"Penny the Kitten and Eric the Human" was sent in by Haylan. Obvy, Haylan is a professional stylist, turning up Penny’s paw just so. Did you have to go and just twist the knife like that Haylan? Thanks. Thanks a whole lot. Nice maximizing a Snorgling viewpoint, too. Geeshe.




  1. OMG I am so ready to Nap

  2. MILK. BELLAYH. Uneven kitten hair & sticking up tail. fluh!

  3. hoooo
    i want a neck warmer too ^^
    so cute ^^

  4. My 3-month-old “catten” (not a kitten anymore, but not yet a cat) does that to my chest. He starts out in my lap, then just walks up my ample girth to the vast shelf of my, erm, pectoral region, and plops down. Like they’re the most comfy cushions in the universe.

    Anyone else have cats that do that?

    Oh–and FIRST!! *runs from Theo*


  5. AARGH!

  6. Tony James says:

    “After her Test Nap, Penny was happy with her choice of human.”

  7. I want a neck warmer with a cute little sticky-up tail!
    I don’t have one. 😦

  8. Tiny potbelly! and blissful kitty smile.

  9. Denita, beware. From personal experience, once your pectoras can’t support the growing feline on their own, said feline tends to dig his claw in your shoulders and upper back for purrrchase.

  10. Denita — are you out of your *mind*, woman?

    The Doones are getting to that “sack out anyplace” stage. I *might* be able to get a new video clip up today, detailing a bit of this. Watch this thread; it’ll be riduckulous.

  11. D2D- I have a kitty that does that! We call it the shelf, and he is definitely comfortable there. A real shelf-sitter.

  12. Alienor — it sounds like you’re referring to TEH 0WCH.

  13. Theo-
    How big is that cat? Must be the camera angle – its head looks as big as yours!

  14. G-Lo — it’s true, Mr. Bounce ain’t tiny. He’s no 20-pounder, though.

  15. (…yet.)

  16. I had a 30-pounder (may she rest in peace) but she had a teeny head! Big-boned!

  17. Those of us without large *shelves* have to lay down in order to be laid upon. [teehee]

  18. They kinda look like siamese twins joined at the neck.

  19. [sings triumphantly]

    My kitten used to sleep like that on me! He’d climb up on my shoulders and look around, like the lookout guy onboard a ship (Thar she blows!”) before just plopping down to sleep. That fuzziness under your chin is heaven. 🙂

    Unforunately, aforementioned kitten is now 5 months old and refuses to recognize me anymore. I’ve been dumped! [sniffles]

  20. Theo, that and multiple variations thereof. Similar cat, too.

  21. bunnajenny says:

    Subanghi, don’t worry it will all come right in a few months. You’re just experiencing kitolesence, when parents are *so* embarrassing.

  22. sweet sweet. wannit! WANNIT *urg* /implodes

  23. i love the smile of contentment on the kitten’s face! so sweet.

  24. bunnajenny says:

    Subhangi, I’m sorry I misspelled your name. Apologies.

  25. When my boys were just wee ones they used both sleep on my neck like this picture, one on each side of my head. I had Kitten-muffs. As they grew, they then slept one in my arm-pit and one between my legs, ‘up near there’. Then as they continued to grow (and grow they did) they both would sleep between my legs. My back so suffered for that as I couldn’t move at night. Now I sleep on my side and Garf spoons on the front and Simon ‘oozes’ over my legs from the back.

    Oh, for the day when they were just teeny-tiny again!

  26. Mad_Mike says:

    Hate to be a wet blanket – no pun intended – but, that’s either (1) an oddly-shaped shadow or (2) kitty whizz on the guy’s shirt.

  27. It took me a couple of moments to see the ‘wet spot’.

    Maybe the dude was drooling over the cutness cuddled up to him?

  28. Kitty Whizz– the new aerosol cat snack from Velveeta!

  29. carriegood says:

    it sure does look like kittie-pee. but usually they don’t do that unless they’re scared, upset, or sick, and sleepy doesn’t look like any of those.

    (and my grown-up smudgie still sleeps on my neck when he’s in the mood, but now he’s so big i can hardly breathe.)

  30. maybe Eric’s just wearing a dirty T…
    [cracks up over the things you guys notice]

  31. I think that’s just a shadow, MM.

    [waits for a pointless commentroversy to erupt]

  32. Maybe it’s 8000 degrees outside and the kitten is being all melty and the dude is just sweating?

  33. What a Penny loafer.

  34. whatchoo callin’ pointless, A Thinker??

  35. Quitcher bitchin, foo’s!

  36. Oh the belly! The little pudgy kitty belly! *snorgles it madly* *sneeze*

  37. Sarcasta says:

    carriegood, my semi-“special” kitten used to pee all over me when he waas warm and happy, I learned to take it as a compliment. Thank goodness he grew out of it, because he weighs in at 18 pounds and could raise the water level in a river, if you catch my drift.

    D2D… lmao, my smallest cat likes to “make biscuits” as they call it here, on my…er… well, let’s just say she’s in the right area for feeding, but definitely the WRONG species. And I’m not lactating… but that’s another matter entirely. She pooshes so hard I think I’m gonna bruise. Again, I learned to take it as a compliment. At least she keeps her claws retracted. “Ow! Thank you… OW! Thanks, cutie… OW OW OW! Ok, maybe time to move over…”

  38. Lizzy? You allergic to kitties? Me too, but I have two anyway. I just take one Claritin-D 12 hours in the morning and I’m good to snorgle!

  39. notonyerlife, teho!

  40. Sarcasta — there’s a whole CATegory for that, here.

  41. fine, yes, pun intended, sorry, sorry…

  42. Awww, I used to have a kitty that would sleep on my shoulder like that. SO CUTE!!! Enjoy it while it lasts!

  43. hrh.squeak says:


    I will not stop pointlessly complaining until I am given this kitteh to Snorgle His BellehBellehBelleh of Floofitudinousness!!!

  44. Carolina says:

    cute guy, too. mmmmmmmm…

  45. This reminds me of a game we used to play: one would hold an orange under his/her neck, and try to pass it to the next person, without the use of hands. It would have been much more fun if we had used a kitteh.

  46. Funny thing you mention that, Carolina, cuz I was gonna say he’s kinda fugly!

    My suggestion was gonna be crop out the emo dude with the nasty ear plugs and leave in a bit o’chin for point of reference…

    (I’m against all things emo, including the way it turns boys into girls.) I married a shaved-headed, broad-shouldered manly man. 😀

  47. Fugly? What a pointless, mean comment to make about someone who very well might read the comments.

    I took a trip to Rhode Island to tour the big mansions there when in junior high, and there were many paintings of people with their pets scattered around. It was explained that the people of the time believed having an animal in the painting made them look more attractive by comparison. I remember thinking in every case that the animal was the best part of the picture. 😀

    In this case, though, I find them quite complimentary. Boys who snorgle make good snugglers.

  48. I am *so* not going to weigh in on *that* one. [shakes head]

  49. seriously swerly that was uncalled for. sheesh

  50. back when my sis first got her lil-kitten-baby named Sprout, they used to do exactly this. until he kitty-whizzed on her in his sleep.

  51. and i think dude’s kinda cute. but now i think he smells like kitty whizz.

  52. littlemoron says:

    Can there be a “Humans” category? Can Eric go into the “Humans” category?

  53. Swerly, you astound me. Since when does a sleeping guy whose face you can only see half of become fugly? I am so frustrated that thick-rimmed glasses have now become “emo.” It’s ridiculous. I am glad you married a bald manly man, Swerly. I hope it helps you sleep at night with the comfort that your man is broad-shouldered. I know that’s what attracts me to men… no hair and big arms.

    I think Eric is kind of cute.

  54. *skwerly, excuse my mistake.

  55. It’s obvious what’s going on here. The guy was thinking about growing a beard, and was trying the kitten on for size, when he was overcome by the mighty Kitty Sleep Rays emanating from the little guy.

  56. hmmm … I think, in most cases, it would be kinder to refrain from commenting AT ALL on any human hosts of furry parasites such as this shoulder caticle. After all the picture is predominantly of the kitten, no? I’m sure mine host was not exactly prepared to be immortalized.
    That said, the ear plug is kinda ewww. [runs away]

  57. I just wish the kitties stayed this size for longer. Maybe 10 years or so would be good. Instead they grow to full size in about a weekend.

  58. Cute kitty, ugly human. 🙂

  59. Brak_Silverbone says:

    Jellybean toes? Check.
    Blissed-out kitty smile? Check.
    Cute li’l stripey tum-tum? Check.

    Oh, I give up. **melts**

  60. argh! my eyes!

    *melts and dies*

  61. Wolf–Lol! I’m sure that’s EXACTLY what’s going on! 🙂

  62. I’m bang in favour of not criticising Eric. He’s a perfectly okay looking person. Re: kittens who sleep on your neck, I’ve read that they do this because there’s a pecking order among kittens in a litter, and the Top Kitten gets to sleep closest to mum’s head when they all curl up together. So when your kitten gets all up in your neck, it’s asserting that you are its mum (or dad) and it is the Top Kitten of your family. My cat (who, by happy coincidence, looked just like Penny when she was small) still does it. I’m glad she feels so secure!

  63. eric is cute, and the kitty looks like a stuffed animal! ha!

  64. I think they’re both adorable. 🙂

    Awww…beh beh kitten belleh…. *melts*

  65. Jackie from Michigan says:

    I don’t know who is cuter…the kitten or the guy! Hmmm, maybe I should hit the Animal Shelter and then scout the Starbucks for a poetry-writing emo guy…that’s be great…

    Is it just me, or is that kitten smiling?

  66. Christine says:

    “If you can’t bend your tail, it’s cute” I think applies here…

    PS, nothing wrong with ear plugs, it’s a person’s choice.

    Unfortunatly for the kitten it doesn’t have the choice of being cute or not, but I’m going to decide for it that it’s cute.

  67. Eric actually looks kinda like Mark from RENT. *covers both kitty and Mark look-alike with a large, soft blanket*

  68. The Honourable Gladys Anstruther says:

    Sarah,I found your info about pecking order really interesting.Of my two cats Glad would sleep on my chest up close to my neck and Flo would sleep downaways, obviously Glad was the top banana. They were both rescue cats and sadly I never new them as kittens. Love this picture,makes me jealous.

  69. livvy cat says:

    I usually don’t read comments on here or post but Eric and Penny’s cuteness prompted me to. I don’t care what label you put on him, any guy with good taste in eye wear that isn’t embarressed to be photographed napping and cuddling with a kitten is *hawt* ^..^ ~

  70. Two Sheds Jackson says:

    Hmmm not sure the top kitten theory explains my floofy dude’s penchant for slurping my neck under my chin though.

    And Theo – Mr Bounce is gorgeous – love the enormo whiskers and pouncy paws on him.



  72. hipster & kitster.

  73. My J.J. looked exactly like that when she was teeny. But she still does that to my husband (way bigger than I am… Alpha male thing, and all that), as does my 17 year old Toto… I had a cat named Spot once, too… ya wanna make something of that???

    Kecia and Penny both remind me of J.J….. I wannanotherkitten!!!! Wah!

  74. RJ — we still have a cat named Spot. She’s black, roundish, smallish, and has (DRAMATIC PAUSE) …a spot.

  75. ok guys, i took the picture. penny was 1 of 3 kittens we were raising for the animal trustees of austin (we have a soft spot for kittens..who doesnt!) and the “wet spot” is my shadow, incase you were wondering haha. eric is my fiance, and i could care less about the silly comments on here. he’s a great person and penny loved him dearly and demanded to sleep like that whenever she could, that alone intensifies both their cuteness to me!

  76. Wow that guy is about as cute as that kitten. Got the whole Colin Meloy look to him.

  77. YAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH!!! Spiky tail alert!

  78. hmm….,so cute….,cute baby…

  79. Way cute, of course! My daughter calls those tails ‘spear tails’ and how about the stage where their ears are on the side of their head before they mysteriously migrate up to the top???????