The roundest bun ever

The ROUNDEST bun of all time was captured on film, ladies and gentlemens. The PERFECT Fluffball™. Make that a Perfect FluffBall Cleaning himself. No, no, make that a Perfect FluffBall Cleaning Himself on a Red Satiny Background. Yes, that’s it.


Sent in by genius Helen U. Damn, Girl.



  1. A perfect jewel

  2. chunkstyle says:

    Oh heck, that is just too much and I think (correct me if I’m wrong)…Is this a marmalade bunbun? Double cuteness points all ’round.

  3. AuntieMame says:

    He looks like a cinnamon roll!

  4. First??!!

  5. Houston, we have achieved world peace.

  6. Deckard Canine says:

    Perfect enough to be on a movie poster: “American Cutie.”

  7. he looks like his biting an itchy spot.

    Cute Bunners!!

  8. …wow.

  9. I have been terribly depressed lately and this was a nice pick-me-up… the power of cute is big. Luckily I have my CuteOverload prescription, although it IS quite addictive.

  10. “roundest bun” has great potential for Cute Overload T #3.

    and o the red satiny background of fabulousness!!

  11. And just LOOK at the beautiful almond-shaped eye(s), in addition to all the fuzzy loveliness!!!!

    My hand is just aching to curl around this round little love-muffin….

  12. Oh, and to scritch the little domed forehead, sigh….

  13. It’s a marmalade bun muffin!

  14. Awww, punkpie, I’m sorry you’ve been down. Sending you big (((((hugs)))) and encouragement.

    And look at that cute bunny eating himself up!! I must look away or be corrupted.

  15. chet's momma says:

    i would name this roundie Sugar. Sugar-Bun. I would hug him and squeeze him and love him….

  16. chet's momma says:

    i would name this roundie Sugar. Sugar-Bun. I would hug him and squeeze him and love him….

  17. chet's momma says:

    i would name this roundie Sugar. Sugar-Bun. I would hug him and squeeze him and love him….

  18. chet's momma says:

    i would name this roundie Sugar. Sugar-Bun. I would hug him and squeeze him and love him….

  19. chet's momma says:

    i would name this roundie Sugar. Sugar-Bun. I would hug him and squeeze him and love him….

  20. chet's momma says:

    i would name this roundie Sugar. Sugar-Bun. I would hug him and squeeze him and love him….

  21. Not an actual sighting of a tongue. Just a tiny indentation of the fur to indicate the presence of the tongue juuust out of sight.


  22. That’s almost too cute. It’s like a mutant furball that sprouted a head.

  23. Courtney says:

    If only the dustbunnies under my bed looked like this!

  24. The EARS!!! Leetle, nibbly ears! Makes me long for Easter and my Choco-Bunny!!

    What a cutie! CO, you’ve outdone yourself!

  25. it’s a bun bun!

  26. It’s not really a Bun, it’s actually two Tribbles sitting on top of each other. Someone stuck eyes and ears on it to fool everyone! *grin*


    (Neeeeed coffeeeee….)


  27. Laurie C says:

    This is the cute version of a snake eating its tail.

  28. carbontetra says:

    The Spice Must Flow!

  29. !!!!


  30. ~snorgles~

  31. O

    THAT’S IT! I’M DONE! I will never EVER see anything more joyous than this baby ‘bun’dle of perfection!!!


  32. I keep CO on the top of my favorites list just for days when I’m stressed and/or depressed. Lately is seems more so than not and then this little cutie of a bun-bun shows up and I can’t help but get all warm and happy inside!

    Thanks CO! You just pulled another person out of the depths of depression!

    This has to be the most perfect baby bun ever!

  33. unbelievable! Well done! *applause*
    best bun pic ever

  34. Can’t… help… but… stare… to… cute.

    Cute Bun of the Year vote here, anyone with me?

  35. Finn — T-shirt, IM icon, new site logo (you’re all about rebranding, right?), kick-drum graphic…

    D2D — we’re brewing espresso RIGHT NOW. How soon can you get here?

  36. Though I’m not a huge bun fan, this guy is super-cute. He IS very much like a cinnamon roll – he’s a Cinnabun!

  37. AuntieMame says:

    LOL, Alexis! I just posted in the other thread that you needed to come see the Cinnabun, but I see you already have!

  38. ahhhh… and he’s got marmelade whiskers, too!

  39. Theo–give me a head-start of about…oh, say…three weeks. Give or take. And I take mine with steamed milk, extra foam ‘n a dab of sugar. 🙂


  40. sadie_asher says:

    I’m jealous of whoever owns this little cinna-bun!

  41. AuntieMame – great minds think alike. Or minds obsessed with CO…

  42. Can… can I have some espresso, too, please? I’ll bring real homemade cinnamon rolls… hmm? Maybe… please, huh?

  43. One fluffy cap coming not-immediately-right-up.

  44. Make that two

  45. Or three

  46. must…. push face into body puff… and… shake rapidly…. gahhhh!
    that is the cutest of bunnies

  47. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwedebudehehhhhhneeeee!!

    That’s it… you’ve killed me… I’ve been drowned in perfect bunny fluffitude. But what a way to go 🙂

  48. Hooray! Coffee and cinnamon buns for everyone at Theo’s!

  49. and the choc-covered espresso beans.
    (which count as a vegetable btw.)

    i luv fridays @ CO.

  50. chackler says:

    Bunny bun bun, I love you…

  51. We’re gonna need a bigger espresso rig….


    That’s the only word I can think up for this post – I am that overwhelmed O.O

  53. Kris, in New England says:

    I’m done, it’s over. There will never be anything cuter that this wee ball o’bunn bunn fluff.

    Then again, there is always tomorrow…

  54. Subhangi says:

    Brown bun in the ring
    Tra la-la la la
    She looks like a sugar in a plum
    BUN BUN!!!!

  55. brownamazon says:

    Yay, a little retro Boney M on a Friday before a long weekend, when I’m one of 3 people in my entire building, it seems.
    And aren’t those “chocolate-covered espresso beans” a well-known, er, by-product of buns, cinna or otherwise?

  56. *that* can’t be real. it’s enhanced i tell you! enhanced! no bunny can be *that cute!!!


  57. His head is bigger than his body!

    He’s so round, he looks like a logo.

  58. “It’s a world of noses,
    “It’s a world of fur
    “It’s a world of sweet poses
    “It’s a world where cuteness will occur.
    “It’s so fuzzy and sweet,
    “It’s a snorgling treat
    “It’s a round bun after all!”

    “It’s a round bun after all,
    It’s a bun who’s very small
    “It’s a round bun after all,
    “It’s a round, round bun!”

  59. Just noticed Carbon Tet’s comment reference to Dune.
    [winks one blue-within-blue eye]

  60. I started tickling and snorgling my screen. The boss is gonna think I’ve really lost it this time … yay …sick leave!

  61. Wow, Brown A, I haven’t heard mention of (or thought of) Boney M for years! Major flashback…

    Cute bun, BTW…

  62. The theater’s OK, but I prefer Bunny-In-The-Round.

  63. My hands involuntarily flew to my cheeks and I actually squealed out loud (at work). I just want to eat his little fluffyness up!

  64. This lil’ darlin’ puts all those Japanese bunnies to SHAME. Only in America can you get this cute!

  65. What, no Belgian or Botswanian bunbuns can compare? What about Bahamian bunbuns?

  66. “We’re gonna need a bigger espresso rig….”

    “This was no BEVERAGE ACCIDENT…”

  67. Geez, only crumbs left…:-( at least get the ‘spresso goin’ again.

  68. Murrican buns?
    Furrin buns?
    We loves ’em all,
    Every ones.

  69. Subhangi says:

    Jaypo – SOOOOOO true.

    And here’s more Boney M, while we’re at it …

    Baby do you wanna bun?
    Do you do you wanna bun
    Yeah baby I wanna bun
    Brown or black or white or dun
    As long as its a fluffy bun
    B.u.n. bun!

  70. Buns Buns
    Every race
    Every religion
    We love them lots
    Not just a smidgen

    JP: Bah! Your ‘crumbs’ story just falls to pieces! If I find you’ve been hoarding yummy breakfast snacks…

  71. This one made me “awwwww” out loud … an extremely rare event. Cinnabun rules!

  72. [wipes chin quickly, turns red]

  73. brownamazon says:

    Or how about:

    By the rivers of Baby-bun
    Where we sat down
    The-ere we squeed
    When we remembered bun-bun.

    (Okay, that was lame)

  74. Bows down in front of CO.
    We arn’t worthy of such cuteness.
    Anybody know where you got Noble Peace prize nomination forms from, or would medicine prize for treatment of downess/depression/stress
    Dewi CasGwent

  75. Sarcasta says:

    D2D, I was JUST going to shout “TRIBBLES!” but you beat me to it by a wide margin. That’ll teach me to not lurk faster.

    As for product development, I plan to move somewhere stem cell research is allowed and clone this bun, then wear them as earmuffs when it finally cools off around here.

  76. not only a Tribble, but a brown-eyed Tribble at that.
    such soulful, beautiful brown eye.
    and almond-shaped, to boot.

    I’m melting.

  77. Constance says:


  78. This caused great squealing in my workplace. It is amazing.

  79. The songs! You guys! Yer killin’ me. lol.

    Cutest bun ever.

  80. I came across this quite by accident…some of the photos aren’t superior, but just take a look, won’t you?

  81. awesome, aubrey. if i stare at them long enough, they move.****

    (and i see the sailboat.)

    ****hint hint.

  82. This bun is the official standard they use for measuring the value of pi.

  83. Subhangi says:

    There lives a certain bun,
    In Russia at this time.
    He is so damn soft
    He inspires off this rhyme.

    Most bunners look at him,
    With envy in their eyes,
    But the CO fans
    Can’t get enough of his size.

    He is unlike any other creature,
    Causing ecstasy and squeals,
    On one occasion, someone got a seizure,
    I know how she feels!

    Yeah, yeah Little Bun
    He’s the CO’s Chosen One,
    One look at him and the others are gone.

    Come here, Little Bun
    I just wanna have some fun
    No wonder work is not getting on…

    He rules the CO land,
    Every inch of it,
    Just one look at him and
    You’ll have a fit.
    In all affairs of state
    He’s the bun to please,
    And he looks so soft,
    You just wanna give a squeeze.

    For us humans he’s no wheeler dealer,
    But the other buns know the things he’s done.
    We believe he is a holy healer,
    We think he’s the One.

    Yeah, yeah Little Bun
    He’s the CO’s Chosen One,
    One look at him and the others are gone.

    Come here, Little Bun
    I just wanna have some fun
    No wonder work is not getting on…

    But when his fluffiness and roundness,
    And his hunger for carrots become known to more and more people,
    The demands to do something about this outrageous Bun
    Become louder and louder.

    “This bun has got to go!”
    Declare his enemies,
    But the CO fans beg,
    “Don’t you try to do it please!”
    No doubt this little bun,
    Has caused a real stir,
    Though he is a brute
    We just fall into his fur.

    Then one night some men of higher standing,
    Set a trap to get his ‘tocks.
    “Come to visit us!” they keep demanding,
    The trap is a wire-grate box.

    Unknown to Little Bun
    Cuteoverload’s Chosen One,
    Marijuana is put into his dish.

    The other humans watch the fun,
    For he suspects no one,
    It’s too late when he does smell a fish …

    Poor, poor Little Bun,
    Cuteoverload’s Chosen One,
    They will not quit –
    They SO want his head.

    Poor, poor Little Bun,
    He will never see the sun.
    Coz they will snorgle him
    Till he is dead…

    [spoken]Oh, those HUMANS.

  84. Aubrey, I love you! Those are fab photos!!


  86. I want to eat it! 🙂

  87. Like, I mean it is cute enough that it looks like candy.

  88. Rhea H — good point. It’s a bun-dala.

  89. (om bunnay padme hum)

  90. I’ve come back to this page 8625 1/2 times in the last hour. (Boss came into my office had to shrink the little guy down!)

    I’m paralized by the cuteness!!!

    OK, I fluffed up the number of times I’ve looked at Cinni, but I’ve keep coming back for more!

  91. Is Meg giving us the bunaround? Thank goodness!

  92. Laurie C says:

    Ann F., thank you *so* much for new words to “It’s A Small World”. I now have an antidote when I hear that tune.

  93. (mula bundha)

  94. brownamazon says:

    Ah, good one, Subhangi. I’d forgotten about Rah, rah Rasputin (Russia’s famous love machine). An admirable effort.

  95. Fritatta says:

    (om bunnah shiva)

  96. Good grief, everyone is cracking me up!!!!

    Mucha mula bun-dah indeed!

    And the songs…and poetry….

    And is there ANYthing funnier than bunny yawns??? I don’t think so!!

    Imagine a closecloseclose up of a yawning bun appearing suddenly on your screen with a foghorn sound ..LOUD….what a surreal experience that would be.

  97. it’d be a Cute OverloRd fer shure.

  98. Lauri — I usually splice in an operatic soundtrack (“Oooooooo, soooole miooooooooo”), rather than the Scooby-Doo-style foghorn… though that’s a good one…

  99. fawn lust says:

    good gravy! this bunny is BEYOND BELIEF.

  100. …Mighty Bun-hisattva…

    Lauri, a fabulous idea. Foghorn Leghorn, indeed.

  101. Foghorn Bunhorn?
    Foghorn Legbun?
    Foghorn Buntock?

  102. aaaah, my bun chakra is feeling much better!

  103. Joins rest of CO to keep this bunny from “Sunnie Bunnie” just incase it isn’t quiet up to spec

  104. Netherland Dwarf rabbit, owner!!♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ says:

    Aaaahhh…Adorabibble and nothin’ but adorabbible!
    No questionable about it!

  105. omg. i actually squeaked when i saw this. its almost too cute. i want to snorgle!

  106. Brak_Silverbone says:

    I think we’ve found the Zen of Cute. He even looks sorta like the yin/yang symbol. A fluffy one.

  107. OMG! The little round haid!!!

  108. HarleySycho says:

    This son of a bitch is a cute little fucker!

  109. orrr look at the cutsy wustsy bun bun….

  110. woops typo..
    orr look at the cutesy wutsy bun bun….

  111. LOL Renee — typo? How can you tell??

  112. brownamazon says:

    Yo, Dave from Newport: Sunnie Bunnie? That sounds too good to be true… what is it?

    Also, did anyone click on “Main Page” on that yawning bun site? It gets even better, you’ll see…

  113. BrownAmazon,

    I hope you take my word for it, you don’t *ever* want to know about Sunnie Bunnie.

    I hold you in such a high regard, as yourself, and as the guardian of AnnaBunana, that I won’t point you to the thread where Sunnie Bunnie rears its [evil] head.

  114. Cutest cat ever. Oh wait..bunni.

  115. sqqqueeeeeEEEEEEEEE E E E *implodes*

  116. Brown Amazon,

    CO must guard all cute from ‘Sunnie Bunnie’ it is the antithisis of cute.

    Oh Newport is Cas Newydd, Cas gwent is the lovely town of Chepstow


  118. You know what he looks like to me? You know that line drawing that, depending on how you look at it, can be either a bunny or a duckling? That’s what he looks like. Just tilt your head a little, imagine the ear is a bill, and presto! Ducky. Well, mutant ducky, but ducky nonetheless.

  119. Awwww! This is without doubt, the cutest baby bunny ever 😀 I want to cuddle him and have him curl up in my hands…

  120. brownamazon says:


    Silly husband now says, “oops, I always get those 2 mixed up.” Sheesh! He only lived there for, like, 6 years! (scurries away sheepishly…)

  121. that is round to perfection *o* SO CUTE! ahh *faint*

  122. Look at this bun! It’s perfectly round! British scientists calibrate their instruments by it!

    (obscure SNL reference accomplished)

  123. Not that obscure if *I* get it, Wolf. [sigh] I miss when Dana Carvey was funny. But now there’s Jon Stewart, so I really can’t complain.

  124. bunnie man says:

    it’s a real Dutch sweet sweety!!

  125. ohhhhhh! round round round round round! so very round and curled-up! im gonna go snuggle something now.

  126. !!!

    (involuntary squeak)


    That wa smy head exploding.

    TELLL THE OWNER OF THE PIC TO SUBMIT IT TO THE Volkswagen Rabbit competition. You can win prizes!!

  127. Mariser~ OH!!!! Ewwww!

    I found the link on “Sunnie’s” site and I am mortified! I thought I’d see bedding materials and chew toys, NOT THAT!!!

    OH! The Humanity!

    I agree, everything cute must be saved from there!!!!!

  128. he isthe cutest thing i have ever seen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!