The Chronic—what!?—cles of Narn-ni-ah

Forget changing topics—we’re back with more Bambi and Thumper, with even more shots of their snorgle-fest:


And their Hide-Out:


And the fact they both take time out for groomin’:


Once again, Tanja Askani RULEZ.



  1. Too sweet!

  2. They luuuurve each other.

  3. Deer tongue?

  4. Interspecial loooovin’…

  5. Oh, I loooooove these pics! That bunny is so huge, too!

  6. Rulez for SHURZ!!!

    Absolutely spectacular pics!

  7. *sings* Love is in the air, everywhere I look around. Love is in the air, every sight and every sound.

  8. Nonononono this guy is too much, this is what you want to upload to CO –


    that picture is almost criminal.

  10. BTW, where is this place where animals play and snorgle together across species lines?!

  11. Oh. My. God. This whole series of photos (and the rest of the Tanja Askani collection) are just amazing, awesome stuff. I’m so happy Bambi and Thumper have each other to lean on!

  12. Well, no arguing with the continuation of topic. I think this is the equivalent of the CO Grand Slam, right here.

  13. Ok. Seriously. I will find the CO server and shut it down myself. Anything cuter than this will kill MILLIONS!

  14. deer tongue! i see deer tongue people!!

    i think they are practicing their inter-species telepathy in pic #1. another step on the road to world peace!

  15. that last one cracks me up! very cool sequence of pics 🙂

  16. elizabeth says:

    *sniff* they are just so beautiful!

  17. Brak_Silverbone says:

    Twin sons of different mothers!

  18. Jackie from Michigan says:

    Holy desktop wallpaper, Batman! How can nature create such cuteness?!?

  19. How can I join this club? I want to curl up and snorgle with them too!

  20. Totally “brotha from anotha motha” here, people.

    If deer and bunns can snorgle, can’t we all just get along?

  21. Well, except that the deer, at least, would seem to be female.

    I wuv this pair!

  22. Ok, twin daughters of different mothers? Who can tell if the bun is boy or girl?

    Either way, it’s a luffly connection!

  23. Lizzi–amen, sistah.

  24. Ohh,
    I am breathless. These are the most beautifull scenes.
    P.S. I love you work – WOW!

  25. GreenEyedHawk says:

    Awww inter-species bonding! They look so happy and peaceful together.

  26. The foreheads touching — it is to die for.

  27. Picture #3: The prey critters who bathe together, stay together.

    Bonus points for deer tongue!

  28. I wish all humans could see this. Maybe then we would have the same amount of respect for our fellow bros and sis’s of the animal kingdom!

  29. “We don’t like the term ‘bestiality’. We prefer to call it ‘interspecies erotica'”.

  30. Gary Fixler says:


  31. That last pic (grooming together) is pretty hilarious, from a bunny perspective. (Those who have, or have had, multiple house buns will understand…)

    I wonder who’s imitating whom here? ;

    ( )
    ” “

  32. Wow, check out the rest of her photography. This stuff is unbelievable:

  33. My German is lousy, but I believe the two have been separated for some reason I’m not sure. I think the deer had to be relocated by park officials. Sad. There are pictures of their farewell. More nuzzling.
    Together to the end. Anyone know German? Sorry to bring it down, but it’s good to know that they are OK, just apart. Hopefully, they’ll find new friends…and mates.

  34. brownamazon says:

    possum: I’m not fluent, but:
    According to Tania, Finchen (the deer) was brought to the wildlife sanctuary when she was a yearling. She bonded with a young male buck that was there. Since they were born in the wild, they were released together. I couldn’t find anything on the bunny (whether it satyed behind, or was released, or what.) Perhaps we can console ourselves with the fact that deer are not a creature known for their intelligence, and probably do not harbour long memories. So Finchen is likely all Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind by now…

  35. We have deer here but that is really one of the sweetest things I’ve seen.

  36. Ah, but they are so young; let’s see how this relationship develops. Definitely a “Cute Overload.”

  37. ohmigosh that is the most adorablest thing ever!

  38. The pics are incredible but I am not getting the title???

    (love the first shot…reminds me of how my former office cat used to headbutt me first thing in the morning to say hello, oh, how I miss that.)




    Okay, thats only three pics, and they’re of bad quality, but the kittnz were about a week old (they’re about 10 days old now) when the pics were taken. Pity their mom’s not in the pics coz she’s GORGEOUS. Her name, btw, is ‘Kuttuma’ which in local South India literally translates as ‘Little Mother’.

  40. The title of the post means “Goodbye”.

  41. Subh,

    they are adorable! you must go home!
    I love the bodyless head in the first pic. what beatiful coloring! thanks for sharing.

  42. don_quixote12 says:

    Amazing photos.. the whole set of “Bambi and Thumper” are like poetry for the eyes. Absolutely beautiful.

    Apologies if someone has already posted something like this, but here’s food for thought: Deer and Rabbits are two of the main species targeted for killing for “sport”/pleasure. There are members of our own species who enjoy killing these animals — not for basic gut, feed-your-family survival, but because it gives them a charge.
    If deer are “overpopulated” in an area, there are other, humane means of addressing that.
    If you apprecaite the animals in these photos, then if/when you hear someone talking about killing deer and/or rabbits for pleasure, speak up — politely of course, but let them know what you think.

    Anyway… I’m off the soap box, now.

  43. theyre like… rocky and bullwinkle. i love them ive seen those on Tanja’s site before one of the pics of the rabbit and deer was my desktop wallpaper

  44. Ryan: I think what you’re looking for is

    where animals snorgle animals of other species. mmmmmmmm.

  45. Subhangi,
    Beautiful babies!!!!

  46. Netherland Dwarf rabbit, owner!!♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ says:

    Precious series of pics!
    A rabbit and a deer…
    Beyond just cute!

  47. Too Preious!
    Please keep us updated with more pictures of these two.

  48. “salty grubs and new grass are crazy delicious”

  49. They need to just get married.

  50. From, a comment by pauldrye:

    “Je snorgle
    Tu snorgle
    Il snorgles
    Elle snorgles
    Nous snorglons
    Vous snorglez
    Ils snorglent
    Elles snorglent”

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    Graycie – as a teacher of 7 year-olds I am telling you here and now that you are being very rude and if you were in my class I would be ashamed of you.

  67. Will you please stop posting
    Tanya Askani’s photos. Everytime you do, I press that damned link to her collection and waste 3 hours
    going through it.

  68. Two Sheds Jackson says:

    seeteutel -same here – I sat here for hours going ‘aahhhh’ at Yanya’s photos – they’re great.

    (I do hope someone teaches that bloody child to spell before letting her loose on a keypad again!)

  69. Two Sheds Jackson says:

    Oh the irony of that typo with that spelling complaint – the shame!!!

  70. brownamazon:
    Thanks for the clarity! Yeah, I think Finchen was the focus of the conversation and the rabbit got a little lost in it all. I believe he was left behind though. I guess that park is not wholly a refuge, tho’. Apparently, Finchen and the buck will be kept in an enclosure awhile then it’ll be opened for them to go free. Unfortunately, the “free” area is or is about to be open to hunting, but I think the deer are marked from the park area and are not *supposed* to be hunted. Does this sound right to you? I’m barely making it out.
    At any rate, I suppose it’s possible for her to wander back? I guess I’m rooting for it. Poor rabbit, or is it Klopfer?:) I did read something from Tania that indicated Finchen and her new potential mate have bonded OK and she seems to be getting along fine. I guess I’m just sad for that little guy. You can see how much Finchen meant to him.

  71. Cute pics, but can someone please ground that annoying 7-year-old?!


  72. Seven? I’m thinking not so much, but I’m a cynic.

    Subhangi, no doubt the pix were fuzzy because the kittens just wouldn’t hold still. Kittens are like that.

    Speaking of kittens, at the boxcar colony, Momcat B, the mom of the most recent three that were rescued (and are now in a foster home), is now hanging around with three kittens who are siblings of the kitten I rescued on July 7 (who are about 12 weeks now). I think I even saw one of them nursing her. So looks like she’s doing a little fostering of her own, since I haven’t seen their mom, Momcat F around in several weeks. Awwww.

  73. Ceebs — just noticed your question. The answer… beggars imagination.

  74. awww! this is too wonderful.

  75. 1. Beautiful, stunning photographs: crisp and Christmas-like.

    2. ‘Bambi’ made me cry like a little girl (which I was at the time).

    3. Subhangi: lovely, tiny babies – and they’re waiting for you! When do you see them again?

    4. That is no seven-year old child, that is a dybbuk.


    this cant be real can it?

  77. Thumperrific!

  78. Two Sheds Jackson says:

    Aubrey – sorry to be thick but what’s a dybbuk? Is it like a troll? The only reason I believed that might be a 7 year-old is because unfortunately I’ve met some like that!

  79. *Slurshlsh*

    Hey what the?

    Damn, that was my heart melting…AGAIN!

  80. THANKS Theo!
    I had seen that before but only once so I didn’t remember!

    annnnnd….If that was really a 7 year old….that kid needs some serious therapy. It does anyway, no matter what age it is!

  81. Two Sheds, says that “dybbuk” is:

    “A wandering soul-stealer in jewish folklore. A demonic embodiment of the dead that searches for new bodies constantly.”

  82. The Honourable Gladys Anstruther says:

    Love is the sweetest thing,
    What else on earth can ever bring,
    such happiness to everything.
    As loves old story.
    Methinks seven year old is a phony(inconsistencies in mis-spelling)

  83. Aubrey: a dybbuk, eh? Hee!

  84. A Fine Morsel says:

    So sweet! I love the snorgling, and time out for hygiene!!

  85. JH,
    Don’t even think of cutting us from our CO fix!
    But I must admit the cute is getting to the point where there should be a warning, in case someone inexperienced in totally cute encounters this site.

  86. I Surrender says:

    I give up. I thought I’d die from Pom Paws Up, but I will now sell my soul to Tanja Askani!