Damn laminate

Ya had to go and install that damn Cherry Laminate from Home Depot, didn’t cha? I know you can Do-it-yourself and it looks nice and all that, but did you ever once consult me about it? I wouldna told you to get the one with RabbitGrip™.


Ooooof, Jennifer A.!



  1. Splayed legs… Wheeeee!!!!

  2. Bunneh flop!

  3. heh. I didn’t know bunnehs could do a full split.
    I love his coloring, “gray heather”

  4. Fuzzy wuzzy little guy- I want to peeeeeeeeeeeet him!!

  5. Dang, almost first…

    Poor bun bun. I just want to go and help him…

  6. ActionAttackGoose says:

    If it was a snowshoe hare, that bun wouldn’t have any troubles.

  7. hee. rabbits on slippery flooring are the silliest and saddest things ever. my poor bun-bun was totally confoozled when placed on bathroom linoleum–“Uh, what the–?”

  8. lurkertype says:

    Bunnies on laminate are even funnier than kitties on hardwood. Do the buns have to be rescued and airlifted to a carpeted zone?

  9. justlurking.. says:

    aw. looks like he’s just so worn out from running around on that slick floor. poor thing.

  10. He reminds me of my rabbit who died of congenital splayed-leg defects/shiny floor disease from irrepsonsible meat-eating pet owners before I rescued him from being eaten by his mother.

    Just kidding. I figured I’d get all the junk out of the way with one post.

  11. Maybe… his junk is too hot… and the floor was cold… ?

    Don’t tell me I’m the only one who thought about the possibility.

  12. Kris, in New England says:

    Pet feet, people, pet feet. HUGE snowshoe feet. And the dear Bun is all squishy looking.

    Though…his nose is so close to whatever that is on the floor, I wouldn’t be surprised if the bun’s intense curiosity and need to know everything lead to his current state of affairs.

    So…All Bunny Friday?! Puhllllleeeaaaase Meg?

  13. Where’s the other one? Where’s the pair of fuzzy slippers?

  14. My lop was laying like that this morning. I think she was trying to air her little bun bum out. Her feet are ginormous (more so than the other bun), so it looked so so so cute.

    Alas, she moved before I could get a photo.

  15. Definitalely one for te cute or sad category.

  16. he looks all soft and squishy!

  17. he looks all soft and squishy!

  18. Brak_Silverbone says:

    Notice we can’t see the bun’s left forepaw. I strongly suspect he’s pushing a Hot Wheels around on the floor with that paw and making “brrrrrm” sounds.

  19. Greenighs – You did beat me to it … to posting something along the same lines. (Chuckling at smartassiness, hoping bunny is indeed a happy bunny).

  20. I didn’t know rabbits came in Sport Grey 🙂

  21. That looks more like oak laminate to me (different grain patterns), but the bunny would look equally cute on cherry. Sorry to go all woodworker-geeky on you…

  22. Wow, perfect form there. Legs straight out to the side – I give him a ’10’. I just want to scratch his soft fuzzy head! 🙂

  23. What a lovely silver bunny. Belly floppage! S/he looks sooooo soft, from whiskery nose to teeny tiny black tail-pouf. Irresistible.

  24. He needs wittle sox wiff wubber gwippy bits on da bottom!!!!!

  25. In an ideal world there would be Bunny Baseball. And this is what it’d look like if a bun tried to steal a base.

  26. He looks yummy! Let’s eat him!

  27. A thinker, too funny – my bun has been “confuzled” by modern linoleum, too, but she’s also figured out a “slide” technique that wouldn’t be amiss in Aubrey’s bunny baseball game… Still and all, I’ve never seen her with her hind feet outsideways. OTOH, her feet are teeny in cmparison to most lops, so I guess it evens out somehow or other… (??? am I making sense to anyone here?!)

    ( )
    ” “

  28. Sense in abunnydance, EC.

  29. Yes, sense, E.C.

  30. If I’ve said it once, now I’ve said it twice – I never thought about having a bunny until CO. Growing up, I wasn’t allowed to have anything smaller than sheep (but still not in the house). Someday, you bun lovers will have me converted.

    BTW – there’s a burger joint in Flagstaff, AZ called Bun Huggers. They don’t serve rabbit, but it still came to mind all of a sudden.

  31. Ohhhhh, Aubrey…. [::moans and slides of couch::]

  32. Amy, I felt the same way until a bunny loving friend turned me on to CO. Then I read Watership Down (thans to CO). Now I’m trying to figure out how I could hide a bunny from my dogs who would joyously think I bestowed another squeeky toy on them for their shredding pleasure.

    I lurve this buns, and yes I had the thought that maybe he was coolin’ his junk.

  33. so soft!

  34. Hey, isn’t that “Lapinate?” [snort! – hee hee]

  35. Brak_Silverbone:

    I def. agree with the Hot Wheels thought… he looks like a bun that would be totally into cars 😉

  36. I bought a cheap runner carpet from a catalog for my bunbun. I cut it up in the right size pieces and when she was out of her cage, I laid them out from area rug to area rug. At the end of binkie time, I just rolled them up and put them away!

  37. so Jaypo are you saying you never get to see your bunbun slide into first? how nice for him but horribly dull for you…

  38. so Jaypo are you saying you never get to see your bunbun slide into first? how nice for him but horribly dull for you…

  39. Flat Cross Bun! Flat Cross Bun!
    One a penny, two a penny,
    Flat Cross Bun!
    If you have no daughter,
    Give it to your son…
    One a penny, two a penny,
    Flat Cross Bun!

    (He does look kinda pissed off …)

  40. …*I* think he’s preparing to deploy the hoverpods & weapon nacelles.

  41. those slipperly floors…. I spend more and more of my time tripping on a splay-legged bunny in the kitchen…..

  42. Theo – Been watching too many evil rabbit movies have ya? 😉

  43. Norty – The solution is simple. Keep the bunnies OUT of your kitchen.

    Alternatively, it would be fun if *you* were splay-legged and have a bunny trip over you. 😉

  44. “so Jaypo are you saying you never get to see your bunbun slide into first? “

    After a few too many *bang* ups into tables and such she stopped venturing beyond carpeted flooring. So I made it easier for her! 🙂

  45. Looks like he slipped, made a guffaw and is now covering it up by pretending to be interested in the fabric in front of him. Cats use this method to avoid being laughed at too!

  46. Oh yeah, Subhangi! Flat Cross Bun is right ON!

  47. that is the cutest bunny! it is so fuzzy, and so flat!