Things are getting really out of hand

[Dog voiceover] "It all, uh, started innocently enough. There I was, on a typical, hot, summer day, when I came upon a large bowl of water…"


"I slurped that there water. Oh, it quenched my dry froat!"


"When suddenly, I saw something in MY BOWL! I had to make sure my water was MINE ALL MINE! I considered an attack."


"Alas, it was nothing—but to make sure, I sat in the bowl to check ALL POSSIBILITIES."


"Indeed, all was safe, and I could safely slurp—it was—a relief."

Right, Shannon C.?



  1. Soo cute! My dog used to do that…

  2. That doggeh has the right strategy…

  3. Wow that is so cute when it’s someone elses dog doing it! (/looks at her 90 pound ‘puppy’ and frowns)

  4. How can you not love the last pic? Tilted head and those big brown eyes! The kind of face that a real trouble maker would have. All innocent…what? what?

  5. Oh what a CUTIE!!!!!

  6. Parox-Amore says:


  7. Folded Bun Fashion
    Spreads to the canine world
    What next? Folded moose?

  8. “I’m sitting in a bowl
    That the rain got in
    To stop my feet from wandering
    But where I don’t know…”

  9. Coming soon, from master of suspense M. Night Shyamalan: “Lady and the Tramp in the Water.”

  10. Pup soup!

  11. awwww, look at that face! Yep, want me some puppehs now…

  12. Laurie C says:

    Killer head tilt. It’s like, “What? It’s been *so* hot!”

  13. I’ve wanted to do that several times recently. Sadly, I don’t think I could make it look nearly as cute.

  14. And THAT is why I want a dog.

  15. And the ear floppage…

  16. That last pic is the most perfect thing I’ve ever experienced on this planet. How was that head tilt accomplished without the photographer melting?!

  17. NTMTOM, hee hee ha!

  18. Baroo? *splash splash*

  19. That is to cute for words!!! That could cheer up the grumpiest of old hermits!!! Have fun with your beautiful puppy and God Bless!!

  20. Oh my god. Dog me right now. Seriously, drive me to the humane society and take me to the puppy pens.

  21. ‘Baroo In A Bowl’. Is it possible?

  22. The innocent-looking head cock at the end is perfect.

  23. LOL! Almost cat-like, the way he just folds himself into a bowl shape. Ha!

  24. He was just hot! I want a bowl of water to crawl into…

    what kind of pup is he? And I want one too….

  25. The flying nun ears kill me.

  26. Sarcasta says:

    LOL @ “Dog me right now.”


  27. LOL that’s so cute!! I’m sure one of my dogs would do that too if she could fit heh. She looooovveess dipping her paws into the waterbowl for some reason and of course wants to jump on ya afterwards heh. We always know where to find her though… all we gotta do is follow the wet paw prints on the floor 🙂

  28. ahh i saw loads od gogs doing that, divind in to their OWN bowl of water cooling off for summer! that picture would of been perfect if the dog had some sunglasses and in the background therecould of been the beach!

  29. as I wise person one told me, “dogs are the ultimate hippies…if it feels good, do it man.”

    Loving the final baroo.

  30. Eeeeiiii! Ear flops! so cute.

  31. is that an absolutely gigantic dog tag?? or is this simply another excellent example of one of the Rules of Cuteness, where something small looks big next to said cute thing???

  32. Most excellent puppy! Wise in the ways of summer, sublimely disregarding water bowl etiquette in favor of comfort, inviting “awwwws” from onlookers. Yes, this is why we love dogs.

  33. That’s funny, my son looks the same exact way when I catch him horsing around in the bathtub and the floor is inch-deep with water…

    Well, minus the fur, of course…*grin*


  34. I’m thinking this little pup is a puggle. A co-worker got one on a whim and I have to say, as one who isn’t a dog fan, this breed has a hard time not being cute.

  35. This is almost — ALMOST — enough to turn me into a Dog Person.

  36. The fact that you said, “froat” made me weep with glee…

  37. Oh, loving the floppy ears! What a cutie!

  38. what kind of dog is this puppy?? we have one who looks exactly (and i mean exactly!!! down to the tail and coloring) the same, but we got him when he was one. and we’ve been trying to figure out what he is ever since!

  39. This cute lil’ fella looks like a muttski to me, with maybe a bit of Shepherd.

  40. Puppy eyes, tilted head, killer cute combo!

  41. GreenEyedHawk says:

    He looks like a German Shepherd cross to me; he looks like he still has alot of growing to do so I don’t think he’s a Puggle.

    I love that last pic…he’s all, “What?? Don’t tell me YOU never do this.”

  42. Fish Eye no Miko says:

    NTMTOM said: “Coming soon, from master of suspense M. Night Shyamalan: ‘Lady and the Tramp in the Water.'”


  43. Mmm, now my water tastes like ass! 😛

  44. Ohhh



    The Yoda ears! The black schnozzle! The baroo! The eyebrows!

    Want her! I can hardly stand it.

  45. Awwwwwwwww … sweet widdle doggeh!!!

  46. Mad_Mike says:

    The last pic is riotous! “Oh yeah? Like you wouldn’t do this if you got half a chance, huh?”

  47. Yep, this is why dogs rule and cats stink. 🙂 Well not really stink but are just not as much fun. 🙂

  48. That’s why I like cats. They don’t stink. Dogs are (in general) drooly,smelly creatures. ick!

  49. December says:

    Ahh!!!!! That dog is so SWEET lookin’!! *cries* These pictures remind me of my late puppy, Sam.

  50. Cats do occasionally stink. You may safely trust me on this.

  51. Some cat breath is definitely nuclear waste!!

  52. And hehehe NTMTOM!

  53. aaawwwww!!!soooooooo cute!!!i love the last picture.

  54. Teughcats says:

    Anyone who has ever cleaned out a litter box knows that cats can definitely stink! But if you tell your cat that he stinks and needs to clean his butt, he generally will listen. I don’t think a dog would get that.

  55. Pix #2 reminds me of the Bowl Cam from the Puppy Bowl. I can’t wait till next year – and the Kitten Half-Time extravaganza (though I think it was a little too gala for the kits)!

  56. absoultely adorable

    i love the pictures stories 🙂

  57. absolutely adorable

    i love the pictures stories 🙂

  58. brownamazon says:

    If you tell a cat he stinks and that he needs to clean his butt, he will usually peer at you disdainfully and say something about “yo’ mama”.

  59. That is SO AWESOME!

    I would so do that if I were a dog.

    Heck, I do it anyways.

  60. I’m doing it as I type.

  61. Did ya’ll catch the perfect tail curl over the back? Did ya’ll!?!

  62. Brak_Silverbone says:

    Here’s one pup who really knows how to beat the heat! Plus he’s adorable, too!

  63. He’s SO cute!

  64. Adorable. I love how the puddle of water around the bowl gets progressively bigger.

  65. OMYGOSH what a silly, cutie!

  66. chet's momma says:

    tee hee, he said “froat!” sooooooooooooooo kewt!

  67. Awwwwwwwwwwwwww.

    Tilted head…TILTED HEAD! major cute factor.


  68. What a cuttie!!!

    You guys might want to chech these stories out too!

    * How Could You?

    * Lynn Cuny’s Story

    * From Mother to Entrepreneur: How I Started “Bianca’s Place”


  69. Ooo, whattasweetie! The little folded-over ears just kill me. He looks like a little chow-chow, but it’s hard to tell without seeing his tongue. If the tongue’s black or purple, you’ve got chow blood.

  70. NTMTOM: : )

    Miss Idle: Me Too

    Last pic: Agree with earlier posts–the ultimate…baroo?…

  71. NTMTOM: : )

    Miss Idle: Me Too

    Last pic: Agree with earlier posts–the ultimate…baroo?…

  72. uh, sorry

  73. aww he looks so innocent! ^^

  74. Shannon C. says:

    Thank you for all your wonderful comments! We love our little girl to pieces! We adopted her about 3 weeks ago from the local SPCA .. she was rescued from Louisiana! And yes .. the head tilt melted me oh so much! LOL

  75. Shannon C. says:

    To Wade .. she is a lab/hound cross! 🙂

  76. Laurie C says:

    Louisiana? Like rescued from the Katrina flooding? You’d think she wouldn’t want to sit in water after that.

  77. Shannon C. says:

    You would think yes lol .. but she LOVES the water .. as you can tell! 😉 Her Mama and 9 sisters and brothers were all brought up here! And they have all been adopted! YAY!!

  78. Laurie C says:

    YAY! All the animal footage from Katrina just broke my heart.

  79. Shannon C. says:

    Ours too … and her face just melted us! What is not to love? I am normally a cat person but I fell right in love with her when I saw her pic on the website! Now she has 6 feline siblings, 3 male human siblings, and mama and daddy!! 🙂

  80. lurkertype says:

    That last one is the veritable definition of “Baroo?”

  81. Lab/hound cross… wow.
    That’ll be a Real Dog.

  82. Laurie C says:

    Classic doggage.

  83. That’s cute

  84. Someone should tell the Port-A-Snorg people about the Bowl of Baroo. It’s a good side project.

  85. Dogs are dumb.

  86. …and trolls are dumber.


  87. And cheesier.

  88. Sarcasta says:

    Sure, dogs can’t really pronounce words of the English [or other human language], however, they are definitely able to bark, baroo, and wuf. So no… they are not dumb.

    This is all assuming you are using “dumb” like we like to use “bitch” around here… in the proper manner.

    You female dog, you. =)

  89. good lord, my dog looks exactly like yours shannon c., right down to the ear floppage and curly fry tail. my pup is a rescue as well but from the boone area and we have always wondered what kind of mutt she is. an odd mix for sure but so smart, just like yours! what else are water bowls for other than laying in? honestly!

  90. My sister and bro-in-law have a hound/lab mix! Well, to be precise, his mama is a full-blooded bloodhound, and his dad is a lab mix. He’s so adorable, with his little wrinkles and rumples and big hound eyes!

  91. The doggie head tilt is their most powerful weapon against mankind! It renders all who see it incapacitated by the cuteness. Soon they will take over the world!

  92. Dogs do take over. Want to thank CO for all the happiness. Lost our schnauzer in January and just left husband in hospital with angio surgery. Thank you CO for giving me a smile!

  93. Shannon C. says:

    Awwwee cc.. so sorry to hear about your loss .. and I hope your hubby is doing well! I will pray for a guick and great recovery for him!

  94. Shannon C, you got yrselves a winner there and she’s a lucky little girl! I’m normally a cat person myself but the right kind o’dog turns me into mush. What a minute…*most* animals turn me into mush. Most of all cuties like yours!

  95. Full Ear Flop in Effect!

  96. “if you tell your cat that he stinks and needs to clean his butt, he generally will listen. I don’t think a dog would get that.”

    Actually, dogs are very enthusiastic butt-cleaners – they’ll try to clean yours too if you don’t watch out. It’s the rest of their bodies they’re happy to have covered with whatever filth they can find (or is that just mine?).

  97. I know this is off topic, but since there are no new posts yet today, has anyone seen today’s daily kitten ( yet? Four, count ’em, four sets of pink paw pads!

  98. abbynormal says:

    Hey, this pup looks just like my Leah! I adopted her from the humane society back in January. She does that cute head tilt and big eyes thingy. She is half shepherd and half healer. Very smart dog. I lurves her so much.

  99. our husky will try to jump in her water dish. we finally figured out why her bowl emptied so quickly. now she has her very own baby swim pool to cool off in!

  100. Sometimes I come to this page and I think, “It is so wrong how cute that hamster or puppy is.” This is one of those moments. How could he BE so cute!?!?! (wiping eyes in disbelief)

  101. AWWWWW!!!! i love the little doggies face in the last pic!

  102. Lezlee:

    I too witnessed the kit paw pads, all up in the air. I will not be able to work today.

  103. kittyluv says:

    lezlee, I just saw The Daily Kitten – OMG that white tummy! 4 wks old and livin’ on the street, thank goodness he got rescued!

  104. Aubrey: Yeah, if “snorgle” was party of the Daily Kitten lexicon, they would totally have used it today.

  105. manohman, talk about *pawsitude* that lolling little Oliver is too much! Pinky paw and that face!!


  106. hrh.squeak says:

    cc: Sending up a good thought for your husband to the Big Guy in the Sky.

  107. I really do believe in Cute Overload as a force for good and betterment.

    Best hopes to CC.

  108. hrh.squeak says:

    I was off looking for more snorgleage and behold! PupTocks! (Scroll down)

  109. Wow. I’m a cat girl (and catty, too), but I do love me my Corgi doggies.

    I was snorgled by a cat this morning! She waylaid me on the way to work, and took control of my feet – snuggling against them, rolling over on them – and even gave one of my ankles ‘teh owch’. Such an honor.

  110. Aub,

    that’ll teach you to go out without your snorgle-proof Doc Martens 😎

  111. cc,

    best wishes to you hub for a speedy recovery. ((((hugs))) to you.

  112. More examples of ‘teh owch’

    At first I thought things were getting…well, “really out of hand”, but take a look, won’t you?


    Hi, this is Theo; I’ll be hauling @$$ to Chicago with the fam’ for the rest of the week. If you need immediate smartalecky wit, talk to TJ or Other Mike; Aubrey’s in charge of puns; for ‘shopjobs, you might try sweet-talking Finn or one of those Michelles (make sure you pick the right one, though). Verse work will be up to Subhangi.

    See you peeps on MONDAY. Bazoom!

    (PS — The Dooneses already have a cat-sitter. Sorry to disappoint.)

  114. CC, please do continue with your CO therapy. It will provide strength and happiness for you and your husband.

  115. PPS — Puppy vs. Kitty vid is effing fantastic. Cheers!

  116. Two Sheds Jackson says:

    Aubrey – you just know in a few months that dog will be totally ruled by the cat. I love the way that the little kit launched itself at the puppy – teh owch indeed!

  117. T.,

    enjoy your trip. doing anything interesting in ol’ Chicago?

  118. Two Sheds Jackson says:

    So is Meg ok? Is it just a holiday or should we be sending out search parties?

  119. (2SJ – aw heck, just send out a PARTY!)

  120. Two Sheds Jackson says:

    T -How many balloons with that? Cake or jelly and ice cream?

  121. Missed CO all day; summer outing for all the staff in our office, but still got a furry feline fix. On the patio where we had lunch, there was a big (not fat, just BIG) white kitty all stretched out who was just loving the scritches from all and sundry.

    Theo – safe trip.

    Lurkertype – three for three on the tux kittens. Good on you and Mr. Lurker.

  122. No new posts today?! And Teho gone for the rest of the week??

    *blinks in disbelief*

  123. thinker, *AND* Russian spambots all over the site. Whatever shall we do?

  124. I do not know! I believe the world is coming to an end.

  125. /plucks a locust off her shoulder

  126. CC–keeping you and your family in my prayers, hon!

    What’s up with no posts? Count me in on that search party, folks!


  127. Everyone – I think we should just run amok, to get it out of our systems.

  128. Heck, let’s do what Teho suggested and just have a party, period. I’ll bring the animal-shaped balloons…no locusts, though.

  129. In honor of T., perhaps a pudding party. With a food fight to follow.

  130. yeahyeah!

  131. oooommph.
    [loading up der puddinkflinger]

  132. Hah, look here Fritzie, I’ve got some good old British Yorkshire Pudding here…you won’t know what hit you!

  133. Der puddinkflinger has not capacititzen fur such weight. Zu need ze medieval trebuchet. Much more stronger, jah!

  134. For anyone who’s been keeping track, little Nana (the hamster) of a few posts back got her stitches out. She’s all better!

  135. Well, it just takes honest English might to fling your way the classic combination of flour, eggs, milk and beef drippings!

    (standing in fish tank): “And did those feet in ancient times,
    Walk upon England’s mountains green?”

  136. And “Your mother was a hamstser and your father smelt of elderberries!”

    Which reminds me: Yay for Nana!

  137. Hey Aubrey, can you fling some of that high-carb yumminess my way? I just love Yorkshire Pudding!

    And if’n it’s a food fint yer hankerin’ fer, pardner, then y’all better watch yerselves, ’cause Ah’m th’ fastest draw East of the Pecos!

    *pulls out BBQ-sauce six-shooter squirt guns* Dance, pardners! *squirt! squirt!*


  138. fint?! WTF is that?! I meant FIGHT!

    It’s th’ smell of that Yankee food whut’s distractin’ me. Yeah, that’s it…*grin*


  139. brownamazon says:

    No blood for pudding, yo. Give peace a chance…

  140. D2D:

    I have the ramekins lined up – caloric goodness is headed your way…but in which direction should I be shootin’ the puddin’?

    And a shooter full of BBQ sauce sounds fun, but can you fill the other with dry rub?

  141. Glad to hear little Nana is doing well!

    If you’ve been pining for Meg to update Cute Overload, how about dropping $2 in the Tip Jar to tell her how much we’ve missed it? *

    They’re always on the left, but for easy access:

    via PayPal
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    via Amazon

    * This message not endorsed by, approved by or affiliated with Cute Overload. I’m just a fan.

  142. Two Sheds Jackson says:

    Wow – I went to bed and when I get up it turns out there was a pudding fight in my absence – sheesh – I miss all the good stuff!
    Beef dripping? So that’s why my yorkshire pud’s no good – I’ve not been using beef dripping – thanks Aubrey!

  143. Aubrey, I shall *eat* any Yorkshire puds you fling my way, I shall.

    So send ’em on over.

  144. Aub,

    you lost me at “…beef drippings”.
    yeeech. 😉

    to each her own. bread pudding, OTOH… New Orleans style, with bourbon both in the pudding and the sauce…[goes off daydreaming]

  145. Villeline says:

    What a darling! 😀

    Why, oh, why isn’t my dog like that! But, nooo, when he sees water in such amounts as in that bowl he turns INVISIBLE.

  146. Aubrey–what, my Texan drawl and choice of culinary weaponry didn’t give my position away…? 😉

    A dry-rub squirt gun…hmm, this calls for some serious engineering…*grin*


  147. you guys r silly says:

    I’m so sad that I missed a pudding fight…..
    mariser’s New Orleans style bread pudding sounds *WONDERFUL*!!! If the fight’s still ongoing, PLEASE feel free to *fling* some MY way!!!
    (goes off to cook up a batch of homemade chocolate pudding & let it cool for a couple of hours, and then peel the
    off the top and scarf THAT down …*yum*
    *FLING* the remaining choco pudding out onto the battlefield…)

  148. ygrs,

    open up…some Naw O’leans bread pudding coming your way!

    re: pudding SKIN[shudders]. I have read that pressing Saran Wrap directly on the entire pudding surface while still warm deters the formation of the dreaded skin. I cannot vouch personally for the info, but is always worth a try.

  149. That dog = one of the most awesome canines in the history of all living things.

  150. you guys r silly says:

    *gaping mouth*
    *wonderful New Orleans stuff splurpping into it*
    *halo of light encircling my being as it oozles into me*
    Yes — Saran Wrap on the top of the pudding while it’s cooling DOES keep it from forming a skin.
    The *pudding*skin* is the BEST PART of the homemade chocolate pudding!!!
    (Many a pudding skin war started at my childhood dinner table over possession of that stuff!!!)

  151. What a cutie!

  152. D2D:

    The hints were numerous, it was true, but what if the signals were mixed, and I by accident tossed a ramekin in the wrong direction? Yorkshire yumminess can’t be wasted!

    But now that I know…watch the skies!

  153. Also – I’ve never had bread pudding! So, since I live in an upstairs apartment, Mariser, if you can flex the wrist, and turn the elbow just so, possibly the pud can travel upstairs without coming to grief. And my mother LOVES bread pudding – if you can send another – this time twisting the arm the other way and flinging it a couple of blocks further – it would be MUCH appreciated.

    Wait – did anyone just hear a dog sitting down in a bowl?

  154. Aub,

    never had bread pudding? poor neglected child… I shall borrow the puddenflingerkatapulter to toss it that far. and…FLING! done. enjoy. hope you (and ygrs) have room for 5-6,000 spare calories 😉
    [turns puddenflingercatapulten just so] FLING! hope mum enjoys it.

  155. ygrs,

    I’m sorry, I misread your original pudding comment. I though you removed the skin to discard it…sowry. double sowry (i.e., ‘baroo’). hope it was extratriple good for you!

  156. you guys r silly says:

    5-6,000 spare calories, eh?
    WHY is the GOOD STUFF always so WRONG!!!
    Oh well…give that yummy pudding here…
    (no need to actually eat it, I’ll just spread it out evenly onto these 2 already “ample” thighs…)

  157. you guys r silly says:

    Thank God there are
    Teh Cuteness!!!!!!!

  158. Calories…BAH!!! They make me so tired! It’s lunchtime soon, and I’m going to sit in front of our office and wait for my pudding(s)!

    I’m waiting for caloric catapultation – forthwith!

  159. hrh.squeak says:


    “Damn the calories, man, just Keep Flinging!” (In stiff-upper-lip British Accent, black-and-white war-film effect)

    This comment sponsored by Port-A-Snorg, the budget was Enormous.

  160. “Damn The Calories – Full Fling Ahead”

    This sort of reminds me of Pearl Harbor, as performed by the Batley Townswomen’s Guild.

  161. Chicago’s one o’ them FANCY cities, turns out they got free wireless internet here. Whee!

    …and so many fine, tall, pudding-blocking BUILDINGS! (And “The Bean” is *reall* cool.)

    Looks like Meg’s back on the job tho. You kids have fun.

  162. Theo – we miss you! And you’re only about four hours from Lansing MI! Just a swing aroung bee-you-tee-full Lake MEEEEchigan!

  163. CeeJoe — My sister used to work in Lansing, and she & her hubbie are in Ann Arbor, AND they’ve got a *new* baby boy now (their first)… so Jaye & I will definitely be getting out there later this year.

  164. Cool! I have a *new* baby nephew in Kalamazoo that I’m going to see for the first time tomorrow! This brother has *five* – count ’em – *five* – kids now! Eek! A veritable horde!

  165. “No blood for pudding, yo. “

    BrownA has apparently never heard of that most dubious of drubs, *blood* pudding… tasted it once, never again.

  166. I. Love. This. Dog.

  167. hrh.squeak says:

    Eeeee, Jaypo, I tried it once, in Edinburgh. Yick.

    But I also tried haggis, with tatties and neeps, and *liked* it! Who knew? Our most treasured souvenir from that trip is a can of Vegetarian Haggis (no, Really).

  168. aaaaaiiiieee! I just looked up haggis. ewwww! How in heaven’s name can you *possibly* make that vegetarian!?!!?

  169. Vegetarian haggis??? That’s bogus haggis, no it’s Veggis! I tried haggis once at a Scottish festival and liked it well enough. But I read a recipe for it once and it said something about leaving the *larynx* hanging over the edge of the pot while you boiled the stomach. yech! A little too graphic for me…

  170. Rather than haggis, I would prefer a Scotch Egg:

  171. Scotch Eggs sound awesom-o, but I’d probably do something unspeakably wimpy like substitute veggie-soy sausage.

    Scots food has a bit of a reputation. as good Dr. Johnson said, “Oats: a food usually reserved for horses in England, that in Scotland supports the people.”

  172. Rich. Fatty. Tasty. Yummmers.

  173. hrh.squeak says:

    Had a Scotch Egg in Marin County, of all places. Suitably greasy, but a bit breadcrumby for me.

    Jaypo – dear sweet twinkly fairies on a figleaf, that is waaaay too graphic for me. Yick.

    We were in Great Britain around Burns Day (Feb 2nd as I recall, but not *why* it was Feb 2), and there were many many posters for Burns Night Dinners with “haggis, tatties, and neaps”. I knew haggis and tatties, but “neaps” nearly drove me mad till the nice owner of the Kings Head off Oxford Street served it to us and told us it’s turnips, preferably mashed. Those Scots, always comin’ up with the gourmet treats.

  174. This pup is so prosh, and so are the captions! She makes me want one of my own, too bad my apt doesn’t allow canines (and my kitters are a-scared of them anyway).

  175. Haggis = yum.

    Even though I am normally a vegetarian, I will make exceptions. Sometimes.

  176. zephyrboy64 says:

    I just LOVE the first caption, oh it quenched my dry froat!! tee hee!! and if you’ve ever been to Savannah in July you’ll be looking to quench your dry froat too! LOLOL

  177. Ceejoe! There is not much better than new neices and nephews! I have a 22 month neph and a 3 month neeth…lurve em so much….especially since my kids are late teens and 20s!

    I had blood sausage in Ireland … tasted like sausage, but after the initial first “brave” try…I probably won’t touch it again. Just too graphic! Haggis sounds very gross!

  178. Two Sheds Jackson says:

    Erm – yes ‘blood sausage’ sounds terrible – that’s probably why it’s called ‘black pudding’- we’re trying to disguise its ingredients. I’m embarrased to say I’ve never tried it – I will get around to it one day! My butcher tried to sell me a haggis recently but I chickened out of that too. I’ll be hiding in shame now!