This tiny Fennec fox is too much! (or did I mean to say TOO LITTLE!?!)

[Paws waving in air in delight]




  1. Holy head to body ratio O_O! *Hugs it*

  2. His eyes match his blanket! Is that a fox, really?

  3. I think my head just exploded from its cuteness. So anerable!

  4. ………. *gasp*Awww!!*gasp*

    Floppy ears alert!!! Lookit those eyes… that liddle nose…. And the paws! I could go on forever. ^____^

  5. WickedWendy says:

    Like a bucket of funny looking cuteness! Check those back paws!!! What a cutie!

  6. Um, look at his FEET!

  7. That’s kinda creepy. It’s like a Japanese cartoon that features a tiny-bodied animal. Cute and all in a drawing, but it doesn’t pay to consider reality – in which the creature’s head would just topple off because of sheer weight.

  8. I just realized something… Doesn’t he have his forepaws crossed?? *squee*

  9. Those limp, oversized EARS! *melts*


  10. Paws up, little dude!! Paws up!!

  11. In a way, doesn’t he look like he’s giving an obscene gesture Italian style?

  12. sadie_asher says:

    Just a bit too creepy for me…

  13. He does kinda remind me of “Gremlins” (Gizmo, not the evil ones), and so he still fits the rules of cuteness, in my book! 🙂

  14. a FOX! 🙂


  15. AGH!!!

    (gasp of astonishment and delight)

  16. Hmmmm, I dunno. Pegs the “demonic” meter instead of the “cute” meter for me. To each his/her own, though. I mean pwn. Something.

  17. Wierd..Its proportions are wierd.

  18. Danielle says:

    I was the one who sent this piccy in. :)) I almost died the first time I found it. Soon, like in the next month, that baby fox will have a new mommy: me.

  19. What is remarkable about this animals facial features, is that it is a hybrid of a cat and a dogs. Eerie… Just look at it.

  20. Congratulations, Danielle! Has it a name yet?

  21. *GASP* AWWW, I love Fennecs! Stupid California pet laws….I can’t own a Fennec OR a serval…..cryface!

  22. For the record, peeps, Holly’s links *are* baby Fennecs. Japan hands it to us again.

  23. Heather S. says:

    You know if he were to get up and walk he’d just fall over from the weight of his head.

  24. jenandcleo says:

    Geez – that thing looks like something out of a Harry Potter movie.

  25. Every year the Fair has its ‘Wildlife Experience’, and oh yes, there will be Fennecs.

  26. Wait, you can have a fox as a pet?! I want I want I want I want!!!
    I think the reason this foxy baby’s head looks so big is on account of the blanket. Can’t account for the obscene crossed paws though. And seriously? Look at those hind paws! aren’t they huge?

  27. weird looking dog

  28. Fritatta says:

    …a Keane fox…?

  29. Dear lord, no one tell my little boy you can have fennecs as pets in Japan, or he’ll be watching anime in Japanese to learn the language so we can live there…

    Ridiculousadorable. And the links from Holly are making me squee… SPROING!

  30. chackler says:

    Wee little feet
    wee little nose

    He’s so wee…!!!

  31. Like a little espresso shot of CUTE!

  32. Fennec foxes are very cute, for sure, but they don’t belong in houses as pets. They’re WILD ANIMALS, not domesticated, and it’s in no way ethical to keep them as pets!

  33. the body is disportionally tiny because he is partly craddled/swallowed by the blanket.

  34. Hmm, sorta cute, but mostly scary. One case where I find the adults cuter than the babies.

    Those adult ears are redonkulus!

  35. He’s being eaten by the same strange animal as that opossum!

    Not cool, guys. NOT cool.

  36. If I’m not mistaken this little guy has at the very minimum reached trifecta status.

    Paws up, looks helpless enough, and he/she most certainly hasn’t grown into those feet.


  37. CamarilloBrillo says:

    I will call him Cerberus!

  38. Is he premature? Or are all foxes born with an adult’s head on a whelp’s body?

  39. I don’t know what it is, but it sure is cute.

  40. Holy crap, Maisy, you’re right — it’s the FLUFFY ABSORBENT BLOB! Made of TERRORCLOTH!

    CamarilloBrillo — I think we’re shy a couple of heads to be Baby Cerberus. Maybe they show up at puberty? (And, nice Zappa reference in the screen name… but who you jivin with that cozmik debris?)

    Everybody who’s noticed the weird proportioning — the towel obscures some of Mini-Fennec’s body. He’s partway wrapped up.

  41. wow, look at that enormous head! so cute, yet so alien-like!

  42. When bebes are too small or might get lost in The Blue Couch, a blue towel will do nicely.

  43. MaggieBelle says:

    Yeah, I’m leaning toward creepy on this one.

  44. wolfwhocriedboy says:

    *sigh* That’s it. It’s over. That picture officially damaged the “Cute” centres of my brain. Nothing will ever be cute again because I gazed into the sun of cuteness.

  45. herpantsness says:

    Actually, fennecs are the old kind of fox you CAN keep as a pet. However, they need lots of room, and are insatiable diggers who will most likely destroy your stuff and f up your garden.
    wikipedia entry

  46. fox looks like that anorexic chick paris hilton hangs/hung out with. ..whatsername…(my celeb culture -knowledge is rather mediocre)

  47. nicole richie! thats her..

  48. Mmmm…tastes like chicken.

  49. OMG I Luuuuuvs Fennics! I want one sooo bad and I know that there are some places that will let you have one as a pet but they are very high maintainence. They are Very Very rambunctious and will run all over your house like kittens on speed. They would need lots of room and preferrably a large enclosed pen/cage outside you can put them in like a big outdoor playpen. They run, climb, jump, dig, and make mischief all over. Those bebbie pics that holly posted make me want to cry they are soo kawaii =^.^=

  50. thanks to those who confirmed my suspicion that the proportions were distorted due to Towel Blob. Cute as he is, once he grows into the full glory of the Ears, will be unbeatable. Obv not a good pet for us apartment dwellers, even if we were allowed! Sounds like a combination border collie/Jack Russell on the energy scale.

  51. Danielle says:

    Fennecs are exotic animals. If you can find an exotic breeder then they are perfectly legal to keep as pets. Fennecs can be both leash and litter trained and full-grown they’re basically the same size as a large house-cat.

    His head looks abnormally large because of the way that the blankets are positioned around him.

    And for the person who asked, his name it Kit.

  52. Ummm, I dunno. For me, the BEF sort of cancels the rest out….


    OK, in the glossary example: cute!

    In this pic: not! I’m sorry, it just weirds me out.

  54. its looks like someone is holding him, so most of his body is behind the towel. At first look I was weirded out, until you can see someone holding him

  55. Just because it may be LEGAL to keep fennecs (or other exotics) as pets, doesn’t mean that it’s the ethical thing to do, or that most individuals are going to be able to adequately care for a wild animal. There are plenty of cute domesticated animals that are more than suitable to keep as house pets. 🙂

  56. HOLY POO!
    It’s so CUTE!

  57. Christina says:

    i think he looks scary. 😦 he would probably look better if he were on all fours.

  58. ginettissima says:

    I need to check but is having giant head relative to your body one of the Rules of Cuteness? Cause it needs to be if it’s not 🙂

  59. I WANT ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111omglol

    *runs screaming to the Fennec Fox store and beats on the door cuz it’s not open yet*

  60. Aww he is so cute! I’m planning on getting a Fennic next spring.

    Hey Lori, how many exotic animals do you own? I’m guessing none from your posts. So how do you know if it’s “ethical” to keep them or not? I know plenty of people who have healthy, happy exotic pets, including Fennecs. What more does an animal need? Just because exotic animals kept as pets doesn’t fit in your plan for a perfect world does not mean you are entitled to bash exotic pet owners.

  61. If Dobby the house elf were a fox, this is what he’d look like. Hee, hee.