I daresay! What do you mean tea’s not ready?

[outrageous English accent] Why, why—I ordered it hours ago! Where the devil is it? I daresay you simply cannot get good help these days. Haruppphmph, pish posh and all that.


Ted C’s Galapagos seal is the most regal, elegant little Dude.



  1. That look he is giving is hilarious, his head is just held in such a way it really makes me laugh.

  2. Angelica says:

    Redonk cute!!

  3. it looks like she is holding out her little flipper to be kissed by all of her loyal, squee-ing subjects. She rules all because everyone wants to snorgle her fat rolls. She is royally cute

  4. Oh gawd! The ears! The little tiny ears! I want to play with them!!

  5. Cute little frosted “toes” and heart nose! Lovin the drowsy lids as well

  6. Speaking of critters – have a look at this little guy on the Nat Geo site – http://tinyurl.com/zhpfz

    Those eyes! Those ears!! That cheeky little smile!!!

  7. Two Sheds Jackson says:

    Meg – Hee hee -God help you if you ever go to Yorkshire or Devon (or anywhere other than the home counties) and tell them that’s an ‘English’ accent!;D
    However a posh accent definitely gets you better service when complaining so this little dude has the right idea. – It helps if you can look down your nose whilst having it up in the air and this sweetie has pretty much got that sussed!

    I want to snorgle behind the ears.

  8. That is the most darling, hugable, soft, fuzzywuzzyluffy looking thing ever!

  9. I read that with Stewie’s voice from Family Guy. It made me go awwww more.

  10. Perfect Round Face and Belly

  11. Love the total roundheadedness!

  12. can’t do much for ya in the way of tay, but i’ve got some fine ass coffee here…

    would ya like some clotted cream with that? and strumpets? -er, crumpets?

  13. LawrenceL says:

    Awwwww…. tiny ear floppage!

  14. Oh, so very cute!

    However, I suspect that external ears & seperable back flippers mean this is a Galapagos =sea lion= pup, not a seal.

    You may now return to your regularly scheduled adoration of cute….

  15. Kris, in New England says:

    He should be a guest on the Disapproving Rabbit site – http://www.birdchick.com/adventures/rabbit/rabbit-Pages/Image0.html

    He disapproves of all of us.

  16. Ryan, Stewie’s voice came to me, too.

    Elegant indeed, he’s even wearing velvet.

  17. Hit’s the Little Lord Fauntleroy.

  18. I daresay, this fluffy snorgleworthy seal is cute!

    (He looks like his name is Humphrey, or something!)

  19. Oh bollocks.

  20. Tony James says:

    TwoSheds – I tried and tried, but cannot imagine this chap with a Yorkshire accent…”Ee bah gum, la’, where’s ‘tea? Hast’a not meddit yet?”
    I can see him as a scouse Asbo-er, though – he’s almost wearing a hoodie, and they go a bundle of velvet tracksuits in that part of the world. Maybe he’s looking around to see if there are any bizzies about before he twocs someone’s motor…(he’d be right at home on the Close, no? 😉

  21. I too read it in Stewie’s voice before reading these comments! But somehow that made it less cute and more obnoxious, to me. It’s better to reread it in a girl hoity-toity voice.

  22. He’s waiting for Herring-Infused Earl Grey to become popular… *LOL*


  23. fuzzy + snobby = anerable

  24. Denise in Nebraska says:

    Meg, whatever you are getting paid to run this website (if anything) is NOT ENOUGH!!! Your captions are TOO MUCH!!! Too much, I say!!!!!!!!! Pish posh, Denise in Nebraska

  25. Baby Galapagos Seal?!!! GAHHH!
    Outrageous Limey-isms?!!! AIIIIIIIIIEEEEEEE!
    Baby Loris?!!! AAAAGH- [pludge]

  26. It’s actually a sea lion. Seals don’t have external ears. 🙂

  27. Dear God! Has anyone noticed that the ears and eyes are on the same level??? Someone please help me… that is just tooooo much.

  28. OK, Sea Lion pup (cub?) then.

    I don’t usually do this, but…
    THE EARS!!!
    THE EYES!!!
    And sweet holy mother of fluff, THE FINS!!!

  29. Also hearing Stewie here…and since I love Stewie it was just really really funny.

    And the bebe is so CUTE! (the sea lion bebe that is…)

  30. His Royal Highness looks highly upset there …

    OMG the velvety FUR!!!

  31. Tony James says:

    “Seals don’t have external ears.”
    Is this so that seals can listen to their inner voices? 🙂

  32. Constance says:

    hahaha. disapproving seal. Where can I find more pictures of this little dewd?

  33. lmao tony its sort of cute, in an old person kind of way, im thinking nel mangle from neighbours

  34. he’s beautiful!

  35. Tony James says:

    Good lord…Nel Mangle – there’s a blast from the past!! Actually just had a mental image of Clegg from Last of the Summer Wine. His face is more Compo, but his personality is Clegg. By extension, therefore, he could also be Wallis, but weirdly his face is more Gromit.

  36. haha, Teej: “inner voices”.

  37. I’m gonna flip him/her/it over and tickle the little fuzzy buzzy wuzzy belly! Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh goddamn!

  38. RevWaldo says:

    Can we have kippers for breakfast?

  39. i think they have ’em in texas, rev.

  40. fuzzy!! adorable!!

  41. Seal of Disapproval:

    “I get out of my Seal-y Posturepedic Cave this morning and tea is not served – YET? You are SACKED, without a reference!”

  42. He needs a little monocle! Pinkies up, little dude!

  43. Tony James says:

    Aubrey – prepare for your pun-ishment :p

  44. [ducks]

  45. and Finn, about that whole “earworm” complaint I remember you airing, a while back?…

  46. Tony James says:

    Theo – Duck & Cover?

  47. Works for me, TJ. Do they have a Nomex/Kevlar model?

  48. Tony James says:

    Teho – have not enquired, but I’m pretty sure anyone who’s prepared to drop $240 on a baby blanket that is destined to be ground zero for poo, pee, and puke would be in the market for Baby’s First Flakjacket, available in pastel pink or blue, for his/her first day at kindergarten (seriously – I still have a scar from my first day at Montessori when some evil little turrst-in-training beaned me with a building block).

  49. TJ — do you mean “terrorist” or “tourist,” there?
    Hmmm… never mind. Six of one, half dozen the other, I guess.

  50. hrh.squeak says:

    “What? No tea? Damn you and such.”

    Heeheehee, Ryan, you beat me to it.

  51. That’s it, Aubrey. Now if only we could kinda combine it with TJ’s version…

  52. Embroidered kevlar? Ornately embroidered kevlar?

    It would take an indstrial-powered sewing machine, but it could be done:


  53. Tony James says:

    So if Kevlar blankets can resist fragments travelling at 650 metres per second (which would not prevent Mac from reaching the kitchen when tuna is being opened, but no matter), then the needle on the sewing machine must be moving considerably faster than this. 650 m/s is knocking on for twice the speed of sound – none of the sewing machines mentions how fast the needle travels, but I can’t help thinking that it’s going to be somewhere south of Mach 2…

  54. LOL!!!

    You guys are *too* hilarious.

  55. Laurie C says:

    TJ, what would the speed be if it’s being carried by a swallow?

  56. Tony, this is a serious setback. We must make blue-duckie embroidered kevlar blankets a reality. If anything, to protect Mr. T. from the claw-wanderings of Mr. Bounce. I know nothing about sewing machines – I sew-by-hand, myself – I’m going to need some advice, here.

    LC: An African swallow?

    What’s your favorite color?

  57. Laurie C says:

    Ornage, no, blue! Aaaaaaaaah!

  58. Laurie C says:

    (I should get tossed off the bridge just for the typo.)

  59. Hypothetical problem #1: If the sewing machine needle is moving at twice the speed of sound, and needle breaks, no one would hear it until the entire blankie is bunched up irretrievably under the feed-dog. (yes, that’s a real part of the sewing machine)

    Hypothetical problem #2: If we move the needle up to the speed of light, the entire shebang would disappear before ever getting started.

    PS-cutest little seal 🙂

  60. Lol! That is probably the *only* Monty Python reference that I get. [sigh] I am so uncultured.

  61. If the sewing machine needle moves at twice the speed of sound, time stops, the earth goes spinning off its axis, the fourth seal is broken…SEAL??? NOOOOOO!!!!!

  62. OMG, Aubrey!! The SEVENTH SEAL would be broken in no time flat and we’d all be caught in an Ingmar Bergman nightmare… I feel my spirits darkening even as we speak…er, I mean, type.

  63. Tony James says:

    Aubrey – I think the solution is to have a thin ballistic nylon cover made for the blanket. A duckie could easily be embroidered on this, and it would have the added benefit of being removable for washing in case Mr. B-to-the-Ounce took to smurgling the blankie while digging his claws in.

  64. Tony James says:

    Jaypo – I don’t know about being in an Ingmar Bergman nightmare, but Ingrid Bergman is a frequent frequenter of my dreams… 🙂

  65. TJ — we’ll always have Uppsala…

  66. Tony James says:

    Theo – you can take penicillin for that these days – clears it right up :p

  67. You people.

    Much luvs.

  68. “Theo – you can take penicillin for that these days…”

    Thank you for addressing T.’s problem in such a mature fashion. It took real culture to say that.

  69. Sarcasta says:

    GEEZ! C’mon! Haven’t any of you seen the sci-fi forcefields where they repel FAST things like bullets, but allow SLOW things to penetrate? That’s what Kevlar does (I think… but don’t believe a thing someone named “Sarcasta” says!) So if your enemy is weraing kevlar, don’t swing a roundhouse kick to his head, or shoot him! NO! GENTLY lob him a hand grenade, and keep the pin for yourself!

    Added bonus: the squishy parts will be contained INSIDE the forcefield! No muss, no fuss… and only a 10′ diameter circle of goo to clean up.

  70. Sure, TJ’s a real gelitinman.

  71. Apparently Sarcasta’s still back on Arrakis with Duncan Idaho.

  72. Sarcasta says:

    Actually *cough cough* I was referring to Stargate SG-1. *cough cough*

  73. Tony James says:

    Duncan Idaho? Is he any relation to my old friend, Duncan Donutts?

  74. SG-1 *borrowed* that, m’dear.

  75. Sarcasta says:

    Well DUH! I know that NOW!

    (bows her head like the I’m sowwy bunny)

  76. You guys are nuts! Love the furrybabysealsealionwhatev.Snorgle! He/She needs either a bowtie or an opulent shoulder cape and scepter.

  77. lurkertype says:

    Cape and scepter! Yes!

  78. “We…are not amused.”

    Disapproving seal(ion), indeed!

  79. urr… im british and i find that extremly offensive cuteoverload we do NOT say things like that

  80. disapproving sea lion pup … with softest-looking neck roll ever. I can’t believe none of you guys commented on the neck roll! Flippers, ears, belly, but no neck roll. I want to drape him/her around MY neck.
    (uh … how heavy are these li’l guys?)

  81. Janell Danitschek says:

    OK, you guys are having much to much fun. But I (being a fan myself) do like the SG-1 and Dune references.

    Now as for the seal/sea lion (since we can’t decide what it is) I say:

    “I came for tea and all you had was fish. Off with your heads.”

    (my apologies to the Queen of Hearts)

  82. Tony James says:

    You know, if you look closely and squint your eyes a bit, you can almost see a “phhbbtttt” happening here.

  83. Brak_Silverbone says:

    It’s the half-closed eyes and the droopy mustache that makes the British accent perfect!

  84. I feel really bad about doing this, but the eyes simply scream ‘Widow of Windsor’ to me:


  85. hrh.squeak says:

    Teho – thanks for the chutney. I love Weebls’Stuff.

    I never knew sea lions had Belleh Buttons!! (prepares to dive for snorgles)

  86. Oh my gosh he is absolutely adorable! I’ve been having serious withdrawals not being able to get my cuteness fix at work since they installed a web filter 😛 At least I have something to look forward to about getting home! 🙂

  87. eep! Aubrey, you’re right.

  88. The Honourable Gladys Anstruther says:

    Meg, sorry to be pedantic but the expression is pish tush,I come from the home counties, Surrey actually. We have our staff horse whipped if they give bad sevice.

  89. lol, spiffing! they used to talk like that in Surrey where i lived for a while. Here in Devon it’s all a bit more casual. You’ve used ‘daresay’ all wrong though, it’s just ‘I say!’ not daresay, that’s just weird.
    Simply gorgeous animal, too. 😀

  90. ScorpioSpirit says:

    Velvety schflippers!! can these be used for anything else but looking decidedly helpless when out of water?

    P.S not to mention prosh.

  91. Two Sheds Jackson says:

    GASP heave of chest cough splutter – phew that was the result of chortling too much at all the comments.
    Pheral – don’t you think that the cute sea-lion could have a North-Devon farmer’s accent? He’s got his eyes half closed and with a bit of straw in his mouth he could be saying: ‘OIyall get that done dreckly moiy luverrr, doan eee wurry.’
    See I think that’s cuter than an Asbo scouser TJ – plus he could have a floppy felt hat which would just reach his ears. Ok I’ll stop now.

  92. it could possibly be so! he’d be a weirdly haughty devonshire seal though. it’s the expression that makes him orfully english.

    but the hat and the straw could do it. and he’d say ‘arrh!’ as farmers do… and now i’m thinking about Jack Sparrow… ::gurgles and slides off chair::

  93. oh, and you ever read Redwall? the moles talk just like that. fantastic.

  94. 2Sheds — that bit of colloquial dialog sounds, in my head, like… well, it was a train wreck of a crappy movie. But I’m talking about “Robin Hood — Prince of Thieves” (yes, the steaming dung cart full of Kevin Costner and Christian Slater)… but block all of the stupid Hollywood parts out, and think back to the Sherwood Forest scenes: Little John’s little lady spoke that way.

  95. Tony James says:

    2Shed – Are you suggesting that this fuzzy widdle guy should be auditioning for a part on The Archers? Eddie Grundy’s long-lost son, perhaps?

  96. Rich Fader says:

    [cue Lionel Jeffries as Grandpa Potts from “Chitty Chitty Bang Bang”…]

    This is livin’! This is style!
    This is elegance by the miiiiile…

    Oh the posh posh traveling life, the traveling life for me
    First cabin and captain’s table regal company
    Whenever I’m bored I travel abroad but ever so properly
    Port out, starboard home, posh with a capital P-O-S-H, posh

    The hands that hold the scepters, every head that holds a crown
    They’ll always give their all for me they’ll never let me down
    I’m on my way to far away ta ta and toodle-oo
    And fare thee well, and Bon Voyage, arrivederci too
    O the posh posh traveling life, the traveling life for me
    First cabin and captain’s table regal company
    Pardon the dust of the upper crust–fetch us a cup of tea
    Port out, starboard home, posh with a capital P-O-S-H, posh

    In every foreign strand I land the royal trumpets toot me
    The royal welcome mat is out
    They 21 gun salute me
    But monarchies are constantly commanding me to call
    Last month I miffed a Mufti but you can’t oblige them all
    Oh the posh posh traveling life, the traveling life for me
    Oh rumpetly tumpety didy didy dee dee dee dee dee

    Oh the posh posh traveling life, the traveling life for me
    First cabin and captain’s table regal company
    When I’m at the helm the world’s my realm and I do it stylishly
    Port out, starboard home, pooooosh with a capital P-O-S-H
    P-O-S-H, P-O-S-H…

  97. hrh.squeak says:

    YAY Rich Fader, I love that movie, where else could you see Dr. Goldfinger battling Benny Hill?? And the dance sequence in for Dick Van Dyke as the puppet is Amazing, bet his ankles hurt for Days. Plus many cute doggies! Toot Sweets! Yay!!!

  98. Two Sheds Jackson says:

    TJ – I have to admit to a lack of class in that I don’t follow The Archers (mind you I don’t follow any other soap either in my defence). – Do you think they could have a seal/ sea-lion character in it? Hell why not – Bouncer from Neighbours got away with it (ok so I didn’t say I’d never followed a soap).

    Theo – When I first heard Little John’s missus (I hasten to add that I worked in a cinema in Devon at the time) I nearly fell over- with my ice-cream tray- with laughter! Nottingham is considerably north of Devon and so that accent was geographically out by several hundred miles! Ahh bless Hollywood!

    Rich Fader – my Grandma used to go out by the roadside to watch the real Chitty-chitty-bang-bang as a kid. Cars were so rare then (especially in dirt poor rural Kent) that one going past was an event.

  99. [blinks]
    Good lord.

    I would just like to raise my Murrican arms in victory and receive the adoration of the throngs… for I have correctly spotted a regional Devon accent, after having *read* it in TwoSheds’ comment, having only ever *heard* it once, in a very silly movie, very many years ago.

    Autographs shall be tuppence a pop.

  100. Tony James says:

    Sheddlie – I reckon a sealion/seal/other pinniped of choice would make a fine addition to The Archers (I don’t listen to it either, but Radio 4 was the station of choice at Casa James during my formative years). The scene could run something like this:

    The Bull public house. Early afternoon. Door opens.

    Seal: (to barmaid) “Scuse me, luv, oi’m lookin’ fer Eddie Grundy.”

    Barmaid: “An’ oo moight you be, theyn?”

    Seal: “Oi just wants to see ‘im is aaaall.”

    Eddie Grundy: (walking in) “Oo’s lookin’ fer me, theyn?”

    Barmaid: “Oh ello Eddy. This bewhiskered gennlemen was askin’ ’bout you. Smells a bit fishy if you aask me, loike.”

    Eddie turns to look at the seal.

    Eddie: “Albert? Is that really you? Me long-laast son from moy dalliance with a mermaid while Oi wuz in the merchant navy all dem years ago?”

    Seal: “Arf arf arf!”

    [cue theme tune and fade out]

  101. LOL, TJ. Who needs radio??

    (kidding, Jan. I kid.)

  102. Two Sheds Jackson says:

    😀 Tony James – you are the best – I bow down to your superior silliness in all matters.

    Congratulations Theo – I should state for the record though that the accent employed in the afore mentioned film was a pretty generic west country one. Moving from one side of Devon to the other can give you several distinct accents. British accents are such fun I’m so sad that I lost mine. It’s probably down the back of the sofa at my Mum’s house. It seems to come back whenever I’m there.

  103. I’m just please you didn’t point out that I misused “throng”.

  104. …pleaseD.

    Need find food now.

  105. Tony James says:

    Theo – you can only eat when the latest episode of The Dooneses Do Downstairs!!

  106. Tony James says:

    Theo – you can only eat when the latest episode of The Dooneses Do Downstairs has been uploaded!!!

  107. Tony James says:


  108. …and anyway, it *is* uploaded, but it’s linked under a cat-related post. Go figure.

  109. Tony James says:

    Apologies, Mr. Theo – I shall now go and auto-flagellate and perform assorted acts of penance.
    (Stand down ze puddinkwerferschnorglekanonen, Kittinleutnant Arbed – ze krisis hast been averted.)

  110. puddink… werfer… schnorgle… kanonen…
    [shakes head slowly]
    [just keeps shaking head]

  111. The Honourable Gladys Anstruther says:

    Tony James, Great Archers parody I think i’ve just wet myself!

  112. It is amazing that something so adorable can survive in the wild ocean environment.

  113. i see some major ear floppage going on!! oo i just wanna cuddle and squish it!

  114. that lil baby looks soo sad….