Uh, paging Senor Lickersons

Aye yei yei! Senor Leeeeckersons ees leeckingk again.


Holy straight tiny tail, Katie W.! 😉



  1. cute little baby!!

  2. oooh what a miniature fuzzykins!i want to pop it in my mouth.right now.fuzzzzzk.

  3. sadie_asher says:

    fuzzy fuzzy fuzzy marmalade tabby!!

  4. Ya know… I’m really starting to agree with the folks who are against Mr. Pointy finger. He’s like tewtley harshing the cute….

    Oooo look… floofy kitten…. Eeeeee *faints.*

  5. sooooo cute!i wish i had a cat.

  6. AAAARRRRRGGGGGG *drops to knees* I’m slain!!!!!

  7. I love how you can tell the age of a kitten by whether it has control of its little tail. When they’re all straight and pointy like that, you know they’re fluffkins ripe for the belly-snorgling….

  8. hrh.squeak says:

    This one is totally belly-snorgle ripealicious. Yay Saska! Yay Yay Yay kittehbelleh!!

  9. Must be nummers on the lil’ wuzzers paw-paw. Obvious nummers in lil’ fat bellie-kins! Snorful time!

  10. Fish Eye no Miko says:

    “But, mooooom, I don’t wanna take a bath…”

  11. One of nature’s greatest inventions: Self-Cleaning Kitten.

  12. OOOOUUUUFFFF!!! Hit over the head with unberable cuteness! Make it stop! The tail! The paws! The fluff! The snogalicious tummy! Arrrrgggghhhh!!!!

  13. Well, he wants to keep those paws white, like a good small kitty.

    (Unlike my 10-month old little thug whose white paws are all four grey right now because he’s been outside, and no one can make him get clean.)

  14. I just spotted a fourth paw behind the bellyfluff, it’s almost worth a C.O.X.C.U.
    I want a kitten too!

  15. That is the pinkest nose EVER. Too Prosh.

  16. i have an overwhelming need to snuffle this lil muffin.

  17. Look! Look! His little kitty tummy is just about up against the carpet!

  18. The Honourable Gladys Anstruther says:

    Methinks he’s rolling a spliff, just the last lick of the gummed strip,takes a toke and man this stuff is good

  19. What an adorable kitty! So fluffy!!! Let me pinch, hug, caress, squish, everything!

  20. Extreme Whisker Curvage!

    Plus the tops of his ears look so fuzzy. He’s prosh, and he knows it.

  21. And I forgot to point out that he’s Showing His Tiny Tongue. It’s the new cute craze.

  22. Two Sheds Jackson says:

    Aaaaah – that’s better – new post – phew. Cuteness marmaladeness – Theo’s gonna be upset he missed this one!
    What Meg? Pudding fights and parties in your absence? Nopes we never saw nuffinks – honest!

  23. Constance says:

    …Oh God. It’s so FLUFFY

  24. I wanna stuff him in my mouf.
    PTTOEY! [spit] FURbert!

  25. LOL…oh dear!!! That little sweetums “rolling a spliff”???

    Every durn thing about him is just so so cute. I can’t find one single thing to pick out above all the others so I”ll just…….Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    and hahaha “Furbert”, Mariser!

    Yay for a new post, I was getting the vapors this morning wondering if there would be a new one! 😉

    Good day, y’all.

  26. i check this sight everyday and every picture and the pitch slap humour sentence above of it makes my day everyday…

  27. I’ve decided to come out of lurkerdom!

    Why am I checking this site 5+ times a day and pouting if there isn’t a new post?

    Megs, I simply must have a new picture and hilarious caption every 2-3 hours. At least one caption per day must include “tie-tie” or “Something McSomethingsons”.

  28. RB- Why am I checking this site 5+ times a day and pouting if there isn’t a new post?

    Both of us have cute-obsession!!!! I also pout if there isn’t a new post!

  29. TEH FLOOF!!

    Eet keels.

  30. Must…lick…paw…before…I falll.aslee..zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

  31. New post!! YAY!

    Steady on sus patas, gatito!!

  32. Lauri, thanks. Furbert is straight outta the CO glossary, http://www.squidgrid.com/cute/Glossary.htm#Furbert

    Jaypo, good advice, dat. it is notoriously difficult to hold a three-paw pose for long. methinks there will be a sideways kitteh flop in the near future.

  33. Awww, da bebe!

  34. Now THIS is why I’ve always wanted an orange kitty! He looks like a dreamsicle!

  35. g-io,

    doesn’t he? and since the stripes are still fuzzy he looks like a peach. a nice fuzzy peach. a nice fuzzy peach with needle sharp claws.

  36. and g-io,

    go ahead and indulge that wish. get your orange kitteh of your very own. you won’t regret it, they are the bestest cats evar!

  37. What makes the orangsicle kittehs such dreamsicles?

  38. Another perfect morning at CO Central…Mister Fuzzy McMarmalade will definitely counter my house-hunting frustrations today!

    (Wish us luck, folks, and keep my seat warm for me, willya? I’ll be back sometime tomorrow evening, hopefully successful!)


  39. D2D,

    best of luck to ya! are you looking for a house in your town, or are you looking to relocate?

  40. Oh, the squinked-up eyes! The fluff! The dainty paws!

    *crams kitten in mouth*
    Whu? Wha ki-umf?

    We’ve often remarked at the shelter I volunteer at–it’s really hard to go wrong with a marmalade or caramel kitteh.

    (Teho–I think we’re both in the Twin Cities–who do you foster for? I do meds for Feline Rescue in St. Paul.)

  41. Good luck, D2D!

    Lemur–I think t-o is on the road for a few days.

  42. Lemur, Teho’s down periscope (on a trip for a few days). But I believe he fosters for the Humane Society.

  43. OH!!! YAAAYYYYY!!! A new post just in time for my birthday! I was so going to pout if there wasn’t a fresh cutie on here today!

    I just love all the little stickie-outie bits of fuzz on a little ketteh’s bod as well as the little pointy-outie tail, but the little skwinty-eyes just have to be so precious to me!

  44. The Honourable Gladys Anstruther says:

    I WAS GETTING WITHDRAWL SYMPTOMS WITHOUT A NEW POST. Oh bugger I’ve left the caps lock on.

  45. Marmalade kitties RULE!

    Yeah, what happened yesterday? I was starting to get the shakes!

  46. Hon. Gladys Anstruther, are you perchance related to the Honourable Armbruster Pennington Farquart?

  47. Someone just had some yummy brunch and is cleaning up before taking a nap. Marmaladey goodness. So full and sleepy.

  48. well thank heavens I didn’t miss anything yesterday while I was home sick. And the good part is that I had a whole day to spend relaxin’ with all my kittehs!

  49. Marmiefluff! Marmiefluff! SQUEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!

  50. just a little wispy-fluffy too! for some weird unknown reason the word “garfield” came into my mind.

  51. Ay, verdad, Señor Lickersons, estás muy lindo. ¡Quiero poner mi nariz en tu vientre mullido!

  52. Shannon C. says:

    That is just too cute for words!

  53. This is maybe *slightly* off-topic, but:

    Anybody ever notice that certain cat coat colours/patterns seem to come with certain cat personalities? It’s not *always* true, but IME grays or gray tabbies always seem to be the best, followed by orange or orange-and-whites.

    Am I the only one?

  54. Yes! Black-nosed kitties are bad! Pink-nosed kitties are good!

  55. No no no! All kitties are good and beautiful!

  56. This lil’prosh kitteh is spiffin’ for a night of tomcattin’ around!

    Denita: Good luck house hunting! I do this every day with folks! (I’m a realtor) Just remember to stay open minded and don’t get hung up on details. The beauty of owning a home is that you can change things you don’t like about a house that is *nearly* perfect.

  57. No!! I have a black nosed tortie and she’s the sweetest girl evah!!

    All kitties are sweet (except when they’re not).


  58. Tony James says:

    Tink – no, you’re not alone, there’s certainly a corelation between coat colour and personality, especially with kittens. Tabby and black & white kittens have a great big streak of trouble (or possibly stupid) running through them. If it can be scratched, tugged, climbed, pulled over, crawled under, batted or played with, then that’s where you’ll find these guys.
    I find marmalade or splotched orange kittens are are happier playing with siblings. Rough n’tumble, cat-a-pounce, hide-n-seek, and X-Treme Hambush are favourite pastimes.
    I believe that coat colour may be related to intellect. I’ve rarely met a particularly smart tabby or black n’white adult cat. Adorable and cute, yes, but not the sharpest knife in the drawer (mind you, when the package looks this good, you don’t need smarts). Splotched orange kitties are also generally on the slower side. Marmalade and all black cats I find are smart in a cunning way – if there’s a way of getting into the kitchen cupboard where the treats are, then these guys will find it, and they are not averse to using unorthodox methods (power tools, construction equipment, or getting the dozy tabby to be the fall guy) to achieve their ends.
    All white cats are secure in their beauty and majesty – they may occassionaly play with a mouse, but its really beneath them. They would like to sit and be adored, if its all the same to you. This is why the majority of them are deaf (or at least pretend to be) – nothing you say could possibly be of any consequence to them.

  59. athink,

    I think you are totally correct. at least in my experience. all kittehs are wonnerful, of course, but there are some traits that seems to go with their colouring. as everyone knows, I’m partial to yeller/ginger/marmies, but we have shared our house with ebony blacks, calicos, torties…(never a tux, sadly).
    from my observations:

    yellers are very affectionate and demonstrative. not the sharpest knife in the drawer, good-natured…they all should be named “Steve”, like that fraternity guy back at your college, who everyone knew and was present at all the parties.

    torties are fiercely loyal and will defend you against all enemies, imaginary or not. they take a while to warm up to you, but when/if they do, they trust you completely.

    blacks are very intense. they tend to have laser-like eyes that’ll zero-in a little chipmunk half-a-mile away. they are the best hunters. the most likely to bring their catch and put if by your bed.

    calicos seem the most aloof. they can be affectionate, on their terms. they also seems to be the smartest, able to open every door/window/cabinet that has not been tripled locked.

    again, all loverly, beeutifool, what not.

    my experience only: ymmv.

  60. TJ – you are so right on. I have a “troublesome tabby” who has to be into or on top of everything. And I had a marmalade cat who discovered the *one* day I didn’t put a weight on top of the Rubbermaid container inside the cupboard to keep him out of the food — which meant he was pawing the cupboard open and checking every day for several years. You didn’t evaluate grays, though and I have two, with very different personalities. Wonder what you think about them?

  61. For sheer goofyness, try a snowshoe siamese (siamese/ white domestic cross). I’ve taught Bucky the Serpent slayer to sit, shake and speak. He does it for cheese, or the sheer joy of seeing humans freak.
    The Black Cat Brigade II (Lucky Skunk and Ratsy) love him.


    Paw fluff = Pluff

  63. In defense of the Tuxers! My tuxie is incredibly intelligent and very affectionate. This morning when the alarm went off, he came up to snuggle, laid halfway on top of me, the rest of him cradled in the crook of my arm. Mr. Wuv Wuv (aka Elvis) kept me pinned and under his complete cute control for a full 15 minutes. He’s extremely bright and we communicate with each other quite well. I hope I don’t sound too much like a crazy cat lady…

    However, when we were forced apart through a divorce situation for four years (long story, but he’s back with me and we are both ever so happy!!!), I tried to replace him with another B&W, although not a tux. This cat was referred to as Spawn of Satan/One of Satan’s Footsoldiers. There was definitely something not right with him.

    Prior to Elvis, I was only familiar with barn cats so I don’t have another opinion other than I lurves the kittehs!

  64. I’m lookin’ at that couch behind Sr Lickersons — it’s made for scratchin’.

  65. Marmalade kittens rule the world 🙂

  66. AmyH,

    tuxes are most lovely, noone is attacking them. we are just expounding on our personal experiences…your Elvis sounds awesome, you should post pics.

    I was briefly acquainted with a horde of b&w kittehs of the newborn variety. they were mostly black with white neck and chins. some of them had white booties. I’m not sure if that qualified them as tuxies, but to me, they looked like fishies. and that’s how I called them. they were a most rambunctious bunch and all found loving homes.

  67. My Hemingway, a rescued Russian Blue, played fetch with a crumpled ball of paper for hours and hours on end. That was probably the *most* catlike and dignified thing he did.

    Come to think of it, he had exactly zero dignified behavior to go with his extraordinarily regal looks.

    While Hemingway was alive, my calico tortie Clio (who can be seen at http://www.flickr.com/photos/saska/156066792/ ) spent most of her time giving him disapproving looks for his un-cat-like behavior. Now, however, she is slightly more outgoing, and gives in to the urge to roll around showing off her white belleh when catnip is involved.

  68. Oh the whiskers!

    And for the record, tuxedo cats are the smartest and happiest cats *ever*.

    Honestly, aside from sex (i.e. calicos are female, orange cats usually male) I’ve never seen that color makes any difference to personality, and I’ve known a lot of cats.

  69. My cat Trixie is a tux/tabby (gray and black) and floofy.

    She is almost insidiously clever and diabolical. If you think that dogs have cornered the market on “baroo”, you should see the wide green-eyed head tilt action on this little fuzzball.

    She’s good at playing dumb and pretty but I know differently.

  70. And what about his marmaladeness? And his little eyes closed just so? And his little belly dragging the ground!

  71. Mariser – Yesterday at lunch I FINALLY bought a digital camera. One of my co-workers asked if I got it just so I could post pictures of Elvis in CO. Busted!

  72. This is nothing less than a full-scale cute cleaning attack. I am under a-salt by this lick-ing.

  73. I have two grey tabbys and one is a “mama’s boy”, Garf is always begging me to go upstairs and take a nap with him on the sofa when I come home from work. Simon is my trouble maker, he opens every cabinet door and drawer. He’s now figured out how to open the interior house doors so I have to lock the spare bedroom doors to keep him out and on bath day I have to lock the bathroom door to keep him in. He can unlatch and push OR PULL a door open!

  74. It’s the closed eyes that get me! He’s so CUTE!!

  75. Talking about trouble makers: this morning at work, we heard a tremendous caterwauling going on outside. I timidly stepped out, and saw two cats squared off against each other – one a calico (Princess) and the other a red/brown tabby (Belle). As I looked around, a single tuft of brown fur floated down in front of me. I don’t know what the catfight was about, but these ladies evidently had some serious issues.

  76. fuzz ball! >__<

  77. i have two kitties, Cory’s the little black short hair and Emi is a bi-color blue and white Siberian. Cory’s the sweetheart, but he can turn into a fuzzy cuisanart in a heartbeat. He’s very intelligent, and has learned to open our front door (if unlocked) by standing on his hind legs and twisting the knob. If I judged cats by their color, I’d say all blue cats are tempermental blue bloods by the way my Emi acts! >_<

  78. Ooooo what a kewt shtubby little tail!

    The kitten parade on this site is agonizing. I can’t wait to see my own kitty when I finally get back home this weekend. She’d better be prepared for a major snorgle ATTACK.

  79. CRIMES!!!

  80. My gray tabby is wickedly intelligent. She understands a lot more English than any cat I’ve ever had. And she’s freakishly strong. She weighs 7 lbs soaking wet, but she can open my big heavy sliding closet doors just by hooking a paw into the crack and pulling!

  81. AmyH,

    Yay for pictures of Elvis!
    you are going to love your camera. might want to sign up at Flickr http://www.flickr.com
    is a good place to upload/organize/tag/share your pics. (and no, I’m not a paid endorser).
    I think T. recommends http://allyoucanupload.webshots.com.

  82. I wanna see the paw pads! You know they’re just as pink as those nose!

    [flips kitteh over]

  83. %$*&#@

    Make it “that nose.”

  84. Mariser – thanks for the tips! As soon as I have the camera figured out and Elv obliges with some of his amazing cuteness, then I can help spread even more anerableness with the world.

    I’m a proud cat mom to the point I sometimes scare myself. But my mom says it’s okay and it’s not like I’m spoiling a child who can embarrass me in public! Unless I have company and he needs me to pick him up… That’s when he goes into ‘toddler mode’ – “MomMomMom! Pay attention to meeeee!”

    Codependence or just major affection. Hmmm….

  85. I wonder if the co-workers find it odd to see me snorgling the computer screen….

  86. TJ, you’re pretty much on the money here, methinks. My pitch black tom was smart as a whip while my black and white long-hair princess (with a *pink* nose) seemed to be…well, a few bricks short of a load. Sweetness unlimited, but not terribly bright. She was a stray who had gotten lost for two months and never wandered further than about a third of a mile from her home! Her former owner let me keep her–lucky lucky moi!

  87. All I can get out is….AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!

  88. Oh, man, is that the shortest tail ever?

  89. I am having an awful day at work and I really needed a little pink kitty-tongue fix.

  90. goodygoody! very cute!!!

  91. Maybe cuteness can fight terrorism.

  92. DP – You would think that it could. To me cuteness is a reminder of all that’s good and worthwhile. One good snorgle can melt the hardest of hearts! Port-A-Snorgs should be deployed worldwide pronto!

  93. Have to disagree with TJ on cat colors and personalities– the smartest cat we’ve ever had was a tuxedo, and our current orange guy’s motto is, “What’s under HERE?” I don’t think generalizations can be made for colors. Breeds are a different story– Persians are usually lethargic and not too bright, and Siamese types are loud and active, but even then there are exceptions.

  94. lurkertype says:

    Marmalade flufferkinses! SQUEEEEEE!

    In our gang, we have a saying “Friends don’t let friends get torties.” The vet agrees. The ruler of our household is a tortie and we describe her as: “You know all the things people who hate cats hate about them? Well, that’s her.” Her total kyootness is all that saves her. It’s a shocking contrast to our previous orange and white mellow boy.

    The Tuxes are all hiding. Can’t even sit out in the yard as we used to, and they’re not eating crunchies like usual. 😦 I am still Most Displeased with Mr. L.

  95. Re. coat colors and personalities:

    We’ve two cats, a creamsicle shorthair (Tiger) and a black longhair (Bear). They are littermates, adopted from a rescue shelter.

    Tiger is the pouncer. He’s constantly pouncing on Bear, and wrestling, whether Bear’s in the mood or not. He’s very affectionate (on his own terms), and he’ll follow us around the house to roost wherever we sit for a while (bedroom, office, etc). He’ll also amuse himself for hours with a toy mouse or a bit of crumpled paper.

    Bear, on the other hand, is almost painfully shy, but will erupt in earth-shattering purrs when he’s feeling comfortable (and you’re tickling his belleh). He’s remarkably clever, though, and was the one to figure out how to open cabinets and drawers to see what’s inside.

    We came home one evening to find the TV on. We never leave it on when we leave the house, so we walked into the living room to find Bear stretched out on the sofa, one paw on the remote control, watching the Food Network. All he needed was a box of bonbons.

  96. LurkerT, more so than the tuxes? 😉

  97. BTW, why is it taking so long for posts to load? Anyone else having that happen?

  98. Okay, last post then must only do work (until I can’t stand to be away from kittehs).

    I would think it hard to generalize cat personalities by colors (still vote for tuxes!), however it does seem like neutered male cats are much more affectionate than the females. Discuss…

    Also, our most beautiful barn cats were deathly afraid of people and would scatter at the sight of anyone. The mangey, unattractive ones were the friendliest and would lay about the back porch to greet visitors. “Scruffy” was the sweetest of the bunch. When the vet was checking the cows, we would have him give Scruffy wormer or anything else he thought she needed. (Kitty meds, not cow meds.)

    Not sure if that counts for anything like “pretty cats are snobby, ugly cats desperate for love”, but typing my story helped me kill some more time…

  99. lurkertype says:

    I can’t go hide from Mr. L under a piece of plywood, so I guess not.

    We (extended we) have found, in checking amongst ourselves and consulting with Scott Adams of “Dilbert” fame, that tuxes do not follow the bell curve. They’re inverse — many of them are dumber than a box of rocks, while some are fiendishly smart. Although in the comic “Catbert” is orange, SA told us that it’s based on his evil genius tuxedo cat.

    I maintain that if you get an orange and white boy, then get him fixed, you likely will not find a better fuzzy friend. Senor Lickersons here will grow up to be a fabulous cat.

  100. hrh.squeak says:

    Hmmm. I never thought about it. Anyone for longhaired grey kittehs, as in the “Nyerhe” example (see CO Glossary)? My dear Boober looks just like Mr. Nyerhe, and is sweeter than sugar and dumber than a box of cathair (no, take it, I’ve got plenty, really). My grey/brown AbyTabby, Max, is pretty smart and Mean as Hell, she beats up the third cat whenever she doesn’t get her own way. The third cat, Susie, is white with grey patches, and it’s hard to assess her personality because Max has Terrorized her. She purrs really loudly whenever she can relax enough to get near someone, but that’s not often. Poor Susie.

  101. HRH – Poor Susie! I was the third child and my older brothers did the same to me. I just had flashbacks of hiding in my room for most of my childhood. We must be soul sisters! Sending her compassion from afar…

  102. hrh.squeak says:

    AmyH – Thanks. She’s a lovely kitty really, so you must be soul sisters. Maybe I can figure out the darn digital and post a piccy or two?

  103. We have Basil, a Russian Blue Tabby mix, Minki, female tortie and Chloe, a creamsicle colored part Maine Coon. Basil is mellow, the king and barely tolerates his sisters. Minki hates everyone except for my daughter and tangles with Chloe all the time. Chloe is the beauty. She is a little bully, a great mouser but is litter-box impaired. Can’t cover the poop no matter what! Drives me crazy!!

  104. I *totally* agree about the generalization (not absolute) kitty personality/color and gender and neutered continuum, with an additional twist: in non-breed cats (the only kind I’ll ever own), long hair is a plus, personality-wise. When I went to Res-Q-Cats for a new baby I kind of confounded the lady who works there by requesting a longhaired, neutered male orange or grey or black cat. She asked me if I was trying to match my furniture, and had to sit back and think it over when I told her my theory of kitty temperaments… she thought I was nuts, but she gave me my Sattva anyway!

  105. mariser- I’m afraid I’ll have to enjoy the marmaliciousness vicariously on CO! That is why I love it so much! I have 2 kittehs, a male tuxedo (Oreo) who is 14 and what appears to be a b/w “wegie” (Norwegian Forest Cat) Pooky, also a boy, who is almost 5. I also have a new husband who is allergic, and these will be the last cats for me:-( I’ve had an all-black girl, and a white/calico girl, who have gone on to the big litter box in the sky, and now I am the only girl left. Even our cockapoo, Chewy, is a boy! And my husband has 3 boys! What’s a princess to do? So I peek in on CO to electronically snorgle all the cute kitties. And I do love the bunnies too! Very cute-a-licious! It keeps me going.

  106. Brak_Silverbone says:

    Sweet li’l pink nose and tongue! Fluffy paws! Blissfully closed eyes! *happy sigh*

  107. HRH – You made me smile! If I could ONLY be as lovely as your Susie, my furry soul sis. All warm and fuzzy now, thanks. Can’t wait to see pics!

  108. Netherland Dwarf rabbit, owner!!♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ says:

    Sweet lil one!

  109. lurkertype says:

    We had a creamsicle Coon who didn’t cover the poop in the sandbox either! How funny, Merri!

    The Tux Horde seems to have alllllllmost forgotten yesterday’s abortive snorgle. I think tomorrow may be safe to try again. As long as Mom isn’t around — SHE remembers.

  110. Lurker, you must perservere. Good lux, I mean luck, with that.

    Meg seems to think that this kit’s origins might be south of the border. Studying its behavior, I’m thinking Eastern European – Lick-tenstein, I think.

  111. That is da baaaaabyyyy! AHHHHHH!

  112. Sometimes Meg just outdoes herself. This is just beyond cute.

  113. This is such a cute kitten!!!! I WANT ONE!!! (okay, or maybe a dozen!!!!)I love cats. I have several grown cats, but no babies, even though the grown ones are my babies, really….

  114. Marmie Poofs = lurrrrve. [happy sigh]

    Lemur — We’re fostering through MVHS, on Highway 13. (from funky Chi-town hotel room)

  115. Aw thanks for the well-wishes, y’all! I think we may just have found a place, but we’re working out the small details now. It’ll be a big change–a different town, about 30 miles north of my current digs and completely unfamiliar territory–but we’re pretty optimistic about it.

    Mariser–Same state, different town. Our current town is at the pinch-point between two major, growing cities. It’s exploding and the property is at a premium, you couldn’t buy a rundown shack for less than 80 to 100 grand. There’s a town a little ways North that isn’t suffering from such a rapid, uncontrolled boom and the prices are a bit more reasonable, so we’re looking for homes there.

    Oh, BTW–what about pure, solid white cats? What kind of attitude do they have? ‘Cause my two snow-colored hooligans could power a small city with the energy of their play, BUT they’re always willing to loll on your lap if you offer it, too!

    Betty–oh man, I don’t know how ya can do it! Our realtor is the kind of salesman who could convince lions to go vegan. Do y’all go to some sort of school to get that skill or something?! 😉

    All I gotta say is, I’m SO glad my husband was there to keep the stars out of my eyes. As it was we were torn in twenty directions. It came down to two houses, and then it was a matter of weighing all the tiny little aspects. I learned more about real estate in 48 hours than I’d every dreamed of.


    I’m so glad I have some CO goodness to power down to, ’cause I’m exhausted and totally worn out from standing in the hot sun all day, staring at houses. I’m’a go power-wash all the dried sweat off my sorry carcass and haul it to bed. ‘night, ‘yall! And once again, thanks for the sweetness!


  116. D2D,

    sounds like you’ve worked yourself out. with good results, it seems. if you make an offer, I hope it gets accepted quickly.

  117. D2D, I hope it’s working out!

    This kit is still abomidobly anerable.

    We have had three marmalades….all very very loving….only one really “smart”.

    One extremely smart gray tabby…probably the smartest of the bunch.

    One very smart gunmetal gray.

    Three totally lovable, but brainless white with tabby patches goofballs.

    And one longhair gray lovable girl…hmmm….moderately smart.

    And one genius black and white small emperor named Pinto.

    ??? Colors and brains….no
    really obvious pattern yet..but will keep trying!

  118. graycie alaina jarboe7 same graycie from other post says:

    hmmmmmmmm iam done with my paws i thick i’ll go to the but now

  119. graycie alaina jarboe says:

    i relly think his name shold be stripes

  120. Ok Lauri – I’m counting to 10? Thought I held the title… :o)

  121. Cats look better flat says:

    Not cute.