What planet are we on again?

On the planet of Pocket Petia, these little cracker-eating guys are everywhere. Is he a Kangaroo rat? Holy smokes, I have no idea. Somebody hep me!




  1. “We call that one ‘Muad-dib’.”

  2. it looks like a jerboa to me.

  3. WHOA I need one of those. Too Cute. If not actually kangaroo rat, then something near a kangaroo rat.

  4. Roo-ratty, yes. Awesome legs… and tail.

  5. That WOULD be on the cute planet in zee outer spaceee!

  6. oooh, so cute it is dangerous. i hope it doesn’t find its way to earth, or we are all doomed. dooooooomed. meh, i think i will just bow down and worship it now, to save time.

  7. um… where’s its hands?

  8. constance says:

    yup! kangaroo rat!



    close up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Oh yeah I just image googled Jerboa and thats it.

  10. Is a Jerboa a kangaroo rat? The Jerboa looked like it had way bigger eyes that a kangaroo rat…

  11. There are 25 species of jerboa, aka kangaroo rat. And some other rodents that look remarkably similar, but are *not* jerboas.

    Google never fails.

  12. What the??!?!?

    It’s like some sort of mad scientist created it out of parts of cute fluffy things in an attempt to make something very, very odd….

  13. EC – the googles I pulled up said that although their appearance is similar, they are not related. I’ll try to find more as it wasn’t immediately obvious what the difference(s) was.

  14. SPROING!!!

    And, Dune! Just read that, Teho.

  15. Oh my god I must have one. That tail is completely redonkulous! The ears, the eyes, the giant back feetsies! *Promptly faints*

  16. It looks like a Dali painting.

  17. Kangaroo rat is North American and Jerboa is African….. still searching…..

  18. The toes! OH the toes.

    Also, are those tail-tracks I spy in the sand?

  19. Yeah, so I’m coming up pretty empty other than the KR is more closely related to the mouse and J is more closely related to the squirrel. Any physical descriptions are almost identical. other than *possibly* the size. I love to research, but hey, gimme a bone or somethin’ Mr. Internet. grrrrr….

    Ah well, whichever this little guy turns out to be, he’s pretty cool.

  20. arbed, I was looking at a UK-hosted mammal biology page for “rodentia.” Could be a nomenclature clash, like opossum/possum [the one that lives in the Antipodes], perhaps?

  21. I think it’s a jerboa. Kangaroo rats seem to have smaller ears.

  22. Jerboa have variously-sized ears. Some have teeny ears, while others have long, rabbit-like ears.

    arbed, methinks you’re right.

  23. Lol-Theo! He’s totally on “Dune”!

  24. Yeah, jerboas have variously sized ears, but all the images I’ve found of kangaroo rats so far, the kangarats have small, round ears, not the longish ears that this little guy has. Well, whichever way, he is very cute.

  25. IOOOOOOW! That thing is sooo freaky looking!!! =p

  26. lol I live in Nevada … I had childhood friends with a pet kangaroo rat. That is a kangaroo rat for sure. I have always loved those they are beyond cute you wanna lip-chomp the little puff on the tail

  27. brownamazon says:

    Maybe it’s one of those Womp-rats from Tatooine…

  28. nightbird says:

    kangaroo rat or whatever…does anybody believe the length of that tail? what is it 6″‘s????!!!

  29. nightbird says:

    I believe it might be a KR…I don’t know how hard is it to find saltines in Africa.

  30. OMG look at its big ol FEETS

  31. WTG Theo!

    I wonder if the kangaroo rat has partaken of the Water of Cuteness?

    ..the cute must flow…

  32. Jackie from Michigan says:

    It’s a gerbil on steroids, that’s what it is! Maybe someone put growth hormone in that cracker…or extra cuteness hormone…ah!

  33. That is so odd, just cute…..what a lonnng tail XDD

  34. Jackie from Michigan says:

    It’s a gerbil on steroids, that’s what it is! Maybe someone put growth hormone in that cracker…or extra cuteness hormone…ah!

  35. oppsie, I meant “but” instead of “just” LOL

  36. Sheilagh says:

    Mousekin’s jumper friend, obviously!


    Check out Mousekin’s Family if you ever happen across it. Page 3 of the story, a little jumping mouse comes along and confuses & bemuses Mousekin, the story’s heromouse.

  37. lurkertype says:

    Teho, my thought exactly! Are you the Kumquat HaagenDaas? (from the hysterical parody book DOON).

    Order Rodentia, family Ky-oooot!

  38. Laurie C says:

    That cracker piece looks kind of like a piece of foil or something, perhaps off the Mars Pathfinder. Apparently, our Mars explorers are being eaten by mutant mice!

  39. TOTALLY straight from dr. seuss. minus the wild colors, that is.

  40. mejezabel says:

    Now I TOTALLY see why that hair style was called the rat tail.


  41. Lurker T — dunno about the parody, but I got ya DOONses right heah.

    We’ve been playing the Wrestle the Hand game. Oh, and they’ve discovered the little 12V transformer for my speakers is warrrrm…

  42. It is by cuteness alone I set my mind in motion. It is by the snorgling that thoughts acquire speed, the lips acquire stains. The stains become a warning. It is by cuteness alone I set my mind in motion.

    Had to leave the land of lurking–hiya, Cuteologists!

  43. Laurie C says:

    Hi, Lemur, unlurked. Love ya name.

  44. Nice entrance, Lemur.

  45. Is there some sort of feet/tail to body ratio rule? This guy is soooo outrageous he’s anerable!


  46. I know I posted this a few days ago (yesterday?) in a comment to Laurie C, but I just had a quick peek at some of the pics and thought I’d post it again. Somewhat “familiar”, with a suspect little blue birdie icon, but different enough, maybe??? Anyway, no matter what you decide about the site, you can’t resist the pics. http://www.thecuteproject.com/

  47. It’s like they evolved into the ultimate feline taunting machines. Look at that flag tail. Nyahh neener nee nyahh!!
    [poink, poink, poink away into the sunset…]

  48. Laurie C says:

    arbed, great pix on that site. I love the little duck butts.

  49. I have seen these cute guys here (im in kuwait) they like to come on camp and arent shy at all. we feed them crackers and stuff and they hop away with it in their mouths(tooooo cute!) =>

  50. Strange… there does appear to be a suspiciously cracker-like object in that photo…

  51. lurkertype says:

    International cute-itude, then, josie? Spread the lurve (on crackers).

    Theo, I am way jealous that you get to touch the Doonseses. Sigh. I thought I was doing well to have gotten within 3 feet of the Tuxedo Horde this evening.

  52. Ivymeade says:

    Jerboa. The diff between them and Kangaroo rats is the continent they live on. Although they’ve developed similar adaptations to living in the desert, they’ve done so independently from completely separate parent species. It’s called convergent evolution.

  53. The tail OMG!!!

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  55. Check out this image of a 7-day old desert kangaroo rat (North America). Looks like our fella. http://www.biologynews.net/archives/2006/07/26/thieves_promote_stable_coexistence_among_desert_rodents.html

  56. Theo are we talking Dune or Doones or both?

  57. That rat is cute. Cute is the mind killer. Cute is the little death that brings total obliteration. I will face the cuteness. I will permit it to pass over me and through me.
    And when it has gone past I will turn the inner eye to see its path. Where the cuteness has gone there will be nothing. Only the rat will remain.

  58. On a somewhat related topic, my cat dragged a baby mouse inside tonight -so tiny!- and now it is probably somewhere unreachable (got kitty away and baby mouse is now hiding) … Any ideas?

  59. It’s a jerboa. I should know, I did a scientific illustration of one, and they have a definite distinct look that seperates them from kangaroo rats.

  60. acelightning says:

    At first I thought it might be a baby chinchilla, but the eyes are way too big. If you tried to describe that creature to someone, they’d say “there’s no such animal!”

  61. I have seen them in person. they are sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!(The EYEZZ..awwwwww!!!!) I just want to pick one up and squish and kiss it!! The closest I get is feeding them! too bad I cant show my pictures of them (I took on my cell phone) that is exactly what those little guys look like over here, i figured they were kangaroo rats with humongous eyes, but who knows!!

  62. does its posture remind anyone else of pika-pika-pikachuuuuu?

  63. jerboa!! i have one in my house right now. they are being sold as pets in malaysia!!! housemate bought it and we feel so sorry for it because it needs to be in the desert so we’ve made it a very nice house out of shoeboxes so it can tunnel and dig in sand!

  64. Definitely a jerboa

  65. AAWWWW..
    Do you get to hold it and snorgle it?! too cute I want 1 !!heheh

  66. I never saw one of those bfour but i think it would be called a kangarat if it was realy which it isent.

  67. I do i do! Its supposed to be in the wild so its not that snorglish. But its so snorgle material!

  68. Hilarious, Sarah. And Theo, you’re really on it with the Dune references tonight, huh?

  69. The best way to find out the species is to find out where the picture was taken.

    North America – kangaroo rat
    Africa – jerboa
    Australia – hopping mouse

    Those three are all different species that are similar due to convergent evolution.

  70. Jerboa. Must find you a picture of an Australian marsupial mouse one day. Ever so cute – until cornered… Then they look like Dracula’s toothier cousin but it’s all bluff…

  71. Very exquisite jerboa-guy!

    Maud-dib, indeed!

    Haha, Lemur-unlurked!

    Lurker, are the Tuxes “wild” kitties, then? I thought they were yours…the pics were so good.

  72. Not to start anything, but how can anyone doubt some sort of evolution process while looking at one of these critters….look how he is adapted for sand and desert. Amazing!

  73. EEeeeeedk, Ted….scary marsupial mouse….get it away!!!

  74. What ever it is called it has cheek pouches as well! What a defense mechanism big cat comes puffs out cheeck pouches looks cutely thru lashes and wafts cute tail pompom. Big cat rolls on back thinking its kitten and plays with tail pompom until exhausted KR surries away. This KR or whatever has evolved supercuteness

  75. I don’t know what it is, but now I REALLY want one! 🙂 “Jerboa,” huh? Cool.

  76. Muad’dib! Muad’dib!

    He is also known as Usul.

    Is that tail used for balance or just for impressing the ladies?

  77. Brak_Silverbone says:

    This looks an awful lot like a Greater Egyptian Jerboa. A friend of mine lives in Japan and has one as a pet. (Yes, you can get many animals in Japanese pet stores that you would need a permit to keep in the U.S.) His body is about the size of a tennis ball, and the tail is about 10″ long. And he can run and jump like nobody’s business! And he’s very intelligent, too.

  78. OMG SO CUTE! Check out the search results:


    !!!!!!!!!!!!! BEEEEG EARS, teeeeny bodeh, heeeuuuge tail! ZOMG!

  79. I like the white fur at his heinie, but I think that tail was photoshopped on. 😛

  80. CatFreak says:

    I’m a desert freak as *well* as a CatFreak, and I think it’s a kangaroo rat. Usually, one sees them hopping around in one’s headlight beams as one drives down dirt roads in the desert after dark.

    Love the Dune references. When my boys were little, they used to spend long hours playing “Gom Jabbar” with a small coffee table and a claw-y little cat who liked to hide under that coffee table.

  81. Gawd, Im soooooo glad Im not the only person who looked at this and immediately decided it was a muad-dib. I love you guys.

    Now I need to dig my Dune books out of my packing boxes and read them instead of unpacking my new digs. Sigh.

    Oh, and if anyone is interested, I wrote a paper once on how the six books in the Dune series are informed by Aristotelean tragedy, Nietzchen appolonian and dionysian philophy, and the post-colonial concept of the other. Oy.

  82. Subhangi says:


  83. I think that is a kangaroo rat. Whats with the cracker?

  84. looook at his/her paw……so incredible >.<

  85. chibinightmare says:

    Lurv the racing stripes on his sides and haunches… like nature telling you he’s fast!

  86. race car driver says:

    what’s a muad-dib. not in the glossary yet.

    did you see that total rip-off web site that arbed mentioned

  87. race car driver – muad dib is a Dune reference. I don’t know a thing about Dune (much to some friend’s surprise… lol) but you’ll note all the other references in the comments. I doubt it will be glossary-worthy.

    I did allow that the cuteproject site is similar, but as I said, you can’t deny the cuteness of the pics. I wasn’t endorsing it, just sharing some cute.

  88. notanumber says:

    Yep! It is a fact! It is kangaroo rat. Says so in the Wikipedia, ‘cuz I just put that in the Wikipedia.

  89. “Strange… there does appear to be a suspiciously cracker-like object in that photo…”
    Really, I think this proves massive cover-up regarding the Roswell Incident. I mean, *they* might call it a cracker but we know Saltines from Mars is not the issue.

  90. wow look at his feet its HUGE! haha

  91. Laurie C says:

    “Whats with the cracker?”

    Yes, I’ll admit it. Horse23, whenever I see a small, cute animal, I always think, “I’ll bet that tastes good on a cracker.” Perhaps someone’s getting a snack ready.

  92. ‘oriental offensive to Asians’

    okay… i guess every race has it (negro, afro-american, african-american, black american)…

    I’ve had this discussion with Chinese foreign exchange students (you know, people who aren’t three-generations American trying to dictate what offends others of their race that’s not American-borne… you know… THOSE types.)

    The impression I got was that the ‘oriental offends asians’ is a north american thing and not so much in other places…. is this true or not? There was also a student from Derbyshire (UK) that had asian descent who said that ‘asians’ in London don’t get upset over the word ‘oriental’.

    Also, ASIAN connotates OTHER folks besides those we typically consider ‘oriental’. There’s more to Asia than China, Korea, et.al.

    So, what’s the REAL deal? Is this just American sensibilies trying to dictate what people consider rude for the entire world? Or is this a legitimate trend from actual asian folks living in Asia and NOT in the US or Canada or London?

    And, if so, has anyone asked the non-‘oriental’ people how they feel about being lumped in with said ‘oriental’ people when the term “asian” is used?

    I mean, do people ven THINK when they decide that some words are bad and some are good?

  93. Not only am I getting visual cute but the comments are giving me learning too.
    Multi purpose CO!

  94. South Asian: from the Indian subcontinent, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka.

    East Asian: Japan, Korea, China.

    Southeast Asian: from Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Burma, Indonesia, Malaysia.

  95. Oops – make that “subcontinent.”

    “Oriental” makes more sense in Latin languages, where the literal meaning is “east” or “eastern.” (Ask some Cubans if you’re curious about this, as some of them are “oriental” – from the “oriente,” the eastern part of the country.)

  96. Some of those picts on Cute Project are really sweet! But nothing can replace the pearls of wit and wisdom from Our Fearless Leader or her impeccable taste. 😉

  97. So…this is what’s coming out of the Disney genetics lab these days. Those feet…they are so Tweety.

  98. Cathryn Bauer says:

    It’s Mars Mouse!

  99. ElfOwl — Amazingly, I am actually interested in your paper. Although, I’m having a hard time imagining “Aristotelian tragedy” and “post-colonial view of The Other” in the same paper? (God I’m a dork).

  100. ElfOwl wrote:

    “Oh, and if anyone is interested, I wrote a paper once on how the six books in the Dune series are informed by Aristotelean tragedy, Nietzchen appolonian and dionysian philophy, and the post-colonial concept of the other. Oy.”

    I solemnly swear that ElfOwl and I are not the same person.

    Oh, and floof is the mind-killer.

  101. I want one now…

  102. Lurker T — well, all we had to do (after all the paperwork and training and lecture) was wait for a call from the local Humane Society, then show up with a kennel carrier. You’re doing more of the “front-end” stuff.

    Crrash — both, yep.

    Becca — Dune is one of my fave books of all time; I don’t know how many times I’ve read it. Not *quite* so enthralled with the later books in the series, though.

    NotANumber — LOL.

    Race Car Driver — “Muad’dib” is a Frank Herbert name for a kangaroo rat, on Arrakis (aka “Dune”). Also, don’t worry about “rip-off” sites. Cute Overload is the top of the genre, for quality of content & comments.

    Bruce — wrong thread, eh?

    ElfOwl — also, European imperialism, OPEC, and Mid-Eastern & Arabian Peninsula culture & politics since the 70s…

    And for those who are subverting the Litany Against Fear — it ain’t “cute” or “floof” that’s the mind-killer. In fact I’d go so far as to say just the opposite. I am TEWTELLY a believer in Kitten Therapy.

  103. Looks like a jerboa to me too. The ears are too big for a roo-rat.

  104. lurkertype says:

    Hear hear Theo! Cute is the mind-restorer, the antidote to fear.

    I’m not wild about the later books either — I eventually stopped reading them and kind of wish I’d stuck to the first one only.

    Lauri, the Horde are indeed feral. They just happen to live in my yard, and we have a camera with a good zoom. We’re leaning out of the bathroom window above Tuxedo Junction to get the pics. As long as we’re on the inside, they don’t mind. Outside is another story.

  105. Laurie C says:

    lurkertype, don’t fall out the window, whatever you do!

  106. You post to a site the renders otherwise intelligent, sardonic paragons of wit such as myself to drooling, atavistic variations on “awwwwwwwwwwomg I wandda itsybitsy widdle bunny to snooooooooorg!!1” and you’re still arguing cute ISN’T the mind killer?

  107. lurkertype says:

    Cute is the vocabulary-killer?

    Thanks, LaurieC — mostly I hope I don’t drop the camera into the Junction! Have to keep the strap around my wrist, since fetching it would be traumatic for us all.

  108. Sarah – wordy McFl00fy word.

    Other reputable scholarly sources forward the hypothesis that cute and fear are, in fact, quite compatible.

    References here:

  109. Cute is the narcotic that renders normally highly-functional, capable brains to squishy, ooshy-gooshy little piles of mush that can only muster up enough linguistic ability to say things like “awww” and “squee”.

    Fortunately, such brains have the capacity to recover. Only until knocked to their knees again by another Posting of Cuteness.

    It never ends.

  110. Villeline says:


  111. Sarah — uhmmmm… yeah? ‘Cause of da gooberwibbly woogumses all rolypoly on dere ginormous FEETS an jus LOOKit da ickle snorgiebottoms!!!

    And we *have* a vocabulary tool for those who need it, y’know. 😉

  112. To love da Cute is to trust,
    Whether a hammie in a pillow
    Or a kitty in a bust.

    We love da Cute–it’s good!
    The ratties and the bunnies,
    Or Roofies in his hood.

    Brains love cute. They squish,
    On every floofy fuzzball floats
    Another happy wish.

  113. Elf Owl, that sounds like a terrific paper that probably terrified your prof. (I managed to sneak a citation from Analog (SF magazine) into my thesis on “The Decision to Investigate a Budget Variance,” and I just *know* that some prof out there was wondering, “What university publishes a journal called Analog?”)

  114. Elfie, now THAT sounds like a brain-squisher!

  115. “We call that one ‘Muad-dib’.” – posted by Theo

    nice one Theo! Love that comment. 😀 Fits perfectly!

  116. AHHHH! My gene-splicing experiment escapee! Give it back!


  117. Okay, you who asked for it. I’ve slapped it up on a slapped together website in PDF form.


  118. ¡Oye, ElfOwl! Gracias, girl…


  120. It is by will alone I gaze upon the cuteness.
    It is by the floof of the kitten that the thoughts begin to mellow, the brain begins to squee, the squees become a warning.
    It is by will alone I gaze upon the cutness.

  121. Redzilla, I was just thinking “I see a Disney character here.” Glad I wasn’t the only one. Whatever it is, it’s awwwsome.

  122. lurkertype says:

    ElfOwl, what grade did you get?

  123. totally muad-dib.

  124. ElfOwl – thanks for the post. I skipped that whole Dune thing when it was all the rage. I’m looking foward to reading your paper and then going back to see what it’s all about. I’m a bit of a geek like that…

  125. It’s a robot mouse from space!

  126. Definitely a Kangaroo rat! If you can post where it was seen, we can narrow down the species.

  127. Idiot Filter says:

    It’s a JERBOA, you ignorant cutemongers

  128. Hey IF – you missed one.

  129. BenPanced says:
  130. I think it may be a Fresno kangaroo rat. This is a sketch, not a photo, but note the little racing stripe:


  131. Word, Arbed.

  132. I believe this is a jerboa also.

  133. paulette says:

    It is by will alone I gaze upon the cuteness.
    It is by the floof of the kitten that the thoughts begin to mellow, the brain begins to squee, the squees become a warning.
    It is by will alone I gaze upon the cutness.

    I am now a Cutetat! I can process images of cutitude at the speed of light! (Luv those “Dune” references.)

  134. I think it’s either a jaculus jaculus (lesser egyptian Jerboa) or Jaculus Allactaga tetradactyla (Four toed Jerboa)

    We have them in most of Europe as pets – if rare!
    As a member of the british gerbil society I have seen a few before, specifically at a show where members brought them along to show the public!

    They are amazing animals and boy can they jump. They have evolved so well for their african environments that they no longer need water – they metabolise if from their food.

    Jaculus Allactaga tetradactyla


    Jaculus Jaculus

    Greater Egyptian Jerboa


    I would say the main difference between the kangaroo rats and Jerboas are that Jerboas have a very strange face… their nose looks almost as though it’s been cut off.

  135. Lurkertype, got an A, of course :-). The prof was actually a big fan of pop culture.

    Oh, and if anyone wants to tell me I’m wrong, go ahead. E-mail should be linked around here somewheres.

  136. Oh oh oh! Sorry for the double post, but I was just scrolling back through these, and it CAME to me! *I* know what planet we’re on. Planet of the Hoojibs!

    I had these casette tape/picture book sets when I was little, and they’d keep me occupied on car trips. And I had a Star Wars one that had the original trilogy in grossly abridged form, then three others, one of which was Planet of the Hoojibs. Hoojibs were these little mousey dudes that were being opressed by this giant bug/falcon cross, from the pictures. Wish I could remember what it was called. But it was horking their energy crystals or something, and Han and Leia killed it, and saved the Hoojibs.

    Does anyone else out there have any *IDEA* what I’m talking about? I’ll stop babbling now.

  137. Double-0 StiltRat says:

    So adorable! And Wysseri, thanks so much for the photos and jerboa info! Am lucky enough to have a Greater Egyptian jerboa (here in Japan they and other types of jerboa are sold as pets under the catch-all name “tobinezumi”: “flying mouse”!). Here’s my stilt-rat Lowan ostriching along:
    And making a mondo leap:

  138. Brak_Silverbone says:

    **waves at Double-0 Stilt Rat**

  139. Brak_Silverbone says:

    Oh, and ElfOwl? I’m selling a bunch of old Star Wars stuff for a friend of mine (it’s been cluttering up my living room for months…), and one of the things I sold was the PLANET OF THE HOOJIBS book! I didn’t look at it very closely, though. I think I glanced at it and thought, “Ewh, ewoks!” and put it down hurriedly.

  140. The Honourable Gladys Anstruther says:

    I still don’t get who this Maud Dib is whatdid she do?

  141. The Honourable Gladys Anstruther says:

    I still don’t get who this Maud Dib is what did she do?

  142. Honourable — some explanation mentioned here:

    “Muad-Dib” was the familar name that Paul Atriedes took, when he joined the Fremen, on his way to becoming the Kwisatz Haderach (a messiah figure).

  143. Quokkas are cute too, talking of kangaroo rat. but our school leavers kick them and beat the pudding out of them and feed them berocca so their stomach explodes =( I love zee quokka and zee jerboya thingy

  144. The Honourable Gladys Anstruther says:

    Thanks Theo but I was taking the piss as we say here in Engulund

  145. Double-0 StiltRat says:

    Brak Silverbone!! Lowan wants you to come back and play Chase-Chase and Sand Skootch with him! (He seems convinced that human hands are fellow stilt-rats…somewhat physically challenged ones, but hey!)
    Wasn’t sure if you’d seen these, but here are two more pictures of Lowan:
    Masquerading as a tennis ball:
    Ready for action:
    Thanks for telling me about Cute Overload–this place is great!!

  146. Double-0 StiltRat says:

    Brak Silverbone!! Lowan wants you to come back and play Chase-Chase and Sand Skootch with him! (He seems convinced that human hands are fellow stilt-rats…somewhat physically challenged ones, but hey!)
    Wasn’t sure if you’d seen these, but here are two more pictures of Lowan:
    Masquerading as a tennis ball:
    Ready for action:
    Thanks for telling me about Cute Overload–this place is great!!

  147. hrh.squeak says:

    Double-O Stilt Rat – welcome to Cute Overload! You couldn’t have a better intro that Lowan – what an Amazing CutiePie!!! More pics, please?

  148. Brak_Silverbone says:

    Hey Double-0–tell Lowan I’ll be there as soon as I can! I need to get more whisker-tickles from my li’l stilt-rat buddy! I don’t think I had seen those photos before. I love the second one–it actually shows his front legs (which is great to show people that these critters DO have forelegs in spite of what it looks like at first glance), and I love the way he’s putting his fingertips together oh, so precisely. You’ll have fun here–there’s lotsa nice folks!

  149. It is not a kangaroo rat, it is a jerboa


  150. ‘Muad-dib’ eh? Many people from my homeplanet here.

  151. I don’t know what’s cute the fluff ball at the end of the tail or it’s cute nocturnal like eyes O.O

  152. I think he’s wearing his dad’s shoes and tail.

  153. Yes it definitly a kangaroo rat! I lived all my life in the desert and that is where most of them are found.

  154. I think that Linda stinks! Shes a fag.

  155. sean vartiainen says:

    what is that thing cause i might be able to get one