Scroll down close-up 2

The scroll-down close up, made famous by Cid, the strangely sleeping cat, has happened again, this time with Kicia (and loooove the sunny yellow wall, Girl)


C.O.X.C.U. [Cute Overload Xtreme Close Up™]


Zoom in, Maria S. 😉



  1. [sigh]
    …lubs dem.

  2. I wanna smuch my forehead to his forehead

  3. Kicia dreams of her perfect 10.0 performance in diving at the 1976 Olympic games.

  4. I just wanna reach into my screen and touch his little paws…so cute so cute, I’m going to have to play for extra hours now with my kitty just to fill the “kitty need” this picture has given me

  5. Tony James says:

    It looks like he fell asleep mid-stretch 🙂

  6. Oh goodness…the smooshiness is. just. irrisistable!

  7. I love the smushy face!


  8. [sigh again]
    I wish I was home wid dem. After two days relaxing at home, Monday was hell…

  9. Collar & tags noted, too. Good good.

  10. awww she looks just like my cat (may she rest in peace). when she’d lay like that i was instantly forced to smoosh my face into her neck fur and snorgle her silly!!!


  12. Very hard to say, Kaye. Might just be some nose-pink.

  13. cute nonetheless theo XD

  14. You’ll get no argument from me….

  15. We call this the diving pose, a kitty asana. Cid was, of course, doing the half-dive.

  16. Michelle says:

    How cute. A super cat. I’ve only ever know one kitty named Kicia. My sisters cat. Kicia is Polish for something like ‘little kitty’.

    It’s a bird…It’s a plane…no…it’s Little Kitty!

  17. A kittykat doing a downward facing dog yoga pose!!!

  18. ahhh i want to kiss that little smooshy forehead between her eyes.. and her pawsies! i also LOVE the sunshiney yellow wall 🙂

  19. AWWWWWW, you sleepy widdle furball, you.


  20. Cute!! Seems like all grey tabby kitties look like my kitty.

  21. Oh those paws look sooooo soft! I must pet them! And then snorgle up next to the kitt’ems, because clearly, a nap is required.

  22. Constance says:


  23. my kitty sleeps like superman too. 😛

  24. Kitty paws!

  25. MaggieBelle says:

    Ahn! So fuzzy wuzzy!

  26. 2nd Picture:
    3-D Kitty. Cuteness has achieved a new dimension

  27. but, the squirells?! says:

    i want to massage those itty bitty witttle pawsies!!!

  28. Kicia looks like a grown-up version of Penny from the previous post. Adorables!

  29. Laurie C says:

    lynwyn, everytime I do a downward-facing dog yoga pose at home, I get one to three upward-facing cats sprawled on my yoga mat, getting in the way.

  30. Diana E. says:

    It’s my kitty Jenny Anydots’ cousin Kicia!
    Must be warm there…the hotter the day, the longer the kitty.

  31. Ooh, T.S. Eliot cats! All right, Diana E!

  32. OOOOH! This is the type of thing that makes my entire world stop spinning. Must lay down with kitteh!

    In my ‘squee voice’, it’s actually ‘ki-ee’. When my Elvis is extra super cute, I’m compelled to say “KEE-KEE KEE-KEE KEE-KEE!”

    Oh, the inanity of my kitty insanity!

  33. LOL, Laurie C, I can picture it now!

  34. Laurie C – there is definitely a risk involved with doing yoga in a house with cats. It’s hard to focus in a plank position with a cat tail/foot/nose in your face. Your proximity to the ground brings much joy to your furry friends!

  35. lurkertype says:

    AmyH, I say it the same way! And I say it a lot with the Tuxes around.

    I gave them a toy (soft, small ball). I haven’t seen them playing with it, but every time I look at the Junction, the ball’s in a different place. I have seen them playing with leaves and pieces of bark. Teh kyoot!

    This picture, I want to pet the fuzzy toesies, very gently.

  36. heya peeps,

    loverly cat. sorry I can’t stay, but I’m on my way out to

    /had to tell *someone*
    //let me know if you want a report
    ///bonus points if you know who “Tom Waits” is

  37. Mariser:

    I know it’s only Monday, but have fun looking for the Heart of Saturday Night!

  38. mariser–have a fab time! [Did you ever see him in Jim Jardusch’s movies? Totally off-the-wall (of course).]

  39. Mariser — watch for “Day After Tomorrow”; it’s one of his new ones, so he’ll probably play it.

  40. Diana E: Tiger, our creamsicle cat, learned to stretch out on very hot days when we was a little guy. He’d climb into the (empty) bathtub and stretch out his belleh on the cool porcelain. Now he does it pretty much whenever he lies down, unless it’s very cold out.

  41. love … da paws.

  42. Brak_Silverbone says:

    Kitty = yoga master supreme!

  43. Extreme close-up…….WOOOOOOAHHHHHHHHH!

    God I love that movie.

  44. OK, cat’s cute, but the wall…is…driving…me…insane…



  46. Hahaha, a beautiful and chillin’ dude. Cats are truly awesome for living “in the moment”.
    I am here I am comfy, I am sleeping….nothin’ else matters!

  47. can I upload my cat on here?

  48. Laurie C says:

    We trapped our first adult boxcar cat tonight! “Trapped” in this sense meaning,
    “stuffed in a carrier with considerably less effort than stuffing some
    of my past cats into carriers”. This was one of the two that comes
    up to the woman who’s been feeding them for years. She (cat, not woman) has really bad flea allergy
    dermatitis, and we also got Advantage on her before she went in the
    carrier. Tomorrow she’s off to be spayed. Photo links (from before her fur got super-scraggly — she now has about half that much fur).

  49. Congrats LC! She’s beautiful!

  50. Laurie C says:

    She was. She’s not so much at present, with her fur so thin, but she will be again, once the flea treatment works.

  51. You are stellar, LC.

    And nothing can change that beautiful calico face.

    “Out, damned flea!”

  52. She’s so elegant, LC, even with the tongue appearance in the second photo. *That* is pure endearment!

    “Did you ever see him in Jim Jardusch’s movies?”

    That should be Jim Jarmusch,not Jardusch–sorry.

  53. lurkertype says:

    Yay, LC! The fur will grow back and she will be a fab kitty.



    Mom was gone, the kits were asleep in a pile at the Junction, so I put on gloves, walked in there, picked up the one that didn’t hide fast enough by the scruff of the neck, then held it in both hands.

    (little hiss)
    (little hiss)
    (big stare)
    (lurkertype nose on back of kitteh head — ooh, so soft!)
    (kitten squirms away)

    I could not stand just looking at the cuteness any more.

    Again, our top story here: A TUX KIT HAS BEEN SNORGLED!

  54. I thought I heard a snorgle alarm going off somewhere!

  55. fawn lust says:

    cat feets!

  56. Laurie C says:

    Yay, lurkertype! Woo hoo!
    (Hope you didn’t get any fleas up your nose.)

  57. lurkertype says:

    My eyes are itchy now — strange cat allergens do that to me. But it’s worth it.

    Mr. Lurker asked if I had noticed the gender of the kitten. I said no, I was concentrating on the cute end. Next time.

  58. Sarcasta says:

    “the cute end” LMFAO

    Don’t tell your cat you said that… they would insist that BOTH ends are equally special.

  59. Congratulations, Lurker. We’re all so proud of you – by God, you had a dream and you ACTED ON IT! Your aspirations to snorgle have been achieved. It is my opinion that snorgling en masse cannot be far behind. Wear goggles, if necessary.

  60. lurkertype says:

    Heh, thanks, Aubrey. I’m hoping my glasses are enough, though I do have a pair of those dorky wrap-around sunglasses.

    Another reason to keep an eye on the front end of the cat — more offensive weapons. I’ve been watching them exercise those tiny toofs.

  61. Laurie C says:

    lurkertype, how old are the tux kits again?

  62. lurkertype says:

    That’s the problem, LC — I’ve no idea how old the Tux Horde is. They’re still a tiny bit wobbly on the back feets, and still nursing, but their eyes have changed from blue to green in the past week, and MomCat leaves them alone quite a bit now. Never having been around teeny tiny kitters, I don’t know how old they are.

    Dad was sniffing around Mom tonight… methinks he’s hoping to knock her up again soon. 😦 Maybe he was just admiring the kids. Although he only managed to scare the heck out of them.

  63. Lurkertype, if their wobbly on their legs still, they may still be young enough to be rescued and socialized. Here’s a link I’ve been using to guide myself with the boxcar kitties. Up to 8 weeks is probably socializable.

  64. Lauri C and Lurkertype – way to go for both of you! W00t!

  65. Two Sheds Jackson says:

    Laurie C & Lurkertype – hooorahs for you both and giant chufty badges cuz I bet you’re both chuffed as chocolate frogs.

    T.S. Elliot and Charlotte Perkins Gilman in one thread – crikey what a literary bunch! I’m sat here being all impressed.

    Definitely needing a red cape in that close up.

  66. What wonderful stories about the Boxcar kits and Tuxedo snorgles!
    Rah rah rah!

    And yay for literaryness, too! 🙂

    And Closeup No. Two is still cracking me up!

  67. Lurker – You may also want to check around your area for any feral catch/spay/release programs in your area. This is a great way to reduce feral populations. Mommy and Daddy kitty would be well off with a little ‘snip snip’.

  68. Aubrey,

    looked and looked, came close, only to lose it at Heartbreak and Vine.


    I haven’t *yet*. “Mystery Train” is sitting on the ‘yet to watch pile’. looking forward to it. I have, however, seen Jim Jarmusch in an episode of “SpongeBob SquarePants”; does that count?


    “Day After Tomorrow”, yep. first song of the encore. got the strongest audience reaction of the evening; folks were clapping loudly after almost each line. pretty powerful stuff.
    personal highlights: the opening, “Make It Rain”, followed by “Hoist That Rag”; “Tom Trauberg Blues” with Tom in the piano and Larry Taylor on the bass; “The Eyeball Kid”; “Falling Down”… how am I kidding, the whole show was a continuous highlight…
    compare, if you will, to being tossed in a basket of kittehs and having them do with you as they will.

  69. Mariser: crystal.

  70. lurkertype says:

    Awesome, Mariser.

    Hmmm… from LC’s link it looks as though it may be too late for the Tuxes as they’re pretty well-developed (the wobbles are basically over, the eyes are green) and their mom is feral.

    I will continue my snorgling ways, though, until I go on vacation. Drat the timing! By the time I get back, they should be old enough for catch and release neutering. Along with Mom and Dad of course. We’ll need a biiiiig trap to catch Dad — he’s such a big cowkitty that he’s like a whole herd!

  71. thanks, LurkerType. waiting with bated breath for the next episode of Tuxedo Junction.
    also: lol at ‘cowkitty’

    T., whut?

  72. errmm… sort of an “A Few Good Men” reference, sort of just me saying “I Understand Your Fuzzbasket Analogy.”

  73. T., gotcha. as in ‘crystal clear’, I reckon.

    as in tangential reference to “A Few Good Men”, the last song in the encore was “Don’t Go Into That Barn” with the call-and-response where the audience chanted “Yes, SuH”, “No, SuH” to Tom’s questions.
    awesome. just frigging awesome.

  74. Another sleepy kitten, fresh from teh intarwebs.
    (Actually saw link on the newsletter)

  75. At last…
    48 hours in “verification,” but now LIVE FOR YOUR VIEWING ENJOYMENT… meet the Doonses!

  76. Two Sheds Jackson says:

    Now see here Theo it’s midnight here and I’ve got to be up early in the am to go to London. Now I’m going to need to see every one of those vids at least once more – you bad, bad man! Sooooooo cute – ‘splode’.

    P.S. you have a very nice voice – but not like I’d imagined at all – and missus Theo has a lovely giggle -you can tell her from me. Thank you for the Doonses vids – fabulouso.

  77. 🙂

  78. T., it looked like Mum Lorna was trying to run some interference between you and her kiddies. Thanks for perservering to provide us with the first viewing of interspecies/animate/inanimate snorgling: kit and fuzzy (ridiculous) duck. The duck was redonk as well.

    And the human tones were indeed most mellifluous.

  79. Laurie C says:

    Ditto on the nice voice, Theo. Are you blushing yet? Thanks muchly for the new video, but how do you tell the black kittens apart?

    Cat question to all and sundry: is a white cat with orange patches only (no black) a calico? I’m thinking of this one here:

    She’s got almost the right color pattern for a Turkish Van, but I don’t think they have orange on their backs. And anyway, she’s a boxcar cat, not a purebred.

  80. lurkertype says:

    No, calicos have to have white, orange, and black.

    Dooooooooooooneseses! 2 kewt.

  81. Laurie C says:

    Ta, lurkertype.

  82. 2Sheds, Aubrey, Laurie C — YES, I blush. But I’m wearing an *orange* shirt, so please stop. (and thanks… once upon a time in the 80’s, I was captain of our school’s speech & debate team)

    2Sheds — fortunately, all the clips are short. Hope you’ve got broadband, though.

    Laurie C — one of the black kittens has some subtle “cloud tabby” patterning which doesn’t show up well in the low-res video clips. That’s Moop. Also, Moop’s female, and Popkin’s male.

    Aubrey, Lorna does sorta run interference, but I think it’s more because she can tell where our attention is being focused, which is of course where *she* belongs (naturally)… so that’s where she puts herself.

  83. Lorna sounds like my kind of gal – she has her priorities straight: attention is all. Oh, that and Extreme Kitty Care, of course.

    An orange shirt, huh?

  84. LC:

    Poor butterscotch swirl kitty sleeping on sharp rocks! Yay for saving her!

  85. Laurie C says:

    Aubrey, I haven’t acutally saved that one yet, I’m just doing up a census chart of the population for my records (and the cat rescue group, who, bless their souls, are applying for some money to help fund the neuter/spaying of all these guys). I was hoping to be able to mark this one as female if that was a calico pattern, but it isn’t. Sure is lovely, though.

  86. LC, because of your and the rescue group’s efforts, I know that that kit’s fortune is about to make a swirl, er, turn for the better – as oblivious as it might look in that picture!

  87. Laurie C says:

    This one is also getting the raw, pink skin of flea allergy dermatitis. I want to catch her sooooo bad and make her itches go away.

    The one I trapped last night — didn’t even need to part her fur to get the Advantage right on the skin of her neck. And the vet tech today hardly had to shave her, she’d lost so much fur to FAD.

  88. lurkertype says:


    Yes, this time a different one. Mom hissed mightily then high tailed it over the fence to “Mrow?!” on the other side.

    Picked up the handiest kitten, looked at cute widdle face, then looked at other end. It’s a boy. Then I snuggled him in the Cats & Racks position (sorry no pix) and petted him for several minutes. No hisses or growls or using of claws or toofs. What a good boy! Clear eyes and nose, good coat, did not mind the pettage. Scritched under chin and over whiskers repeatedly, even pried up a lip to look at teeny fangs. Sniffed the top of his little head, he smells like kitten. He took it calmly, all curled up in my hand till his attention span ran out. Put him back down to scurry away.

    I am plotzing from the anerableness of it all.

    Squee! I’m 2 for 3.

    Of course Teho is wearing an orange shirt: he’s a Marmalade Person, after all.

    2 of the Tuxes have a faint stripeyness underneath parts of their black coats, too.

  89. Laurie C says:

    Lurker, you go, girl!

  90. Laurie C says:

    Snorgle like the wind!

  91. fawn lust says:

    omg, the doones! babies!

  92. Lurker, because of your reports I am a victim of Vicarious Snorgling. It makes me positively light-headed.

    I must ask – was his little motor running? Was there purrage?

  93. lurkertype says:

    Alas, no purrage, though I did my best to cause it. I was just happy that he wasn’t scared or angry.

    Rest assured, if there is purrage achieved, I will detail it.

    Lie down and rest after my posts, Aubrey. 🙂 At least you don’t get the itchy eyes that I do. Damn the allergies, full snorgle ahead!

    It is really redonk how happy 5 minutes of holding a teeny beastie makes me.

  94. What a great thread of comments. You all are awesome and wonderful people.

  95. Tony James says:

    Anerable spotty-kitty going on vacation – who’s up for a CO Field Trip in October to see him? 🙂

  96. omgwtfbbqlol! what a cute li’l anerable spottykitty! must touch! can he come to my house? pleasepleasepleasepleaseeeee.

  97. omgwtfbbqlol! what a cute li’l anerable spottykitty! must touch! can he come to my house? pleasepleasepleasepleaseeeee.

  98. yep. I did that. darn tootin’ I did. it bore repeating. so there. PPPBBBTHHHFFF.

  99. BIG KITTEH must be given BIG snorgles!! Check the size of the paw.

    teej, it would be super *fun* to meet up and visit him!

  100. so Leo is going to be in the Bronx Zoo? is it out of the question to celebrate with a Bronx cheer? 😎

    easy for Teej and other NewYorkers to arrange for a field visit…how about a fund to allow those of us from the hinterlands to tag along?

  101. Tony James says:

    Absent any new schnorglage from Meg, I hastened to the Bronx Zoo’s website to see if what Simon & Garfunkle said was true.

    Snow Kitten Video!!!:)

    Baby Sea Lion Videoage with SOUND! 🙂

    (Kid) Rock Hyraxage!! 🙂

  102. we could open a CO escrow account, see how much we have in October. After we split the dough, people who have to come from afar will buy scooters and show up at appointed time and place.

  103. eeeeep :-/ !!! Mustn’t do sound at work and have to wait till home. Gonna pop with vdo-anticipation before then!

  104. jaypo sez,
    “we could open a CO escrow account”

    me likes the way you thinks and would like to subscribe to your newsletter…

  105. TJMax:

    Were the giraffes insincere? Did the pidgeons plot in secrecy? Did the hamsters turn on frequently?

  106. JP: I get to buy a scooter? This is beyond swell.

    I haven’t been to New York in…a large amount of years; CO bonding and big kit viewing seems like the perfect excuse for a little vacay.

  107. “me likes the way you thinks and would like to subscribe to your newsletter..”

    It’s called

    Rock Hyra-thingies–redonk!

  108. Tony James says:

    Aubrey – yes, I scored some dynamite morrocan from Baruchito’s relatives 😀

  109. So the hammie scarfing the hammie treats was merely a victim of the munchies?

  110. lurkertype says:

    Mr. Lurker just picked up the last of the 3 Tux Kits. Mom was Very Displeased. He didn’t get to snorgle as just as he determined it’s a boy, said boy peed on Mr. L.

    Mom hiss growled the whole time, incl. chasing after Mr. L as he left.

    He now admits I am far, far better at kitteh interaction. Yay me.

  111. LurkerType – does that kit have a name? May I suggest Mr. Peepers?

    And congratulations on your new status. Yay.

  112. Tony James says:

    Depends what was in the treats…

    Baruchito in rehab shock!
    Humphrey busted in ‘Nip for Nobility’ scandal!
    “Socks was Deep Throat,” says Woodward.

    See what happens when you delve a little too deeply into the private lives of fuzzy animals?

  113. LurkerT, that’s high-larious, though Mr. Lurker probably doesn’t think so. I think the name Tinkle would be appropriate here.

  114. TJ –
    There is one more scandalare that bears mentioning; it took place over 40 years ago, and ruined reputations and shook the government. When a certain calico wasn’t ashamed to name names, there erupted The Purrfumo Affair.

  115. Tony James says:

    Well he would, wouldn’t he…

  116. Tony James says:

    What about the stock market scandal of the 18th century – the South Sea Snorgle? The South Sea Company was selling the rights to snorgle kittens that were not born yet, indeed were frequently passing off rotund toms as pregnant queens in order to extort money from snorgle-hungry city-types. The whole thing collapsed when the kittens claimed they were not consulted, and in fact the people selling the snorgling rights were not entitled to do so. The price of the company’s shares crashed, plunging many into bankruptcy and snorgleless penury.

  117. When rodents are in charge of our natural resources, disaster follows: The Teapot Dormouse Scandal.

    Also, there’s my favorite Holmes story, ‘A Scandal In Baroo?’ No one knows what happened.

  118. hrh.squeak says:

    TJ – Thanks for the links, was jonesing for new snorglage. I love the look on the snowkitty’s face when he rolls over – “Huh? Huh? Oh, that. I meant that.”

  119. Two Sheds Jackson says:

    Erm TJ – are you in the UK? If so there is a new snow leopard enclosure at Marwell park – it’s great and they have some very successful breeding going on there. There was a baby snow leopard earlier this year and baby tigers there last year.
    The vids were wunnerful – little snow leopard playing with gigantic floofy tail of Mum – how cute was that? Thanks for your dedication to cute research.

  120. Aub & Teej,

    you guys are *forcing* me to do this, but haven’t you heard of the “Monicat Tailinsky” affaire?

  121. Oooooooh, Mariser, I’d slap you silly but evidently someone’s beat me to it!

  122. ouch. snap [of underwear]

  123. Tony James says:

    What about Richard Kitson and the Waterdish Coverup? Not to mention Neil Hamilton and the Cats for Questions affair in England 10 years ago.
    Dallas, 1963 – President John Fitzgerald Kennedy assasinated by a sniper’s bullet. Eyewitnesses report seeing a furred gunman on the grassy knoll.

  124. And just recently – when all competing animals dropped trou in protest at the famous Fur de Pants.


    No wait… those were kilts.

  126. and the infamous LitterDome scandal? it brought down Boss Tweety.

  127. I love the Edwardians. I seem to recall a certain gambling affair – The Trhamby Croft affair, involving an unfortunate accusation of cheating at a game of bacca-rat. Involved were some of the most important members of The Marlburrow House set.

  128. I long for the pre-income tax days of the Catnip Baggers.

  129. lurkertype says:

    GRRRR. Thanks to Mr. L’s ill-advised, botched attempted snorgle this AM, I cannot get anywhere near the Tuxes. Mom is furious and stays way away, kitters are invisible. Major setback. AND he let ants swarm all over their food.

    We Are Not Amused, to keep to the theme.

  130. Hmmmm. A snorgle snafu. Sounds bad. I think until Mr. L. polishes up on his snorgle skills, you should be in charge of all snorgle situations.

  131. lurkertype says:

    He has agreed with that, Aubrey. But it’s very frustrating as I don’t know how far this has set back human-Tuxkit relations. At least 2-3 days, which is a long time in kitten life.

    I just saw the biggest damn possum out there. Yeek. Bigger than all the kittehs put together. I can see why a full-grown possum would feed a family.