There’s nothing wrong with letting the girls know that you’re money and that you want to party.

…Especially when you’re name is "Cash" and you’re rockin’ some wet pawsitude.


He doesn’t even know how money he is, does he, Mitzi?



  1. Vegas, baby. Vegas.

  2. yay second post. i think. yeh um cute dog.

  3. Look at the smile on his face! He has to know he’s money! He has to know he’s BIG money!

    I want to snorgle his little head!


    (me passing out in the water.)

  4. Reminds me of my grandma’s Buttons. What a cute dog. I’m envious of the pool right now!

  5. He looks like a floofy little muppet!

  6. …Oooh yeah.

  7. Whos the man(dog)? Oh yes, that’d be ME!!!

  8. Oh my, what a little cutie. And look at his little back legs all stretched out… And deh paws… awwwww… I want me some puppehs now!

  9. The girls must love this little fella.

    He’s got that slightly crooked, “Hey, babuh,” Elvis smile/sneer thing going on.

  10. YTMND.


  11. He’s just missing the martini glass!

  12. Laurie C says:

    I think this is his Joey Tribbiani “How *you* doin’?” grin.

  13. Between floating floofiness and penthouse parties, Cash Walks The Line.

  14. Kris, in New England says:

    He’s chillaxin! Cute smile, lolling tongue and pet feet, oh people the pet feet! And please note the subtle head tilt…

    “Whaaattt?! No one else was using it, why let this floating palace go to waste.”

  15. OMG, you peeps (and Meggs Vaughn too) are *on* today. I don’t need to say *nuthin.* Gold stars all round!

  16. What girl could resist *that* smile?!

  17. If i tried that with my dog,he would flipover.

  18. My dog (157 pound Great Dane) wouldn’t even get near the water. He’s a big ol’ scaredy baby.

    Not like this leetle cutie flooferkins!

  19. That is pure joy at the lovely cool water but being nice a dry

  20. ba da boom tish, Aubrey on as usual.

  21. hrh.squeak says:

    What a naughty, cute little grin – “You want me, baby, you know you do.” Yes, Cash, yes I do.

  22. I Love Smiling Dogs

  23. For some reason the expression on this little guy’s face reminds me of a baby I used to take care of.

    So Cute!

  24. aww its cash. gus’s soon to be roommate. how cute!

  25. ooh, what a cute pup! he looks like the most adorable pat of butter on an ear of corn!

  26. ooh, what a cute pup! he looks like the most adorable pat of butter on an ear of corn!

  27. Mando_Rama says:

    Is Cash a lil’ Lhasa Apso? Looks like it to me . . .

  28. Hahaha. If that was my dog, I would get in the water and tip his raft.

    I am a bad person v_v

  29. taurasuzanne says:

    ok, i know it’s gross, but don’t you kind of want to put one of those paws in your mouth?

  30. Brak_Silverbone says:

    My air conditioner is dead. I want that pool. Shove over, Cash, I’m comin’ in! *sploosh*

  31. I can’t take the pawsitude.

  32. Puppies puppies puppies make me feel better when I’m sick. Or was that poppies? Poppies, puppies, meh. Both will help.

  33. “Poppies will make you sleep”, Elfie.

  34. Okay, long time addict, first time commenting. I chose this because it is yet another wonderful example of how C.O. is only partially about the pix…it’s the brilliant captions that make it!
    Zees, ‘ow do you say, kaupee, I am rreedeeeng eesh day, eet mek me so so ‘appee.

  35. Heeheehee…CO also makes us talk weiiiiird. But, that’s a good thing.

    My cousin, Mitchell, died today. 42 years old. Lung cancer. He did NOT want to leave. I am very sad.

  36. I’m so sorry to hear that Lauri. Lung cancer is such a tough one but it sounds like he fought. Keep remembering him from the good times.

  37. By god he knows he’s somethin! Look at that puppy smile.

  38. The dog days of summer, indeed. That pup is living the life.

    Sorry to hear of your loss Lauri. 😦

  39. Laurie C says:

    Heartfelt condolences, Lauri. 42 is way too young.

  40. So money, baby! You’re so money! I love the look on the little dawg’s face. 😀

  41. Sympathies, Lauri. Try to console yourself with the Cute and the Weiiiird – they will see you through.

  42. Sarcasta says:

    ((HUGS))) to Laurie.

    cheryl, I’ll be darned! It DOES look just like a huge ear of corn! Floating corn alert!!!

  43. Sarcasta says:

    er… ((HUGS)) to Lauri too. Darn the fast typing. You know what I meant.

  44. Fish Eye no Miko says:

    Aww… Cute little wet puppy!

  45. Ryan Blackhawke says:

    what does money mean?

  46. since nobody went for the obvious, let me do it: way to “show me the money”!!

  47. No lifejacket? Don’t you know pool regulations?

    You’re in danger of losing your pass, you know…

  48. You know there’s some AmAzInG ‘tock action going on there in the back, baby!

  49. (((laurie))) So sorry about your loss. Hang in there, hon.

  50. Oh lord, that is one happy little dude. So cute. I can’t get my dog near water, he hates even having a bath. I love the little wet pink paws! I bet they had a hard time getting Cash outta that pool!

  51. For some reason I’m thinking of Hugh Hefner. (The white fur and the fact that his teeth can’t be seen.) He’s all like “Come to grampaw, bebbeh. Come an’ snorgle yer ol’ man.”

    Lauri – my condolences. Hope the cuteness makes it easier.

  52. Subhangi — if I’d been sipping mocha right then, I’d’ve snorted it right out my nose.
    L. O. L!!!

  53. Thank goodness computer screens are water proof!

  54. Thanks so much for all the good thoughts, CutiePis!

    Already, one day later, everytime I think of Mitch, the sad is almost instantaneously replaced with a grin, cuz that is the kind of life/cute/weird lovin’ guy he was and still is, somewhere.

    Snorgles to all!

  55. Oh gosh…just read the Hugh Hefner thing, Subhangi…..and scrolled back up to the dude….so right you are! He needs a lounging robe! 🙂

  56. Hmmm, on a thought, how about if I just hug all you guys and save actual “snorgles” for cute, cuddly animals.

    The thought of rubbing my face in too many human bellies scares me. 😉

  57. We’d have to call you Lauri Putin for giving human belly snorlges!

  58. LOL….maybe I would prefer Vlad the Tum-paler!

  59. hrh.squeak says:

    Lauri -“Vlad the Tum-paler”, LMAO. Hugs to you, for your loss and your bright spirit.

  60. Oh Lauri, Im so sorry. Hugs, and hang in there.

  61. “Cash” is too cute for words and I love his lifestyle….Mitzi, please adopt me too!!

  62. Thank you CO, had a tough year, we lost our Schnauzer in January and just left husband in hospital with angio surgery. Coming home and seeing all CUTE really helps, thanks to all of you.

  63. more pics of cash in my album. just click the cash folder. sooo cute. take a look.

  64. hey becca, what kind of dog is that? i set him as my desktop picture on my work computer, whenever i minimize everything – no matter how crappy a day it is, cash always makes me smile!!!

  65. hrh.squeak says:

    Becca –

    Oh, SO NOT FAIRS, you are Cash’s mommie *and* the famous Gus and Tank’s mommie too??? You have exceeded your Cute Allotment, we’ll only let you off ’cause you share with us.

    (just kidding. I’m just jealous.) 😉

  66. haha im not cash’s mommy. his mommy is lindsay who is gunna be my roommate who is also my boyfriends sister. lol i know its crazy. but itll be 2 girls. 2 awesome pups. and a rockin ferret. go us. oh and cash is a bishon frise/shitzu hybrid. he is totally cute.

  67. aww i thought he kinda looked like a bichon! we have one too!! but not a mix.. you are very lucky i would die with all the cuteness going on…

  68. hrh.squeak says:

    becca – Go you, indeed! Party at Becca’s, everyone! Cute enough to share with all!

  69. Oh my goodness. This cutie is the baby version of my one year old puppy Charlie!!!!! Just as cute (can’t say cuter, sorry…. Charlie never turns off the cuteness)…. but the blond ears were always his seling feature.

    Bichon/Shitzu mix? I’ve been trying to figure out what Charlie is, and that makes sense that he’s got some of that in him too.

    Share more pictures of the baby as he grows!

  70. ya! he’s adorable…and I really envey his pool right now….