Ruhmember Bunny Pantaloons? Here’s the cat version. I know, I know, it’s out of focus, but this cat is SO FANTASTIC he makes my head spin. He’s so just about to serve me a martini.


Dirty with an extra olive, Alvan Tan and Kit Ying S.




    that’s all I can say. I’ll return when I’m semi-coherent…

  2. omg, a Scottish Fold!


  3. Plety of belly to snorgle!

  4. juggle geese says:

    long enough for two cats

  5. I’m a sucker for brown eyes…

  6. aw. she’s so fuzzy I can’t even see her hands, er, front paws.

  7. lurkertype says:

    If it’s wrong to want to pet the cat-a-loons, I don’t wanna be right.

  8. Is this cat wearing jodhpurrs?

  9. Mr. Cataloons thinks he’s a penguin!

  10. It’s *almost* a “baroo?”

  11. Pussytoes says:

    Love how the front arms hang straight down! He looks like “Q” the cat from

  12. ShelleyTambo says:

    Gorgeous kitty–and a scrolldown. You’re thinking he’s white and then–bam!– tabby stripes!

  13. It’s a Cute Trifecta, people! Ear-to-Head Ratio, Paws Up, Inquisitive Look. And, not a rule of cuteness, but it should be…sweet tum-tum. I feel dizzy, gotta put my head down now.

  14. Mmmmm, a dirty martini – shaken not purred, if you please, kitty.

  15. I can *so * picture this cat in a tux and tails, waddling up to the table and being incredibly condescending about my choice of wine.

  16. I’m with thinker… OH MY GOODNESS. That is too hilarious and sweet and lurvable…

  17. “It’s a Cute Trifecta, people! Ear-to-Head Ratio, Paws Up, Inquisitive Look.”

    I think it’s more Floppy Limbs than Paws Up, but it could go either way. Still, Trifection, any way you look at it.

  18. Tony James says:

    ref. earlier post about the doors open/no-one’s home attributes of orange-splotchies: she knows that she’s sitting up on her hind legs looking cute, but she just can’t remember *why* 🙂

  19. ShelleyTambo says:

    Sarcasta–Ha! What an image. “’73 Chateauneuf du Pape? Hissssssss!!!!!”

  20. Oh my gosh! What an anerable kitteh!!!!

    He’s got the perfect nose to the ^ of his cute little mouf. So smoooochable!!

  21. Please, no, por favor, por favor, please no, I implore you. I was doing it for my family! My mother she’s sick and my father he lives off the garbage. The king offered me much money and I have a little brother…

  22. WHY?????
    Why must this cat be SO DEAR?????????
    (does a headstand)

  23. DISH is DE most ASHTONISHINGK kitty EVER. I would like to *tickle* its tummy until it fell back onto all four paws.

    I’m in love.

  24. hrh.squeak says:

    Shannon – YAY!!!

  25. It also appears to be saying,

    “Yes? You called, madam? What can I do for you?”

  26. Shannon- hee hee! (Nice name, by the way.)

  27. you rang, madam?

  28. “Ah, welcome Madame Aubrey and may I welcome you to our Fur Cellars – have you been in the Napa Cattery before? First time visit? Let me then introduce you to our vintages – we have a wide range of reds; from our line of Fur-lots to our ‘Red King’, haha, the ‘Chateau la Fur’…may I pour you a glass? Excuse me? Yes we all saw Shannon’s little trickery – we all had quite a laugh…”

  29. Shannon: Oh. My. Gawd.

  30. he says, “you want a piece of this mxxxxxfxxxxxr?”
    i see a defiance, while you all seem to see servitude. I know that kitty is going to slap someone soon.

  31. I can’t decide if he’s a sommelier or a butler…

  32. we didn’t see servitude…gracious hospitality, perhaps?

  33. The day cats learn to walk on their hind legs will herald the end of mankind, because we will all splode from cute.

  34. I think he is saying, “Please sir, can I have some more?”. All he needs is a little bowl in his paws. Too cute!!!

  35. AAAAGH! The cuteness is too much for me!!!! I LURVE this guy!!!

  36. Aaaahh!! The cute, its almost too much!! (If such a thing is possible).

    Though he seems to be saying: You shall not pass!

  37. AUBREY!!!!!! THAT’S SO GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!! This was already great, but now it’s FREAKISHLY AWESOME thanks to funny comments.

  38. LOVE the expression on the kitty’s face!

  39. I have been laughing for 5 minutes. What a perfect end to a less than perfect day. 🙂

  40. Brak_Silverbone says:

    He looks kind of surprised, like he’s saying, “… Oh… I’m vertical… How’d that happen?”

  41. This is one of the greatest photos I’ve seen yet. What a wonderful li’l cat.

  42. heather s. says:

    I have to say, this is the single greatest cat ever. Look at that face. And some how his ears seem rather small in comparison to his head!

  43. Big Foot Cat

  44. Two Sheds Jackson says:

    Now I can go to bed contented as well as tie-tie… thanks Meg you’ve replaced warm milky drink with wonderous cute. Night night.(Human sized honk shus.)

  45. The cuteness is almost too much! How adorable!!

  46. Vodka martini with a sprig of catmint, please.

  47. That is kitty perfection…. I must figure out how to train my cat to do this…. OMG!!!! I still have bunnyloons in my head, I barely recoved form that and now THIS!!! damn it… I can’t forgive you for it CO… I just can’t oh and Shannon… you are just evil I tell you…. 🙂

  48. OMFG! The gorgeous round eysies! The cute little earsies! CUDDLES!

  49. AuntieMame says:

    Shannon, your picture is just too…too! Heh!

    And the kitty looks like he’s trying out to be one of the waiters in Mary Poppins. All he needs is a bow tie and a straw hat!

  50. Laura,
    I’d rather have my Stoli martini without any sprigs, but if you insist, I guess olive.

  51. catshavestaff says:

    Beeyootiful! And such a snorgly belly, it makes me want to poke my nose in and breathe!

  52. What a gentle giant kitty! Like he’s saying “You *said* you would snorgle my tum. You promised…”

  53. All he needs is a teeny pair of boots and that swashbucklin’ hat, and he would look like Puss ‘N Boots from Shrek 2, giving that wide-eyed pitiful look I absolutely can’t resist!

  54. Lol, Shannon….great addition to an already purrfect picture!

    I can see him make a sharp left and shuffle off the picture still on his hind legs.

    Yay for CO and more posts! Happy Up, little Ferret dude!

  55. Wow, he looks big but it could be the angle of the camera. Cute!

  56. misscrisp says:

    I think this cat is saying “Can I have a hug now?” I’m sure I can hear it…. right……this moment…. (smooshes against screen)
    thanks again CO.

  57. Maitre d’, perhaps, or sommelier.

    Incredible pic!

  58. I’m picturing a western movie… Who will pull the gun from the fur first?

  59. i second what mariser said! a scottish fold, to boot! ADORABLE!

  60. Hey you! Feed ME!!! Or I will kill you with my cute pantaloons!

  61. ooo! squee! loves me some scottish fold. my cat wears pantaloons, too!!

  62. I think that should be titled “Cats in Pants.” Every time I look at this picture I hear the announcer from ‘Pigs in Space’ (from the Muppet Show, please say there is someone else out there who remembers the Muppet Show) saying “next time on Cats….In…..Paaaaaaaaants.” Maybe its just me.

  63. Obvy, his evil world domination plan to hypnotize you all into submission without you even knowing it is working…

    Just. Look. Away.

  64. No, PuppyMomma, now that you said that, it will be me, too. Thanks. Thanks a lot. 🙂

    (Caaatss innnn paaants!! HAHAHAH!)

  65. Two Sheds Jackson says:

    PuppyMomma – I made the serious mistake of obtaining some old muppets episodes recently. I couldn’t stop – I kept saying oh I’ll just watch one more – I lost an entire afternoon and most of an evening until my stomach demanded food. Muppets = addictive – I need a support group!

  66. The Honourable Gladys Anstruther says:

    Luncheon is served Modom, in the Audobon dinning room.
    Thank you Benson.
    With the current foiled terrorist attacks aint itgood to have some cute!

  67. chunkstyle says:

    Muppets, oh yes indeed, I just bought the 1st season on DVD. Oh man, I forgot how corny I am. I loooove the “Caaaaaaaats–innnnnnn-Paaaaaaaants” idea Puppymomma. Great image.

  68. OMG — where’s Hashi!??? It’s the *REAL* Big Cat Pants!

  69. “No, I am NOT hiding the catnip in my pant-a-loon folds…”

  70. I used to have a Scottish fold. Make those eyes blue and the markings silver, and you’d have exactly my cat. He’d get up on his hind legs so we could rub foreheads. Alas, old age got him; the only thing wrong with pets is that they don’t live long enough.

  71. G-Lo – Tewtally!

    He’s like: “Okay, I’m standing on my hind legs. NOW what?”

    Oh, and news from the home front: the cat in my parents house had a brand-new litter of kitties!!! (10 days old …)


  72. Subhangi, will you get to snorgle them? Or do they live too far away?

  73. subh,

    congrats on the kitteh additions to the family! when do we see pictures? (including dancing ones).

  74. Gotta love the Muppet Show! Entertaining on SO many levels!

    -I’m just a Miss Piggy looking for my Kermit. 🙂

    Oh the look on Mr. Loons! “How may I be of assistance, Siiirrrrr?” Hee!

  75. Me, also a big Muppet show fan. Fave eps: Robin Hood, and Harry Belafonte guesting.

  76. Laurie – Unfortunately, the kittens are too far away (about 1830 kms – how much is that in miles?) … 😦

    Mariser – you’ll just HAVE to wait till I go home, which is hopefully in November but if it doesnt work out… [shrugs helplessly]

    However, you *CAN* see the dancing pics sooner, though they’ll be a bit blurred (I move too fast.) 😉

  77. subh,

    is about 1120 miles. a bit too long to walk, I’m afraid.
    if you don’t mind my asking, are you away in school?

    /I’m not a stalker
    //I swear
    ///scout’s honor
    ////yay! for the kittehs!

  78. I love how everyone here lives far and wide and still likes to be together.

  79. Mariser, Mariser – Easy, I believe you. Yes, I’m in college. GAHH.

    Was a junior girl scout too. The only thing I remember from those years is learning how to whistle. 😉

    BTW, does anyone know who sings this songs “Have you seen the piggies?” Just heard it and was ROFLMAO.

  80. OH,OH,OH!!!!! It’s a living Kitty Cucumber!!! (Does anyone remember Kitty Cucumber???)Sooooooo Cute!
    I love the pics that get posted on C.O.!!! Don’t you? They really brighten my day.

  81. Kitty Cucumber!! I forgot all about her!

  82. heh! I just googled kitty cucumber. Yet another cultural icon I missed somehow…

  83. Subhangi – Do you mean the Beatles song?

  84. Subhangi – Do you mean the Beatles song?

  85. Subhangi – Do you mean the Beatles song?

  86. Ooops – sorry! Having trouble with my posting!

  87. Subhangi – Do you mean the Beatles song?

  88. Muppets! Everyone sing along: “Mun-nuh mun-nuh (dee dee dee deedle)!”

  89. G-Lo:

    Beatles Song?!

    Beatles Song?!

    Are you telling me the Mop-Tops actually sang something like *THAT*?!

  90. valeriejeans says:

    he looks like he might walk like this all the time when the humans aren’t home.

  91. ceejoe sez,
    “Yet another cultural icon I missed somehow…”

    you are not the only one. no siree bob.
    and I usually take pride in my extensive and useless knowledge of popular culture and icons.

    is not fair: how can I remember the Hello Kitty stuff I bought 25 years ago and cannot remember a darn thing of Organic Chemistry, where I used up blood, sweat and tears for a year?

    [mumbles] it’s not fair. not fair I tell you…takes my stapler…my desk…

  92. G-Lo:

    Beatles Song?!

    Beatles Song?!

    Are you telling me the Mop-Tops actually sang something like *THAT*?!

  93. lol, mariser. I still feel really gypped in not having known who Bob Ross was all my life…

  94. Mariser:

    You have company. [sulks]

  95. Ooops. Sorry about the double post. [wonders how that happened….]

  96. cee,

    but ain’t you happy you know him know? you can now look for him in your local PBS station and let him soothe your frayed nerves…


    don’t worry. it happens to all of us. and as a long-time Beatles fan (began in my mother’s womb; she has great taste), I cannot remember any line in ther songs about “Have you seen the piggies?”
    a quick google search came up with nothing. my google-fu is weak today…

  97. ther=their


  98. damn, we need Theo for the google-fu!

  99. Little Piggies, from the White Album, I believe.

  100. is she talking to me?? ha.ha.ha.

  101. Sorry, that was supposed to be a link, but I guess you can cut & paste it. Still don’t always know what I’m doing here!

  102. …..but I know my Beatles!


  103. g-lo,

    m’lady, a tip of the hat to you [bows deeply]. you are indeed a Beatles connoisseur.

    /I still can’t believe The Beatles had a song about pigs
    //walrus? yes
    ///octopus? yes
    ////but piggies? who’d have thunk it?

  104. And don’t forget blackbirds and (Rocky) racoons!

    (Accepts hat tip, shyly.)

  105. those I knew. but forgot to list.
    [another hat tip]
    accept it proudly!

  106. It looks like I missed out on the Kitty Cucumber thing, also. After a little googling and seeing what that was all about, I can’t say I’m sorry she passed me by.

    I do remember some obscure anime-ish cartoons I was obsessed with – Star Blazers and G-Force: Battle of the Planets. Those rocked! (I still can call up the Star Blazers theme song from the recesses of my mind. Yikes!)

  107. I still have my Kitty Cucumber doll and Christmas decorations! I miss her!

  108. musicchick2 says:

    LOL Shannon! Love the tux and martini!! I need to learn Photoshop!

  109. Astro Boy. Kimba The White Lion.

    That’s all.

  110. hrh.squeak says:

    Aubrey – YAY!!!!!!!! Kimba the White Lion!! I used to watch that All The Time when I was a kid, and whenever I mention it, everyone looks at me like “huh?”, but it used to be on just after Astro Boy (cool) and Speed Racer (lame), and everyone knows *them*. Huh. Still can’t hardly watch the first episode (I Found It On VHS!!) without puddling up.

  111. ginettissima says:

    Un-freakin-believable. What’s the kitty doing standing up on his pantalooned haunches like that?!??!

  112. ginettissima says:

    Un-freakin-believable. What’s the kitty doing standing up on his pantalooned haunches like that anyway?!??!

  113. She’s like “U can’t touch this” doo doo de dum… de dum… dee dum…

  114. …and the rest can go and play!

    (I also got a good chuckle from Shannon’s ‘shop. Nice.)

  115. OMG. I CAN’T believe the Beatles would sing a piggy song.

    (They sang ‘Rocky Raccoon’ too?!)

    Aubrey – YAY for Kimba! I saw it too, when I was round 9-10. Don’t remember all of it, tho …

  116. Darling kitty

  117. Is puddling up anything close to pudding up?

    I remember Speed Racer, but not Kimba…..howd I miss it?

  118. hey….htat is the cutest kittie ever

  119. My roommate in college had a kitten she named Kimba, after that cartoon. I had never heard of it, of course. Living in a time warp… no Bob Ross, no cucumber kitty, no Kimba…

  120. Brak_Silverbone says:

    LoriH, I’ve been an anime fan since 1981, and STAR BLAZERS was my gateway drug. “We’re off to outer space… we’re leaving Mother Earth…”

    Okay, shutting up now.

  121. Brak_Silverbone says:

    AMY h. AMY h, not LORI h.

    I are old and senile. *sob*


  122. ScorpioSpirit says:

    We’ve had loads of animal disapproval, but now…

    Dismay is the new disapproval!!

  123. Looks kinda like a prairie dog when it stands like that ^_^