The Sprawl

This steamrolled flat cat seems to be at home anywhere—flat on the couch—on the bed—on random furniture—it don’t matter!


[Steamroller sound]


"Whatevs, Brah!" [snore]


"that’s what I’m talkin’ ’bout" [snore]


Upside-down-Ooooof! [snore]


[Steamrolled leg drips off couch]


[Steamroller sound again]


Jennica J.—You got yourself one comfortable Dewd.



  1. Kitty goes squish O_o;; (woo first)

  2. herpantsness says:

    AAAA! Smashy McMarmeladesons. I want to kiss the back pawpads.

  3. he has no bones. that’s it. ::chi::

  4. That cat is as thin as paint on a wall!
    How do they DO that???

  5. cattycake cattycake bake me a cat…

  6. Flopped bunnies are also the height of Cuteness™….

    ( )
    ” “

  7. Constance says:

    hey, a cats gotta do what a cats gotta do.

    After my organic chem II final today…I can TOTALLY feel where he’s comming from.


  8. Laurie C says:

    It’s gotta be the heat. He’s spread himself as thin as marmalade on toast to beat the heat.

  9. When I see this marme-laying around, I realize that there’s not escaping this furban sprawl.

  10. has DEFinitely perfected the art of napping — obviously took lessons from codrescu’s Tip.

  11. TanyasssS says:

    For this Mr. FatTail, it’s Sunday morning, all day, every day.

  12. Zen Dahli Cat

  13. Is this an especail breed of cat breed for snuggling or use as blanket during cold nights?

  14. lurkertype says:

    A marmerlade Dali cat! What a flufferkins. I lurve him. Reminds me of some dewds I have been owned by.

    And now: the Tuxedo Horde explores Food & Water Land!

    Mom supervises:

    Little “Equal To” wonders how to get back home:

  15. I love him. Reminds me of my lazy orange cat.

  16. Let me try that again… Ah-hem

    Zen Dali Cat

  17. hrh.squeak says:

    Dang, looks like another great entry for Sloth to me. Subhangi, have you been over to Stuff It? I’ve got some deadly cute sins for you . . . . .

  18. KITTEH!

    Kittehs have magical gravity powers. I know, I’ve seen it. Sometimes they use them for maximum sneakiness, or for maximum sleepiness, and other times its like they don’t have gravity at all.

  19. hrh.squeak says:

    Hey, Diem, what I saw was Zen Dalai Cat, as in, Master of Sprawl. My brain likes to amuse me with these little tricks, but see? You made a pun!

  20. MaggieBelle says:

    When I get home from work at night, I look exactly like this cat.

    Except for I have a huge pregnant belly.

    But c’mon! It’s hot outside…he’s melting!

  21. Kris, in New England says:

    Oh man, the pink paw pads…

  22. Kitty Yoga! Learn from the pro!

  23. I laughed really out loud with the “Steamroller sound” caption.

    Felines, nothing more than felines…..

  24. Cindy B. says:

    Uh, this cat is in violation of a sacred cat rule. Look at that last picture. He is laying on the floor RIGHT NEXT TO an empty shoebox. Unheard of.

    (Please refer to the Cat Box post back in May. It has a diagram and detailed instructions on exactly what cats are supposed to do with empty boxes.)

  25. my cat does that too… I call it her “mermaid legs” LOL

  26. Sarcasta says:

    This is like the Olympics of Sleeping.

    Variety of poses:
    10.0 (Russian judge)
    9.9 (Romanian judge)
    9.8 (American judge)
    10.0 (Canadian judge)
    — (British judge has passed out from the cuteness)
    — (French judge has been disqualified for snorgling the contestant.)

  27. Cindy B…it must be that when the temperature gets above a certain point the Cat Box rule goes out the window!

    (hopefully the Cat Box itself does not go out the window)

  28. brownamazon says:

    Lovin’ the perfectly turned out, first-position feet in the last pic.

  29. are we sure he is actually alive?

  30. Uh-ohhh! My brain has fried from the cuteness. I just don’t get the pun I made that hrh.squeak pointed out.

    I must have just been hit by the same steam roller that Dali-Cat was.

    Which reminds me:
    Dali Cat, Oh Dali Cat
    Where are you oh Dali Cat?


  32. one time my friends cat just flopped on the carpet right in front of her and she tripped over her cat! my brothers friends cat sleeps on the computer *snore*

  33. Tony James says:

    Cindy – clearly the cat in question was stretching towards the empty box in order to obey Newton’s Second Law of Dynamicus Felidae but was assailed by exhaustion shortly before getting there.

  34. hrh.squeak says:

    Umm, I guess it was a bit of a stretch, Diem, but it was “Dali” and “Dalai”. Melty Master of Zen Kitty!

  35. I love being able to see the little pink paw-pad jellybean toes! Jellybean toes!!

  36. It’s OK, Squeak. Don’t need to go into Dalai Trauma.

  37. These pics are veddy veddy amoooozing.


  38. This exalted degree of kittylicious fluffitudinous marmeladeability, and Theo is nowhere to be seen?

    Has the apocalypse now come to pass???? Have I, as a godless heathen, been Left Behind?

  39. Oh! I get it now! I thought you were teasing about my miss-spell on the first post I did. 🙂

    And I see what you did too… “bit of a *stretch*. Oh! hahahaha, I’m full of crack-ups now!

  40. Wow, longhair cloud marmie. We briefly had a cat named Fish (well, Goldfish) who looked like this. Not quite so relaxed, though.

    MaggieBelle — LOL! I’m picturing a fried egg, sunnyside up.

    Lauri — I’m humming right along with you.

    Penny — how very Schrödinger-esque.

    Aubrey — Aubrey, Aubrey, Aubrey…

    (PS — didn’t want any cat types to miss this haiku, so… )

  41. Sweet Mother of Floof!

    St. Pufflitude preserve us.

  42. MaggieBelle says:


    A Thinker – Your comment sounds like a description of an Oompa Loompa with E.D.

    Theo – That’s EXACTLY what I look like! Hee!

  43. Omgarsh!! Veddy veddy amoosing is right!

    You guuuuys (whiny voice) I am starting to talk this way IRL.

    I say things like snorgle and baroo??? and narm narm narm and eeeehn.

    *grins* ok, forget the whiny voice, talking this way IRL is a good thing! 😀

    *goes to read Theo’s Link de Haiku.

  44. [SNORT]
    “Oompa Loompa with E.D.”

    BWAHHAHAHAHA!!!! “I need my blueberry-flavored V1AGR* and Choco-C1ALI*!!!”

  45. ROFL…..”tastes like butt”…..

  46. MaggieBelle says:

    Gives new meaning to the “Everlasting Gobstobber”, doesn’t it?

    So juvenile. 🙂

  47. Ok, the heat must be getting to my brain, too…..I could NOT figure out what E.D. was until Theo offered up the V1AGR*-C1ALI*.

    Oompa Loompa with ED is veddy veddy hoomerus!!!

  48. Aaaaawww and how cute you must look, Maggiebelle! A cute little egg sunnyside up!

    When is the yoke due??? 😉

  49. MaggieBelle says:

    She should enter this world on or before September 11. I hope.

    Until then I am her personal punching bag. Ow!

  50. ShelleyTambo says:

    I’m still trying to figure out the front paw position in the first pic. He must be boneless. My foster cat lies in positions like this, but he rarely stays in one place for more than 15 seconds.

  51. shanchan says:

    Ok, I promise this one is not of my cat (she’s very dissapointing to me now after seeing these guys, she better start pulling her weight around here!):

  52. I *still* can’t figure out E.D.

    Tho it made me snort with laughter…

    Something Disorder?

  53. MaggieBelle says:

    Erectile Dysfunction. That thing Bob Dole has.

  54. ROFL, MB!

    How exactly long has Bob Dole HAD that thing?

  55. My neice is 3 months old and she was a kicker and puncher, too…also, my daughter. What’s up with wildly flailing girls in the womb? Neither of my two boys were as wild as my daughter was!

  56. MaggieBelle says:

    Uh. I don’t know. You’d have to ask Bob Dole.

    I just remember a few years ago he did all those commercials for Viagra.

  57. I know…it seems like years and years ago….even the Viagra might not be helping by now. 😛

    I can only joke cuz I am “old” too.

  58. shanchan says:

    And then it got *really* weird when he started advertising Pepsi with the same joke.

  59. Oooooooohhhh…

  60. MaggieBelle says:

    I don’t know Lauri. Maybe they like to redecorate or something.

    “Ooh…let’s see. If I put the kidney sofa here it will be across from the liver chair to make a nice conversational area…”

  61. How about those cute little kitty hips in the second photo???

  62. there are those who call this “flooping.” and henceforth would label this as FLOOPTACULAR. spread the word. the word is floop.

  63. And floopilicious!

    Lol…excellent explanation of the female flailing fenomenon, MB. Sometimes my daughter’s fist would make it’s way up OUTside my ribcage, under my skin.


  64. anoneemouse says:

    Could it be the weather? Reminds me of photos on another time bandit blog fig and plum:

    It looks like a cat crimescene.

    (i nominate Caty for the sad/cute category – she lost her front leg to cancer earlier this year)

  65. Reminds me of so many wonderful things:

    My ol’ cat BooBoo, who we called the Boneless Wonder.

    Which in turn reminds me of Frieda and her cat from Peanuts.

    Also reminds me of the Boneless Chicken ranch from The Far Side.(
    (not an endorsement, just the first pic I googled – nice and big, too!)

  66. annoneemouse,
    I know even better sad/cute is
    even a video

  67. Netherland Dwarf rabbit, owner!!♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ says:

    Orange tie – tie & tails!

  68. I think I will go to sleep now.

  69. AuntieMame says:

    It reminds me of that song “I Like Bananas Because They Have No Bones.” Except that it’s “I Like Kittehs Because They Have No Bones.”

  70. Ever go to Build-A-Bear? This cat looks like one of those empty animal shells justing waiting to be stuffed and loved up by some lucky kid. 😀

  71. Brak_Silverbone says:

    Is this cat possibly a Maine Coon cat? He’s an awesome yoga practitioner, whatever breed he is!

  72. Laying in such a manner as to provide the most surface exposed to the air conditioning. Flooptacular.

  73. One of ours (a marmalade-and white, or “creamsicle”, shorthair) lies around the house like this. He manages to get a few extra inches of extension by stree-eetching his front paws out, as well.

  74. I love–nay, I LOF–his clean white little sockies. I love it when marmalade cats have those little teeny tips of white. It really sets off their orangie-sweetness.

    And in the second-to-last pic–TABBY HEELPADS! Since cats walk on their tiptoes, their “ankles” are actually kind of high off the ground when the walk. I love the little “heel” area–so soft.

    Gingers are all so sweet. But all of them I’ve known have a weird little habit when they’re super-happy–they drool a little. Does anyone else know any slightly-drooly marmies? It’s sort of…endearing in a weird way.

  75. OMG Tscheese! My orange and white cat drools! I thought it was only HIM! I thought perhaps he was a bit…er…”slow”… or perhaps he did a few too many drugs in the 60’s… or something…

    Glad to know it’s a ginger trait.


    ‘sall I’m sayin’

  77. Sarcasta sez,
    “I thought perhaps he was a bit…er…”slow”… or perhaps he did a few too many drugs in the 60’s.”

    hey! how do you know Steven Elizabeth?
    I’m becoming more and more convinced that all yeller/ginger/marmalade cats are miraculously and telepathically united as “one”.

  78. Scientific proof that cat’s have a fluid state.

  79. The last pic he’s digging his toes into the carpet with a lazy “ehn”, trying to flatten out just a little more surface area.

  80. warrior rabbit says:

    I like the “whatevs, brah” sprawl of picture #3. He’s just so out of it. And I’m pretty sure there are nights on the couch that I look like that. But with clothes.

  81. Wow. I have a huge tabby and white named Eli, that when we are petting him and he gets all happy and relaxed, he drools all over us. A towel is the best item to have on hand with Eli around~!

  82. A friend and I were discussing “united animal souls” today, as well.
    It would not surprise me a bit if there were a single “energy” for marmalade cats, or big ol’ tabby cats, or penguins, or fish, even!
    Of course each one still adds a bit of his own uniqueness, too!

  83. Hmm, I seem to recall one of my betta fish, a beautiful white with blue eyes….I had the very strong feeling that I was married to him in a previous life.

    I named him Ghost, but all along my subconscious knew his name was Lucius.


  84. more examples of flooptaculocity are here:

  85. We used to have a boneless cat, too, only he was a brown & black tiger. Hmm. Do they raise boneless cats next to a boneless chicken ranch?

  86. Mr. Bounce, Marmalade Tom Extraordinaire, does indeed get happy to the point of drooling. And when we had Goldfish, so did she.

  87. He’s like those stuffed animals with not quite enough stuffing so they’re really soft and huggable… but I think if you hugged Mr. Flooptastic he’d just flow between your arms and back down onto the floor without ever waking up.

  88. Lauri, do you think that he was a human in your previous life? Or were you a fish?

    I have a fat marmalade boy that likes to suck on my shirt at night when I’m sleeping. I always wake up the next morning with my sleeves soaked with kitty spit, hehe.

  89. Sarcasta says:

    Pixel, my orange/white, likes to lick my hair to the point of eating it. I thought waking up by having 3-4 hairs pulled out at a time was bad enough, until I woke up and (gross alert) he had swallowed a whole chunk of hair WHILE IT WAS STILL ATTACHED TO MY HEAD. I had to extract it from his tract (insert gagging noises from both parties here) and take a 45 minute hot hot shower with about a quart of shampoo. He’s not allowed near me when I’m in REM sleep anymore.

  90. Lauowolf says:

    The question is, how does kitty get from one sleeping place to another?

    I can imagine him oozing from one to another like a slime mold.
    But then how does he get UP onto anything?
    (Couches, tables, that kind of place…)

    Human servants? Anti-gravity devices? Magic?

  91. Lauowolf —
    1) Mop.
    2) Tote.
    3) Pour.

  92. LesbianNeoCon says:

    That was one of the funniest, cutest, and most creative posts! What a beauty of a feline, too!!

  93. Laurie C says:

    I need a cute fix. I handed over the boxcar kitties Puffin and Pufferfish to their new foster home today. I miss them already.

  94. Steven Elizabeth, ruler of my heart, likes to suck. on people. particularly the crook of my elbow. if that wasn’t enough to wake me up, he also purrs at about 120 dBs.

    I wuvs him. to pieeces.

  95. Laurie C.,

    you’ll miss the Puffers. oh, how will you miss them.
    but you have earned enough points for the Penthouse Suite in CatHeaven.

  96. Awwwwww Laurie C – just think of all the kitties you’ll be helping sooner than you know it! And, of course, visit CO regularly. If it helps, have a look around this link:

    A coworker (who is Asian and doesn’t mind the word “Oriental”, btw) sent it to me but I haven’t had a chance to look around much yet.

  97. Aww I had a cat who looked just like this little marmelade kitty, and he’d spread out in cute little positions too. I miss my baby 😦

    What a cutie pie though! I want to hold its tail while it sleeps.. I luuurve da fluffy tails!!!!

  98. *marmalade

  99. Audra,

    sorry about your baby passing. it is hard.
    I hope that when the time is right, you find room in your heart for another baby.

  100. I have a cat who does that too! I call it “frog legs”.

  101. lurkertype says:

    This kitteh isn’t fuzzy enuf to be a Maine Coon, but there might be some in the background, guessing by the fluffitude of the toes, ‘tocks, and TAIL.

    Marmalade droolage. Oh yes I have been dampened by this, from more than one cat. The folks had a rotund Dewd name of Punkin who was a world-record drooler. You needed a towel. It made his purr sound all gurgly and watery.

  102. Subhangi says:

    [explodes at steamrolled kitty]

    [explodes again at Theo’s description of MaggieBelle as a fried egg sunny-side-up]

  103. Whatever this d00d is on, I want some. Or do I just need to remove all but about five bones in my body?

  104. karlamay says:

    Doesn’t surprise me at all that this is an orange/white cat. They’re the bizomb.

  105. I don’t know if this is true of cats, but a dog that frequently sleeps in that position may have hip problems.

  106. Two Sheds Jackson says:

    My ginger floofball Henry is currently ‘ironing’ for me by sleeping on all the (previously) clean washing in the wash basket – upside down – paws in air! *Must* be a ginger thing – he sleeps in the weirdest positions. And he doesn’t just drool; he suckles on necks. It’s like having a floofy, sloppy lovebite with slurping noises.
    Drooling isn’t just a ginger thing though -my old cat – a tabby – used to drool on a sheepskin rug we had – it needed regular washes.

    Arbed – nooooo – don’t start that again!!!

  107. Sarcasta! Great story….a new one to me. I had heard of a Great Dane pooping out a friend’s pantyhose…but not a cat swallowing still-attached hair!

    Mariser…Steven Elizabeth, what a wonderful name!

    Jenny, great question. I hadn’t really thought about it. I suspect we could have been any sort of species…it just felt like there was a connection there!

    I am kindasorta kidding about the previous life stuff…but not totally! One senses connections from somewhere all the time! 😉

  108. Ok,
    myself off to work!


  109. That’s one kewl kat! I want it!

  110. This silly guy looks like a morphed version of my 2 former work kitties, now I miss them. HATED the job, but I adored those cats. Which is one of the only reasons I could tough it out for 5 years there, at least I had someone to have an intelligent conversation with.

  111. rpennefe says:

    Droolage isn’t only a marmie trait. My cat, Mike – a gray tabby – drools. My husband has suggested that he is…um…a “special” cat.

    Mike has also been known to suckle my neck. Only mine, though, so I’m the lucky one!

  112. Jennica J: are you out there? I think I have this kitty’s brother. They were red tabby Maine Coons for sale in a pet store in Manhattan, bred in Iowa. At age 51, I had always sworn I would never get a pet store pet, but my husband was in the hospital and my little girls dragged me in there. And my red steamroller rolled upside down, lost his bones, and waved his paw pads in my face. Had to bring him home. He is named Murphy Muldoon. The white split on the paw, the face, the head, the positions–everything! Where did you get your cat?

  113. CatFreak says:

    Awww … it’s Roadkill Kitty!

    I used to have one that did this, back when I was a kid. He was a scrawny black kitty with medium-long hair, and he’d always flatten himself just like this handsome marmalade brutha, and remain motionless, looking as Dead as felinely possible. It used to creep out visitors to the house … especially when he’d twist his head up a little and let one gum fall away from his exposed side teeth.

  114. speedreeder says:

    I can’t stay mad at you Garfield!

  115. omg, I can not believe how long it took me to get caught up on everything here. Having only dial-up at home suuuuuuucks…

    But I just wanted to add that I also have a marmalade that drools – my Arnold! And I have a marmalade and white, Cletus, my hunka-munka, that does not normally drool. But he had a seizure about three weeks ago, fell over and started panting and drooling. Very VERY scary for me! After rushing him to the emergency clinic, and keeping him there overnight for observation, he seems to be fine. No clue what happened or why. Hopefully no more drooling from him!

    Lauri – I tewtelly believe in the previous life stuff! Things make much more sense that way!

  116. The cat isn’t even cute.

  117. Haha, those last couple look a whole lot like the positions -I- generally sleep in. (Is that weird?)

  118. This gets my vote for the most funniest thread. MaggieBelle, you are killing me! I laughed so hard that my belly hurt like I was 8 months pregnant.

    Anyone else here plagued by visions of Oompa Loompas having sex?

    Star: He IS cute! Trust me, I know about these things.

  119. “Anyone else here plagued by visions of Oompa Loompas having sex?”

    Well, I *wasn’t*…

  120. Reminds me of my cat!

  121. Our late, great ragdoll kitty, Claudia, would drool incessantly the moment you even THOUGHT of petting her. Scratch behind her ear for thirty seconds and her whole chin and chest would be wet, and there’d be a puddle on your lap. Any longer and you’d have to kayak to the bathroom to wash off…

    She was skilled at the boneless snooze thing, too. *sigh* I miss that psychotic, spoiled brat… *sniff*


  122. Just gett’n pussy all over the place

  123. Oh fer cryin, Phel…

  124. The Honourable Gladys Anstruther says:

    Cats catatonic. My Glad (from whom I take my name)would sit on the back rest of the sofa and restyle my hair similarly when I lay in bed. It’s two or three years she she died (cancerous growth on her nose) but I still miss her and always will.

  125. beezie687 says:

    He looks exactly like my old cat Petey, who used to sleep all the live-long day. He would sleep on my lap, then get up to move to a different chair, and fall asleep on the way. He was often splayed out on the floor/couch/anything just like this preschilious kitteh.

  126. Okay, I was laughing so hard at this I SNORTED. And I’m at work! Stop it already! I’m gonna get sacked!

  127. I am luckily (most of the time) owned by Leo also called Leopold or puppy because he acts like one. I think he does have some Maine Coon in him because he is so big for his age. He’ll be 11 months on the 15th and he was 10 pounds when I weighed him a month or so ago. He eats…ALOT. He eats so much and gets so grumpy when he doesn’t eat that he now has his own dedicated bowl of dry food that is never empty. His favorite food is fancy feast although he will come running if he hears me opening the occasional jar of meat baby food.

    I am not his original owner. One day he showed up at my apartment complex (with no collar) and I took care of him for a week until I found his owners add online looking for him. I tearfully gave him back. Two weeks later he was back again with a collar this time. I called his family again and sadly gave him back. Two weeks after that he came back and I kept him for a week debating the legality of cat theft. He slept in a little rain shelter on my steps : ( I wrote his former mom a letter pleading with her to let him stay and she sadly agreed saying that it was obviously where he wanted to be. He’s been part of mine and Sasha’s family since 04-27-2006.

    I know you might have a hard time believing this but he is actually the wildest cat I have ever met. He does the post poopy mad dash around the apartment like he’s all proud of the humongous turds he just did. He gets the morning and evening crazies where he runs full out all over and under and behind the furniture. He bites toes, shins, arms and noses. The reason all the pictures are of him sleeping is because if he’s not sleeping he’s a blur usually doing something that requires me to say “Leo NO.” He’s still a baby though so i’m hoping and praying that he’ll calm down a little. He is also one of the sweetest cats I have ever known. He gives kisses and walks around meowing if he can’t find me. He hasn’t slobbered that I have noticed but maybe he just needs to work on that one.

    He does love the AC which has been a necesity here in Santee, CA lately. It was 112 the other day. I think he would lay in weird positions no matter what though, it’s just part of his personality. He’s a very confident boy.

    I’m glad you all liked the pictures except for the one who said he’s not cute *narrows eyes.* He is on the site and has been deemed cute. I checked the first couple days after I e-mailed pictures and then got busy with family visiting and had no idea he got on here. My sister called and told me. So proud, my little wild man got on cuteoverload : )

    Oh and by the way…*sigh*..I really hate saying this but he doesn’t like shoeboxes. He likes packing boxes…he likes biting off lots of little tiny bits and dragging the bits ALL OVER the apartment on his furry tummy. BTW..Sasha is my sweet little persian girl who Leo loves to chase.

  128. Jennica – way to go, girl! He’s wonderful!

  129. He is wonderful. I am slowly turning him into a smooshball loverbug. He’s a tough guy though and doesn’t like too much snorgling. I’m wearing him down. He WILL be a snorglekins. He sleeps with his mouth hanging open the tiniest bit. Once while he was asleep I put my pinkie finger in his mouth and he didn’t wake up at all..which was a little creepy. I believe in reincarnation too. My orangey cat Taffy passed on in 2003. Sometimes I think Leo is Taffy…he reminds me of her sometimes and he did come back to me a bunch of times. But…who knows. Hope your little Cletus is okay.

  130. Jennica – thanks, my “big” Cletus seems to be ok now. He’s a 14 pound big ol’ baby. :o)

    And I was *just* listening to a cd last night about spiritual stuff, and it said pets can *definitely* come back to their person as another animal. So Leo could very well be Taffy. Kind of woo-woo, but hey, it works for me!

  131. Who said it was a dog’s life?

  132. eep! i like this cat so much! reminds me of my maine coon. (sp?) only he was tabby color. eep! i love yellow cats! XD

  133. 14 pounds, that’s a big cat. Leo likes being carried around but if he got to be 14 pounds i’m not sure that would be happening very much or at least not for very long. Glad your big boy is doing okay. I’m glad everybody likes my baby, I like him too. Except when i’m really tired and he wants to play attack the feet under the covers.

  134. Gwyndolyn O'Shaughnessy says:

    “The real measure of the day’s heat is the length of a sleeping cat.”
    — Charles J. Brady, as quoted in the 365 Cats a Year calendar 2005

    Cat enough for ya?

  135. very ….uuuuuuuhh…sexy?

  136. Alice Shortcake says:

    The Boneless Wonder strikes again…