Real-life cartoon cat

"Kuva" the cat is sooo prosh. Check out his little cartoon-cat face. His whole head is made up of, like, two ovals. Yay!


He’s the perfect little character, Minea!



  1. All fur, all the time! Gawjus!

  2. It’s SNOOCH!!

  3. T-O: It’s nice to see you can’t stay away from the cute for too long!

    I took my three little nieces to Chicago over the Fourth. We tried to get the stuffed pizza but the wait was too long. So we cabbed it over to Ed Debevic’s. The girls were in total shock at first by the waiters’ behavior but we had a fantastic time!

    Enjoy your time! Love the bean!

    And this kitteh is super cute! So fuzzy! I want to bury my face in his fur. Sigh…

  4. snorglicious!

  5. Those whiskers sparkling in the sun!

  6. It IS Snooch! Yaaaay!

  7. A penny for his thoughts…

  8. AmyH — ta-daaa, there are at least *three* locations around downtown for Giordano’s. Found out when the cabbie tried to drop us off at the one *he* knew, which wasn’t the one we’d seen at the north end of Millenium Park, and where the waiting line was waaay out the door… so when I said “Ah, there’s more than one, isn’t there?” he looked it up and took us there… and it turned out to be a third location yet. Only 2 blocks from our hotel, too.

  9. …oh, and they plunked us right down in a booth as soon as we walked in, too. AND we’ve got leftovers now. Yum!

  10. Might he be a blue/cream dilute tortie like my Maya P? And so fluffy! Oh, the snorgle-possibilities!

  11. Tony James says:

    La FLOOF!

  12. It’s what I call a wiblet:

    Wiblet = cat w/small head and big body.

    Oh and T, enjoy the pizza. Nice if you could utilize the pudding-pault to shoot some over heah…

  13. Surely there’s one pizza-pault in Chicago.

  14. I wonder what this prosh little fella is daydreaming about…

  15. I love shots like this. Sunlight filtered through kitty floof is a magnet for my face. *snorgle*

  16. I’m *loving* all the cat posts – it’s about time we worship the adorable-ness that is kitty witty cats! 🙂 :o*

  17. I give up. what, pray tell is the Chi-town “Bean” ?

    much obliged.

    and it *could* be Ebenezer

  18. squishfaces make my heart go thump 🙂

  19. Yeah, I’m with mariser, I thought Boston was “Beantown” for Boston baked beans. Enlighten us, someone!

  20. well Laurie, since noone is going to enlighten us, I was forced to unleash the google-fu:

  21. lurkertype says:

    Does this fuzzy guy even HAVE a chin?

  22. lurker,

    short answer: no

  23. Yeah, this cat has kind of a
    “Henry” thing going on. And as far as Chicago Pizza goes, your best bet is Lou Malnatti’s. Trust me.

  24. In other cat news, the first boxcar kitten I rescued has now been permanently adopted from her foster home. Yay for Creampuff aka Kitten N!

  25. OMGWTFBBQ!!!!!!!!!!! It’s SNOOCH!!!!!!!!!1111!!!!!!!!!ELEVEN!!!!! I LOVE Two Lumps and I LOVE that fuzzball!

  26. “A penny for his thoughts…”

    bird bird bird bird bird bird bird bird bird bird bird bird bird bird bird

  27. lurkertype says:

    Yay Laurie C!

    Yay Kitten N! (kitn?)

    Soon all the Boxcar Bebes will have forever homes.

    I picked up a TuxKit briefly today, but he was extra-squirmy and escaped, then his mommy returned and gave me the evil eye for the next half hour.

    mariser: didn’t think so. Not sure he even has a lower jaw at all.

  28. I don’t see the cartoon, but I do see a highly snuglable kitty who wants someone to tell him that he did a wonderful job on his ‘tongue’ bath this morning.

    You just have to love kitties, even when they bring you dead baby rat ‘presents’ … how could I get mad at my cat?, as sad as is made be … in her paradigm, she was “doing her best”.

    PS: 911 was an inside job and although you want to ignore it or say I’m a kook, the truth really is that the longer you believe the governments’ lies, the longer the killing, the invasion of the middle east will go on. What side of history do you want to stand on, war wongerers, or those that risked everything important to them to speak out for peace?

  29. Alma — that’s slightly better than totally off-topic comment under the “Me” screen name. We really don’t need the conspiracy theories and the ugliness of governmental misconduct *here* though, thank you very much. This is where we go to get AWAY from that stuff.

    I’m serious about this.

  30. Love the photo!

    I, also, think that Fuzzy is thinking “birdbirdbirdbird…and so on.”

    ” Sunlight filtered through kitty floof is a magnet for my face. *snorgle*”
    Perosha, thanks for making me laugh about a sentence I would probably not read anywhere else!

    And, Ack!, the Chicago Bean….interesting…shiny…beanshaped….but….whyyy???

  31. He is SO Snoof in the Floof!

  32. It’s SNOOCH all right!!!

    And all this pizza-talk reminds me … folks, I’d really like to know, do Indian pizzas ALWAYS have to have chillies?! [grumble]

    [Misses pizza nights back home when the whole clan gathers around to make the pizza, with some cats miaowing in the background.]

  33. Oh, wow, Subhangi, Pizza Nights! We always had those with my cousins when I was a kid….gathered at the grandparents and got a pizza from Luigi’s which was literally dripping wonderful globs of shiny delicious grease!!!! MMMMmmmm…..

    We had to order takeout fishnchips for my dad. Not a pizza fan!

    And then we watched the Addams Family.

    Ok….is this off topic???

  34. Lauri – NOT off-topic, really, as long as there are no conspiracy theories …

    [wants to sink teeth into molten gooey cheese now …]

  35. Brak_Silverbone says:

    What perfectly backlit fur!

  36. AuntieMame says:

    (Conspiracy theories are full of crap. Inside job, my @$$.)

    And *what* is that cat staring at? Is there a hummingbird convention outside his window?

  37. I wish I could actually SEE his ‘cartoon-cat face’ !

  38. Got my own conspiracy theory.

    Anyone ever notice there are always painfully cute images at this site?

    So cute that they short-circuit the brain. rendering the viewerimmeditely useless for anything except snorgling, cooing, or laughing?

    Think about it.
    All the pictures.

    What are the odds of something like that happening just by chance?

    I tell you, someone is behind this whole thing.

    (I’ll get to the bottom of this fiendish plot, just as soon as I finish snorgling Mr. Beany Baby Face here.)

  39. AuntieMame says:

    You might be on to something there, lauowolf. It goes right along with Dewi CasGwent’s theory in the Bambi and Thumper thread that somewhere there is a cabinet full of really dangerously cute stuff…

    God help us all!

  40. Couple of quick points & then it’s naptime…

    The Chicago “Bean” really is cool in the way it’s shaped, and the way it reflects images, especially underneath.

    The stuffed pizza at Giordano’s was most excellent and filling. (Made me miss the now-defunct Edwardo’s in the Twin Cities, and the still-great Zachary’s in Berkeley.)

    I have no idea what Indian pizza might be like, except that I know of an expat dude who used to put ketchup and mustard on his pizza when he was growing up. He still does to this day, now that he’s over here, and tries to get everybody else to do it too. (I refused; gotta draw a line *somewhere*.) And sometimes I do like peppers on pizza, be they sweet or hot… but not all the time.

    I am sorry, but puddingpult cannot easily be retrofitted for disc-shaped spinny projectiles like pizza. I’d need the full workshop & all I have is my multi-tooln in the ol’ Catbelt.

    After further study, I have confirmed that this cat is DEFINITELY Snooch from Two Lumps made flesh, even more so than the “original” inspirational kitty (aka Caramon).

    Good museums are expensive. Notable among the exceptions is the Art Institute of Chicago on Thursdays from 5:00 PM till closing, which is free, and I wish I could’ve taken all of you along).

    Am now very tired. We woke up early to make sure we’d get tickets for the King Tut exhibit at the Field, and we did, and SchmoopTeen2 is now quite happy. But even after hot cocoa and a large mocha, teh Schmoop & I are wrecked. (So much so, in fact, that I’ll let someone else mind my grammar.)

    Luvs to teh Peeps.
    – T.

  41. Does anybody else think that “Theo and the Schmoops” sounds like some kind of early rock ‘n’ roll group? Opening for Buddy Holly or someone? Now appearing in Chicago!

  42. AuntieMame says:

    Heh, Laurie!

    Speaking of pizza, Colorado-style pizza is nothing to sneer at, either. Beau Jo’s! (Hmm…it’s lunch time soon…)

    I take it, SchmoopTeen2 is interested in Egyptology? If so the Amelia Peabody mystery books might be of interest. Egyptology figures heavily in the murder plots. And they are as funny as all get-out, too.

  43. YAY!!! for Theo and the Schmoops having fun in Chicago.

    We’ll just have to virtually tag along, Teho. You enjoy it enough for all of us…

  44. “Does anybody else think that “Theo and the Schmoops” sounds like some kind of early rock ‘n’ roll group?”

    Actually, LaurieC, it *rather* sounds like a 1970s sitcom, complete with shag carpets and happy teens. On the order of Brady Bunch but a little more…um…Theo.

  45. lurkertype says:

    LC, jaypo, combine your ideas and make it Partridge-esque! But with more kitties. And Teho.


    A TuxKit has been held and snorgled and scritched by myself and Mr. L for at least 15 minutes, with MomCat looking on but not growling. To add to the fuzzy widdle cuteness, a teeny pink tongue made an appearance for most of the time, and it was also touched! Plus, numerous jellybean pink paw toepads.

    The totals are 2 boys, 1 girl, 100% ky-ootness.

  46. Aaaaaaaaah!

    Pizza and kitty scritching! AND Chicago!!!! *faints*

    Ok, I am back! There is above a new verse for “My Favorite Things! Haha.

    I like how we can put our comments about *whispers* (conspiracy theories) in parentheses and then it’s safe to talk about them. 🙂

    ROFL, AuntieMame, I agree! (inside job, my a$$)

    Lurkey, I WANT those tuxes!!!!!! Want want WANT!!!!

  47. lurkertype says:

    Any of y’all seriously want a TuxKit, you can have one. They need good homes, soon. I live in Calif.

  48. I am in Michigan. Or else I would seriously want one. If I were retired I would be out there to get one!!! Wait…..three……

  49. lurkertype, how did you win the momcat over to not growling while you cuddled her kitten?

  50. Lookit those perfect poofs 🙂

  51. misscrisp says:

    Ohdearyme, those cheek puffs are too much. mine are puffing too now with big giant smiling.
    I humbly submit ruble kopeck for the “light through whiskers” snorgle attraction aforementioned herein:

    CO is a conspiracy I will defend unto doomsday!

  52. misscrisp says:

    Ohdearyme, those cheek puffs are too much. mine are puffing too now with big giant smiling.
    I humbly submit ruble kopeck for the “light through whiskers” snorgle attraction aforementioned herein:

    CO is a conspiracy I will defend unto doomsday!

  53. misscrisp says:

    Ohdearyme, those cheek puffs are too much. mine are puffing too now with big giant smiling.
    I humbly submit ruble kopeck for the “light through whiskers” snorgle attraction aforementioned herein:

    CO is a conspiracy I will defend unto doomsday!

  54. misscrisp says:

    i swear i didn’t do that! sorry for the uncute repetition folks.

  55. Did you know that “kuva” is Finnish for “picture”? 🙂

  56. I still love looking at Kuva….and misscrisp, what a beeyoootiful picture of ruble kopeck. Simply beautiful!

  57. lurkertype says:

    Kuva is indeed a picture all by his/her ownself.

    LC, I don’t know why MomCat didn’t hiss yesterday. Guess she was busy guarding the others. When we stopped the snorgle, the lil’ one ran to Mommy and got a good bath. Cuuuute.

    I’m perfectly willing to parcel out the TuxKits one or two at a time to anyone who doesn’t want all 3.


    Cute thingies for your phone!!

    *ring ring*
    *ring ring*


  59. Two Sheds Jackson says:

    Did you recognise the bagpuss? I’m sure he was on CO. Plus they all dance – kyoot!

  60. Lurkette: Did Mr. L. go through some sort of snorgle crash course? I congratulate you on your patience. And success!

    Mr. T: I saw the Tut exhibit in Los Angeles – I enjoyed the ostritch feather fan (solid gold, but sans feathers) in particular. So decadent.

  61. Aubrey — that fan was particularly cool, yes; it even had the picture of a *complete* version of the same fan (including feathers) engraved on it.

    ST2’s favorites were the gold diadem and the forensic reconstruction of the boy king’s head.

  62. Great lighting in the photo, but… is a foreshortened schnoz the latest thing in feline fashion, or something?

  63. Not necessarily on topic here, but this is what I saw on my drive into work, this morning…

  64. Lol, Theo. And you just happened to have your camera ready?

    No way are any of my cats relaxed enough in a car to do that. They’re in a carrier, with cat hair flying from their bodies, howling and moaning the whole time.

  65. CeeJoe — yep, was bringing it in to download & work on some of the vaca pix. At some point. When I get the chance.

  66. lurkertype says:

    Theo, I used to commute behind a car like that! Guy had a Siamese which lounged in the back window. I thought it was a toy till bathing commenced. I tried very hard to always get on the road right behind that car every evening.

    Our previous kitty loved riding in the car, but only if he could help you drive. Or at the very least, stand up and look out a front window. Mr. L would take him for rides on fast-food drivethroughs. They’d hold up the line as the whole staff had to run up to the window and see the guy with the cat in his lap. Current cat is only in the car in her carrier, and spazzing.

    Mr. L is only allowed to snorgle kittens under my supervision and instruction.