Gooood niiiight



  1. can’t… stop… replaying…

  2. Looks like baby smooshypants here can’t keep his eyes open! Awww! 😀


    Why must kittens be so darn irresistable?!

  4. constance says:

  5. Constance says:

    may be even more adorable.

  6. Who knew kitties suffered from “jello neck”? 🙂 He’s so dang CUTE!

  7. AuntieMame says:

    Argh! It’s like watching a slow-motion train wreck. Only cuter.

    And that kitteh in Constance’s link is either really tiny, or she lives with a really huge family. (Did she fall asleep in a hurry or what? “Let me tell you about my day. First Sally and I went shopping and they had this really great…honk-shu, honk-shu, honk-shu…)

  8. omgosh Constance, yes that is the NOTORIOUS sleepy kitty of YouTube! I play that religiously! BUt this little gut seems to be a tough competitor! Lookit how far back that neck goes!!

  9. cute!!!
    this one still cuter!!

  10. Whitney – it’s part of the plan. I can’t pass judgement on it, but…the cute agenda has already been put into motion.

  11. This little fluffbucket looks like he’s had the same draining day as I have. Don’t worry, Fuzzy McZzzzersons, a little sleep will fix a lot.

  12. *THUNK*

    That was my heart falling out of my body.

  13. They are all too cute for words. How can you judge which is cuter?

  14. haha i love how it ends.

  15. Thats the cutest video ever!

  16. This kitty is SO me right now! After not sleeping two days (which feels like 751 weeks or something like that) I do react as she does.

    Now that I’m released I’m gonna take Kitty into my dreams, we’ll take a looon nap

    -_- .zZzZZ

  17. That’s exactly what i’m like when i’m sitting in an 8.30 am lecture… or any lecture for that matter. Though i doubt i’m a fraction as cute a mr. fuzzle feet is.

  18. *dies* Cute AND funny!!!

  19. wow.. I was in such a foul mood, but after watching that, I smiled and now I feel a bit better. <3

  20. acelightning says:

    Constance – I submitted that one (the French-titled one, where the Itty Bitty Kitty goes from playful to falling-asleep in thirty seconds) about a week and a half ago. I’m surprised *somebody* didn’t get it posted by now.

  21. He, it’s me, last night at the party. Who posted it here???

  22. So tie-tie


  23. The Honourable Gladys Anstruther says:

    No momma I ain’t tired flumphh.

  24. Is there a case for making “suddenly fall asleep” a new Rule of Cuteness? In which case, I propose zzzzzzzzzzz, honkkkk honkkk, zzzz- whut? Ah yes, as I was saying: “suddenly fall asleep and then suddenly wake up again and then suddenly go back to sleep, repeat” should be worth much extra credit. Zzz.

  25. and there’s millions of other sleepy kitns out there on you-tube as well!

  26. curlygirl says:

    Oh my god! That is the Cutest kitten ever! How funny is his face?!:o) Wish we could see what happens next…I bet he falls over!

  27. Biggest Fan says:

    I have to go now… I think my sugar levels just spiked.

    [ps: hooray for cute overload!]

  28. Lol

  29. *Holy kitten kaboodle* teh sleepy bebe is too much this early in the morning!

  30. This just canNOT be handled before 9am…

  31. [sigh]

    …hope the Doones are having a good time w/their cat-sitter.

  32. Teho, you must miss them.

  33. Denise in Nebraska says:

    WOW!! I love how his little head does this kind of ultra-slow (as if in outer space and there is no gravity)”around the world” motion, with his head…right before it tips all the way back!! This cat has astronaut potential. Yea, space cat!!

  34. wow, it’s like an epidemic of tie-tie kittehs.

  35. Tony James says:

    T-0h – cat-sitter? Wah’? WadidImiss? Why aren’t you spending every waking minute with the Dooneses? I don’t understand… 😦
    (but Kitten Henriette’s so damn’ cute!!! 🙂

  36. *snort*. I think the pull of gravity proved too much for the giant head of Mr. Floofersons, there.

    And Teej, T-0h is away on hols to Chicago, I believe it was…

  37. Yep, Thinker. Visited the really cool Millenium Park (wasn’t finished, last time we were here) and the adjoining Museum of Art (saw the dude with the pitchfork & his ol’ lady in the housedress). The King Tut exhibit at the Field Museum, and then stuffed pizza at Giordano’s are on today’s shhhhed-yool.

    Illinois roadways *still* suck turtle ‘tocks, though.

  38. Ya sounds like an Amurican turst, there, Teho.

    Glad you’re having a good time.

  39. It seems there needs to be a new category: “video of critters falling asleep”.

  40. Tony James says:

    A ‘merkin turrst? 😮
    Chi-town rocks – if you get the chance go up to North Halstead to Chicago Blues, great little bar with fantastic live music. Are you going to the zoo too? They have lions 🙂

  41. I just dribbled juice all over my chin from laughing at that. Thanks for the mess. 🙂


  43. Tony James says:

    Yes, lions – where do you want your free snork/gle sent?

  44. Whoa, the most flexible kitten EVER!! I want to snorgle his smooshy face….

  45. Too cute, love the fluffy softness of the neck. I want to snorgle little kitty.

  46. “I’m not as think as you drunk I am…”

  47. “what’s the officer, problem?”

  48. Smooshface here looks like a sleepy lil’ Old Man Of The Sea…

    Even the *upholstery* has some MAJOR pawsitude.

  49. Only the claws are holding this kittentude upright.

  50. eeeee, I want to snorgle that little neck!!!
    Why must these videos and pics taunt us so???
    any word on the “pat the bunny” style home accessory kit?

  51. good old whatsherface says:

    I love how kitteh’s eyes are closed the entire time. Just…can’t…keep…them…open.

  52. My God – it’s Bagpuss as a kitten! The The most Magical Saggy Old Cloth Cat in the whole wide world!

    “All in all, he’s just an old, saggy cloth cat.
    Baggy, and a bit loose at the seams.
    But Emily loved him.”

  53. Katharine says:

    It’s like kitties are born to nap.

  54. Tony James says:

    Bagpuss ROCKS (but very quietly so as not to wake him up) – I always liked the Marvellous Mechanical Mouse Organ.

  55. I love it when kittens are in the “fall asleep at the drop of a hat” phase. One kitten I had was busy playing with my ponytail as I sat on the couch when he suddenly stopped. I gingerly turned around, sure I would incite a new round of ponytail-biting, only to find him asleep on his back with all four paws in the air. Wish I’d had a camera!

  56. So Theo, I take it you’ve seen the Bean this time? 🙂 (Cloud Gate, whatever, it’s totally a Bean).

    Welcome to my fair city!

  57. I think it’s the narrow oval shaped muzzlepuff that does it for me.


  59. “Who knew kitties suffered from “jello neck”?”

    Well, this type of photography is referred to as the ‘jello roll pan’.

  60. [groans]

  61. Awwwwww…..Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! *pop*
    (head pops from the incredible cuteness of the kitty cat)

  62. Tony James says:

    I’m not the first person to have seen this, right..?

  63. whereever this came from, still, it’s sooo cute!!

  64. TJ – LOL! First time I’ve seen it…

  65. Ok, since no new posts lately, check out Lucy’s pictures today:
    Third one down – ham butt!

  66. I wish I could relax the way kittens do…

  67. Oooops!! I said “Awwwww” outloud…everyone is looking at me…toggle back to work.


  69. oy vey,

    “ceiling cat is watching you ________[fill in the blank]”

    I’m not sure if it started at, but that’s where I first saw it.

  70. Off topic, but here’s a new toy I found today — create your own Stephen Colbert “On Notice” board:

  71. Laurie C,

    OMG, that is soooo cool! someone posted a librarian’s version in a Flickr group and I thought it was real (i.e., Colbert had done a segment on library problems). thanks for the link.

  72. That kitty reminds me of me at a meeting I had yesterday.

  73. ceejoe, isn’t Lucy the best?! She always brings a smile to my face.

  74. hrh.squeak says:

    Awwww! Scroll down some more on Lucy’s page and watch her cope with the heat wave by Napping in Odd Places! Awwww!

  75. jaypo – and that mathijs is just the coolest guy too!

  76. I thought I saw a guy covered in cat fluff when I looked out the window of my building towards the park… – I also welcome you, Theo, to Chicago!

  77. Arhhhh,
    Unhooks claws and puts in nice bed and puts blacket over kitty and snorgles nose

  78. Um, I watched that Puppy vs. Kitty video again, and I was laughing so hard I snorted. Just thought I’d share.

    As to the video we have at hand, may I pay homage to the two big floofy kitty mitten paws on display?

  79. yeah, cj, what is it with guys who love hamsters? wish I knew one… 😉

    Aubrey-u-snorted?! hee hee…
    That kitten is holding by sheer claw power.

  80. A little off the cute topic but fun stuff from YouTube:

    How’d dey do dat?

  81. ShelleyTambo says:

    Wow, did I need this after looking at pictures of facelift procedures all day(*shudder*).

  82. ShelleyTambo says:

    jaypo–same guys:

    And all these years I haven’t been stretching first…

  83. that looks like my nana falling asleep on the couch!

  84. TheLoveOfIsis says:

    Okay, that has be, like, THE cutest thing I have EVER seen. Look at that lil’ hangin’ mouf and those squinty eyes… I’d never be able to let that littles sit there long enough to fall asleep, for I would be snorgling him always!

  85. TheLoveOfIsis says:

    Okay, that has to be, like, THE cutest thing I have EVER seen. Look at that lil’ hangin’ mouf and those squinty eyes… I’d never be able to let that littles sit there long enough to fall asleep, for I would be snorgling him always!

  86. TheLoveOfIsis says:

    Whoops. Sorry for the double post, guys.

  87. Brak_Silverbone says:

    This sleepy little one looks almost like he’s doing a new form of tai-chi!

  88. “This sleepy little one looks almost like he’s doing a new form of tai-chi!”

    More like “tie-tie” chi.

  89. ….head….so….heavy.

  90. oohh my goodness says:

    omgoodness! its adorable!!

  91. I can’t stop watching! It’s so incredibly CUTE!!!!!!

  92. *dies* now, THAT is cute!

  93. lurkertype says:

    Him’s the definition of “tie-tie”! I’m gonna have to snorgle my tortie now.

  94. I can’t get over how smooshed-in his face is! What kind of kitty is that? My neck hurts just watching, but then the cute makes it all better!

  95. Alina’sBean — yep, seen it, walked around & under it, got a bunch of tourist-style pix of us reflected in it. We really liked the garden-sanctuary area in the park, too.

  96. MORE videos of kittens falling asleep. I INSIST.

  97. Sharon Golden says:

    This precious little kitten reminds me of my little lhasa apso, such a cute face……what kind is it?

  98. thats TOO MUCH.

    lookit the little fuzzy chin falling backwards.. i CANT TAKE IT!

  99. Hah! I just realized that’s what *I* must have looked like in my 8am stats class. Someone get that poor kitteh some coffee, STAT!

  100. Hah! I just realized that’s what *I* must have looked like in my 8am stats class. Someone get that poor kitteh some coffee, STAT!

  101. Hah! I just realized that’s what *I* must have looked like in my 8am stats class. Someone get that poor kitteh some coffee, STAT!

  102. heehhe, I looked like that for a handful of college classes too…. morning OR night, I just couldn’t stay awake sometimes!

  103. Awful lot of dupe comments, lately…
    Awful lot of dupe comments, lately…
    Awful lot of dupe comments, lately…

  104. positively redonkulous. that is one of the cutest things i have ever seen..

  105. I want a smooshy littly flat faced ewok kitteh now. To come and live with me and the pooches.

  106. pistache268 says:

    lol, two attempts

  107. Such a cute baby!

  108. What a Darling.

  109. O M F G .

    I can’t even deal with how adorable that is.

    I was sitting here all sad because of something else, and that video made me feel good.

    Wow. Thank you, C.O.

  110. how cute is it it is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo adorable im in love

  111. Uncle Janet says:

    Oh lord that’s so cute. What’s really funny is he looks so much like my father-in-law, with that little white beard and the squinty eyes. That’s too funny!

  112. OMIGAWWWD….

    Look sharp… That Ewok Kitteh Poufball Thingy’s face is COMPLETELY flat…!

    Can’t… stop… replaying either…

  113. ah, hahahaha,….tie tie chi!!!

  114. I have peering at him again…..I think his name is Fu Man Honk-shu!

  115. Been, I have “BEEN” peering at him again…..continue…..

  116. poor lil pussums
    neckie so soft
    snoozin and dozin
    his kit dreams aloft
    all cuddled and tucked in
    his nose small and warm
    dreamin of momma
    and all safe from harm.

  117. Brak_Silverbone says:

    “tie-tie chi”

    D’oh, Jaypo! Good one!

  118. Sweet poem, ami.

  119. i wanted to look at ur vid but ya din ave it on dere well fckn done shit face

  120. Classy, Jenni. Really inspires me to help you.

  121. BRING IT BACK! NOOOOOO!!!! I loved this vid, and it’s gone now!