen lassen möchte ich mich einfach nicht.

    Lieber Gruß

  227. Two Sheds Jackson says:

    OK – I got in touch with Elke and she’s really very, very nice. Her website is, as she pointed out, used in a different way to CO. She was upset that she wasn’t asked permission – I get the impression she would have given it had she been asked first. This is possibly a cultural thing as well as a language thing.
    Her feelings were genuinely hurt by some of the comments. I say again (Ryan this means you) if you can make yourself understood in another language you’re doing pretty well. And Ryan I’m sure Elsa will be able to take the piss out of your German if you should care to have a go.
    Elke tried to explain herself and why she wanted her photo removed – please give a little bit understanding when someone is trying to make themselves understood in a language not their own. I know how crap I am when abroad and how much I appreciate other’s tolerance when I’m trying to get a sentence together – and Elke’s English is a lot better than my German.

    As to the Time magazine stuff and Webby and the kudos of that kind of exposure for Elke – yep it’s great and well deserved but means nothing outside the English speaking world – sorry but it really doesn’t.

    Usually this site is full of nice comments from pleasant peeps – I think everyone has gone rather Librarian-poo over something not that major.

  228. I imagine anyone here would be upset to find their artwork on another website.
    True, we’re all fans of Cuteoverload. Especially when the workday is going slow.
    But not everyone is aware of what CO is and it’s only right to ask for permission before using
    someone else’s material.

    Obviously there was a language barrier. I also believe that most people here did not
    have a problem with El’s request, but were annoyed with the attitude and method. I have to say that I thought it came off as too aggressive, too soon. But I suppose when you discover your artwork being used in ways you did not intend for it, it can make someone very emotional or scared.

    Sorry about beating a dead horse. But like everyone else I couldn’t help myself and had to comment!

    PS. Bees scare the crap out of me!

  229. Oh and Ryan B — re: the “about to quit the software company” thing —

    1) It’s Apple Computer, OK? Motor-scootin’ APPLE. Stevie Jobs. Movie stars.
    2) I eagerly await the day Meg cuts the cord and CO stands on its own. May never happen, sure. Still, there’s a grain of truth here:

  230. The Guy Over There says:

    I think the one thing that got to me the most about the photo was that the original photo was on a website that had COPY PROTECTION. This means that someone went into the source code and plucked it from there or did an image capture just to paste it out and make it publically available.

    The idea of going to all this trouble for one fuzzy lil’ bee shot may be considered flattery, but I doubt Stephen King would find it flattering if someone was looking through his trash for any rejected portions of an unfinished manuscript.

  231. AuntieMame says:

    TGOT, are you accusing Meg of hacking into the site to steal the photo for CO???

  232. I think he meant the submitter.

  233. LOL – You make it sound like someone wasted a lot of time and energy to obtain this picture.

    Please. Someone merely had to right-click the picture, save it and then send it off in the email. This is hardly a lot of work.

  234. Ryan Blackhawke says:

    Theo, my comment was a tongue-in-cheek to all the ppl saying Meg is making sooo much money running this site. I’ve run a site that gets a fair amount of traffic and I know what goes into keeping these sites going. And I also know that it is the EXTREMELY rare site indeed that can make enough money that the founder can dedicate all their time to it, quitting their job in “the real world”. Most times, the founder is mighty lucky to be able to cover costs. So it wasn’t a slam to Meg at all. If anything, it was a slam to anyone who thinks sites like this are such huge moneymakers.

    As far as the low blows, when someone comes on here and accuses us of being stupid, you are damn right I am going to take offense. Whether in german or english, ellemo’s message got across very well that we’ve “lost our education”.

  235. I don’t think that Meg is making a lot of money on her site. I have several friends running sites with significant traffic and it’s hardly a gold mine. But that doesn’t detract from my point, which is that this is a commercial site and Meg isn’t paying for the photos.

    “Someone merely had to right-click the picture, save it and then send it off in the email.” Actually, if you go to the site and right click, you get a message that says “Copyright by Fotoblicke,” which means someone had to make an effort to circumvent that in order to copy the photo.

  236. Ryan B — right, OK.
    Still want my Dream Office, tho.

  237. Two Sheds Jackson says:

    Bloody hell! It was copy protected? Well no bloody wonder she was so pissed off then!

    Right sorry I’ll stop swearing now and go elsewhere.






  239. (Psst… Ami… your caps lock is unzipped.)

  240. Elizabeth says:

    “Someone merely had to right-click the picture, save it and then send it off in the email.” Actually, if you go to the site and right click, you get a message that says “Copyright by Fotoblicke,” which means someone had to make an effort to circumvent that in order to copy the photo.

    Actually, that isn’t entirely true Li. Yes, you do get the copyright message; however, you are still able to save the image by using right-click. Well, at least if you’re using FireFox that is.

  241. Seriously! Some of us… over defensive, much? “Repeated spam?” As though her aim was to piss CO-users off… please! Comments were just the first thing Elke found – this wasn’t addressed to all of us. We could all stop being so self-centered, taking it to heart and posting indignant and irrelevant comments. This is between Elke and Meg, and I’m sure they’d have sorted it out just fine without interference.

    PS: All the “I’ll NEVER buy any of HER stuff any more” is all well (and petty) enough, but I think you’ll find that Elke won’t want her work posted up on CO at all any more, cos of the inflammatory things readers have said. She might even have let Meg put the pic back up if things had been handled well.

    @@ Elke @@

    Hey, meistens sind die Leute hier sehr cool, aber ich weiss nicht was hier passiert ist 😮 Verstehst du alles, was geschrieben ist? Ich finde deine Foto sehr hübsch, and es wäre sehr cool wenn Cute Overload es behalten könnte, aber ich verstehe dass du es jetzt vielleicht nicht willst… Schade. 😦 Viel Glück!

  242. Ryan Blackhawke says:

    Over defensive when called stupid? When MORE comments by ellemo keep happening after we say contact Meg and deal with HER because we are powerless to fix the situation? Over defensive? Well, yes, maybe I do get defensive when I see someone insult the intelligence of the users of this site.

    And if ellemo or elke what whatever his/her name is doesn’t want his/her pics posted here, it is really his/her loss. We’ll still get our US RDA of Cuteness.

  243. Ryan, quite a few people overreacted to Elke – it wasn’t necessary.

    I can’t blame her for having been upset, and think Ttoby89 makes some very good points.

  244. Two Sheds Jackson says:

    Hear hear! E to the C.

  245. I personally don’t think that the photographer overreacted at all.

    It’s not easy making a living as a freelance, anything. And that picture must have taken quite a bit of patience and time to capture.

    Could she find ways to protect her art better from those who would pilfer without paying, sure. But I can honestly say I would be furious too.

    A suggestion would be to put a watermark on the photos posted online, that way people could see the art but not get a clean copy until they send payment.

  246. EricaE: You go, girl!!!

    Freelancing is hard. No two ways about it. It’s not difficult *at all* for me to put myself in Elke’s shoes, though I’m not a freelance photographer. (Because I do freelance at other things…)

    am also thinking that watermarking would be a good alternative in this case and others like it.

  247. There is a little Fotoblikke watermark, bottom left, no?

  248. Ttoby89, I think the commenter meant one that crosses the main part of the image so that it’s entirly a) unmissable and b) unusable.

  249. Ttoby89, I think the commenter meant one that crosses the main part of the image so that it’s entirely a) unmissable and b) unusable.