Stackie McStackersons here—peep dis:
Marmelade + Tabby + Marmalade + Calico + Tux.


How many can you stack, Coco and Suzie T.?



  1. yoohoostereo says:

    I love to spoon!!!!!!!

    I wish I was in the middle of that stack so I could snuggle with them.

  2. AAAAAAAAAA! That is freakin anerable!!!

  3. Constance says:

    Oh my God. They look like a blanket that I just wanna pull up, tuck under my chin and snooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooorgle!!!!


  4. squiggle says:

    it’s like kitten jenga!

  5. misskitka says:

    ouch…that’s painfully cute

    I love the little sleepy smile on the top marmalade…and the hugs down the conga line

  6. oooooooooooooooooooooooooo


    Kitten sam-mich! Kitten sam-mich! I wanna bite of each piece!

  7. Do cats really sleep like that? Or did someone from the Local Cat Stackers 401 come in and do that?

  8. Some of my cats will sometimes sleep like this:

    But those must be some sound sleeping kittehs, to be arranged just so!

  9. They look SOOOO cumfterbles. Wish I could join them!

  10. Stack o’ kittehs!

    I call the spot between the marmie and the calico!

    (looks around for Alice’s magic mushroom)

  11. says:

    almost looks like a horizontal kitty conga-line. maybe they passed out after a wedding? too many drinks and all…

  12. Love the leeeedle kiddies … but I still don’t like Mr. Pointyfinger to the right!

    Let’s all lean together and shove him off the page!

  13. Who’s with me???!!!

    Come ooooon!


  14. Casserole rouge newt timpani! Fen raptureous distant egg curliqueue tectonic indignant??? Surge…
    (Gorbachev sings tractors! Turnip! Buttocks!)

  15. Theo,

    Are you trying out subject headings for sending out spam? 😀

  16. Theo has turned into a spambot momentarily, disabled by the pile of spooning kittehs. I think it *might* have something to do with the fact that it contains two marmalades…

    Best products the industry large selection of watches.

    And on TOP of this, the Doones have recently reached the “full swarm” stage of their kitteny powers. Gahhhh!!!

  18. Lol! Theo, that is just too funny! I knew I wasn’t the only one that got them, but you’re cracking me up here…

  19. *oh, kittenspoonie*…scrolling down the pic in my feedreader…
    …shaking head…

  20. Kitties just become interesting when they reach swarming stage!

    (Much *too* interesting, sometimes)

  21. LOVE THIS!

  22. ceejoe, your kitties-on-the-couch is too sweet!

    The deck o’kittens has produced latent Tourette’s in teho’s brain.

  23. Tony James says:

    Full Swarm!! Video!!

  24. I think total kitten stackability is 8. After that there is risk of collapse.

  25. Thanks jaypo!
    I luvs dem SO much!! The white and gray one is actually a foster cat that got adopted, but the rest (and many more un-pictured) are all my babehs!

  26. oh and I forgot to say – thanks, theo, for giving the tips on how to post the pics!

  27. Fritatta says:

    [sung in a breath-y Carole King voice] “Now it’s too much baa-by, it’s too much, though I really did try to maaake it (make it)…” ::poit::

  28. “and many more”, ceejoe? How many kitties do you have? The pic is sweet!

  29. (Gorbachev sings tractors! Turnip! Buttocks!)

    I *so* miss ‘Bloom County’

    kitteh pile is prosh. be nice if IHOP offered a “kitteh stacker”. extra butter please. for the kittehs.

  30. arbed – I have nine, plus one remaining foster kitty that I’m still hoping will find the perfect forever home. Most of the nine started out as foster cats and were unadoptable for one reason or another, and so they got to stay.

  31. That is heartwarming, ceejoe.

  32. blueberries4me says:

    Awww, I love that last kitten’s mini pot-belly (or bell-bell as I call it). It looks like my cat, Jake.

  33. Awww, you’re one of the good’uns, ceejoe. I wants me anuvver kitty……

  34. ohhhh, this is too cute!

  35. CatFreak says:

    OMG, the five little tails! Oh, the tails!

    And the calico’s face.

    I’m … I’m … losing ground … I … I think I see dead relatives beckoning me to the Light … I … I … I’m about to slip the surly bonds of Earth here … I’m … flatlining and it’s CO’s fault …


  36. Is stack-o-cute a rule?

    If it’s not, it should be!

  37. awwww, thanks guys. I’m swimming in good feelings here.
    And I should also say that the others that did not start out as foster cats, were strays that showed up in my backyard. I have *never* gone *looking* to adopt a cat! :o)

  38. OK, I saw the ‘pile’ rule, but clearly a pile-o-cute has a totally different effect than a stsck-o-cute.

    New rule!? New rule!? Who’s in it with me????!!!!

  39. the top yeller kitteh has stripes and the 2nd yeller has dots. veddy kute!

  40. brownamazon says:

    Don’t forget my personal favourite spam hed: HUGEPEEPEENOW!!!
    What, like, they’re getting 7-year-old boys to write this stuff now?

  41. ceejoe, that’s how it always happens. My 16-lb, pitch black, double-pawed bruiser Bluto showed up like that. He was the love of my life, my hunka-munka, my grounding Earth Wizard. Life was not kind to him till he came to me. I loved giving him every comfort and lots of love till he passed on [getting teary -eyed here…] Two days later I heard him jingling his tags in the hallway!

  42. gwenchocolate says:

    I’m all in for new stack rule!

  43. How about a “cats in stacks” section, a la “cats n’ racks.”

  44. AuntieMame says:


    I get this one at least a dozen times a week. The funny thing is that the only people I’ve given that particular email addy to are the CO folks… (It’s not the juno address…)

    And don’t they have these kittehs at Burger King? With cheese?

  45. Jaypo, you must get shivers every time you talk about the jingling tags!

    Edgar was a stray, too. The place I worked at the time had a client who had been taking care of a kitten who had been left behind by neighbours who had moved. She would feed him but couldn’t take him in. She found a home for him, but they booted him out shortly after, for whatever reason. Anyway, I had been thinking about getting a cat, and by this time Edgar was 6-8 months old (I do miss that I didn’t see him as a little wee kitten). The day after she told me about him, he was mewing in my arms. He’s so sweet – I can’t imagine why anyone would get rid of him.

  46. ShelleyTambo says:

    ceejoe, I wish my foster and my cat were like that! Foster boy, Salmon P. Chase, is a sweet but psycho cat who likes to “play” with my cat. “Play” means trying to mate with her (before he was neutered), pouncing on her, chasing her down hallways, and laying on her to bite her head. Not being a playful cat, my kitty has resorted to finding the highest ground she can and defending herself with a well-placed paw to the face.

  47. vique martin says:

    these are actually my babies! i own the momma, suzie tipples, anyway!
    the babies names are [from top to bottom] Zamboni, Nelly, Fresca, Suzette and Mona. They were born on Feb 28th, and are all in good homes and huge now! vique

  48. Subhangi says:

    Five little kitties sleeping in a stack,
    All of ’em snoozing paw-to-back,
    I sneaked up on ’em to give ’em a cuddle
    And fell right into the kitteny puddle.
    And there I was floating happily around,
    Then one little meow brought me back to the ground.
    “Meow, intruder! You ruined my sleep!”
    But to my ears it sounded something like “MEEP!”
    So I misunderstood him and massaged his paw,
    And SLASH! ended up with a nick on my jaw.
    Though I’ve learnt my lesson, I can’t help but smile,
    Any cut is worth the warmth of a five-kitten pile!!!

  49. Not fair! I just woke up, yanked from my snuggly warm bed by the horrors of the day… and here I see these adorable little snooze-monsters all spooned up and adorable! Luckyyyyyy! *dives into the middle of the stack for a quick nap… okay, maybe a long one*

  50. good one, Subhangi.

  51. Jenga! Jenga! Jenga!

    Sort of.

  52. I usually *try* to say something intelligent in my comments here, but all I can say this time is,

    So cuuuuuuuttttteeee!!!! Squeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!

  53. Yep, like Edgar and Bluto, Cletus is the “love of my life, my hunka-munka, my grounding Earth Wizard,” as you so aptly put it. We fall asleep every night with his head on my shoulder. He found me when he was about 10 months old… ah I could go on all day. :o)

  54. I thought these cats could’ve been great pets for the Dionne Quintuplets, but I just found these Quintuplets possessed by a cat:

  55. BTW, Thalia, *love* your website and art!

  56. Yummy, a CO Stacker! Do you serve fries with that?

  57. Isn’t it illegal to stack more than two cats without a license in the United States?

  58. Meg was so right. Kittens really are so lazy these days. How many more of these napping fursacks we still need to bear? And notice – in every picture there is two more than in the previous one. It’s a disease that keeps spreading.

    Come to think of it, I just may have to go napping myself.

  59. Very soundly sleeping and amenable to being stacked … the twenty little white & pink paws!!
    Could I just enter a plea … with all appreciation for the many excellent kitten pictures of late … to those of you with cats, PLEASE get them neutered/spayed?

  60. Subhangi says:

    Thinker: Thanks. 🙂

    Thalia: second Jaypo – I *love* mythology and your work is really nice!!! 🙂

  61. I’m entering the tunnel of light too. CatFreak, is that your silhouette I see? It’s so warm and fuzzy here. I want to stay!

  62. Gary Fixler says:

    This is obviously photoshopped. Everyone knows when you stack 5 cats like that, they instantly disappear in what’s known as a “catris,” which is good for 1200 points on level 0.

  63. They’re… like… kitten… Pringles!!!

  64. Kitten Pringles indeed!

    A while back, I faved a flickr photo of Husky Pringles that is all too appropriate to link here:

  65. Just neutered and spayed my latest two rescues, chacha! I’ll admit, I wish there was a less-intrusive way to keep them from breeding than gouging out parts of their anatomy–but I’ve seen the horrible results of the alternative here in my town, and it makes me my vision go red. Supposedly “benevolent” people who think that NOT altering their pets is somehow “kinder”, then dumping the resultant offspring on the side of the road–or worse, turning them loose in the streets to scrounge a miserable life for themselves. Like that’s somehow “better”…*snarl*

    That’s how I ended up with all three of my current feline hooligans. One was a dumped housecat, the other two were born in front of my house to two stray parents.

    It’s like these mental midgets somehow think that the animals can control their sexual urges as well as humans can. Heck, even humans can’t keep a tight grip on our urge to merge, and animals have a different internal ecology than humans do. Some people just shouldn’t be trusted with anything more sophisticated than a wooden rocking-horse, I swear!


  66. I guess I got a little carried away on my soapbox there…sorry y’all! 😉

    The stacked kitties are adorabubble, of course! Would that I could curl up amidst that fuzzy sweetness…


  67. chacha sez,

    “twenty little white & pink paws!!”

    which means…lemme see… twentyplustwentyplustwenty…

    one hunnerd little jelly bean tootsies!! nemn,nemn,nemn.

  68. Go TwoDragons! I’m totally with you all on the spay/neuter bandwagon! ALL cats *and kittens* going through our rescue group are spay/neutered! For those of you interested in the s/n issue, check out this website It’s an organization that is working for non-surgical sterilization options for cats & dogs.

  69. D2D,

    Amen Amen Amen.

  70. Slam a stack o’kittehs! so many snorgleable bellies, so little time…

  71. Oh. My. Gosh. Subhangi.

    Did you try singing your song to the Beverly Hillbilly’s TV show theme song? It works perfectly!

    “Five little kitties sleeping in a stack,
    All of ’em snoozing paw-to-back,
    I sneaked up on ’em to give ’em a cuddle
    And fell right into the kitteny puddle.
    And there I was floating happily around,
    Then one little meow brought me back to the ground.
    “Meow, intruder! You ruined my sleep!”
    But to my ears it sounded something like “MEEP!”
    So I misunderstood him and massaged his paw,
    And SLASH! ended up with a nick on my jaw.
    Though I’ve learnt my lesson, I can’t help but smile,
    Any cut is worth the warmth of a five-kitten pile!!!”

    Try it!

    … still working on getting that life.

  72. Mad_Mike says:


    The “some people” you mentioned are the same ones who would injure themselves by falling off of wooden rocking horses.

    Spay/neuter is the best option available at this point. It also makes the animals easier to live with, unless you enjoy the smell of kitty whiz.

    Enjoyed your post.

  73. OMG, it’s like the Bunny Hop, but kitties! Bah-na-na-na-nah, bah-nah-nah-nah, bah-nah-nah-nah-nah-nah- MEW MEW MEW! (man, it’s hard to type humming of the Bunny Hop! hahaha)

  74. “I have *never* gone *looking* to adopt a cat! :o)”

    Ceejoe, there’s no need to go looking for a cat when the cats obviously know what a kind heart you have and go looking to adopt you!

  75. lurkertype says:

    EEEEE! I was already feeling light-headed and then there is this most anerable pic of all my favorite sorts of kittehs, together!!! Must… lie down… call… 911.

    Another image from Tuxedo Junction:

  76. I checked the nonsurgical neut ering page. They do say surgery works best. The idea is to come up with something cheap that an untrained person with not a lot of money can do. So I can see a Kenyan farmwife going out and giving the dog an injection to keep the puppy situation under control. Non vet animal control officers in underfunded areas can use the stuff too. Pretty neat. But speutering is best.

    That said, the proshosity of kittenage made me swooooon.

  77. Lurker:
    Another Function at the Junction! Yay!

    Mom looks like my parents on Xmas Day – woke up by the kids just a little too early…

  78. Yay, spay and neuter! I volunteer for a group here in town that goes out to low-income areas with a mobile clinic. We provide free or reduced cost spay/neuter for dogs and cats of senior, low-income, etc. people and also trapped ferals (cats, not feral people).

    Re: people not wanting to neuter their pets. I know some guys won’t get their dogs ‘done’ because of an, ahem, emotional transfer of losing their ‘male parts’. Dogs don’t have ego issues, thank you very much.

    Then -THEN – I’ve heard you can get your newly neutered dog some prosthetic (trying to find a family website way to say BALLS – guess I just did…).

    I suppose if it helps get the real job done, then I shouldn’t roll my eyes at it. As much. I still think it’s silly.

  79. AmyH – OH! The “male” hang up thing just fries me!!! It is SO true – I’ve even heard it with cats!! Here ya go: Neuticles:

  80. Kittehs!

    Stack’em high!

  81. Just noticed Gary Fixler’s “Catris” comment. LOL! Bleep.

  82. ceejoe – I’m not sure if that link is more ridiculous or freaky. Marketing ploy (sure, of course) or do they really believe some of their arguments (shiver)?

    Like I (and apparently the ASPCA) said, if it helps people get their animals neutered, then so be it.

  83. In the meantime, I’ll just let the kitties carry my worries away as they doze in their spoon-aliciousness.

  84. AmyH, no kidding. Don’t we wish we could sleep like that? (I mean, so soundly that people can rearrange our limbs without waking us, not stacked up in fives.)
    D2D, go girl. You said everything I wanted to say but was too chicken to! Bok!

  85. Sarcasta says:

    Yah Theo, I just saw the “catris” comment too… OMG that made my snort a chip out my nose. OW OW OW.

    Ceejoe, you are my new hero! Nine cats! People tell me I’m nuts with 4… but…but… there’s so many more out there who need lovin.

  86. Sarcasta says:

    Oh… and the name of the top kitty? ZAMBONI!??!!

    Best name evar.

  87. Play Stack The Cats!!

    Fun for the whole family!

  88. CEEBS FOUND CATRIS!!! Holy litterchunks!

    …and CeeJoe, once you have 9 cats, you either become the local Humane Society (like my dad-in-law) or else you do something like this:


  90. Stack the Cats only takes 4 of the same type of kitteh to diskappear!

  91. lurkertype says:


    The Horde has left the Junction!

    Repeat, the Horde has left the Junction! and are now tux-ing away on the back porch, climbing up the picnic table legs and wobbling near the hot tub. MomTux is saying “mRRRRT?” very urgently trying to keep them all in sight and being annoyed with me watching them.

  92. You guys crack me up! I keep coming back to this forum because y’all have the BEST commentaries on the web. Well and I ah um err uh (tries to deny it)LOVE KITTENS!
    P.S. I’ve updated the kitty pages on our website and last week I did “home visits” to just to make sure my babies are getting lotsalurve! Lotsapics and running babble! click on the “stingy kitties” penny!

  93. I must build my house like the cat house! (Husband heard my squeals, looked over my shoulder, saw the cat ramps, and has already told me “NO”) That place is NUTS! I like the idea and well-done construction of the ramps. They really went all-out with the detail. Also, the idea of using a sawed-in-half mailbox as a form for making a cat-hole through a wall! Brilliant!!!

    BRILLIANT!!! *runs out to hardware store to buy a mailbox*

  94. SarKatsa — Jaye & I actually did some of that sort of construction at one time. This was two houses ago, but the kitties loved it. We even had a lockable cat-sized trapdoor between floors.

    Taco *must* be able to see the sheer nerdish beauty of a house-sized Habitrail, no?

  95. this is my fave picture from the cathouse:


  96. OMG, I think this picture just killed me.

  97. Between this and the “Pantry Pals” et cetera, I think we need a new CU category: “Cats in Storage.”

  98. Ikea Cats!

  99. I Likea Cats!

  100. WOW!! As soon as the video started and I heard those exploratory/questioning ‘Mews’ I started mimicking the same.

    Sail away, little kitty!

  101. Theo, have I mentioned I love you commentary on those videos? I mean, it might have just been a video of a cute cat, but “Ferocious little furballs” and “Sailor in a size 10 boat” just take the cake XD

  102. I am highly amused that this image showed up at the same time as my word of the day “concatenation.”

    A series of links united; a series or order of things depending on each other, as if linked together; a chain, a succession.

    It’s almost a pun!

  103. omg, that Cat House is too cool. Unfortunately, I work really hard at *trying* to maintain a *normal* life in addition to caring for nine cats. :o) People that come to my house are always amazed that it doesn’t smell or is not covered in cat hair. I guess they mean it as a compliment?

  104. arr! theyr so adorable!

  105. Sarcasta says:

    I get that too, ceejoe. “What?!??? You have FOUR cats?” and then they look around and sniff the air. Take it as a compliment.

    Theo… Taco does NOT see the addition of ramps to our house as a “technological advance.” Putting webcams on the cat’s heads maybe… but not plain old ramps.

  106. …then clearly you need CONVEYOR BELTS!

  107. Sarcasta says:

    My cats are fat enough already, thankyouverymuch!

  108. Have you sent this to StuffOn MyCat? 🙂

  109. Sarcasta — you could run ’em backwards, like treadmills… you can’t fight destiny…

  110. Dude, man, being a cat is so hard.


  111. Snugglemen says:

    OOOh. It’s an orgy of kitten snuggle love! Daisy-chaining right down the line…

  112. Dang, Theo, you’ve got some cuties. We adopted our two cats as adults and when I watch your videos I have a hard time imagining them being so helpless and fuzzy. Wish I could have seen it… (They’re big and fat now.)

    And the kitty stack? Super cute.

  113. [big fat grin!]

  114. Oh holy giggle storms… today’s Two Lumps:

  115. Don’t know if anyone (other than Theo of course) is still in this thread, but here’s another pic of my couch kitties.
    This one shows the shredded couch with its new and lovely throw.
    (No sense in buying a new couch!)

  116. Dual-layer throw, too, I see. One sham for show, one fleece for the felines (and easy washing).

  117. Oh you SO have it figured out, Theo!

  118. CeeJoe,

    wonderful picture. now I’m sleepy.

  119. AND – I’m sure this will surprise you – the fleece one is a cat design! Shocking isn’t it???
    People are ALWAYS giving me cat-themed gifts, for some reason…

  120. i’m so jealous of you people with kitties who cuddle together.

    congratulations on your new litter, T.O. i trust you check your shoes in the morning before jamming your feeties in?

  121. Finn — yep. The Foster Fuzzies generally only have access to my shoes for the duration of ad-hoc video shoots, tho.

  122. Subhangi says:

    DH –

    That sounds like a *great* idea, except I’ve never heard the Beverly Hillbillies Theme song! (I don’t get that in India y’see …)

    Wonder what it *does* go with, though. [wanders off humming incessantly]

  123. Except for the melodic coincidence, you’re not missing much, Subhangi.

  124. CeeJoe, those sofa pics of your kitties make me grin!

  125. on sale this week only: stackable cats!

  126. Arbed – glad they brought you a grin! They do the same to me. And sometimes just looking at them when they’re all asleep and cuddly and happy, they make my heart just swell up with luv…