Leeeeeeeeeeeet’s check in on Baruchito.com. For those of you just joining us, Baruchito first captured our hearts paw-feeding himself corn kernals in his fluffy lounge. Ever since, we’ve followed his family via the Baruchito.com site.

Here is Baru’s wife ‘Flan’ snaking some tasty morsels.


Bravo, Javi! 😉



  1. herpantsness says:


  2. javi is the man. he’s like the spanish-japanese version of meg.

    his hammies arent bad either.

  3. Brak_Silverbone says:

    Teensy hammie tail!! Hope those snacks are hamsterlicious.

  4. jenna-chan says:


    supercute in japanese!

  5. All I can do is giggle.

  6. Tocks! Tocks!

  7. Hey, is the comment counter not working for anyone else?

  8. Meggie, that’s *Nana* not Flan. She’s recovering from surgery and Javi posted this to show how well she’s recovering.

  9. Tocks in a box!

  10. Scroll down to “The Big Green Box” on

    She’s a very lucky girl to have Javi for her papa.

  11. CeeJoe — I show (0) comments under all posts. Definitely not true when I click to them, though.

  12. I’m seeing 0 posts on the main page just for today–the bunny and Nana.

  13. Theo, you totally took my comment, you scoundrel! *ROFLMAO*

    Even the color of that silly fuzzy gluteus is Seussian. Hee!


  14. Damn, Cracker Jack prizes have gotten a lot better since I was a kid!

  15. Even the box is cute! Let’s just give that teeny tail a tug, shall we? I want to see the cheekpuffage from the stuffing that’s undoubtedly going on.

  16. *gently pets teenytiny tailbud with tip of finger*

  17. Piggalette says:

    Hammie bum! Totally prosh.

  18. LOL!
    “Scoundrel? *Scoundrel*? I like the sound of that.”

  19. That quote and the first Indiana Jones movie was what made me decide I was in lurve with Harrison Ford. ;o)

  20. juggle geese says:

    acutally its Nana and not Flan. And just as terribly cute from behind as from the front.

  21. Check out the hammie faces on the box!!

  22. i miss Baru. RIP little guy!

  23. Jackie from Michigan says:

    “Maye if I dig a little deeper, I can find the secret decoder ring!”

    That site always cracks me up, and you got to admit, the graphics on the box are as cute as Nana’s tush!

  24. lauowolf says:

    Correction, Jackie: NOTHING is as cute as this tush.

  25. It’s the REAL Ham Burglar!

  26. chunkstyle says:


  27. Laurie C says:

    I never thought, till I saw Javi’s site, that I would ever care about a few little hamsters on the other side of the world. And yet I cried when Baru and Flan died. Javi does magic with those blog entries.

  28. i saw that picture ages ago! cute! look at his tails just sticking out with his bum

  29. herpantsness you took the words right out of my typing fingers.

    “HAMSTER BUTT!” Indeedy!

  30. we could only ever *wish* our tushies could be so cute

  31. Jeez, help yourself! I wonder if she’ll even be able to back out of the box, considering the size of her stuffed cheeks by now…. If not, she’ll get her butt out and start flailing around to knock the box off her head….

  32. Someone rush that hammie to food box detox, STAT!

  33. Hamtocks!!! Hamtocks!!!

  34. That’s not Flan. That’s Nana. I think Nana is Baru’s daughter.

  35. The comment counter isn’t working for me either.

  36. Lol! Aubrey! THE Ham Burglar!

  37. that dosent look like a tail.

  38. I love Nana. I love all of Javi’s menagerie.
    I consider them my Virtual Reality Hammies (VRHs).
    actually, Nana is remarkably strong. on this picture she is about two weeks out of abdominal surgery (which has a very low survival rate), and seems to be as lively as ever.

    carry on girl!

  39. my god, even the box is cute!

  40. I just went back to the post linked in the preamble to this post (to see the corn picture of Baru) and wow. It only goes back to December 05, and there are hardly any comments (none literary, no punnage, or poetry, or jazz-like riffing off each other’s lines), and the only regular commenter from these days who appeared then is (you guessed it) Theo. How things have evolved.

  41. Laurie C — you got me curious, so I did a little vanity surfing. That was *almost* the first CO post I commented on. I think I’ve found my first appearance, and it was under Desdemona the Cookie-Stealing Turtleneck Rabbit:

    (because it’s IMPORTANT.)

  42. Laurie C says:

    And what have you done with all those other people? Hmmm?

  43. [wipes mouth]
    [brushes crumbs off orange shirt]

    …wuff oo shay?

  44. Laurie C says:

    Thought so.

  45. Actually… Laurie C, I think you *did* find my first comment. That one’s dated Feb 10, and the one I found (though listed under an earlier post) is dated Feb 14.

    And, wouldn’t you know it, I was ripping some viral marketer a new ‘tock well.

  46. Söt likes those snacks! Last time he got stuck in a box eating snacks, it took Marmite 2 hours and alot of coaxing to pull him out!

  47. Oh my – I thought I was the only person that knew the word “tailage” – I use it to describe my cats all the time

  48. Two Sheds Jackson says:

    Deb did you say Crackerjack? — CRACKERJACK
    Sorry – you have no idea what I’m talking about but it’s impossible to resist.

  49. Two Sheds Jackson says:

    Sorry I don’t think that link worked – try again Jackson— http://www.whirligig-tv.co.uk/tv/children/crackerjack/crackerjack.htm

  50. awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. Its an insy weensy hammy tail

  51. T from Fin says:

    One day these hamster tails will take my life.

  52. Those are some cute ham-tocks!

  53. Villeline says:


  54. I’ve never seen such a cute hammie tail like that
    <3 awwww

  55. I’ve never seen such a cute hammie tail like that
    <3 awwww

  56. You can’t help to the smile on your face after going through Cute Over Load. Thanks for uplift I sure needed it. 🙂

  57. graycie alaina jarboe says:

    dint he die?

  58. graycie alaina jarboe says:

    dind he die?

  59. graycie alaina jarboe says:

    yup he did

  60. Is that hamster eating Hamtaro treats???

    badda badda hamm hamm