I hate ceramics

"Bleeeeeechhh!" painted ceramics are laaaaaaaaaaame! I mean look at these ‘yellow painted grapes’. Puh-lease. Does that make any sense? Noooooooo! [Singsong] You know what I say? Pbbbbbttthhhht! [sticks tongue out]


Stheriously, Helen, U. OMG.



  1. Caroline says:

    Bunneh tongue! How wee! 🙂

  2. luf de tongue!

  3. This is *dangerously* cute! My head almost asploded.

  4. Squee!

    Where’s that pettable screen technology, Meg?

  5. OHMIGOD! Must tug the tongue! That should be a new category

    … is he related to the round bun below?

  6. Aaack! My mother owns that ceramic bunny (and two others like it)!! *LOL* Check out his puffitude — you can see its shadow on the wall!

  7. oh, geez, I just melted!! It’s Armchair Vet and Roundest Bun melded into one. (I like the corny ceramic bunny…)

  8. mejezabel says:

    oh that’s just redonkulously anerable!

  9. Oh sweet heaven! SOCUTE.

  10. ah, another art critic! 😉

    ( )
    ” “

  11. Dee tonnng. I lof eet. And dee muzzelpouf, she ees purrrfect. And dee eeerz! Dee eeerz, peeple!


  12. The Buns face is sooooo perfect.

  13. Teehee! I just noticed the bun is IN the ceramic bun! Too cute. This is insane. IN-SANE I tells you!

  14. Fish Eye no Miko says:

    Hehhe… Cheeky bunny!
    [yellow grapes?!]

  15. zosterops says:

    I’m sorry, but no – this bunny looks too dumb to be cute. spoilsport, I know.

  16. This is a riot! I agree with the bunny. Blech on, li’l art critic.

  17. Just the bun tongue alone or the bun in the bun alone would have been seriously cutiful, but together…together…aaaaaaagggghhhh! too funnnneeeee!

  18. Razz on, little guy. Razz on.

    Am I the only one semi-weirded out by the stoned/drunk look in the ceramic bunny’s eye?

  19. chackler says:

    Oh my gosh! Oh Lord! Sweet nut sampler! Holy crap! Can’t think… can’t speak… you know why…


  20. Hmmm… another tongue for my “THPPPP” avatar, methinks…

  21. Subhangi says:

    Teh Tongue, Little Bun! Teh TONGUE!

  22. What a sassy bun!

  23. persimmontree says:

    i guess i am going to miss out on all my plans this weekend since i just DIED LAUGHING.

  24. This lil bun is clearly in the teenage “nothing is cool” phase…

  25. Netherland Dwarf rabbit, owner!!♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ says:

    Bunbun:”I’m cuter than this nic-nak and everybody knows it, neener! Neener!”

    (Sticks tongue out and makes the motor’s running sound effect with it…C’mon, ya just gotta know what I’m describing…Right?…

  26. bunny tongues are the cutest things. i loved watching my bun shoot her little tongue out, licking her lips after eating a juicy piece of fruit.

  27. eeeeeeeh a baby bunny tongue, cuteness not easy to catch on film, those tongues move very quickly.

  28. Piggalette says:

    Spoilsport alert! Sorry but that looks totally ‘shopped to me. The tounge is crooked for goodness sake. The bunny on bunny is cute though.

  29. Laurie C says:

    Totally off-topic, breaking news: another three boxcar kittens have been rescued! This is all of one litter from a dilute calico momcat. Two were caught by the woman who’s been feeding this colony for years (all props to her) and one was caught by me today, and they’re all back together in this woman’s bathroom, soon to be official foster kitties.
    Here are some photos from the week before they were caught.


    They have fleas (of course) and very runny eyes, all but the one on the left in the second picture. She eluded us for the extra day because with her eyes less gummed up, she could see people coming better and make a quicker escape.

  30. Laurie C says:

    P.S. More pix late tonight or tomorrow. That’s six rescued since July 7. We now have all the wee ones of an age to be socialized and will start trapping moms on Monday.

  31. Ceramic? Ugleh

    Fluffeh bunneh? Cute

  32. Netherland Dwarf rabbit, owner!!♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ says:

    So not photo shopped…
    They have to manuver around big front teeth even as babies.

    & That could very well be a fully grown Netherland Dwarf breed with even bigger teeth to get up/over/around.

    Besides tongues are capable of side to side movement too. last time I checked.

  33. *eyeroll* I knew someone was gonna cry “SHOPPED!!” and it would be about the tongue. Good grief, people. Just because you think it looks off doesn’t mean it’s ‘shopped.

  34. It is the Two-Headed Bunny of Dooooomm.

  35. lurkertype says:

    I agree with this fuzzy art critic bun. Who will obvy grow up to be a Disapproving Rabbit.

    Yay for more Boxcar rescues! I got within 3 feet of the Tuxedo Horde last night — or rather they got close to me when I stood still long enough for them to forget I am something other than lawn decor.

  36. Absolutely no ‘shop job here – buns stick their tongues out a lot, while licking their lips. if the shutter’s tripped at the right time, you end up with all kinds of odd-angled shots.

    Which is something I *love* about bunnies, and about bunny pics.

  37. Congrats Laurie C – keep up the great work!

  38. LOL, thinkie :-p

    YAY Laurie C! Good job!

  39. Laurie C,

    I know they aren’t, but in the pictures the boxcar kitties look *very* ferocious.
    many props to you for their rescue.

  40. Jackie from Michigan says:

    “Whaddaya mean Easter was four months ago? NYAAAAH!!!”

  41. I think it’s about time “showing your tiny tongue” was made an official Rule of Cuteness™.

  42. Thinkie, I think the Pushme-pullyou was photoshopped. *sticks out not so cute large human tongue* 😉

    As for the tiny adorable bun-tong-age….yeeees!!! Kyoooot!

    And Lauri C, those kittens SO need you! Poor little things! Great job you guys are doing with those kits!

  43. Brak_Silverbone says:


  44. Photoshopped!!! No!!! Tell me it isn’t true!!

    (skulks away to cry over another childhood myth busted)

  45. lurkertype says:

    Seconding Wolf. Teeny tongues are definitely a Rule of Cuteness (TM). O please, Meg, make it so!

    Some friends are coming over to look upon the Tuxedo Horde in a few minutes. Gotta spread the cuteness. Oh, their eyes are starting to turn not-blue! How old does that make them?

  46. That is tooo cute 🙂

  47. Laurie C says:

    mariser, I was doing a little victory hop about outsmarting the kitten and then realized, “Yeah, I’m so proud I outsmarted a 6-week-old fuzzer with a brain the size of a hazelnut.” And had to laugh at myself.

  48. Laurie C — don’t knock the achievement. They’re wily li’l buggers.

  49. Laurie C says:

    And fast. After she bolted once, I put down an open tin of kitten food near the mom. I figured when she started eating, kitten would come back and share in. She did. While she was chomping, I grabbed her up. Mom hissed, and kitten hissed in the short scrabble, then I got kitten stuffed in a canvas bag I had with me. People have been asking “How did momcat take it when she saw you take her kitten?” Answer: when I left, she was back to eating the kitten food.

  50. lurkertype says:

    They can also move in directions and dimensions we cannot, Laurie. I bow to your kittin-katchin’ talent.

    Heh on momcat. Once they’re weaned, she can’t wait to have the lil’ fuzzballs gone.

    Note to self — invest in canvas bag for grabbing Horde.

  51. Laurie C says:

    lurkertype, the initial grab was done by throwing a towel over kitten and food, but I missed and only got it half on. Still got the drop on her, though. Canvas bag was what I stuffed her in once I had her squirming in my paws. And she stopped fussing once she was in it.

  52. <333333

    *yanks bunny out of photo and snorgles it*

  53. lurkertype, they’re probably about 8 or 9 weeks old. A few years ago, I adopted two kittens that were six weeks old and their eyes were bright blue. It was on a Memorial Day weekend and by Father’s Day their eyes had turned a grayish-green color, so that should give you some idea.

  54. Thinker,

    This isn’t photoshopped its just too subtle if it were shopped the tounge would be central and just not ‘right’ where would they get a mini bun tounge from to cut and paste. Mind could bun be going pheweeee I want to get out of this, and I wouldn’t put you nose in here for a while mommy/daddy?

  55. Bunnies Rule!! PLLLLLTTTTT!!

  56. lauowolf says:

    Laurie C-

    Kitten rescue is never off topic.
    (what could be cuter?)

    Our new guy (Wolfgang) was a rescue kitten, and is in the process of becoming the-best-kitty-ever.

    I am totally grateful to the anonymous kitten rescuers who saved him from a life as a feral.
    And awed by the time they must have spent socializing him.
    And the fact that they then managed to give him up!

    Anyway, you guys are my heroes — Wolfie can’t thanks you, so I will.

    Oh, and does anyone else think that Bun here looks as if he just finished off whatever herbage had been carelessly left in bunnyvase?

    Phhhbbtthht, pansies!
    Where’s my endive?

  57. LurkerType — here’s another thought: BUTTERFLY NET. Probably only sturdy enough for kittens, though. Will you be snagging the momcat & tom, too, for spaying/neutering?

    Lauowolf — Bunners wants cilantro, not endive. 😉

  58. Laurie C says:

    Boxcar Kitten photo alert! Caution: contains cute *and* cute/sad content.

    Here are some last photos of boxcar kittens Puffin & Pufferfish before I gave them over to their official foster home:
    Puffin, official portrait:

    Pufferfish, official portrait:

    Pufftwins in the laundry basket (with fleas and diarrhea, they created a lot of laundry):

    The next litter that was rescued (some photos show that they have gummy eyes – no disgusting close-ups, tho’):
    Pre-rescue, Mom and kittens:

    Two of the litter, less than 24 hours after rescue:

    Kitten V, post-rescue:

    Kitten W, post-rescue:

    Kitten X, post rescue (the one I grabbed):

  59. Adorable, as always, LC. And you say that all the kitties have been snagged now?

  60. Laurie C says:

    All the ones young enough to socialize that we know of. There’s one mom who may have given birth since the end of June, but is still hiding her kittens. We’ll see.

  61. lurkertype says:

    Awwww, Laurie C! You are doing such good work.

    Mom Tux certainly did an excellent job of hiding her kittens, then, if they’re 8-9 weeks old and we’ve only seen them for a week. She does get very anxious when they leave the Junction.

    I fret that they’re too old to be socialized. And I’m going to go out of town soon for 10 days so I can’t take them in. Maybe I can at least get them fixed after I get back. Dad’s a wily one, he’d be tough to trap even with food and a steel cage.

  62. Laurie C says:

    lurker T., I know how you feel. After rescuing one from one particular litter, I went away for a week, and then missed seeing the rest of the litter around again for another week after that. In those weeks they passed the critical 8-weeks mark for easy socialization and now are not good candidates. Those two weeks meant the whole difference in feral lives vs. home lives. It makes me sad. I’m now determined to trap them when they are old enough (6-7 months) to be spayed/neutered.

  63. lurkertype says:

    Laurie, Her Royal Tortieness, Queen of the Lurker Household, was 12 weeks (3 months) and already fixed when we got her (she and her sisters had been fosters born in captivity to a feral mom). So I know they can fix ’em younger than 6 months. Which seems ideal since you never know if’n they might be precocious.

  64. Laurie C says:

    Oh, good, I’ll look into it more, then. My cat book here at home was the one that said 6 months.

  65. bunnie man says:

    wonderfull sweet and cute

  66. Wow, Laurie C.

    Kudos for an amazing job.

    And it’s a good thing that your previous Puffer Pics already killed me. If not, I’d be killed by looking at those pics. As it is, I’m already dead and can look at them safely 😉

  67. Tiny little baby, cuteness…

  68. Wow, Lauri C, you are my hero too! I keep thinking I’d like to do work with ferals some day, now that I can’t foster any more.

    And yes, kittens can be spay/neutered much younger than six months now. Depends on what vet you talk to, some are more open to it than others. Females can actually go into heat as young as four months, so watch out! :o)

    Had that happen with a female foster kitten once, and one of my *fixed* males kept trying to *satisfy* her. He was quite frustrated when I had to put her in a kennel till I could get her to the vet…

  69. waiii! bunny tongue! i love how tiny and pink it is!

  70. Tigeress – dude, my mom had that ceramic bunny too. It sat on the back of the toilet and creeped me out for years.

  71. he is the soooooooooooo cute

  72. The Honourable Gladys Anstruther says:

    I totally agree with the bun that ceramic is shite

  73. that is the kyootest bunny ever… i love its face… its all like “bleh, but i am so kyoot with my tiny ears”

  74. Awww the lil tongue is sooooo cute