Learning to Snorgle

It’s a beautiful thing when a child learns to snorgle. [‘The More You Know’ music] Enter, one, innocent, fluffulent pup, who SHOWS THIS KID THE WAY!


Mission accomplished, Wendy.



  1. yeah, the puppy’s cute…but look at the cheeks on that kid!!

  2. blueberries4me says:

    Love it. Cute fat baby and cute fat puppy.

  3. ….??? Eeeeeeeeeeee! *faints*

  4. that, or the kid is eating the pup.

  5. …and that chipmunk down below (stuffy mcstuffersons?) taught the baby how to store food in its cheeks!
    How sweet!!!

  6. This site has finally accomplished its mission. The cuteness became terminal, and I died 30 seconds after seeing these pics. What a way to go. 🙂

  7. AuntieMame says:

    Aww, baby is being so gentle with the pup. How schweet!

  8. AuntieMame says:

    (P.S. Any bets on how long before the “babies are ugly!” brigade shows up?)

  9. pinupkate says:

    ah, the perfect example of how a supervised snorgling can be an excellent experience for both child and pet.

    and besides, the cheeks on the two of them are just too much the cute!

  10. no offense but the babys cheeks are so big! but look at him cuddle nthe pup cuteoverload your the best! it made my day!

  11. Um, did anyone notice that the Korean baby is trying to EAT the puppy?

  12. Yes, we should all learn from these pics. Be nice to your food.


  13. They’re doing what comes naturally to each! Gives me hope.

  14. awwwww… that puppy is keeling me with cuteness!

  15. chunkstyle says:

    Wow, that really made my cute day 🙂 puffy cheeks for all!

    **ps, that racist comment above…pretty sad-I mean can’t a baby have a moment with a pup? Ugh, sorry to bring it up, but it just sucked. 😦

  16. I’m with chunkstyle. I mean seriously. I was wondering who would make the first disgusting comment.

  17. Gah! Asians have the cutest babies! Mega cheek-dom! It’s been a while since I’ve seen a baby whose cheeks are so puffalicious that they actually protrude past his mouth 🙂

  18. Looks like these two will be friends for life! I can just see the lil’ baby toddling around with pupster at his (her?) heels.

  19. MaggieBelle says:

    Now THAT. Is precious.

  20. i lurve how the puppy demonstrates snorgling on the baby’s hand – and the last pic – the kid is a natural snorgler, clearly.

  21. pinupkate says:

    oh come on everyone, both babies AND puppies first explore their world by putting everything in their mouth.

  22. okay, typically i can’t stand babies/children. but – oh. my. GOD. this kid is so cute!! look at his cheeks! and his facial expressions. !!! …the puppy just adds to it. (wow, i never thought i’d say anything like that!) 🙂

  23. Tony James says:

    Pik 1 – the caption says “Welcome to Julia Child’s Oriental Cooking”.

    Pik 2 – the kid is wearing chef’s whites.

    Pik 3 – “Will this puppy fit in my medium-sized baking tin?”

    Pik 4 – the left hand is clearly doing some sort of stuffing.

    Pik 5 – the caption says “To determine if the meat is cooked, the neck should have the resistance of rare fillet steak.”

    It’s cute, nonetheless 😉

  24. Very adorable!

    This baby reminds me of a little girl I babysat once. She had such large cheeks that they pulled the corners of her mouth down a little bit so that she was always slightly frowning. It was an amusing challenge to get her to full-out smile. Too cute.

  25. I was that puffy when I was a baby as well, but it slowly went away and ever since my 6th I’ve been slender, six-pack and all. So… don’t worry about the kid 😉

  26. Oh PLEASE “AuntieMame,” if you hate the baby-haters then WHY BOTHER to bring them into the thread before they even rear up themselves?? Why ruin it for EVERYONE by making us think of them? You are equally as immature.

  27. Tonberry says:

    I thought it did look like the kid was trying to eat the puppy, but that didn’t make it any less cute. Afterall, the puppy does kind of resemble a big marshmellow. =)

  28. AuntieMame says:

    pinupkate, we *know* that. We’re just having fun with some cute pictures. Lighten up.

  29. Tony James says:

    Tonberry – that’s weird, because last night I dreamt that I was eating a giant marshmellow, and when I woke up one of my pillows was missing…

  30. martha in mobile says:

    Asian babies look so serious, like they know the grave secrets of the universe! Do the baby’s cheeks qualify as muzzlepuff, too?

  31. Is that puppy even real? He looks like a stuffed animal or an anime dog.

    Nevertheless …

    *splodes from cuteness overload*

  32. adorable!

  33. Gah! *faints in cute overload ecstacy and gets caught by the boss slacking online*

  34. So you know how we all have that bizarre inclination to stick tiny precious things like puppy ears and kitteh paws in our mouth?

    the baby is just doing what comes naturally and hasn’t been taught yet that putting your pets in your mouth is anapporpriate.

    puppies + fat babies = wins every time.

  35. That’s IT! I’m done with cute overload. My doctor has told me that overexposure to this degree of cuteness is often fatal, so due to health reasons I can’t visit this site any longer, because with this series of photos I’m officially “cutetoxic”.

    Thanks, Meg. You had me at snorgle.

  36. teej, that is SOO old…! 😉

  37. http://mfrost.typepad.com/cute_overload/2006/06/cuteoverload_ma.html
    (C’mon, you *knew* I was gonna link that…)

  38. Puppy. Baby. Fluff. Cheeks. Pudge. Snorgliciousness!

  39. I know there’s some weird rool against babies on CO, but this baby? Soooooooooooo awesomely kewt, I almost passed out! Add the puppy, then the snorgling, and it’s total Sweet Overdose!

  40. PeterLin says:

    wow….that is insanely cute like CRAZY!!!!!

  41. OMG Theo – I can’t *believe* you did that. ROFL…

  42. Laurie C says:

    I’m another one who usually is indifferent to baby photos, but I really like this sequence, too.


  44. whoa. typo. “inappropriate”

    I need caffiene…please understand.

  45. Coffee coffee coffee YAY!!!

    (gold star for whomever finds the new bit first)

  46. Heather S. says:

    So who else is creeped out by the kid? It looks like he’s just gonna eat him!

  47. this is just wonderful. just wonderful

  48. Theo, eez eet zee pengween?

  49. The Honourable Gadys Anstruther says:

    Chubby babe tubby dog=bliss

  50. The new bit is the cat doing his tumbles! That’s my guess anyway…

  51. Kenny X. says:

    Look, the comparison between Asians and dog eating jokes are getting old and quite racist.

    Not unexpected but boring. If you’re going to think of insults, at least be a little more creative.

  52. I’m thinking the pika??

  53. He’s not eating the baby. Just hugging him so tight, his face got nuzzled in there.

  54. Maureen — the tumbling cat is Baffle, who I think is *second* newest.

    CeeJoe — you’re forgiven because you’re busy with more felines than even the Catcave holds. 😉

  55. Today, a new cuteologist is born!

    “zees pup, he ees so cute! i am havingk ze steeerangest feelingk! i feel i must… PUT IT IN MY MOUF!”

  56. fuzzy cute doggie and chubby baby cheeks… so so cute. i’d snorgle both, simultaneously. 😉

  57. Ahh! Those baby’s cheeks! His cuteness is through the roof.

  58. dang it! And I just love those leetle pikas…

    Gooood job, arbed!!!

  59. Subhangi says:


    *kisses the last pic over and over*

    OMG. I can’t get over it. Uber-chubby human baby + uber-fluffy baby puppeh = CONSUMMATE CUTE.

    Must. Have. Them. BOTH!!!

  60. HOW do you get permission to put one of these cuties on a T-shirt?? Huh?

  61. Subhangi says:

    Oh, and PLEASE, PEOPLE. Can we get by without the racist/ killer baby/ whatnot comments for ONCE? This is a beautiful photo of two beautiful babies and that’s that. Get a life, yo.

  62. Gah! The wee helpless tummy-crawling puppeh! The ear-to-head ratio! The kiss! The cheeks!

    The baby reminds me of my cousin Michael. When he was a baby, he had cheeks just like that. My aunts and uncles said he looked like he had two scoops of ice cream in his mouth. Thus, his nickname, “Scoops,” was born.

    Of course, now Michael is 22, and those cheeks have long since disappeared, but he still gets called Scoops.


  63. That baby looks like a happy Buddha statue. I love him.

  64. abbynormal says:

    Is there something written on the puppy in the bottom pic or is that just on picture itself?

  65. I want to know what the Korean writing says. Any Korean friends out there who can translate??

  66. jaypo: coming right up

    1: My youngest child!
    2: Nice to meet you
    3: My youngest child recalls his mother’s nipple in Yejin (the baby’s) hand
    4: none
    5: What to you taste like?

    Insert Korean dog-eating joke here, you bastards. 😉

  67. The little puppy “tasted” the baby’s handin picture three, its only fair that the baby return the favor!! Hee! Besides, what’s the kid gonna do, gum him to death? Lighten up, everyone and bask in the cuteness!

  68. Tony James says:

    Jaypo – it’s a tatoo, and it says “FDA Prime”.

    [it’s ok, I’ll get my coat…]

  69. persimmontree says:

    i. i. uh. schwaaaaa? i want to PEENCH baby and puppy. in a nice way. peench peench PEEEEEENCH! (crab hands)

  70. Man, oh man. It’s not often that between a chubby little kid and a chubby little puppy that the kid would win out, but I think that’s happened here. I’d like to snorgle Chubby McCheekerson’s jowlage, there (and I’m not talking about the pup).

  71. Hey all, this is my first time posting a comment. I loved these pictures so much that I couldn’t help but make it into a desktop background. Thought I would share it with all of you. http://www.guuzen.com/snorgletogether.jpg
    I hope you like it!

  72. the cheeks… omg… the cheeks are killing me! and that little doggie is so cute i think i might, i think i might implode!

  73. Yup, I’m not usually a big fan of babies, but this one is adorable.

  74. Can anyone tell me what kind of puppy she/he is?

  75. A Fine Morsel says:

    One of CO’s best, absolutely, by far. The chunktastic baby and the Stay-Puf pup are two great tastes that taste great together. Forget baby behavior, that pup would have been in my mouth in less than a second.

  76. I want a puppy just like that one! *cries*

  77. AAAAHHHHHHHH my brain just exploded from the cuteness!!!!!!

  78. From the looks of that baby’s cheeks he’s already had a few victims!

  79. that is so cute. i am going to have it keep open in a window all day, just so those cheeks can always be a click away.

  80. That is cute! I love the pudgy kid and the pudgy pup!

  81. T: I’m in a little late here, but regarding that link to the bebe/kitteh scandalare; for some obscure reason I was reading that very post last night: it read like the most bizarre trainwreck.

    Oh – and is there a term for human baby muzzlepuffs?

  82. nsweetgyrl says:

    I want to know what type of dog that is. anyone know??

  83. Aubrey — that comment thread ought to be just about the perfect insomnia antidote. How’d it work?

  84. AuntieMame says:

    It looks sort of like a West Highlands Terrier pup.

  85. hrh.squeak says:

    Aubrey – How about nuzzlepuffs?

    What I love about this picture is how seriously the baybee is taking his lessons in snorgling – “OK, so first you put your nose on the softest part, now what?”

    My nephew Cooper actually had such huge nuzzlepuffs that the bottom half of his head was larger than the top. ‘Strewth. I made lots of “how did you get him *out*” jokes.

  86. All that vitriol kept me up, I’m afraid. It upset my tummy.

  87. I want to snorgle the sweet bebeh and the sweet puppeh.

    And pufftastic bebeh cheeks doesn’t mean the baby is chubs. I looked like I was storing nuts for the winter as a baby but was proper weight.

    This may be one of the cutests pics ever!!

  88. Pooh. Comments here come so fast, it doesn’t take long before my answers get all out of order.

    Squeak: N.puffs would work. Thanks for saying ‘Strewth, too.

  89. [shaking flask]
    …one Bunneh Creme for Aubrey.

    HRH Squeak — that’s PERFECT. Nuzzlepuffs! (…even though I’m actually one of the folks who normally isn’t interested in photos of other people’s babies. Gimme fuzz and klawzz any day.)

  90. Kris, in New England says:

    I can’t tell which is cuter – the baby or the puppy.

  91. That’s it for the sake of innocent net users CO must be reported. Only fully experinced and hardened cutologist should be exposed to these images. How many have been electrocuted from snorgling monitors

  92. RE: baby babies/baby animal scandals/commentroversies. Sometimes I look at the comments on these posts JUST to see everyone get all riled up at each other. It’s almost like going to NASCAR to watch car crashes. Does that count as a deadly sin, too? Sigh. I’m still toast.

  93. Aww! Reminds me of my sister’s baby Sam and his best friend, a bloodhound-mix puppy named Hazard. When Hazard was little (he’s still a pup, but far from little these days–he’ll be *huge*!), he and Sam would play together on the floor under the watchful eye of Mommy and/or Daddy. Sam would always try to take a bite out of one of Hazard’s wrinkles, and he’d come away with the funniest expression on his face, like “Ew! That didn’t taste good at all!” Then Hazard would give Sam a new hairstyle with his tongue.

    Looks like these two are off to a great start in life together. I loves cute puppy noses and chubby babycheeks!

  94. LOL, HonorH.
    Phtui! Dog skin!!

  95. snorglesnorglesnorglesnorgle snorgle…

    Ah luf eet!

  96. How adorable! I wanna squeeze them both.

  97. What’s with all the racist “jokes”. Bet if it had been a baby of any other nationality none of those comments would’ve even come up. Idiots….

    Anyway… on to the picture….

    Well.. what can I say other than.. awwwww *snorgles*

  98. “Gin a pudgy meet a pudgy
    “Crawling on the floor,
    “Gin a pudgy smooch a pudgy
    “Need a body roar?

    “Gin a pudgy meet a pudgy
    “Like the household pet
    “Gin a pudgy snorgle a pudgy
    “Put it on the net!”

  99. I want to hug those cute little babies so bad!

    And Raquel, thanks for the desktop, I love it!

  100. The problem most people have with the baby is that they come here to see animals – not babies.

  101. GUUUUUUUUUU!!!!!


  102. The kid’s a natural! That’s exactly what *I* wanted to do with that little pup. *faceplants into fluff*

  103. I’ve always wondered where on the main site does it say Cute Overload is strictly animals?

  104. hrh.squeak says:

    Teho – I’m for fuzz and klaws, and tails, and tocks, too. That’s why I have nephews and nieces and cats and rats (I Am A Proud New RattieMom!!!). The best thing about nephews and nieces is they’re family, but if they are cranky/hungry/dirty/smelly/sticky/otherwise
    unwieldy, I can hand them back to mommy or daddy to deal with. Whee!!! Plus I can spoil, not discipline. Yay!!!!!!!!

  105. hrh.squeak – I’m tewtelly with you on the neices/nephews! Got a boatload o’ dem too. Visits are nice, but I’ll stick my fuzz babehs.

  106. Oh my, that’s really overloaded my cute receptors!

    And I come here for cute of all kinds, I like diversity.

  107. I just want to roll around on the floor with these two guys!

  108. These photos show documented proof that this ability to so-called ‘snorgle’ is an innate one – possibly in our DNA!

    As you can see in the first photo, the newly-hatched human greets the snorgle recipient calmly, visually examining him for any fluff-inconsistencies.

    The next couple of photos clearly show the humanling spacially measuring the recipient – making absolutely sure they can withstand the full force of a human snorgle, not to mention the sheer width of those squishy cheeks…

    And finally, once the recipient passes all inspection, only then may true snorgling commence.

    This is a momentous day for both scientists and snorglologists everywhere – let us not forget this!

  109. Yawn, I guess CUTEOVERLOAD IS NOT immunue to racist idiots. They keep using the same “Korean eat dogs joke.”

  110. All of my dreams have come true.

  111. Netherland Dwarf rabbit, owner!!♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ says:

    ((((This series of prosh pics moved me to touched tears!
    Incredibly sweet!))))

  112. Tony James says:

    Hey Mandy – guess what? Some Koreans do eat dog, as do some Chinese. Hell, I’ve heard that some Americans eat cows – how gross is that?! GYAC, sweetheart.

  113. shanchan says:

    4th pic down- what was the name of that flying dog in The Neverending Story? I mean, c’mon!

  114. Mandy,

    I don’t know about that. I come here to see “cute” in all it’s glorious forms.

    One of my faves is the tree sweater. I makes me smile everytime I think of it.


  115. Ooops… That last post was to Jackie *blush* Sowy!

  116. Netherland Dwarf rabbit, owner!!♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ says:

    “…This is a beautiful photo of two beautiful babies and that’s that…”

    Beautiful staement S…
    I agree.

  117. TJ — yeah, no joke.

    (I *used* to be vegetarian for a while. Like, six years, in my 20s. Sometimes I fall back on old habits.)

  118. Okay, now THAT is cute.
    and I am way jealous of that baby getting to snorgle that little puppy like that!

  119. i thought people mentioned it looked like he was tasting the dog not because he’s korean but because it looks like he’s tasting the dog. of course, what I’m really waiting for is the people to come threaten to have the baby taken to child services because he’s pudgy or the animal needs to be protected from the baby because he could put the whole weight ofhis head on it and omgwtfbbq it could hurt the puppy. while i wait for the ridiculous arguments however, I will just lean back and bask in the super high octane level of cuteness. LOVE THIS!

  120. Alexis B. says:

    Omg. I think I died of supreme cutness just now.

  121. I must confess that I had to look up “GYAC” but now that I have, I’m quite willing to use it for the second definition in just the right circumstance… 😉

  122. In Peru they eat guinea pigs. Really BIG ones, too. I thought I would try it when I was there, a ‘when in Rome/Cusco’ thing. Then I saw one served and decided that I would pass.

    I’ll spare everyone the details but let’s just say that even farm girls need to have their food look indistinguishable from its original form.

    Anyway, different cultures have different diets because of what’s available and efficient. In parts of Peru, families raise the guinea pigs because that’s all they have space and feed (and let’s not forget money) for.

    The pics are absolutely adorable. Smooshiness all around! Such luff!

  123. i definitely think a “babies” section should be made- SO… CUTE! 😀

  124. hrh.squeak says:

    I just can’t eat food when it can look back at me.

  125. as one who was relieved the Meg suggested that people not send in pix of their babies, have to admit the combination of baby & puppy here is top-notch. The solemnity, the concentration. Y’all, we want to put soft fuzzy things in our mouf because the lips are the most sensitive part of the skin … can feel the full softness/fuzziness. I am sure these two will grow up very happy together.

  126. Tony James says:

    Amy – there was a piece in the Economist a while back about eating cuy. Apparently the minister in charge of diet and nutrition is trying to get poor people to eat more of them, because they lack protein in their diet. So they bred a 10lb guinea pig, with the intention of getting farmers and peasants to breed them. I agree with you – it’s about what you can afford, what you can grow. It was tough to see the little fuzzies running around the floor in the kitchen, but between you and me they taste pretty good 🙂

  127. hrh.squeak – no doubt! When I was China, I thought if I was served dog and only found out later, that would be fine – but not beforehand.

    I was just in Guatemala and ordered a seafood stew. While I knew shrimp in many parts of the world are served whole, I was not prepared. My nice stew was actually a pot of sea monsters staring back at me! Shrimp are NOT CUTE. I took a photo, picked at it a bit and decided I wasn’t as hungry as I thought I was.

  128. TJ – thanks, I couldn’t remember ‘cuy’. Those were HUGE! It makes so much sense to have them as a protein source. We as a well-off society have the luxury of choosing our diets. It’s not so in other parts of the world so what they have is not for us to judge – but for us to taste. Yum! Diversity through food is a wonderful thing.

  129. Adora-babe-puppy!

    And no, all you commentroversialists – Baby is NOT trying to eat Puppy! Baby is obviously a future musician and is trying to PLAY Puppy, like a harmonica or an ocarina. (And Puppy is just “playing along”. 😉 )

  130. Actually, come to think of it, I’m wondering if this is a parroting action – a baby can only take one so many stomach “raspberries” (not sure what they’re really called…) before it starts looking appealing to do it to everyone / thing else… (Hey – I’d do almost anything to get a laugh out of someone else. :D)


  131. Tony James says:

    Here’s the text of the article for anyone who missed it, and who wants a recipe for Guinea Pig a la Mode (only kidding 😉

    The first thing Fernando Escobal hears when he steps
    out of his small office at the National Agrarian
    Research Institute in Peru’s northern Andes is a
    chorus of chirps. The sound comes from thousands od
    guinea pigs held in mesh cages. They are destined not
    for pet shops but for the table. Mr Escobal hopes that
    they will improve the diet of many of the poorest
    The guinea pig, or cuy as it is known in Peru (from
    its chirping cries), is a delicacy throughout the
    central Andes. It was domesticated nearly 5000 years
    ago. “Raise guinea pigs and eat well” enjoined an Inca
    saying. Spanish colonial paintings of the Last Supper
    in the cathedral in Cusco, the former Inca capital,
    and in Lima’s San Francisco monastery portray christ
    and his apostles feasting on a plate of roasted cuy.
    The rodent is still a fixture on Andean feastdays. It
    is also used by traditional healers to diagnose
    illnesses. The animal is passed over a sick person,
    and then split open and examined for clues to the
    Peruvians already get through 22 million guinea pigs a
    year. Mr Escobal and his team hope to persuade them
    that the cuys should not be kept for special
    occassions but eaten far more regularly. To that end,
    they have developed some new breeds. On July 16th,
    they launched a new super-cuy, known as Peru, weighing
    up to 3kg (10lbs).
    Accoriding to the agriculture ministry, guinea-pig
    meat has more protein and less fat than chicken or
    pork, let alone red meats. Now, one cuy will easily
    feed a family of four. The new breed may also interest
    the discerning gourmet. Cuy tastes rather like rabbit.
    In Cajamarca, it is stewed. Further south, it is split
    open, flattened and fired a crispy brown. The
    institute has drawn up a long list of other recipes.
    The main drawback of guinea pig is that it has rather
    a lot of small bones for not much flesh. Science may
    at last have changed that.

  132. I remember reading an article not too long ago about cuy/guinea pigs as food in Peru. It was a really good article and made very valid points without histrionics and the overkill (pardon the pun) of sensationalism. I just wish I could remember where I read it. I haven’t read The Economist in ages, but maybe what I read was a reference back to the article that Tony is talking about.

  133. TJ – Very interesting! Now I’m thinking I missed out. I’ll just have to go back.

  134. Tony James says:

    Article also here: http://www.economist.com/displayStory.cfm?story_id=2926169
    (no subscription needed)

  135. Tony James says:

    Also interesting: http://cavyhistory.tripod.com/

  136. AmyH: the crowning glory of one of the dishes at my favourite Veitnamese restaurant in Toronto was a giant shrimp, served whole. Nothing prepares your appetite like having to pick off heads, spindly little legs, exoskeleton, and tail to get at the yummy meat inside 🙂

    And T-O, thanks for linking my blog post. I had no idea you were still reading…

  137. Um, oops. Make that “Vietnamese”. I knew it didn’t look right…

  138. Too adorable!

  139. thinker – oooh, thanks for the warning. I’m going to Vietnam in January. I had better get ready for even more culinary diversity.

    For the record – I did eat some of the shrimp, plucking off their heads, peeling the legs, etc. I had to at least make a go of it as to not offend the locals. I’ll do better next time!

  140. Oooh yeah, you’ll get culinary diversity. I’m pleasantly envious of you, though. Have fun…

  141. Mad_Mike says:

    The kiddo is being so gentle with the pup – when my kids were that age, they treated everything in the world as if it were made of cast iron.

  142. As I seem to be the only Korean on here, can I just say that we DON’T EAT DOGS ANYMORE? Keeping yappy little dogs as pets is a relatively new phenomenon, but because of it we have developed the same sneer of disgust when contemplating having Fifi for supper.

    Of course, there may be the rogue dog-eater here and there, but hey, there just might be a few Americans who find Fido tasty as well.

  143. It looks like that kid is taking cheek stuffing lessons from the chipmuch 2 posts below!

  144. Julie – very good point, indeed.

    Can I also say that even though we raise cows and sometimes have one for dinner (not as a guest), if one of our favorite pet cows had to ‘go for a truck ride’, she would under no account come back to us in nice, neat waxpaper packages. An emotional line, however fuzzy it would seem to others, had to be drawn.

    Another note – dairy cows are not good eatin’. Blech. But again, it’s about what you can afford.

  145. [sigh]
    I still eat cow components, chicken chunks, pig parts, etc. on a fairly regular schedule. I’m not proud. Just hungry.

  146. Don’t you just want to snorgle those two babies? Nuzzle the puppy and snorgle those baby cheeks!! One big happy snorgle! Just be careful not to squish.

  147. Michelle says:

    ZOMG I just died. That is the cutest thing I have EVER seen.

  148. Tony James says:

    I have it on good authority that T-O also eats kittin-gizzards too, and the Doonses were destined for the pot. Indeed, it is only the influence of his better half that has saved Cap’n Kerplop from becoming Cap’n Curry :p

  149. Or Cap’n Crunch.

  150. AmyH- I don’t know, I’m friends with some people with a sick sense of humor. They kept a pet cow for a while, but they did have ulterior motives because they named him Dead Cow Walking.

  151. I agree with John Hodgman (now the Resident Expert on The Daily Show):
    “Generally speaking, I think it is fair to say that I am a friend to the creatures of the earth when I am not busy eating them or wearing them.”

  152. Man, I’m a Korean and I knew there would be some racist comments that follow along with this pic. It’s a sad commentary that this kind of racism is just dismissed as a “joke.” I’d like to see someone make these kinds of jokes about other ethnic minorities.

    For example:
    Pik 1 – the caption says “Welcome to Julia Child’s Oriental Cooking”.

    Pik 2 – the kid is wearing chef’s whites.

    Pik 3 – “Will this puppy fit in my medium-sized baking tin?”

    Pik 4 – the left hand is clearly doing some sort of stuffing.

    Pik 5 – the caption says “To determine if the meat is cooked, the neck should have the resistance of rare fillet steak.”

    It’s cute, nonetheless 😉

    Yeah, that little smiley really hides the offensive content of the comment. Oriental? What the hell?

  153. Tony James says:

    Enygma – “oriental” means “eastern”. Perhaps you can explain how this word is offensive. Are we no longer allowed to refer to things in terms of where the are relative to where we stand? Perhaps we should start saying things like “The frontier states during a specific period of America’s development where lawlessness was in evidence among some, but not all those who lived there,” instead of “the wild west”?
    Perhaps you would like to write to the authors of the 93 cookery books that Amazon lists as having “oriental” in the title, and ask them to change the name. Are we to call the Orient Express something else?
    And I don’t remember referencing a specific country – you do rather seem to have taken offence at something that doesn’t exist. Might I humbly suggest that you haul the stick out of your ass?

  154. Any true lover of animals wouldn’t have the heart to eat them. It’s nice to say “oh a doggie and kitty are cute so I won’t eat them, but a piggy isn’t as pretty so lets scarf it down”, just a reminder: Beef: it’s what’s rotting in YOUR colon.

  155. Tony James says:

    I love animals – fried, broiled, roasted, or barbecued. I love children, too, but I couldn’t eat a whole one.

  156. Tony James says:

    PS If we all became vegetarian tomorrow, huge numbers of animals would be slaughtered because they would no longer serve any purpose. A line of widdle piggies 300 miles long, all waiting to be clubbed to death and buried in a pit (no point in butchering them if you can’t recoup the costs through sales)? Some animal lover you are.

  157. TJ — take it easy, now.

    The word “oriental” has fallen out of general use. There are definitely cookbooks still for sale (on Amazon & elsewhere) that date back to when words like “colored” were commonly used to categorize people, including some by Julia Child.

    Also… speaking in slightly more realistic terms… If we all ate a little less meat every year, demand for it would taper gradually, and fewer animals would be bred (or “produced”) for slaughter. Probably the only reason huge numbers of people would simultaneously stop eating meat would be a “War of the Worlds” scenario, because then we’d have bigger problems.

  158. Woods Walker says:

    Who ever thinks that equating oral affection with eating must have never been kissed. I pitty them emensely.-Woods walker

  159. Tony James, are you a troll? Do you have big eyes and a little pug snout? Oh, I bet you have long pink hair that sticks straight up and little round belly with a tiny little belly button!

  160. Tony James-

    Oh dear.

    In most circles, Oriental is considered both outdated and offensive. The only appropriate use of “Oriental” I can think of is in reference to carpets. In basically every other situation, “Asian” or “East Asian” is appropriate.

    Obviously some older people still use the term because they aren’t aware of how offensive it is, but why on earth would you deliberately choose to use a term that offends people?

    Now that I’m off my high horse- WAAAA smooshie baby smooshie puppy happiness.

  161. Molls — no he’s not. Not normally.

  162. Wow. What a thread of thready thoughts. Might I recommend “The Omnivore’s Dilemma” by Michael Pollan? (to read, not eat)

  163. Julie–Thank you for the amusing translation way back when. Really enjoyed it!

  164. WickedWendy says:

    How perfectly adorable! (Wow, there’s a lot of posts on this one!)

  165. Tony James says:

    Theo – I agree with you on the meat-eating point. We occidentals do consume far more protein than is good for us, and cutting back would do us no harm. Would be good for the planet, too.
    My use of the term “oriental” was not intended to cause offence. I am an older person for whom oriental meant just that, i.e. eastern, and could refer to food, rugs, expresses and ceramic ware. I don’t have pink hair, but will admit to a round belly (probably the result of eating too much meat).
    However, the propensity of people to assume offence without first ascertaining that offence was meant does rather annoy me. It seems that we’re all becoming just a teensie bit oversensitive.
    Let us take our cue from the Dooneses – if I put my foot in your ear by accident, let it be interpreted as such.
    If, on the other hand, one of the Dooneses gets loaded, gets behind the wheel, and then launches a tirade of abuse at the arresting officer, then that’s a different scenario altogether.

  166. Everybody is ok. Nobody has to be right. It’s easier like that. Live and let live.

  167. And chocolate chip cookies.

    Just thought I’d add that.

  168. In TJ’s defense:
    Clearly still in use sometimes (published in 2003).
    Calm down, PC-police.

  169. I must admit, although I can’t say I use the word often, I was not overly aware of the unPCness of the word “Oriental” – not in the way of “coloured”, in any event. I must remember to ask an Asian colleague of mine tomorrow.

    I went definition-hunting and the what follows seems to sum it up well for both “sides”. Live and learn, and realize that our dear pal TJ meant no harm:

    Usage Note: Asian is now strongly preferred in place of Oriental for persons native to Asia or descended from an Asian people. The usual objection to Oriental meaning “eastern”is that it identifies Asian countries and peoples in terms of their location relative to Europe. However, this objection is not generally made of other Eurocentric terms such as Near and Middle Eastern. The real problem with Oriental is more likely its connotations stemming from an earlier era when Europeans viewed the regions east of the Mediterranean as exotic lands full of romance and intrigue, the home of despotic empires and inscrutable customs. At the least these associations can give Oriental a dated feel, and as a noun in contemporary contexts (as in the first Oriental to be elected from the district) it is now widely taken to be offensive. However, Oriental should not be thought of as an ethnic slur to be avoided in all situations. As with Asiatic, its use other than as an ethnonym, in phrases such as Oriental cuisine or Oriental medicine, is not usually considered objectionable.

  170. And for the record, I thought his original post about captions for the pics was great.

  171. jaypo – The Omnivore’s Dilemma is next on my library holds list! Great minds think alike. Awaiting it eagerly.

    Aubrey, funny you should mention chocolate chip cookies. I just got back from the grocery store with a box of same from the bakery and ate two. (Put the rest in the freezer to keep from eating twenty-two for dinner.)

    As an educated guess, I’m thinking “Oriental” as meaning “Eastern” has fallen out of favor with some because it was based on a map with Europe in the middle and where certain peoples lived with relation to Europe as the center of everything. It’s kind of cool to look at other maps and see who’s east to who when the world is flipped a bit. A friend of mine had to wait for a trip to Hong Kong to be able to buy a world map where Asia what in the middle.

  172. arbed, you beat me to it. (tip o’ the hat). I spent time looking fo an image link to an Asia-centric map. Still looking.

  173. I’ve seen such a map before Laurie C – pretty neat. I know it wasn’t online though, so I can’t direct you anywhere.

  174. Laurie C – here’s one:


  175. LC–cheesh, stop with the synchronicity already. I have a book called The Map Book on my desk at work (I work in an academic library). Every page, arranged chronologically, has a map from a different time period. So interesting! It’s big though and I couldn’t bring it home with all the zillions of other books I have.

  176. Tony James says:

    The map thing – the Prime Meridian runs through London, time is expressed as Greenwich Mean, and lines of longitude start at Greenwich. To my Yurpeen mind it makes sense to have 0 longitude in the middle of the map, although I do prefer the Peters projection to the Mercator.

  177. Oh, also–I think the way we as English speakers use the word Oriental is probably derived from the French word for “Eastern,” which is “Oriental,” though we never adopted “Occidental” to mean “Western.” Teej, do they use that in Yurp? Not in the States unless in old travel books.

  178. oh my goodness… i’m in sugar shock. the cuteness is just unbearable!

  179. Looks like an instinctive snorgle to me! Baby and puppy have identical huge cheeks – I think they were drawn together magnetically.

  180. I need scratch ‘n’ sniff for that photo. Baby skin and puppy fur. Together!!

  181. I really think this may be the cutest thing I have ever seen. Seriously.

  182. Tony James says:

    Jaypo – “occidental” is not in common useage unless you’re talking about “occidentalism”, the habit of some people in the west to think that they are better than people in the east. Or the Occidental Oil Company. It’s a good word to throw into conversation when you know that half the audience will look at you like “huh?”
    [just to clarify – east and west in this post are relative to Yurp.]

  183. Tony James says:

    I don’t get the logic of maps that portray countries that are not in the “middle” as being in the middle. On a map that shows the Pacific region in the middle, the United States would appear to the east of Japan, when clearly it isn’t. Having Yurp in the middle means that the International Date Line is on the far right. The New York is 13 hours behind Tokyo, so it must be west of Tokyo, assuming that the sun is immune to the forces of political correctness, no?

  184. Tony – it’s clear as mud: the sun is racist.

  185. Imagine what a Hopi map would look like…their concept of time being more “vertical” than linear. If I’m not mistaken, they’re maps are completely incomprehensible to our Western linear minds.

  186. OMG, I wrote “they’re” instead of “their.” I’m tie-tie…

  187. LOL, arbed!

  188. Tony James says:

    Arbed – have to agree: New York has one of the largest populations of immigrants on the east coast, and the sun has been turning the city into its prison wife for the past 4 days. If that’s not racism I don’t know what is… 😉

  189. “If, on the other hand, one of the Dooneses gets loaded, gets behind the wheel, and then launches a tirade of abuse at the arresting officer, then that’s a different scenario altogether.”

    Tsk tsk… you’ve been backsliding, TJ. Click away from CNN, come back to CO where even the pricklies are wuvvabul. Bad things happen in the news.

    [currently in pizza coma… IQ halved…]

  190. Laurie C says:

    Theo, don’t try to deny it. You’re really in *kitten* coma.

  191. [unintelligble gargling noise]

  192. Theo’s got a hairball!

  193. Tony James says:

    You mean CNN doesn’t stand for Cutie Nyam Nyam? *That’s* where I’ve been going wrong – I’ve been watching it for 72 hours straight and there haven’t been any kittins.

  194. Tony – the sun has been having its sleazy way with a lot of us lately, but I’m Canadian so I have to be nice about it. 😉

  195. [snort] LOL, Arbed.

  196. (damn… now I’m hungry again)

  197. R. Moore says:


    I hope that one day I’ll have a kid this cute, and a puppy to go with it. But I may call in for back-up in caring for both of them at the same time. At least it looks like the puppy is young enough to be with Mummy, and thus doesn’t need QUITE as much attention from humans yet…

  198. Laurie C says:

    Theo, there’s always (wait for it)…pudding.

  199. Cheeky Poofs! Kickass!

  200. A pizza coma? Now I envy you more than ever, T.

    All this geographical chat got me to check out my Atlas, handed down to me from my grandmother: ‘The New World Atlas & Gazeteer, 1927 Edition’. A fine excuse for me to revisit a lovely book.

    And LC, I have frosting. Buckets and buckets of frosting. Primed for velocity and not ashamed to be as delicious as they wanna be.

  201. [shivers]
    [curls into fetal position around Doones]
    [pulls pizza up over head]

  202. Waitaminit.
    Aubrey, exactly *why* do you have “buckets and buckets” of frosting?

  203. that’s the mystery of Aubrey.

  204. Why, T., I like to surround myself with the things I love. (a ‘no pets’ policy here prohibits me from adding kitties to those favorite things).

    And I can mix together a most delectable cream cheese frosting. IN BULK, if necessary.

  205. Sarcasta says:

    I think I recall once in junior high school being shocked when a teacher revealed… (not not that) … a map that to us looked “upside down” with Australia very prominently placed. His point was that North=”up” is an arbitrary designation, and it doesn’t HAVE to be that way. I think the lesson was meant to teach us about “not following the crowd” or “don’t do drugs” or something… but all I remember is the map, and how cool it was.

  206. Long-time lurker, first time commenting.

    Sorry if this is a repeat of many things said before, but I just felt a need to say this:

    Sometimes people make jokes not meaning to be offensive, and when they’re made in light like they, then they should not be taken to offense. Case and point:

    My bf is Korean. I showed him the pictures. His first comment “That’s DEFINITELY a Korean baby, look at those cheeks!!” the second? “See!! Koreans DO eat dog!”

    So. That being said. Those words coming out of a Korean’s mouth… would they still be considered offensive? Likely not.

    And for the term “oriental”… I used to use it thinking it was politer than just saying Asian, until said boyfriend corrected me. This was less than a year ago and I’m 19.

    And now, for a true comment:

    Those pictures are ABSOLUTELY adorable!! I’ve never seen any babies cuter than Asian ones ^_^ And that puppy is soooo cute!!!!

  207. Laurie C says:

    Sarcasta, now *that* link I have:

    (note it’s flourish.org, sadly not “Flourish & Blotts”, so it didn’t come from Diagon Alley.

    Aubrey, my chocolate chip cookies have been in the freezer. They will be like delectable, but deadly ninja throwing stars.

  208. Misha: I used the word ‘oriental’ because I also thought it more polite; also because no one else seemed to use it.

    So. Now I know!

    LC: I’ve been hungry ALL WEEK. I need some cookies, ninja-like or otherwise: STAT!!!

  209. All hail the Peters Map!
    (Now, if they would just turn it south-side-up…)

    The only problem with this baby is that, in half an hour, he’ll be hungry for another puppy.

  210. Laurie C says:

    (frisbees cookies at Aubrey) Take two, they’re small. Put your cream cheese icing on that and, uh,… smoke it!

  211. Smoke ’em if you got ’em!

  212. Tony James says:

    [curls into fetal position around Doones]
    [pulls pizza up over head]

    {hears tiny mewing nyam nyams as the Dooneses make short work of the cheese n’pepperoni blankie}

  213. Tony James says:

    Laurie – all well and good though it is to turn a map “upside down”, the thoughtless cartographers have neglected 2 things:

    1. By turning it upside down all the people would fall out of the top of the countries and end up in Greenland, Siberia, and Canada, which would get very crowded.

    2. It would totally ruin the career of Australia’s Men at Work, who would have to rework their classic Land Down Under. “I come from a land up over, where Dooneses frolic in clover” doesn’t really have the same ring to it.

  214. Laurie C says:

    Sorry, TJ, I can barely hear you over the “yeing, yeing yeing” chewing noises coming out of L.A. as Aubrey chews on frozen cookies. I bet this week a lot of people in the heatwaves wouldn’t mind the idea of falling into Greenland (not Canada, sadly, we’re hot, too).

  215. Laurie C says:

    The Men at Work, much as I like them, will have to take care of their own lyrical interests.

  216. AuntieMame says:

    If you turned the map over, everyone’s toilets would start swirling in the wrong direction. We can’t have that. It would be utter chaos!

  217. AuntieMame says:

    But I confess it would be kind of cool to see some of the southern constellations for a change…

  218. AuntieMame says:

    But I confess it would be kind of cool to see some of the southern constellations for a change…

  219. TJ: Men At Work could be inconvenienced, but it would have been worse if they had been Men Without Hats

    LC: Got milk?

  220. Laurie C says:

    Men Without Hats, definitely worse. I mean, “Safety Dance”? (hopes to not be starting another commentroversy over *that*)

    Aub, dude, only fat-free.

  221. lurkertype says:

    An abomination, Laurie, at least with choc chip cookies.

    Squee! MomCat let the Tuxedo Horde within 7-8 feet of me during their sunset rompage.

  222. Best not to get me started on [sneers] “Safety Dance.” I still like Bauhaus, sometimes. They just got done touring with Nine Inch Nails, even. Which may or may not sound weird to some of you, I mean, it did to me, but it really was Peter Murphy (looking like the aging pop star character in “Love Actually”) and David J and Daniel Ash and I really do tend to rattle on about things when I start to get sleepy.

    Sorry, did somebody have cookies?

  223. Not anymore.

  224. Laurie C says:

    Milk and, Theo. At least MN is an easier throw than CA. Help yourself.

  225. ack, mixed signals, can’t cope…

  226. Glad to hear some people have chocolate chip cookies to eat, I just throw blazing hot ones at the people who ‘not cute’ all over my CO buzz.

    I go out for a few hours to drink beers and lookie all the posts! We’re over 220! Is that a record?


    AmyH — um no. That would not be a record. The *other* chompy baby post holds that dubious honor.

  228. lurkertype says:


    The kittens climbed up to the feeding station! One of them stood in the water bowl and could not figure out why her paw was wet.

  229. Tony James says:

    Theo – so which of the Dooneses is Bela Lugosi and Telegram Sam? We also like…

  230. TJ — I mostly let the schmooplets name the Doones. Bauhaus who? Is that, like, a dog house?

    (BTW — I already knew The Sims was evil.)

  231. Albertanator says:

    Man I cannot stand pee cee liberal thugs…I see we have some of them on this board!!

    For peoples information, in some Oriental cultures, eating of dogs is commonplace….just like we eat cows and pigs…

    IT IS not racist to point this out and makes some lighthearted jokes about it….

    Many Hindus are digusted by us in North America that eat cows…so what …let them be disgusted…I could carealess what they think….

    And I sure people in the Near East don’t care that we are appalled that they eat pooches….I don’t like it but is common place in some societies!!

    Freakin pee cee fascists….get a life….

  232. Hmm, who’s worse, the “pee cee liberals” or those who *don’t* think before ranting?

    Must ponder.

  233. Hokey Smokes! 1193? I had no idea. I’ll have to go back someday when I have the urge to watch a train wreck or 40-car pile up and read all of it.

    Who knew mixing baby babies and fuzzy babies would produce such a volatile chemical reaction? Okay, probably anyone with an inkling for pyschology and/or hysterical safety paranoias.

  234. AmyH: No! No! For God’s sake stay away! If you value your sanity and your ability to appreciate Future Cuteness, STAY AWAY!!!

  235. Also – Lurker: Photos PLEASE.

    Share the squee.

  236. Tony James says:

    T – I don’t know what to say. All I can suggest is that you sit them down in front of 79-83 and old b/w horror flicks with a vat of white face paint, an economy bottle of black nail varnish, and the seminal tome “Backcombing for Beginners” and let them work it out for themselves.

  237. Aubrey – I know you just read it again, so I’ll trust your judgement. I’ve been through enough myself in one life to know when to listen to the wise warnings of others.

    The “Baby Chomps Kitty’s Tail” shall now and forever be verboten in the effort to save what sanity I have. So much new commentroversy brews over seemingly innocuous posts that my ‘NASCAR crash urge’ will always be satisfied.

    I’m also trying to not smack the Not Cuters with my cookies. Must find something less appealing to launch. Maybe Theo can urkel something up…

  238. Just face it people.. you wouldn’t have even mentioned ANYTHING about the baby eating the puppy if the kid wasn’t Asian.
    If that baby had been white, or black, or hispanic… NO mention of the baby eating it would’ve even come up.
    Light-hearted jokes my a–.

  239. PiePo – chomping on animals is a constant theme around here. The actual baby/person doing the chomping in any instance is ancillary.

  240. Laurie C says:

    PiePo, perhaps you haven’t noticed how just about *every* cute animal post has commenters saying they want to either put the animal in their mouths and eat them up and/or come up with weird and wacky and darkly twisted takes on seemingly innocent pix. Stick around, it’s actually entertaining.

  241. I’m asian and the eating dog comment didn’t strike me as racist AT ALL. Just give it up and enjoy the cuteness! Snnnnnnnnoooooooooooorggggggle!

  242. Are you serious PiePo? The kid is putting his mouth over the puppy. If he were white, black, hispanic, I’m sure there STILL would have been comments about him chomping on the doggie!

  243. FOAD TJ. Not all Asians eat dogs, practice martial arts, or whatever you’re thinking in your little brain. I have to agree with Lisa; if this baby were a different nationality, none of these nasty comments would have shown up.

  244. What’s with the huge controversy over the baby and the pup? It’s the cutest set of pictures I’ve ever seen! I’m Korean, and I don’t take offense to the assumption of the baby eating the puppy. I usually say that saying where if something is so darn adorably cute, “I want to eat it!” or “take a bite out of it’s cute little cheeks.” Yea, some people think it’s weird, but it’s just an expression. I don’t actually want to eat the dog… or the baby. 😉

    Anyway, FYI, the last cap in Korean it says translated, “I wonder how do you taste?” but it’s all in good fun, whoever wrote the captions. 🙂

  245. lurkertype says:

    Aubs, I have just exhorted Mr. Lurker to put up the latest HordePix.

    Actually I sorta waved my arms around and blurbled “New kitty pitchurs — computer!” Luckily, he is fluent in Me.

    MomTux had a heckuva time rounding all the little ones up after that adventure. “Rrrrt? Rrrrt? RRRRT DAMMIT!”

  246. And now for something completely different…

    Did anyone else catch Andrei Codescru’s bit about his cat on today’s All Things Considered? “There are a lot of lessons to be learned from this cat”…


  247. Okay, I got the quote a little wrong – but still a good listen.

  248. ooh! for once, I think a baby is cute! and he’s putting the doggie in his mouth! I keep having that CO moment of wanting to stuff a cutie furball in my mouth, and this kiddo braved it! way to go! I bet that was satisfying.

  249. Oh, AmyH, I love Andrei Codrescu…

    And I can’t believe no one’s giving me grief over my tacky “hungry for another puppy in half an hour” comment. Come on, people! Where’s your self-righteous indignation?

  250. Aww, the baby *loves* the puppy. Just look at the way he holds it and kisses it, thats just so sweet!

  251. hrh.squeak says:

    And youall wonder why Meg doesn’t post pictures of babies; the last one crashed the bandwidth. Yeeesh. Cute – it yam what it yam and that’s all what it yam.

  252. Two Sheds Jackson says:

    TJ – do you mind? I’ve been trying to to forget my fashion disasters of the late 80’s/ early 90’s! OMG – the backcombing used to take sooooo long! Plus – I was really crap at being a goth – much too cheerful!
    The GMT line is in the middle of the map so that everyone else can adjust themselves to suit us! Ok we may be just a little island now but the GMT line is there to remind us that once … we ruled the world … MWAA HAA HAAA!!!! It’s history people – the map’s the way it is because historically Europe was the centre of everything – London specifically!
    As for the word ‘oriental’ – since when was it offensive? As far as I know it’s not on the PC list here in the UK – I sit ready to be corrected by UK residents now! So possibly the US PCists are ahead of the UK PCists in the amount of fine upstanding words they can try to stop people from using. Miserable buggers – honestly you may as well eat lots of sticky toffees so that your gob ceases to operate as try to please the PCists. Actually – mmmm – toffees – glffughfll chomp mwghffll…

  253. Two Sheds Jackson says:

    Blimey – sorry that was a very long post I will try to resist posting in future – apologies – btw – very cute pics

  254. Dickie Twinkles says:

    Adorable puppy and cute kid. Love these pictures.

    On a side note…what’s wrong with eating dogs? It’s no different to eating a cow or a pig…just must taste different.
    I’m a vegan but I don’t see why there’s a discrimination between what animals are ‘ok’ and ‘disgusting’ to eat.

  255. book_monstercats says:

    Oh dear!
    My first thought on seeing the pictures (double snorgle heaven, baby in one arm, puppy in the other!) was “Peace on earth at last! What could be better that a beautiful baby and a beautiful pup to bring the world together in harmony and love?”

    Come on people, we can do it. All together now….

  256. The Honourable Gladys Anstruther says:

    Hi folks I have just received some Persian rugs from th ORIENTAL RUG COMPANY make of that what you will

  257. I love this thread almost as much as the photos.

    You think it’s wrong to want to stuff the baby in my mouth? Maybe just a nibble on the nape? No? How about a Putin on the belly?

  258. well, listen up, sonny jim: I ate a baby. oh, aye, baby: the other, other white meat.

  259. Speedreeder says:

    I rarely make any comments here, I usually just enjoy the cuteness. And this is pretty darn cute. I do think this is a lighthearted joke and is in good fun, BUT some of the reactions have been very interesting. As cute and innocent as this picture seems, the dog-eating stereotype can really touch a nerve with some Asians. AND yes there can be a dark side to things that seem innocent and cute, and humor is often a very powerful way to spread racist ideas. For example, old racist cartoons, seemed cute and funny at the time, but look pretty terrible now. (Most of which are hard to find nowadays because the offending studios don’t want people to know that Bugs Bunny and Popeye were members of the KKK!)

    And I don’t think this is picture is necessarily racist. But, this stereotype has been used negatively against Asians, specifically Koreans, and I have heard people make some nasty comments about Asians and eating dogs. I think there are people who don’t understand the whole dog eating thing. Because, yes, they do eat dog meat in Korea, BUT it’s not a staple of the diet, it’s a rare speciality dish, and is becoming more and more unpopular as Korea becomes more “western” and people start keeping more dogs as pets. With some people, this practice of eating dog is considered shameful.

    And yes, calling someone “Oriental” is incredibly out of date, it’s like calling an African-American “colored.” But in the context of Tony’s comment, I think he got it right, because Julia Child would have called her show “Oriental” cooking.

  260. chunkstyle says:

    Hey everyone. I am not a member of the PC police (a nice term made up by conservatives to demean people who try to be sensitive), but I think that I was right in assuming the first Korean-eating-dog post was racist in nature. If you notice, the username the person chose was “chinky”
    Would you like to defend that TJ?
    I can’t believe people would care that there is a baby there! I mean cute is cute is cute…am I right? No descrimination based on species! (Ooooo, I’m being sooooo PC now)
    Cheers 🙂

  261. One more little post from me – in all honesty people, do you really think it’s TJ who deserves to be the one who keeps getting mentioned when comments in this thread are deemed offensive? Please.

  262. chunkstyle says:

    Hey dude, If you write 10 full paragraphs defending it, then be prepared to be mentioned!

  263. bun tocks

  264. I’m not disagreeing completely chunkstyle, just that there are others who wrote some intentionally nasty stuff who seem to be getting off scott-free, that’s all.

    Moi, je ne suis pas un “dude”. Check out the name backwards… 🙂

  265. lol finn, no, that’s d’other pic.

  266. “MR LEOPOLD BLOOM ATE WITH RELISH THE INNER ORGANS OF BEASTS and fowls. He liked thick giblet soup, nutty gizzards, a stuffed roast heart, liver slices fried with crustcrumbs, fried hencod’s roes. Most of all he liked grilled mutton kidneys which gave to his palate a fine tang of faintly scented urine.”

    /somehow I felt compelled to post this quote.

  267. in re: oriental vs eastern vs asian vs…

    I recommend the book “Orientalism” by the late Edward Said. http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/039474067X/sr=8-1/qid=1154697876/ref=pd_bbs_1/104-9274689-4989525?ie=UTF8

    an analysis and deconstruction of the “Oriental”. very worthwhile and relevant 30 years after its first publication.

  268. mariser, what’s that from?

  269. chunkstyle says:

    Hahaha, arbed, are we not all dudes? Oh maybe not…
    Yes, I get what you are saying and I’m not particularly a “J’accuse” kind of person, but I guess it just made me sad to see the lengths to which many here decided to lengthily defend certain racist comments with an “intellectual” discussion on the past uses of the word ‘oriental’. The racist comment I was referring to was made by someone with a hideous commenter name and a nasty comment. Sorry, TJ, didn’t mean to single you out. You are a regular CO commenter and I don’t want to alienate you.
    Cheers all!

  270. jaypo, it’s from James Joyce’s “Ulysses.”

    (You’re such an eclectic intellect, mariser!)

  271. Jaypo, the quote “Mr Leopold Bloom…: is from chapter 4 (Calypso) of “Ulysses” by James Joyce.

  272. Two Sheds Jackson says:

    Ok I’ll try not to go on too long with this one. The whole dog-eating thing seems to be blown out of proportion, why is eating dogs a problem? I’m not sure why saying some people eat dogs is racist. – Personally I only eat an animal which has been reared humanely but I don’t mind what sort of animal it is – crocodile, water buffalo and kangaroo taste fantastic so dogs might be yummy too. –
    And I suspect TJ may be a victim of linguistic differences – I state again: the word ‘oriental’ does NOT have negative associations here (to the best of my knowledge). And ‘pants’ means ‘knickers’ and ‘John’ is only a man’s name etc etc – whose bloody language is it anyway? ppthhbbttt!

  273. ain’t we all, J.Bo?

    the quote came to mind because of all the talk mid-thread about animals to eat and what not.

    I find it interesting when meat-eating folks refer to eats such as gibblets, kidneys, brains, etc. as “offal” and “disgusting”. I learned from my grandmother that if an animal is to be sacrificed and consumed, the least we can do is consume as much of it as possible.
    in a weird way, doing so acknowledges and honors that sacrifice.

  274. The reason why I personally bristle at “Oriental” and “Koreans eat dogs” and all the other relatively light-hearted jabs at my race is that MOST people who say these phrases aren’t as nuanced and aware as you all, and when they think of “Korea” they think of a bunch of yellow slant-eyes barbecuing Labradors with their buck teeth. And maybe the women, in their exotic Oriental mysterious beauty, are lovin’ them long time and afterwards wash your feet, cook you a delicious Oriental breakfast, giggle a bit, and are otherwise identityless and harmless.

    Believe it or not, even in the Bay Area, I confront people’s stereotypes and “shock” people daily with what they consider unfeminine-Asian behavior.

    And I say, F— that s—.

    That is why I bristle.

  275. Julie,

    I can’t even imagine the kind of crap you must put up with daily. and if it is like this in the Bay Area…
    I hope you don’t mind me saying so, but your statement reminds me a bit of the stuff that Margaret Cho talks about in her concerts.

    carry on! bristle on!

  276. ulysses references on CO:

    –stepping out of the page into the sensual world–

  277. Chunkstyle – just teasing you with the “dude” thing. 😉 And I know the post of which you speak – bleah.

    Julie – I completely understand your bristling. I am as white as white can be but would bristle at what you describe, as I would for any intentional degradation of person, regardless of nationality/ethnicity. Sometimes a joke is just a joke, with no malicious intentions at all, but the line can be pretty thin.

  278. Hooray for Julie!

  279. Ah, commentroversies on a Friday morning. I thought it would have been fueled by cruelty comments (“How could the parents let this happen!?!? That baby could crush that puppy!!”) – I didn’t even notice the baby was Korean.

    For the record, the word “oriental” is derived from the Latin verb meaning “to rise” (oriri); “occidental” is derived from the word “to fall” (occidere). The present participles are “oriens” and “occidens”. The east is where the sun rises, the west is where it falls. What happens to the usage of the words after Latin is up to history and us.

    At any rate, the pics are really effing cute. I’m waiting for more guinea pigs, though. Preferably the pet variety, not the dinner variety.

  280. AuntieMame says:

    To be honest, this thread has surprised me, because I had no clue that “Oriental” meant anything offensive. To me, it meant only “from the Far East.” (Or is that offensive, too?)

    And while I am apparently not “nuanced,” when I say “Korean” I mean “people who live in Korea.” That’s all. I am implying nothing more than by saying “Californian,” meaning “people who live in California.”

    Maybe it’s just I haven’t been around that many Asians in my life, but I truly had no idea that these words were offensive.

    However, I believe that nothing is solved by pretending that we’re blind to our differences. People ARE black or Korean or tall or educated or whatever, and dancing around the issue and declaring that it’s offensive to mention it is just silly.

    Let’s confront the attitudes and spend less time worrying about semantics.

  281. The Guy Over There says:

    To quote something I saw before on this:

    If you’re Oriental, chances are you’re a rug.

  282. AuntieMame, I am in full agreement with you that merely mentioning physical differences is not – or should not be deemed – offensive.

    By mentioning the history of the words I was responding to an earlier post and, of course, I was concerned with semantics, but only in as much as it interesting to see how such innocent-seeming words can change – or not change – due to our historical attitudes and perceptions.

    Not to be glib, but certainly to change the subject, now I’m off to look at the other snorgle-worthy pics… And to find out what kind of bug my cat is chasing. ‘Cause that is the CO way.

  283. Hasn’t anybody even NOTICED the TEENY-TINY EARS!!??!! …on the puppy, that is… sooooo munchable…. squeeeeeeeeeeee!

  284. It’s too much. I think that it’s killed me.

  285. Man it’s a busy day here, otherwise I’d expound upon Ulysses/Odysseus and hail the Return of the Semi-Conquering Finn. (Hi!)

  286. BunnyWings says:

    I’ll be honest, I’m not much for thinking of babies as adorable, more like they’re just baby humans (which, as adults, are repulsive!)
    But THIS baby is adorable. FA-REE-KING adorable. And the puppy is omgsocuteI’mgonnapuke-like. (:

    Haven’t you ever held your puppy/cat/otheranimal to your face and just rubbed into them? Baby’s learning early apparently. <3 ...

    I want a baby as cute as that one. T___T;;

  287. Oh, the earse, the EARSE!

  288. The South Korean eats the dog.
    In the town in South Korea, there is a shop of the dog dish.

  289. AuntieMame says:

    Sorry, Alexis. My post wasn’t meant to be a dig at you. It just happened to follow yours. As a matter of fact, your post wasn’t there when I started writing mine, so I didn’t even see it until after I’d posted.

    It also wasn’t a dig at Julie. When she encounters attitudes like she outlined in her post, she has my blessing to punch those people in the eye.

    And you need to check out the Cinna-bun in today’s newest post.

  290. T.O. — “semi-conquering”??

    time to round up the suitors and traitorous maids. THEN we’ll see who’s semi-conquering.

    but first, i’ll need some of that fresh espresso…

  291. Finn — well, with the healing hamstring & all, y’know. It wasn’t intended as a slam. Anyway, here’s your giant bow…

    You’re welcome to “non-ass” coffee. There’s even chocolate-covered espresso beans here.

  292. Non-asian baby with puppy – “Awww, he’s eating the puppy!”

    Asian baby with puppy –
    “AHAHaha, he’s eating the puppy.”

  293. This is the cutest picture ever! it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

  294. Sarcasta says:

    **”Return of the Semi-Conquering Finn.”**

    That’s RIGHT, Finn! You show those mangy trucks who’s BOSS!

  295. The cuteness has reached terminal overload. Most definitely the cutest thing I’ve ever seen ever ever ever.


  296. i had a hummer for breakfast. i’m primed, sarcasta.

  297. So, not trying to dwell… but I was raised to believe that “Oriental” was acceptable when used to describe an object — not a person. I’m not sure why it feels inappropriate or where that rule came from though… But also for the record, as a Korean, I was/am not offended or anything. People have always and will always have different opinions and follow different social rules. Nothing said here seemed so out of line to start pointing fingers and declaring people “racist.” Again, just my opinion. 🙂

  298. I um well er yeah, actually um see there’s uhmm… kinda… right. Yep. Anyway. DEFINITELY welcome back to the notorious D.O.G.

  299. snoopysnake says:

    This is just so unbelieveably cute! The baby reminds me of the 1960’s doll, Thumbelina. The puppy is soooo precious! These two are joyfully bonding in a way none of us will ever know. I hope they will be best pals for a long time!

  300. Damn. I waltz off to go clean the house…and miss the flame war. Phooey. 😉

    BTW–Puppy look like marshmallow. Kid cute. Kid nuzzling puppy cute. Me likey.


  301. Does this count as an example of Rule #4 (multiple species of cuteness)?

  302. Schemmy,

    it sure does!!

  303. It also may not be a deliberate snorgle – maybe the weight of the baby’s cheeks dragged his head down toward the earth, puppy just in the way. I want to snorgle his cheeks, they are so cute.

  304. That is just… damn cute.

  305. omg, I remember this! I have seen this before…..the baby is sooooo cute and the puppy too! >.< omg

  306. TJ-I’ll get the stick out of my ass once ignorance of your magnitude is wiped out. The term, “oriental,” is offensive to Asians. And because several people have already given explained why, I’m not even going to bother. What I hate is how people just hide their ignorance and prejudice by claiming that others are being too “PC.” It’s not being PC if you have to deal with this kind of racist crap every day.
    Sorry to inject this negativity into this comment section, but I can’t just sit by and let this sort of thing slide. If the comments were made in ignorace, fine, now you know. Don’t do it again knowingly.

  307. enygma–You really shouldn’t speak for all Asians. Yeah, I’m Korean (who also lives in the Bay Area) and I tend to wince whenever I hear the word “Oriental” ascribed to a person (however, I think that the people who freak out whenever the word is used in relation to an object such as a rug need to get the heck over themselves); but I am also aware that in certain parts of the UK at least, Oriental does not have a negative connotation at all. Plus, my best friend (Chinese, also lives in the Bay Area) does not think that there is anything wrong with the word. So no, the word is not offensive to all Asians.

  308. Brak_Silverbone says:

    Isn’t it nice to think of two such beautiful, adorable, cuddly babies growing up together and being friends always? 🙂

  309. As a Korean, I do not consider the term oriental offensive. I think it’s weird when non-Asians call Asians oriental, but I think it’s mostly because I was raised that oriental is used more to describe objects, i.e. rug, food, furniture. But that’s just my opinion.

  310. I also just noticed his little ears, and they are so cute! aaah!

  311. sorry to add to all these posts. these are my thoughts and i apologize if it offends anyone.

    im korean and what makes me mad is how the person clearly cannot read korean and so makes it up saying “caption says:…” without even asking someone to translate it first. it may have been meant as a lighthearted joke but i cannot help but feel offended somehow, even though i use that kind of joke myself. yes i know its hypocritical but can u blame me for feeling a little defensive? by all means, the picture is an innocent baby who just happened to be korean and who like all babies wants to put things in his mouth.

    as a korean, even though i dont think ill ever eat a dog, i dont look down on it. much like the people in peru, koreans were very poor and needed a protein source. nowadays, dogs are only eaten as a specialty dish because it is traditionally believed to give one strength and to improve a man’s virility.

    koreans are not the only asians who accept eating dogs. chinese and filipinos do also. one of my filipino friends said she never knew other people besides filipinos ate dogs. i thought that was amazing because the “controversy” of koreans eating dogs occasionally pops up on american news. but this just shows u that u know more about ur own culture and things said about ur own people stick out more.

    i hope no one minds if i clean up the translation a bit:
    pic1. it’s me, Mahkneh! (the dog’s name is ‘youngest child’ in korean)
    pic2. nice to meet you~
    pic3. Mahkneh begs, thinking Yehjin’s (baby’s name) hand is a mother’s nipple.
    pic5. what flavor are you?

  312. JJ-Please re-read my comment. I never said “all” Asians and I never claimed to be speaking for all of them. If you’re cool with being called an Oriental, then great for you.

  313. Laurie C says:

    What’s far more upsetting to me is the news stories this week about Chinese authorities slaughtering all the dogs in some districts en masse to contain rabies.

    Story here: http://edition.cnn.com/2006/WORLD/asiapcf/08/04/china.dogs.ap/index.html

  314. spamtaro says:

    I love the last picture! The bebe cheeks just fit perfectly on the puppy’s back.

    Every bebe in my asian family had these humongous cheeks. My hapa baby’s cheeks were so big that in profile she had no nose.

    And maybe I might be old-fashioned, but I really don’t care if someone feels the need to call me oriental, because as you may know, we all look alike. (Just kidding).

  315. cornkernel says:

    I’ve had snails, frog, tripe, chicken feet, … my mother has in times of great financial difficulty told me to pick the dandelion leaves in the lawn for salad… if you served me dog, I’d eat it.
    Cat too!

    So yes, there is an American that would eat Fido or Spot.

    Hindu’s don’t eat cows. That would be eating their ancestors!

    So this uptightness about dogs is because we call them ‘pets’.

    Would you eat your pet catfish? Or pig? When you go back into the past, many cultures ate animals that once were pets to the family. Its just that now we have the luxgury to call certain animals ‘pets’ and ‘non-edible’.

    Here’s a story that can’t get any more American. “A Day No Pigs Would Die” by Robert Peck. (I was made to read this in middle school, but it makes you realize how much we take things for granted.)

    Excert (not from book):
    “A prolific writer of fiction for young people (Peck has written fifteen books in the last ten years), his work is rooted in the rural tradition of his boyhood. His first book, A Day No Pigs Would Die, concerns the rites of passage of a young boy growing up on a Vermont farm. The hard facts of farm life are realistically described in terse, vivid prose that has no room for sentimentality. In the book, the young hero is required to slaughter his own pet pig. Peck does not balk at the seemingly brutal necessities of a consumer world. “I can’t con readers that bacon is made by DuPont out of soybeans,” he says. “Killing hogs is honest work. My father did it. So did I. One time, at a cocktail party, I watched people ram goose liver into their maws and then announce how opposed they were to violence.” This same violence, which is often [grossly] described, has had a mixed reception among reviewers, but overall, Peck has been praised for his down-to-earth, life-is-tough attitude. A Day No Pigs Would Die was named an American Library Association Best Book for Young Adults in 1973.”

    Source: http://www.edupaperback.org/showauth.cfm?authid=101

    On another note, I think the baby is trying to eat the dog–or at least get it in his mouth. Of course my little brother and sister tried to eat everything. Their toys, blankets, their hands, their feet. Yeah, babies like to put things it their mouths.

    I love babies… but this one? The cheeks are too much.

  316. does anybody know what that says?

  317. Cute puppy + Adorable baby + puffy cheeks = OMG! AWWWW!

  318. Oh man, I’ve seen that picture like two years ago but omg… EVERY single time I look at it… my heart just puddles. It’s absolutely so serene between the baby and the pup. =] Kyootest series of pics eva XD <3<3

  319. I usually never post but OH MY GOOODNESS!
    The baby is snorgling the puppy, babies snorgle. I have first hand experience as my youngest loves to snorgle my cat and she is gentle and they are lovely together.
    I am sorry but that baby is beautiful and I want to squeeze him and love him and the puppy too. TOTAL cute overload!!

  320. Anthony Franklin says:

    Outside of North America, “Asian” means Indian or Pakistani, whereas “Oriental” is used to distinguish those from east Asia. I have more than once witnessed the confusion of Americans when they discover that Pakistan is part of Asia. I think that part of the reason is that the vast majority of those of Asian origin living in the USA are from east Asia. Wake up! Asian is a very big continent!

  321. Ohmigod. Look at the muzzlepuffs on that kid! They’re both so kawaiiii! ^_^

  322. Orphic Lycidas says:

    I don’t why everyone else is in such denial, but that baby is definitely taking a bite out of that pup. Very cute, nonetheless.

  323. Fire Arrow says:

    Flurgle gurgle flop.
    No other words to describe feeling.

  324. *Some* things really are written in our genes. How else could the little fella know what to do with the pup? Pure instinct.

    Good God that is cute.

  325. christina says:

    i want to smell the baby’s smushy cheeks. 😀

  326. ginettissima says:

    (Thanks, Arbed, for the explanation to those who weren’t sure about the term “Oriental” and why it’s questionable. For anyone else interested, you may want to read “Orientalism” by Edward Said.)

    I’m also a little appalled at how easily people seem to talk about “Asian babies” and their presumed qualities, positive or negative. Would you so easily talk about the qualities /characteristics of babies of African decent or any other kind of baby? And, though we’re talking about babies here, they’re still human beings, are we going to then talk about full-grown Asian people (or people of anything ethnic group) in the same way? Hmm… I mean I realize that there’s a certain amount of objectification that goes on when we’re talking about babies, animals, etc. but… yeah, long story short: the word “oriental” isn’t cool anymore (not that it ever was) and neither is starting any kind of sentence with “Asian (or any other kind of ethnicity) are …”

  327. Oops… posted this under the wrong picture originally… no delete means, either. Sowwy!

    ‘oriental offensive to Asians’

    okay… i guess every race has it (negro, afro-american, african-american, black american)…

    I’ve had this discussion with Chinese foreign exchange students (you know, people who aren’t three-generations American trying to dictate what offends others of their race that’s not American-borne… you know… THOSE types.)

    The impression I got was that the ‘oriental offends asians’ is a north american thing and not so much in other places…. is this true or not? There was also a student from Derbyshire (UK) that had asian descent who said that ‘asians’ in London don’t get upset over the word ‘oriental’.

    Also, ASIAN connotates OTHER folks besides those we typically consider ‘oriental’. There’s more to Asia than China, Korea, et.al.

    So, what’s the REAL deal? Is this just American sensibilies trying to dictate what people consider rude for the entire world? Or is this a legitimate trend from actual asian folks living in Asia and NOT in the US or Canada or London?

    And, if so, has anyone asked the non-‘oriental’ people how they feel about being lumped in with said ‘oriental’ people when the term “asian” is used?

    I mean, do people even THINK when they decide that some words are bad and some are good?

  328. And I answered you up there:

    “South Asian: from the Indian subcontinent, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka.

    East Asian: Japan, Korea, China.

    Southeast Asian: from Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Burma, Indonesia, Malaysia.

    “Oriental” makes more sense in Latin languages, where the literal meaning is “east” or “eastern.” (Ask some Cubans if you’re curious about this, as some of them are “oriental” – from the “oriente,” the eastern part of the country.)”

  329. Wow – I can’t believe some of the comments. I thought the number was unusually high because of the unusual cuteness, I never imagined dog eating jokes. Sad.

    This is the cutest snorgle ever! So cute. Thanks for the steady supply of cuteness!

  330. Susan — yeah, but it does help you develop a healthy brain filter, eh? Being able to automatically sift the signal from the noise of the internet is a priceless skill in this Information Age.

    Cute Overload is like pull-ups for your brain, AND daily stress therapy, all at once. 😉

  331. Cute puppy! Cute baby! Neither one are hurting each other and they’re happy being together. What cuties!

    As for all the rest: There will also be some people who are more easily offended than others. And there are aways going to be people who play on the easily offended by making snide comments. And there are still others who make mistakes without meaning to harm (although the easily offended always get bothered either way).

    Remember the wise old saying, “You can please some of the people some of the time but you can’t please all of the people all of the time.”

  332. lurkertype says:

    I remember being very confused as a kid about the use of the words “oriental” “far East” and suchlike, when I could quite clearly see on my globe and maps that Japan and China and Korea and Vietnam were directly WEST of me.

    Snorgling, however, seems to be inherent regardless of geography. Remembering Koko the gorilla and her kitten, I venture to say it is universal amongst primates! Did Lucy the australopithecus snorgle prehistoric fluffballs?

  333. Laurie C says:

    Perhaps when not eating them.

  334. ori·ental·ly adv.

    Usage Note: Asian is now strongly preferred in place of Oriental for persons native to Asia or descended from an Asian people. The usual objection to Orientalmeaning “eastern”is that it identifies Asian countries and peoples in terms of their location relative to Europe. However, this objection is not generally made of other Eurocentric terms such as Near and Middle Eastern. The real problem with Oriental is more likely its connotations stemming from an earlier era when Europeans viewed the regions east of the Mediterranean as exotic lands full of romance and intrigue, the home of despotic empires and inscrutable customs. At the least these associations can give Oriental a dated feel, and as a noun in contemporary contexts (as in the first Oriental to be elected from the district) it is now widely taken to be offensive. However, Oriental should not be thought of as an ethnic slur to be avoided in all situations. As with Asiatic, its use other than as an ethnonym, in phrases such as Oriental cuisine or Oriental medicine, is not usually considered objectionable.

    The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fourth Edition
    Copyright © 2000 by Houghton Mifflin Company.

  335. Cuddliest baby and pup..

    Enough with the damn oriental arguments. It just started as a small ignorant remark and has blown up to ridiculous proportions with people pulling out info from encyclopedias even!

    Just enjoy the cute images… human beings just suck at being cute the moment we open our mouths or start typing, we argue and whine too much.

  336. :O That is near unbelivable amounts of cute. I can’t decide if I want to hug the pup or the baby more…

  337. Err, Linda… compared to *other* commentroversies here on CO, this one is mild.

    Also, there are a bunch of peeps here who definitely *are* into grammar/usage. So some ’em are gonna pop their heads in the door now and again, as I did above. FWIW, “Oriental” has been used a slur for a loong time, in the UK and former British colonies, at least.

  338. what love!

  339. korean translation:

    #1: im the youngest [child]!
    #2: happay to meet ya!
    #3: dum-bee [pup’s name] thinks yae-jin’s [baby] finger is mommy doggy
    last: what flava might u be?

  340. this is sooooo cute!!! cute baby with a cute puppy! ^___^

  341. The Honourable Gladys Anstruther says:

    Well f**k my old boots, you mob do like to get on your high horse.
    (Leaves in high dudgeon)

  342. Anyone notice that the kid’s face… in the second one down, under the solo pic of the pup… looks like something from one of those classic paintings on vases?

    I can imagine a vase with a face that looks like that! (maybe minus the baby cheekpuffs…)

    The normal reaction is to be paranoid the baby will do something wrong… but do you REALLY see a baby picking up a live thing and banging it on the ground like an inanimate toy? Kids older than him always want to pet an animal and approach them with caution if they’re not familiar witht he experience.

    After all, he’s wired to get the same reaction we do when viewing something so unbelieveably cute and small..


  343. elizabeth says:

    um there are people in china and korea that DO eat DOG! I don’t think it’s racist to make a joke about that?? it’s like saying Americans love mcdonalds?

  344. I *don’t* love McDonald’s.

  345. Elizabeth, there are people who do (not everyone though) but some people think like, “OMG THEY ARE BABARIC SAVAGE BEASTS LETS MAKE A FAKE ORIENTAL COOKBOOK!! POOR PUPPIES!!!” And us Americans eat cute little piglets and baby cows. Pshhh. So making jokes like that are kinda racist. And I hate McDonalds with a passion.
    P.s Omg….that baby and pup are SO CUTE!

  346. your pictures are sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  347. Eee! The baby reminds me of my Korean-born adopted cousin, who had sweet little chubby cheeks like that as a baby. And the puppy is so cute!

  348. so Falkor from the Neverending Story was a West Highlands Terrier puppy? neat! 🙂

  349. international snorglefest!

  350. Orphic Lycidas says:

    1) I am an American and do *not* like McDonald’s. 2) Yes, ‘oriental’ is not in use anymore – in the US anyway. 3) you all see to be missing the larger point: regardless of that baby’s nationality, he’s still eating that polar bear!!!!!

  351. ahem. its… Baby Mcjowlerson.Getting his cronshe on. Why did no one think of that before me? Im confuzzled. OMG I am speaking cute overloadese! How redonk?

  352. I think I know where little smooshy keeps his acorns!! Honestly this picture is a little TOO cute, the baby’s cheeks are out of control and that puppy is ridiculously loaf-shaped.

  353. STOP EATING THAT SNOWBALL YOU EVIL BABY!!! I WANNA EAT IT! Well you shwwwwwweet lil’ pupsicle! I could jus’ eat chou up… bUrP!!!

  354. Are these two siblings??? Who sees the resemblance??? This is unfair, two cutes in one pic!!! Stop the sugar overload, just kidding, keep it coming!!! LOVE IT!!!

  355. They’re so cute…
    But some comment are ugly..
    seems quite many people think all the Kreans eat dogs easily and just realized Asian babies could be a target of ridicule easily. Please remember God made human being equal in him with his love….

  356. Just saw this now. This is one of the most cute-tastic set of pictures — and most disturbing set of comments — to be juxtaposed in my CO experience. Clearly the Qte brings out the lizard-brain (good and bad) in all of us.