Bambi and Thumpare

Fabuloso photographer Tanja Askani strikes again with her ‘Bambi and Thumper’ series. Two canoodling wildlife sweethearts, snorgling away.

Check out Teh Thumpster, he’s all: "Whaaa? What ees thees tenative snorgling?" and Bambi’s all "Eeeear-licious…"


Later, in Narnia, they rendez-vous AGAIN!


[Sounds of Springtime music] la la la la la la, and they’re back at it!Image007_4 

Way to submit ’em, Cheryl E.! 😉



  1. Christina says:

    OMG so beautiful!!!!!! My heart just stopped. I have a question I have had this site on my home page for sometime. I tried sending some pics to see if they would be accepted for the first time but when I had sent it it came back with a failure notice *sobs* I clicked the link to the left is this still a valid place to send these pictures?

  2. There’s a typo in the Tanja Askani link, a supernumerary “+” at the end.

  3. That is incredible. So cute and amazing.

  4. Holy… wow. Who knew? This is just mind-blowing (or maybe it’s just late).

    Far too cute for their own good.

  5. Oh, I love Finchen (the deer) and her friend, whose name I THINK is Shirshasana. Have you seen Finchen with her other friend, the doggie?

  6. Constance says:

    …that is absolutely heartwarming. Thank you meg.

  7. Oh my god. How cute is that? Two gentle animals sharing some gentle cuddling moments.

    My overworked mother thanks you so very much.

  8. lurkertype says:

    That’s a large bun-bun.

  9. Christina says:

    I agree that bun has been eating well!! I also love how they match.

  10. Their furs and colors match! How sweet!:)

  11. awww! what a cute and well-matched pair. the middle pic would make a great world peace poster.

    or holiday card. ^_^

  12. ginettissima says:

    All I have to say is OH JEBUS! 😐 Does it get any better?

  13. (. _ .)…
    (>_< )!!!

    That’s my facial expressions while looking at those.
    Rabbits? Baby deer?! It’s too much!

  14. How amazing it is!
    I wish they get along happy forever!

  15. I have never seen more heart~felt photos than I saw on this post. OMGoodness, how beautiful and inspiring to us humans … LOVED every pixel of it!

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  17. I’m SO glad these got posted!

  18. That bunny looks scared in the first pic, but so would i if a deer was sucking my ear.

  19. Christina — that’s the right mailbox, all right. It gets full fairly regularly though. Keep trying until you don’t get one of those “undeliverable” notes back.

    “Me” — Go post your theories on Michael Moore’s blog. Not here, please.

  20. The springtime pic is the sweetest thing ever!!!

  21. Ryan…love da faces! 🙂

    My old cat, Mouse, was snorgled by a deer, too! Such a heartstopping moment. I was watching out the front window, and couldn’t believe that the deer had really noticed Mouse and was walking sloooowly over. Mouse just kept seated in his “hamburger cat pose” and the deer snorgled the top of his head!

    Very very cool. These pics bring warm cuddly fuzzies to my heart!

    And, Me, we come here to get AWAY from people like you!!!

  22. heheheh. They look like an old couple who dresses to match each other!

  23. chet's momma says:

    aaahh! “hamburger cat pose?” i squee with delight imagining the cuteness of THAT!

  24. chet's momma says:

    aaahh! “hamburger cat pose?” i squee with delight imagining the cuteness of THAT!

  25. chet's momma says:

    aaahh! “hamburger cat pose?” i squee with delight imagining the cuteness of THAT!

  26. chet's momma says:

    aaahh! “hamburger cat pose?” i squee with delight imagining the cuteness of THAT!

  27. chet's momma says:

    aaahh! “hamburger cat pose?” i squee with delight imagining the cuteness of THAT!

  28. chet's momma says:

    aaahh! “hamburger cat pose?” i squee with delight imagining the cuteness of THAT!

  29. I found a bunch more amazing photos from this photographer here:

    Wow! I was going to post my favorites, but there are just too many. As a French Bulldog owner, though, I have to admit a special fondness for this goofy looking example of the breed:

  30. They look like they’re whispering secrets to each other. (But nice ones, not conspiracy theories. No, never that.)

  31. Burgering is what we always called it when the cat is sitting with all four legs tucked tidily underneath.

    There are a lot of calls of “burger cat” around here in the colder months of the year!

    I lol’d at that French bulldog pic, Kary…that is a mouth with a bit of dog stuck on it!

    And wow, so many other great shots! Pointer puppies…awwww 🙂

  32. Just as an FYI guys, Meg has always had a link to this gal’s site at the right, under the “More! More! More!” link.

  33. I am working on my husband to let us adopt a couple of more kittens….there are SO many who need us, and we are down to 4 cats, from 7.

    He claims we “don’t have room” but we just had one son get married and the other two kids are off to college….very weak argument on his part!

    Chet’s momma, you are a yoga girl? I lurv da yoga!

    aaah, see, Arbed? I need to study CO more closely than I already do!

  34. OMG BAMBIIIIII!!! (Hey, I grew up watching this cartoon … I’m allowed.)

    Ryan – Cute faces!!! 🙂

  35. Oops! Thanks, arbed. I guess I need to take the CO remedial course with Lauri.

  36. These are great Hallmart pictures. I would buy them.

  37. Kliban (who drew all those cat and mousie cartoons) used the term “meatloaf” for the “burger cat” thing.

  38. Teughcats says:

    Good morning, all, and happy Saturday! (insert mental picture of Theo’s Yay picture here)

    We call it “loaf of bread cat”. My 3 month old, 2 pound kitten stopped running around like a mad thing last night and became a tiny loaf of bread for a few minutes. So cute!

  39. Brak_Silverbone says:

    It’s awesome that there’s animals that will snorgle other animals. Other people have noted this too, but I love how the fur colors match on these two!

  40. Thank you, Teho and Lauri and all, for keeping CO free of all but cuteness (and poetry!) and lurve.

  41. On my gracious. Close the site right now because this can’t be topped.

  42. Warms my heart…

  43. that website. is completely amazing. it has a lot of photos of the deer and the rabbit. Theyre like Bambi and Thumber… BFF. That is one of my favorite websites.

  44. Cat in “meatloaf” position = catloaf ‘Nuff said.

  45. That’s so rule #4. Oh come on! You know it! I like the last one, where they’ve toootally just woken up from a mid-day snorglenap. So sweepies.

  46. AuntieMame says:

    Does anyone else think this looks like one of the “Seasons” photograph series where each photos is a different season of the year? The top one is Summer, #2 is Winter, #3 is Autumn. All the photgrapher needs is to catch them snorgling in the flowers for her Spring photo.

  47. I really think everything’s gonna be okay. Just from looking at these pictures, I have a renewed sense of hope in the world.

    No like really.

    I do!

  48. Ryan Blackhawke says:

    I just cannot go on. I have seen the epitome of cuteness and may now very well be dead.

  49. JH,
    Thanks for throwing down the challenge. Once someones says this is as cute as cute is Meg digs into Her mailbox to pick something even better. Imagines CO office has secure cabinet contianing the dangerously cute images

  50. Teughcats-

    We also call it “Loafing”!! You made me laugh out loud! I love the universal language of pets, don’t you?

    And these two are like Romeo and Juliet – they are from different worlds, just trying to love each other against all odds!

  51. I’m sorry, but in that first pic the deer is slowly eating the rabbit. Then they have an evil face-off. In the end, the rabbit eats the deer.

  52. that is the cutest thing i’ve EVER seen in my life 🙂

  53. Did I just die? So far too cute to be real. I want to be snorgled by a deer! ~~pouts~~

  54. lemura, you’re not too far off.

    Actually these two have been close friends since birth almost, and the deer had to be euthanized, and so after it it laid down to die under the tree, and the bunny came and sat with the deer, his best buddy, in his dying moments.

  55. Eeesh. Nothing could be more heart-warming than that. I think Walt Disney needs to be alerted…

  56. Such bun-deer-ful pics! 😉

    ( )
    ” “

  57. E.C. — This might not be the best way to broach this subject, but I’ll bumble on ahead regardless… sorry… but have you noticed the little punctuationey rabbitoids that seem to follow you everywhere?

  58. I love this pair, such a beautiful relationship.
    Makes me go all gooey. *slides off seat*

  59. Erasmus,
    If that is true, Charlottes Web and Watership down finally have a contender. But please don’t Disneyfy it.

  60. Please tell me that the last photo isn’t the ‘last photo’ with the bunbun saying goodbye. If so this photo is pure unadulterated cute, that could get the hardest hearted weeping.

  61. “punctuationey rabbitoids” LOL!!

    I have an image of E.C. trawling the aisles of the grocery store with little ASCII dashes and curves following her in a flowing little rabbit-shaped stream.

    Bizarre but funny.

  62. christina says:

    Thank You Theo

  63. A fobidden love AWWWWWWWWWWWWW how CUTE

  64. These pictures bring an idiotic smile to my face and make me dream of idyllic times in nature.

    “…rabbitoids that seem to follow you everywhere?”

    Methinks that perhaps they *lead* EC to whatever mischief calls. Bunnies never follow.

  65. Here’s one more of the deer and bunny — from the position of the bunny’s head and his (her?) expression, you can tell he’s going in for the snorgle —

  66. !!! eeeeeeeeee

    That last one is definitely a screamer, cjm.

    And, I LOVE the punctuary rabbitoids! EC’s, and someone else had one posted that I can’t remember who it was (hey, I am fifty freakin’ years old….my daughter just called me Rip Van Wrinkle today)…..

    Lol, EC! Bun-deer-ful it is!

    And I may switch to Catloaf from now on.

    One more thing…if that story is true, Erasmus, I am going to go have to go have (another) good cry today. Or go buy some swampland in FLA. One or t’uther.

  67. Ok, I never do know when to keep my mouth shut. This is an awful Bambi and Thumper story. But, kinda funny in a morbid kind of way.

    My 19 year old son was driving down our rural road one evening. Two deer ran out into the road. He slammed on the brakes and one escaped. The second, however, crashed into the side of the car, breaking his sideview mirror off, and breaking it’s own neck, and (thankfully) dying instantly.

    The next day a rabbit ran out in front of him, and went whoomp whoomp in the wheel well.

    Now, I want you all to know that my son is extremely soft hearted and felt really horrible about these incidents. However, he did sort of make a joke later that day…he said, “Well, I wonder who I am going to get next, Owl, or Flower?”

    End of Sad Bambi-Thumper Story.

  68. Addendum to B-T Story.

    It’s been 8 months and no more animals have been “gotten”.

  69. These pics fit in nicely with my Watership Down daydreams.. It’s Hazel-rah, or Fiver, communicating with another species that they helped in some way…planning a clever trick of some sort…

    The last one Hazel is saying..”you rest, I’ll stand gaurd, then we will be on our way”

  70. Other ascii bunny:

    (\ /)
    (> < )

  71. “Methinks that perhaps they *lead* EC to whatever mischief calls. Bunnies never follow.”

    Abso-bloomin’-lutely, jaypo! a thinker, love your vision of the “punctuationary rabbitoids” in the store… at bun-nose level, of course, checkin’ out da pro-ducts with the Rabbit of Approval on ’em:

  72. two sheds jackson says:

    arbed – the link on CO doesn’t take you to Tanya’s photos -you have to do much searchy clicking to get to all 450 photos. (Well worth it though.)

    Erasmus – now see here, I know my Deutsch is lousy but I’m pretty sure I read under one photo that these 2 were living at a wildlife station and were waiting to be released back into the wild. Stop trying to put a downer on my day dude! (Hey it’s not even midday here -I’ve got a lot of day to get through yet and I don’t think I could with that sad image in my bonce.)

    E.C. where did your punctuationey rabbitoids go? Did Theo scare them?

    Theo – was the windy city fun?

  73. 2SJ — We’re still here in Chi-town, but we’ll be starting the long drive home after breakfast.

    The Windy City *was* fun and I’ve got even got some cute pix to share. Even found a GOOD Indian restaurant last night (India House). Yummm.

    I know better than to mess with E.C.’s rabbitoids.

  74. Oh, yay for jaypo’s other punctual rabbit!

    Did you see the lions from the Ghost and the Darkness in the Field Museum, Theo?

    Strange to look at them and think of all the humans they ate.

  75. Lauri — we saw the “Man-Eaters of Tsavo” last time we were there, but gave ’em a miss this time.

    Here’s an *online* exhibit from the Field that I think most peeps here can appreciate, though…

  76. Oooo, I started salivating like a pavlov dog at that pic!

  77. Two Sheds – you are indeed correct. I could have sworn that I had clicked on it before for pics, but hey, my memory has obviously failed me yet one more time. Also, I see that I had said the link was at the right of the page when it’s clearly on the left. Just goes to show you can’t trust a damn thing I say!

  78. Two Sheds Jackson says:

    arbed – it’s ok I’ll trust you – I’m directionally challenged too. Trouble is- I’m a teacher and kids have a tendency to laugh at you when you can’t tell left from right!! I have to look at my rings &/or watch to remind me!

    Theo – I wish I’d never mentioned the windy city – I now have lots of Calamity Jane songs in my head. Oh bugger!

  79. very innocent picture , i like it !

  80. very innocent picture , i like it !

  81. Catloaf!!! I always called it the Legless Kitty.

  82. You know, on closer inspection, I believe evil is going on in that first picture. I think that is a ZOMBIE DEER sucking the brains out of that poor bunny.


  83. It’s a long-legged Bun & a short-legged Bun !

  84. So cute!! I wonder how there story continues! 😀

    And I wonder how I can send a cute picture to this site, because the link won’t work 😦

  85. Where are these photos from, they are fantastic…. so so so so cute, total cute overload!

  86. Wow wow! A 2.7 gig mailbox getting filled up with lots of cuties. Can’t imagine.

    This website is so cute that it is impossible to use words to describe it. These pictures sure reminds me of my post on my cute Roborovski hamsters:

    Great job there. ^_*

  87. Spluch — seriously, it happens *ALL* the time. We’re sitting on a gusher here.

  88. Lauren Ashley says:

    wow this is so amazing i can’t beleive how they are so gentle. this is like identical to Bambi!