If this Bun were to wear pants, they’d be teeny tiny pants

And they might have a couple of blue buttons on them. And they’d be made of flexible material so that he could still curl into a ball. Carry on!


Oh Joy! Does it once again with her non-pants-wearing Buns.



  1. Hehe, I want a bunny with pants! I would snorgle it so.

  2. Good choice little bun, you don’t need pants to be cute you perfect little handful of snorgle.

  3. HOLY CRAP!!! He’s adorable! I will knit him tiny pants and a sweater!

  4. how TINY is that bun bun?!

  5. Laurie C says:

    How could he wear pants? You can’t even see if he has *legs*!

  6. Despite the rants
    About wearing pants
    Little bun recants
    And continues to chant
    “I shan’t, I shan’t…”

  7. Fish Eye no Miko says:

    How do they curl up in little balls like that… Wow… He’s a little bunny ball! ^_^

  8. awww..squeeee

  9. Constance says:

    uhoh, this one may usurp the position of the previous “world’s roundest bun”

  10. Piggalette says:

    Awwwwww. God I loves me the bun pix. Bunnies are the ultimate in cute (just don’t tell my pup and two kittehs that I said so.)

  11. Ohhhhhh …. and I thought I’d seen all the cutest bUnZ in da woild! [::swoons::]

    Aubrey, your verisfiction is fantabulous.

    ** And: speaking of pants, meet Bunnypants, the baby Dutch bun! Right here on Flickr:


    ( )
    ” “

  12. Oops – make that “versification.”

  13. lurkertype says:

    It’s the ever-so-portable handheld RoundBun(TM).

    I’m really beginning to wonder about the bunnies. That last one was a cabbit and this one’s a tribble.

  14. Fish Eye no Miko says:

    Cute poem, Aubrey!

  15. Aww…such a snuggly little cutie.

    He’s all curled up and sleeping just like I should be right now (at nearly 2 am my time).

  16. It is a stressball that works before you even have to squeeze it. Nggghhhshhh.

  17. Be still my heart! “Carry on!” Meg, was that a Tim Gunn shout-out?

  18. AWWWWWWWWWWWW i wanna hold ittttttt

  19. Lawrence says:

    OOOOOOO…. What a handfull!

  20. Anyone for a game of bun-ball?

  21. A hole for his tail. The pants would need a little hole for his tail.

  22. Ooooo Shoooo Boo Boo!!!

  23. Michelle says:

    Gawd that bun is so cute I’m about to crack my teeth from grinding them so hard.


  24. And when he wakes up, he’ll do his little no-pants dance…

  25. acelightning says:

    I’d be almost afraid to snorgle him, he’s so tiny! But I do want to stroke those little bitty ears, very gently, with the tip of my finger. (I used to have bunnies… )

  26. That bun really knows how to make it work.

  27. hrh.squeak says:

    Beautiful bitty ball of bunbun.

  28. I want to kiss that little ear.

  29. Awwwwwwwww!….

  30. pendlerpiken says:


  31. He’s already wearing fuzzy pants.

  32. Villeline says:

    To paraphrase a famous Scandinavian saying, “A bun in the hand is better than ten in the oven.”

  33. He’d probably have a really soft little straw hat and a bandana around his neck too.

    Am I stereotyping?

    Sorry little buns, that’s just how I see you.

  34. This lil bun watches Project Runway like me!

  35. Bun bun or pom pom?

  36. Don’t forget teensy little red suspenders so the bombom’s pants don’t fall.

  37. What’s with Meg and pants?

    But she is correct. Teeny tiny pants. With buttons. Perhaps a small pocket for keeping his handerchief.

  38. EEEEEEEEEEEEEeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

    You can barely see the little speckle of a tail on the bun!


  39. The ear! the ear! I wanna stick my nose in there!
    I loooooove how baby buns have little round ears. so sweet.

  40. strongcute, Theo, strongcute

  41. aackk!! i fully support your wearing your nuddy-pants, little bun bun! i mean if you’ve got it why cover it up…

    squeee and the little white fluff in the ear! i seriously hope The Hand isn’t intending on throwing little bun like a bocce ball…

  42. terrierhead says:

    Oooooooh. Snorglies on a Tuesday morning!

  43. thank u meg for this fine fine bunny!

  44. Yes indeed, he needs little pantaloons. Think Beatrix Potter bunbun.

  45. (“Strongcute”… hee!)

  46. jenni joon says:

    Zelda – you read my mind! I SO was thinking of my childhood friend, Peter Cottontail. Sigh….


    So utterly cute-a-licious. I bet if buns could purr, that little bunnage would be purring! He looks so comfy, right?!

  47. Aiiii! It’s a cute-atonic ball o’ bun!

    Nothing like a heapin’ helpin’ of cute to start off my anniversary with! *grin*


  48. Happy Anniversary, D2D!!!

    This is the yang bun to the roundest yin bun ever. I bet the two photos could be merged into something extramystical! (by someone with more knowhow than yours truly. *ahem*)

  49. Haha, the comment counter is still not working. It does give a bit of adrenaline to the heart when ya see that “0” comments….not that I would dare mention it in the first post for fear of a glower from T. 😀

  50. Actually, Lauri, it’s kind of a dream come true, for me. The silly temptation has been removed, at least for now.

  51. So you broke it on purpose, Theo? /heheh/

  52. Mad_Mike says:

    Oh boy… oh boy… my own little bunny rabbit for my very own… I will name him George, and I will pet him and pat him….

  53. Bun-tocks, bun-tocks, bunny bun-tocks!!!

  54. lauowolf says:

    Little bun conveniently fits into a Leggs container for shipping worldwide.

  55. Little Peter Rabbit clothes for the baby boonya! So cute. I bet he is sooo soft!

  56. It’s the fold-in-half extra-small Bunny version. Maximum flexibility for maxiumum pocket stuffage.

  57. Do you watch “Project Runway”? Is, perhaps, Tim Gunn the inspiration of your comment, “carry on!”

    PS: Your bun is cute. I want it.

  58. Then what about “Project Bunway”? Surely, it’s an idea whose time has come!

  59. Port-a-Snorg could charge a premium for this one. It’s pocket-sized! A poor downtrodden office minion like me could carry it around all day, pulling it out at moments of extreme stress for a calm-inducing, heartrate-reducing, deep breath of bunnyfur. *Snurrrrrffffzz* Ahhhhh.

  60. Thanks, Lauri! It’s officially 4 years, but Hubby and I have been putting up with each other for over a decade now. Either he’s clinically insane or my cooking’s great…*grin*


  61. Laurie C says:

    I’d think Theo would want the counter broken in such a way that it never went below 1. That way, no one would ever think they had “first post!”. I’m surprised we don’t have twenty of them on each thread today.

  62. So very tiny!

  63. OK… looks like I need to add “Port-a-Snorg” to the CO Glossary. Will research…

  64. dial 1 for kitteh… 2 for puppeh… 3 for bunneh!

  65. caroline says:

    Little pants with a little hole in the bum for a cotton tail to poke out of!

  66. How about curing wrinkles with Buntox rather than Botox? Much softer, and fuller of love! (bad grammar on purpuss!)

  67. Tooooo cuuuutttte!!


  68. Brak_Silverbone says:

    Another cute, perfectly round bun-bun doin’ the zen yin-yang thing!

  69. I see bunnies, I see France, I see fuzzy bunny pants!

    Actually all bunnysuits come in either one- or two-piece; it’s important to know which your bunny is (Dutches, for example, are always two-piecers). To distinguish, look for the zipper down the back (one-piece) or the gap between shirt and pants–although most rabbits cover this with a cummerbunnned.

  70. Maybe there is an alternative to bunny birthday suits: bunny boxers. That is, if the bun in question shuns the more classic look of bunny breeches tucked into bunny boots.

    Remember, the customer is always right.

  71. tiny tiny baby!!!

  72. tiny tiny baby!!!

  73. Is Leggs even in business still?

    Those mid-sized, snowglobe shaped stocking containers would be so perfect for such a “perfect little handful of snorgle”, as that guy said…!

  74. actually, my sister did once concoct a plan for world peace–one bunny for everybody. Thousands and thousands of Leggs containers shipped all over the world. Start collecting, people!

  75. it would take every ounce of my self control for me not to huck that bun ball across the field or squeeze it until it ‘ploded.

  76. Throw it?!?! Are you serious?!?!?!

    That is just mean!

    The only thing that is cute being tossed is my cat being gently thrown onto a fluffy mattress. They bounce nicely and mine come back for more.

  77. This was too cute! I hope you’re raising that bunny, if not, you just sealed it’s doom. The mother rabbit will eat her young if they smell different than her.

  78. *huggles*
    its adorable

  79. “I hope you’re raising that bunny, if not, you just sealed it’s doom. The mother rabbit will eat her young if they smell different than her.”

    Man, what a downer. Why not just post a link to a wild rabbit rehab site or something? Ick.

  80. Here’s a story about a bunny rescue, which I think should be followed by a group hug.


  81. group hug!!


  82. Sarcasta says:

    What a happy ending! That is awesome!

    [heads out to the local shelter to learn how to become a volunteer] Seriously. I’m inspired.

  83. Mom won’t kill the baby. Cottontails will take them back if the babies are placed back in the nest. This adorable ball of fluff will be fine…right, person who took the picture? I need some reassurance here. And so does the rest of my warren.
    Bunmom, Elwood, Willoughby, Roxie and Bonita

  84. Mom won’t kill the baby. Cottontails will take them back. This adorable ball of fluff will be fine…right, person who took the picture? I need some reassurance here. And so does the rest of my warren.
    Bunmom, Elwood, Willoughby, Roxie and Bonita

  85. bunmom, it’s a domestic rabbit kit. The photographer, Oh Joy!, fostered a pregnant doe and her kits for a while. See her photostream on Flickr for more pics of same – Meg put a link in at the top of this post, right by the pic.

    ( )
    ” “

  86. a handful of bunny, just before being popped into the photographer’s mouth! 😉

  87. …and the fleshless remains of the hapless photographer would not be found until the following thaws of spring.
    Dun dun dunnn.

  88. its tiny tiny tiny, my bunny was never that little

  89. I ♥ degus! says:

    did somebody loose a part of an earmuff? i mean my gawd! soooooooo tineez and floofee!

  90. The bunny looks almost squished! I hope that person isn’t holding it too tight!

    (Otherwise, very cute, indeed.)