Stuff it!

I guess telling someone to "STUFF IT" isn’t so bad after all. You’re pretty much saying they’re cute. In a  ‘prepared-for-anything-snax-to-go’ kinda way.


Dope! (on a Slope)



  1. Muzzlepuffs NUTHIN’.

  2. Look at those FEET!

  3. karisma1cma says:

    too cute! looks like he says “yeah, i can fit more in, how ’bout you?”

  4. That had better be a chipmunk and not a squirrel…

  5. No, I won’t share!

  6. That is a very familiar sight around my house. We have chipmunks and one very large squirrel that come to feed on bird food.

  7. JB:
    Definately a cheekmunk.

  8. *nam nam nam nam…* Can I eat some more? Yep. *nam nam nam nam…*

    Kinda reminds me of a Blue Man Group routine with marshmallows.

  9. Nerrrh. If I push harder I can fit in one more nut *grunt*

  10. A perfect example of the “Cheek Pouches” rule of cuteness (that I made up XD). Any animal with cheek pouches, is far cuter when said pouches are stuffed with something 😀


  11. It’s Mr. Chippy! He comes to my patio every morning. He loves blueberries and grapes and peanuts. On Saturday morning I was sitting in the living room and saw a little movement out the corner of my eye. It was Mr. Chippy! He came inside looking for another peanut. “Mr. Chippy!” I said, “you get right back outside. You only get peanuts on the patio!” And he scampered out.

  12. Subhangi says:

    THIS CALLS FOR A CONTEST!!! (Read on …)

    Meg, how about the best selection of “Seven Deadly Sins” pics from the archives of Cuteoverload? I’d classify this guy (and the guy in Theo’s link) under “Gluttony”.

    What say?

  13. brownamazon says:

    Eee, I love chpmunks. I love their racing stripes and their clever little paws. It’s all good–even the BEF.

  14. brownamazon says:

    My in-laws’ cottage is positively overrun with them. You can’t open a cupboard without finding a chipmunk blinking back at you. And you’d better check before turning on the shower. Otherwise, it’s like that scene in The Big Lebowski. Only cuter. And without the Nihilists.

  15. You know, this has me a bit worried…I see Alvin up there, but where are the other chipmunks?

  16. awwwww… I want some of them in my backyard. Wonder why I don’t have any. I have herds of squirrels, but no chippies. And they’re certainly plentiful in michigan…

  17. Subhangi, that’s a GREAT idea!

    I vote this guy for–surprise!–Sloth! *snickers*


  18. Aubrey–you can’t hear their feeble cries for mercy…deep within the folds of his cavernous mouth-pouches… 😉


  19. After living in a house in the woods for years, I can say that chipmunks, however cute individually, are not cute when they become an infestation. YUCK.

  20. D2D:
    More like –

  21. brownamazon says:

    Sub, D2D:
    Who should represent Lust? One of the cats n’ racks chicks?

  22. brownamazon says:

    Or perhaps that rather shockingly well-endowed lemur from a few weeks back?

  23. ceejoe–nine cats? no chippies? Umm…

  24. Lol, they’re all indoor cats.

  25. I figured as much!

  26. The suave Sir Chipmunk casts the look which has slain the heart of many a lady chipmunk.

  27. ShelleyTambo says:
  28. brownamazon says:

    Lol @ Shelly–perfect! I forgot about those two…

  29. Damn, Shelley, I was just looking for that pic…

  30. ShelleyTambo says:

    brownamazon–The well-endowed lemur isn’t a bad choice, although the lustful actions have to be implied from the endowment. 🙂

    J.Bo–It’s linked in the CO glossary under “WTF.” Not sure why I remember that…

  31. lurkertype says:

    Awww, this reminds me of my grampa’s cabin in the mountains and feeding the chipmunks in summer. Mom allowed it as long as they didn’t get any closer than the porch. It was so far out that there was no TV and one (bad) radio station but hours of entertainment could be had with a bag of peanuts and a coupla brave/hungry chippers.

  32. Tony James says:
  33. Hey, I found one for the Sin of Wrath…

    (just picture the word-balloon filled with “#^?%@&$!!!!”)

  34. ShelleyTambo says:

    Or alternate wrath?

    Those sloths don’t look all that slothful, but there are too many lazy/sleeping pics to choose from!

  35. Tony James says:

    That’s not wrath, T-Oh – look at the ears. No no no, this little guy is auditioning for the Maxell commercial – the one where the guy is blasted into his armchair from his stereo? Exactly the same pose.

  36. I think the internet-meme dog that ShellyT linked (y’know, the DESTROYER OF WORLDS pup) works for “wrath.”

  37. Tony James says:
  38. TJ — ehh… I don’t really think the turtle looks all that wrath-y (though definitely annoyed) and the otterotterotter just doesn’t sell “gluttony” the way a set of overstuffed cheek-pouches do… but your “envy” is POIFICT.

    As is the box-O-sloth that Denita suggested. 😉

  39. Wow, we could discuss this endlessly.

  40. oh man! I was just gonna say we haven’t covered pride yet! Too funny… I see another endless thread coming on.

  41. ShelleyTambo says:

    I think the heat wave fried my brain–it took me a full 10 minutes to figure out why Grubbie would be perfect for envy. Uff da.

  42. ShelleyTambo – LOL. Me too, but I didn’t wanna admit it…

  43. Global Warming, Global Swarming!

    Winters coming dude, better pack it in.

  44. Tony James says:

    T-O – your greed link is perfect for lust… 🙂

  45. Cheeky McPufferson??

  46. The problem here (as I see it ) is clearly distinguishing between greed, lust & gluttony, and then translating that into a photo chosen from the CO archives. And that sounds like *work* to me.

  47. …translating THOSE into THREE PHOTOS, actually. Gahhhh

  48. “…and now, the sin of PRIDE:”

    …huh?! Me no gets it…


  49. “The problem here (as I see it ) is clearly distinguishing between greed, lust & gluttony,…”

    T., that is DEEP, man.

  50. Tony James says:

    Lust: depraved thought and unwholesome morality. To whit:

    Greed: a strong desire to gain material wealth. Thus

    Gluttony: overindulgence in anything. No link here, but take a look in the mirror. Yes, my friends – THAT is the face of CO-verindulgence 😉

  51. Greed, lust, and gluttony … indeed, three faces of the same unholy desire. Methinks the medievals who came up with the original list were stretching a bit. Mine would be waaaaaay different. … Another contest: match the celebrity with the critter! Chipmunk above, John Goodman (with doe eyes).

  52. D2D — Prince. Pride. What’s not to get?

    Aubrey — right up to my neck in it.

    TJ — Ah, good choice, but it’s still a bit foggy to me as to which sin that fishy vid portrays (greed? gluttony?)… but, dude… you DEFINITELY need to work on your lust. Here, sit down. Get your little sister to close the door on her way out. Lemme tell you how this works.

  53. Tony James says:

    T-OH – the fishy vid demonstrates the cat’s desire to acquire material wealth (wow, this thread is certainly sorting the catholics from the hell-bound!).
    The meerkats – a prime example of things exhibiting depraved thought and unwholesome morality. There’s no animal in the world as depraved as a meerkat (Mac has recused himself from this discussion).

  54. T-Do you really want TJMax to WORK on his lust? I mean, I’m perfectly willing to bail him out…AGAIN…

  55. Tony James says:

    Aubrey – I’ll be your wingman anyday! Bit worried about T’s comment about sending my little sister out of the room – is the imputation that I would be working on my lust with her?

  56. Argentee says:
  57. TJ, yes, but what do the cats DO with the fish, once they acquire them? Do they amass them into a towering heap of fly-encrusted “wealth,” or perhapes roll them into a Spincast & Lures 500 index fund? Indeed no! They simply gorge upon them… most GLUTTONOUSLY.

    The meerkat thing I just don’t get.
    Well… maybe they look a bit suggestive when they stand up on their hind legs, as they do.

    Aubrey — on your own head be it. 😉

  58. TJ — re: imputation… you’re reading a little too deeply here. See, it’s like this… birds gotta do what birds gotta do, and bees gotta do what bees gotta do… with me so far?

  59. brownamazon says:
  60. Tony James says:

    T – the cats do many things with the fish (and not all of them are suitable for a family website like this one). There is, for example, a flourishing barter system within the feline community. Ever wonder where those little balls go, the ones with the bells in them, that Fluffy chases all over the floor until they “end up under the fridge”? They get traded for catnip, fish, and if you believe Eddie Izzard, power tools.
    And the Spincast & Lures 500 Index Fund was wound up last year – cats who opted not to cash out had the holdings rolled into Furdelity Aquatic Life fund.

  61. Here’s a stretch, for “Greed”:

    Explanation: Ben Jonson’s play, “Volpone, or The Fox” is a story of a man’s greed and how far he would go to appease his desire for more and more material wealth.

    But they’re such cute little Fennecs, I think we should forgive them.

    TJ – stop typing. Time we slapped the darbies on you.

  62. See, THIS is why I thought Aubrey was English. “Darbies?”
    (TMI, TMI, TMI… covering mind’s eye…)

  63. This is WRATH:

    Don’t mess with New York City kitty…

  64. Yeeks. No jury in the land would convict that cat.

  65. T. – I’m reading the Complete Sherlock Holmes. (Reading is like shopping, I think: you see a word you like, so you decide to purchase it for your vocabulary/wardrobe.)

  66. Ahhh… longtime Holmesian myself. And, footnote, Jeremy Brett and Edward Hardwicke were the best on-screen Holmes and Watson ever (from the BBC TV series).

  67. Brett/Hardwicke the best? Elementary, my dear T.

  68. Subhangie!

    LOVE the idea!

    Let’s do it!!!


  69. Tony James says:

    T-O – sorry, but Basil Rathbone and Nigel Bruce win every time.

  70. Depends on your era, I guess.

  71. Help save little guys like this one and our Provincial parks at:

  72. “Jeremy Brett and Edward Hardwicke were the best on-screen Holmes and Watson ever (from the BBC TV series).”

    AMEN!!! My boyfriend and I LOVE that series. Edward Hardwicke is great, but Jeremy Brett just NAILS Sherlock perfectly, playing him with that slight derangement that genius often entails, and that Arthur Conan Doyle (IMHO) intended.

    And on the subject of chipmunks — this little guy is adorable. 🙂 At my Dad’s house, there’s a small cement front porch, and there was a hole in the side of it due to age. Evidently it was somewhat hollow inside, as a family of chipmunks took up residence, and would live there (or come back, I’m not sure) year after year. We’d put cheerios and nuts and bits of fruit on top of the porch, and wait for one of the little munchkins to run up, sit up on our porch (their “roof”), and chomp away. SO cute!

  73. From Meg’s lips to our…erm, monitors. Time to rally the pics, folks, we’ve been given the green light!

    *cracks knuckles* Now, what would the rules be–only CO-based pics allowed, or are we free to scavenge copyright-free gems…? (Animals only, of course!)


  74. Meg, once we’re done with the SDS series, don’t forget the Seven Virtues… everything in balance. 😉

  75. Check out the Seven Deadly Sins as portrayed by gummy bears:

    (“Pride” is my favorite of this bunch…)

  76. Tony James says:

    Ach Mein Gott! Gummi Bars mit ze lusting und ze greeding! Ich must enlist zem in ze PPFC!

  77. Oh, the sloths! The gummies! The engaging and entertaining commentary! This is why my personal productivity is right up there with how much my cat gets done in a day.

    TJ has it pegged – I just have to look into the mirror to see CO Gluttony. I’m lusting after more and more cute pics of kitties, I’m slothful in not getting other things done, I’m greedy in that I need to see MORE pics of cuteness every day, I’m envious of spooning kittehs, I’m proud to post with teh CO community and I’m ever so angry at all the ‘not cute’ posters who try to ruin all of our hedonistic fun!

  78. Looks like my fate is sealed. Best wishes to you all. May you all fare better than I. For those that don’t, we’ll catch up where it’s REALLY hot.

  79. hrh.squeak says:

    Oh golly, I’m feeling lame again.

    I have a whole list of suggestions for the Seven Deadly Cute Sins, and lame ol’ me, I canNOT figure out how to capture a link from an archived picture. Could someone ‘splain, please? I found the bestest picture for Pride . . . .

    ps. J.Bo, thanks for posting the GummiSins, not only was it disgustingly funny, I couldn’t remember all seven.

  80. omg, those gummy bears are hiLARious. I can’t wait to get back to work in the morning for this. And its’ cooler today!!

  81. HRHS — all you have to do is copy the whole URL out of the address bar, and paste it into your comment. Leave a little whitespace after it (no immediate punctuation or end-parentheses). Et voila!

  82. Subhangi says:

    ShellyTambo wrote:

    For lust, I nominate these guys:


  83. Laurie C says:

    Did we get this for gluttony yet?

    Or this?

    This for “Pride”:

    And hands down, the Evil Hamster of World Domination for Wrath:

    On the subject of chipmuncks, my friends’ cottage has a “chipmunk highway across their back yard. It’s a straight diagonal path made in the grass across the open part of the yard leading from under the deck to the woodpile and on to under the bird feeder, where they gorge on what the birds drop.

  84. Laurie C — Lili? The hamster?? For “Wrath”??? (Good calls on Gluttony and Pride though, fer sure.)

  85. Laurie C says:

    Well, okay, maybe not Wrath, but she does is the poster hamster for Evil Cute.

  86. Laurie C says:

    “does is” – sheesh, can you tell I just came home from being under anasthetic at the dentist?

  87. Hey, we have one of those in our backyard. His name is “Hoover”. He sucks up everything around the bird feeders.

  88. hrh.squeak says:

    So I starts entering my list, and I realize I’m duplicating earlier Cuteologist entries, and I start crediting them, and the next thing you know I’ve compiled all the submissions. You’d think I didn’t need to do chores or somethin’.

    OK, here we go:

    (thanks ShellyTambo)
    (Thanks Theo)
    (Thanks Theo)
    (Thanks Tony James)
    (Thanks Brownamazon)
    (Thanks nycat)
    (Thanks Laurie C – but ???)

    (Thanks Aubrey)
    (Thanks Tony James)

    (thanks Theo)
    (thanks Tony James)
    (Thanks LaurieC)

    (two in sequence)
    (Thanks Theo)
    (Thanks Tony James)
    (Thanks Aubrey)

    (Thanks Subhangi, plus Yay! for idea
    (Thanks Tony James)

    (thanks TwoDragons)
    (Thanks Argentee)

    (Thanks Theo)
    (Thanks Laurie C)
    (Thanks Argentee)

    Meg? Up to you now – you are the Supreme Arbiter of Teh Cute, after all –

    ps. Theo, in Firefox or maybe just on my computer, all you ever get in the subject bar is I rightclicked in frustration, and lo and behold, a menu which included “copy this link” – et voila! Just FYI.

  89. hrh.squeak says:

    (you all have No Idea how terrified I was that I would lose that post mid-list. Whew.)

  90. Laurie C says:

    squeak, nice work.

  91. Holy shrieking seas of blue, Batman!

    HRHS — you *can* escape from the never-changing URL, if you open any CO link in a new tab (or window). From there, once you have the prefix, you can copy-and-paste at will.

    Also, a little basic stress-management here… if you’re compiling a bigass comment like this to post, you might consider saving drafts with a text editor (Notepad, WordPad, or whatever you Mac/Linux peeps use), then copy-and-paste the whole thing in to a Comment once it’s finished. That way, if TypePad splodes or your PC loses power, you haven’t lost all your work.

  92. hrh.squeak says:

    Teho, Teho, didja see the last picture in the series? Pride? Huh? Didja??

  93. Yes. Yes, I did. Can’t hardly argue.

  94. hrh.squeak says:

    Well, me I thinks Mr. Bounce has a right to be proud, but it does illustrate the designated trait most beautimusly, no?

  95. Holy friggin’ mackerel, HRHS–you deserve a vacaishe after compiling all that schtuff! Yowzahs!

    I hoist my Dr. Pepper to you! *hoisting* *gulp*


  96. how can that little thing fit that mutch food in his mouth

  97. i call him squirell-nutkin

  98. graycie alaina jarboe says:

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