First snow!

first snow!

first snow!

According to Sender-Inner™ "Knuckles", This image is from MSNBC. It’s of a blind puppy experiencing snow for the first time. Oh, and ‘Sproinging around."


Nice air!



  1. Awwwww! Just the thing to keep us poor heat wave sufferers cool today.


    GO PUPPY, GO!!!

  3. gwenchocolate says:

    Ooo, I’ve seen this blind pup before. I vote for Cute or Sad category.

  4. brownamazon says:

    Are those tiny little booties?

  5. Dude, gorgeous picture, ADORABLE puppy. Stop! Snorgle time!

  6. chica y gatitas says:

    Vamos mi perrito! Tu es muy precioco!

  7. Laurie C says:

    Is all four feet off the ground at once a rule of cuteness already? Because if it isn’t, it should be.

  8. Is that a baby shih-tzu? I LOVE them (Have one, also!).

  9. AuntieMame says:

    Weeeee! Snoooooow!

  10. Ooh my goodness…my heart could melt that snow…oh he’s blind…that makes a tear come to my eye! Yet he’s so happy in his surroundings that he doesn’t seem to be missing his eye site all that much…keep it up pup!

  11. Tony James says:

    Apple unveils the new version of the i-Pup, which prevents breakage when dropped by hovering 6″ off the ground.

  12. blueberries4me says:

    Perfect winter wonderland for the happy pup. Too.frickin.adorable.

  13. Warms the cockles of my heart, even in 100 degrees!

  14. christina says:

    What kinda doggie it that i want one….so cute….super pal

  15. mad air + ears going ! + puppy sweater = ADORABLE

  16. kittikin says:

    I don’t know whether to cry for the poor blind puppy or drop dead at his unbelievable cuteness!! Cute or sad? Mostly cute.

  17. Cutest puppy ever!!

  18. Amazing pup. I’m sorry he’s blind, and hope his other incredible senses make up for it.

    We have a blind guinea pig at the humane society where I volunteer, named Buddy, and I always pet and talk to him ‘cos I feel bad that he’s blind and by himself (geez, I wish someone would adopt the little guy!).

  19. Intent on its prey, the Flying Killer Mop covers six feet in a single bound.

  20. the pup is cute cute cute, I could do without the sn*w though (it’s a bad 4 letter word that starts with S) Very nice image though 🙂

  21. New Rule? If you can leap and get all four pawsicles off the ground, it’s cute.

  22. sadie_asher says:

    His face looks like a little Ewok!

  23. Subhangi says:

    AWWWWWWWWWW. I’m glad to see the puppy so happy.


  24. V1ctorya says:

    I loves it! Happy puppy! And blindness is nothing to be sad about, I know planty that are and life is still oh-so rewarding, so this is all four paws cute.

  25. Is he wearing a little jacket?! OMG – how anerable can a doggie GET?!!!!

  26. Sproingy! Sproingy!

  27. I’m so in love.

    Where do you live so that I can abduct your puppy?


  28. It’s the real-life version of Li’l Brudder. Someone has *definitely* earned a Sexy Chicken.

  29. “Sender-Inner™ ‘Knuckles’ “

    That’s the best.

    Anyone else out there just want to flop down in that snow?

  30. Christine says:

    Every dog becomes a puppy in the snow. Puppies become Superpuppies!

    And where is that snow?! Send it on over!

  31. a) This little guy is obviously hunting for a Sno-Bone.

    b) Am I the only one here who’s never experienced falling snow? Just wondered.

  32. michelle says:

    I barely got to the picture without tearing up, but dear lord, that is adorable. Yay puppy!

    (And yay Buddy, the piggie too!)

  33. V1ctorya says:

    Did my thingie get lost?

    Oh well, I think this is pure cuteness, blindness is nothing to feel sorry over, ask any number of people (ray charles for one) it does not make for a non-fulfililng life!

    I love the sproinging action of the puppy, soo cute!

  34. “Did my thingie get lost?”

  35. Mine went missing a long time ago. Will someone help me find it?

  36. Seriously. The pic was cute enough, but then add that he’s blind??? And experiencing snow for the first time?

    You’re killin’ me, Smalls!

  37. Ooooooohhhh – SNOW! How cuuuuuuute!!!
    Oh wait – there’s a puppy there.

    (heat index of 102 here…)

  38. I saw this pic a while ago on cute tracker and LOVED it. But I couldn’t help but notice that the paw on the left side of the pic looks to be injured. :o(

  39. from looking at this picture you’d never know this pup was blind! cute and sad, for sure. but what a cute little froo he is!!

  40. If you listen close enough, you can almost hear his gleeful little yippings and yappings. *dies from cute*

  41. Aw … so cute! Also, makes me want SNOW and not this unbearable heat!

  42. Sproing free, lil’ dude! Bless his bitty heart. Yes, it is too bad he can’t see, but dang, doesn’t he look like he has a good life!

  43. WANTS TO BE STANDING IN FRONT OF PUPPY, catches grey cloud of fluffy cuteness while and lands in ice COOOOOOL snow.
    Think this needs special award infinfecta of cuteness

  44. Snow can be experienced and enjoyed by all the senses. Sproing on, my friend, sproing on.

  45. Snowless Aubrey!? Poor Aubrey! 😦

  46. ok, SERIOUSLY. This is too much. I CANNOT handle this. You’ve gon FAR too far.

  47. Awwww! I’m glad he’s getting to experience snow, it looks like he’s having so much fun!

  48. Teughcats says:

    Aubrey –

    Where are you that you have never experienced falling snow? Here in west Michigan we experience lots of it! You know it’s getting a little ridiculous when you are shoveling the driveway for the umpteenth time and have to put the snow in a wheelbarrow and move it to the backyard because the piles beside the driveway are so high that you can’t throw any more up there…

    But when it’s been over 100 degrees for three days now, this prosh little pup in the snow sure has the right idea.

  49. Are you in Texas, Aubrey? I thought I remembered that from some previous discussion, but I could be projecting…. We definitely don’t see much snow here, but, having lived in a couple of snowy places, I’ll take the heat – you never have to shovel it to get your car out of the driveway!

  50. 2cats – Lake effect snow! Bring it on!
    /I know I’ll regret that in about five or six months!/

  51. Boinnng, booiinnnng, boinnnng, boinng…

    It’s Springy-Pup!

  52. R. Moore says:

    I SWEAR this picture has been posted here before… Maybe it was just in the vote thingy on the side bar, though…

    Also, I have experianced snow, but all through the West Coast it is easy to never experiance snow if you don’t travel during winter. Unless you are in a mountain region it doesn’t really snow. Much of the South West is also sadly snow-free. In the Deep South near the Gulf of Mexico it doesn’t snow much either!

  53. I think Aubrey’s in LA, actually.

  54. I think “Wheeeeeeeeeee!” is what the pupper is saying.

    Ultra-prosh, Meg. Now I’m gonna go and stick my head in the freezer for a minute to cool off.

  55. I’m really down with “4 feet off the ground” as a rule, too… (¡yo!)

  56. kittyluv says:

    Is it repeat day on C.O.? I’ve never seen repeats before…
    I can empathize Teughcats!If I never see snow again I’ll be fine – used to live in Chicago.
    This puppy is soooooooooooooo cute! I hope he has a good human companion 🙂

  57. This ain’t “cute or sad”–it’s just cute! This puppy will do fine. Eyesight isn’t necessarily a dog’s primary sense like it is ours; as long as his wee li’l nose is working, he won’t have any trouble at all. And isn’t he so adorable, boinging through the snow!

  58. I live in Los Angeles, in an area whimsically called The Miracle Mile District. Mr. T. is correct, as he is in all things.

    As for pup, you can see his tail right behind his right ear, but it also makes it look like that ear has some extra floofiness going on.

  59. R. Moore, KittyLuv — it isn’t exactly a repeat. This photo has never been an official C.O. *post* before, though it may have appeared in the CuteTracker… and there’s been at least one *similar* post a while back (see link in one of my comments above).

  60. Aubrey, my curiousity got the better of me when you said you lived in the Miracle Mile District so I went a-googlin’. Came across this site that shows pics of the area from the ’50s. Pretty cool….

  61. Flying Pup!

  62. Oh man, I soooooo needed this high-octane cuteness after spending a sleepless night battling a roaring case of food poisoning. This is better than any Pepto-Bismol–and easier to keep down, too!

    I wanna curl right up in that wonderful, cool snow and let the uber-snorgleable blind puppy lick my aches and pains away…


  63. I want a HoverPup to play with the HoverBun!

  64. Fritatta says:

    My sister had a blind *and* deaf dog that she, of course, called Nose. I am a witness to say this sweet being did not have a sad bone in her body, and brought joy to all who knew her, though now she plays in that great Snowdrift in the Sky.

  65. Subhangi says:

    Aubrey – I’m from India, and I’ve never *seen* snow, let alone experience it … 😦

    Lucky pup.

  66. Arbed –
    Thanks for the link! That last photo, showing the old May Company – well I could give you directions from there to my apartment! You’d hang a right on Fairfax, go down a block, then you’d turn…

    Wait a minute…

  67. Subhangi –
    Do you think that ice would be a comprom-ice?

  68. Lordy, lordy. Could use some of that snow just now, and, if it’s not too much to ask some of that spring that that cute puppy has!

  69. kittyluv says:

    Theo, I’m sure this is a repeat. The title was Wheeeeeeeee. And I remember since I felt so bad the puppy was blind. I printed out the pic to put on my bulletin board at work. I think it was April or May of this year.

  70. Aubrey – you’re welcome. It sure seems like you live in a “neat-o” part of town. I think some of the appeal to me of the old photos is that I am a huge ViewMaster fan and the site kind of brought those type of shots to mind (the touristy shots from the ’40s, ’50s, and ’60s, and the old cars).

    Oh, and I think you got cut off giving directions. Please, continue…

  71. Subhangi says:

    Fritatta – AWWWWW. [sniffles]

    Aubrey – It might be the slip between the pup and the lip.

  72. Is it just me, or are the puppy’s paws bleeding?!?!?

  73. Dang!

    Aubrey – I meant, “It might *cause* the slip between the pup and the lip.”

    Lesson#1 – NEVER try to tell a joke when you’re sleepy. (It’s 12.30 AM herezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz….)

  74. bunnajenny says:

    I think I’ve figured out the deja post phenomenon. Having carefully combed the CO pup archives and come up with this conclusion: Snoy-yoi-yoi-yoi-yoing = Put Your Paw Up (11/13) + Boy-yoi-yoi-yoin (2/9) + Someone Stole Sexy Chiicken (4/3)…not that I’m avoiding work or anything.

  75. I don’t think the puppy’s paws are bleeding, but the pads might be red from the cold. I know my fingers get that way if I’ve been rearranging the frozen food in my deep-freeze. They’d probably be even MORE red if we ever actually got SNOW here in Texas…again…like we used to do 20 years ago…


  76. i definitely saw this (AP) photo when it was first taken; it was my desktop at work for awhile. SO FREAKING CUTE. i cannot remember if it was on CO or not. but oh, the cute is so amazing that who cares? 🙂

  77. My Texan roommate in college did pretty much the same thing the first time it snowed our freshman year. 🙂

  78. Don’t say blind! Now I’m going to have to cry. And find that puppy and make him come home and live with us here in dogtopia.

  79. I *still* do this on the rare occasions I see snow. Is that wrong?

  80. lurkertype says:

    This is really the only way you could get me and Mr. Lurkertype back to snow. We are originally from the Rockies and were delighted to find a place where the water stays liquid all year. Rain may be inconvenient, but you don’t have to shovel it just to get out of the house.

    That said, I would so “sproiiiiing” with this lil’ dewd. The pic is sooo cute, but then the blind part on top of it! It’s like a chick flick in one photo.


  82. Notices sore paw and gets warm towels and booties ready

  83. waowwwwwwww,Nice puppy!!

  84. kittyluv says:

    I just noticed the li’l guy has a black w/ yellow piping shirt/sweater/jacket on! EVEN CUTER!!!!!!! That’s so touching that his people are trying to keep him warm ’cause he’s so widdle.

  85. Remind me of the first time I saw snow. I was all of 20 years of age and I felt just like this puppy!


  86. Aww, prosh blind pup!

    The pic reminds me of the first time on of my indoor cats went out and felt grass on her widdle paws. She would take a step and the shake her paw like WTF? Soon we had a hard time getting her to come inside!

  87. Ah! It’s Guido! Go, Guido, go!

  88. oh my god i wish that was me. we are dying here in boston. it’s 100, even higher with humidity… yeah, i suppose i wish i was that cute, too

  89. Gorgeous photo, what a sweet puppy.

  90. What’s wrong with that dog’s front right paw? Is it a bloody stump? If so, not cute.

  91. Sarcasta says:

    The first time I threw my timid cat out into a foot of snow he levitated like that, but not because he was happy. I’m a mean ole mommy, but it sure was hilarious.

    He levitated out of the snow, then hunkered down in defensive stance, then freaked out at the coldness on his belly, then levitated, hunkered, levitated, hunkered… it could have gone on all day. I wish it had… good times, good times.

  92. Catty Did says:

    A blind puppy? Awwwwww! That is so sad 😦
    But he’s super CUTE none the less. I just can’t help feel sad for the little guy.

  93. Aubrey, c’mon now. I live in Long Beach and even I have been in falling snow. Your winter mission: Make the 2hr drive to Wrightwood / Big Bear / Snow Summit!!

    LOVE the puppers. He doesn’t seem to think being blind is sad (you can’t miss what you’ve never had) so I don’t think we should either!!

  94. Everyone is welcome to visit Phoenix! For once, we aren’t even CLOSE to being the hottest part of the world. Woo hoo! We’ve had a few days lately where we haven’t even broken 100 – which would be like 80 to the rest of you with all that nasty humidity. Super nice! (Let’s forget that 118 day from a few weeks ago, shall we? That.was.miserable.)

    I’m originally from Michigan so I do miss the seasons. Las time I went skiing I HAD to plop right down and make a snow angel. Such delight!

    Anyway, we know how to do hot here. Everything is air-conditioned – and all the fancy resorts are cheap! C’mon on over!

  95. Laura, I’ve been to Mt. Baldy and staggered through slush, but that’s about it. Haven’t seen/felt the soft white stuff.

    AmyH, in CA during our heat wave, we were encouraged to keep hydrated and stay in the shade. In NV, during their heat wave, we were encouraged to STAY INSIDE and CRANK UP the a/c!

  96. GreenEyedHawk says:

    His paws aren’t injured, he jsut has pink paw pads, is all. Many dogs have spotted skin (pink and black) and sometimes the spots jsut happen to be on the bottoms of their feet. Incidentally, I do believe I read somewhere that dogs don’t have hot or cold sensors in their paw pads…between their toes and on their actual feet, yes, but not on their paw pads. And I think HoverDog’s paw pads are uninjured…just pink!

  97. When you say ‘crank up’, I’m assuming they meant turn the temp up in your house. That’s the only way you can afford it. My house is at 80 when I’m home, 85 when I’m not. Before I replaced my antique a/c, it was 85 and 90, respectively.

    As for outside temps – over 110 is just plain nasty, 100-110 is fine and 90-100 is great and quite rare between May/June – Sept. It takes a year or so to get used to it, but your ‘blood thins’, as we say.

    It’s hard on any pet that spends time outdoors (ack!) and the strays (whimper).

  98. Oh – now that you mention it, it does sound a bit off: ‘crank up’ actually means turn a/c up and the temp down. The energy problem in CA is so bad, people aren’t supposed to rely on a/c at all, such a bore. But I don’t have a/c, just two little fans – it’s an easy 85 degrees in my apartment when I get home.

    I often think of how the animals are coping.

  99. My dog is blind. They really do adapt pretty well once their other sences kick in…still kinda sad though >.<

  100. 85 degrees is breezy where I live. Then again I live in the tropics, where 60 degrees is a cold front.

    Snow is nice, for about two weeks, but after 5 months (I lived in MI), you get a tad tired of it.

  101. AmyH: I’m from Toronto, and in my opinion, 90s wouldn’t be too bad if it was DRY heat (though many of my compatriots would disagree). However, yesterday it was 97 (near record) with a heat index of 118. That was insane. The heat index has to be in the 100s before I start to mind it, but yesterday was one of the few days ever when the heat bothered me enough that I actually went out of my way to NOT go outside. I guess my griping about this might sound to some of you like people complaining about not being able to drive in 1-2 inches of snow sounds to me, though.

    (P.S. PUPPY SO CUTE!!!)

  102. hrh.squeak says:

    Best snowfall I ever experienced was happening while I was in a natural hot-spring pool, looking at (I believe, a friend was driving) Mt. Summit, covered with snow. Unbelievably beautiful, and a very odd but delightful sensory experience.

  103. Now, see … THIS is what’s cute. Not just baby animals, but capturing the pure, adorable JOY. THAT is what makes this the cutest dog EVAR.

    Oooohhh, I wish I could just be there, running around like a spaz. Eeee!

  104. awww… i still LOVE the ferret heart, but this would be super cute on a t-shirt, too! maybe with little jump lines added below his tiny paws. 🙂

  105. nameeman says:

    i can almost feel how happy the puppy is and how it is experiencing his first time in snow………………;___________;

  106. Awww…I remember this picture from last winter! I actually have the clipping of this picture on my refrigerator…so cute! 🙂


    The pup’s name is Guido, and he is blind!

    MSNBC picked it up from their affiliate here in Vail, CO!!
    It is from the Vail Daily and was taken by my friend Shane Macomber last winter.

    You can buy prints here:

  109. SaraM — Your friend Shane really has a gift for capturing a moment. (Zero sarcasm here. It’s a kickass photo.)

  110. OH, the photo ID for this is:

    Just put it in the search box on that Vail Daily photo gallery page and you’ll go right to it.

  111. And yes, Shane has a knack for portraits, whether human or adorable animal!

  112. OMG, I so want to sniggle this endearing engaging furbaby even with 3 of my own.

  113. Sarcasta, as with your cat, same thought occurred to me. Is this pup enjoying his first snow or doing all he can do to keep his feet from touching that cold, wet stuff.

    Christy, hi! I’m in Toronto, too. I didn’t see a person on the street on Tuesday afternoon in our record heat+humidity without a water bottle in their hand.

  114. Constance says:

    that might be the “spy-yoy-youinger” some of you were referring to 🙂

    btw, meg, too cute.

  115. Constance — that’s a “trackback” link… can you retry with a “permalink” pls?

  116. Constance says:

    Theo, i’m not sure where to find it, but the URL for the spring-able picture is here:


  118. Aww, the photo is just too cute. But… “blind puppy experiencing snow for the first time”? That makes me kind of want to cry a little bit… :o(

  119. This reminds me of a Japanese expression: Only dogs and children love the snow. This little guy really, really loves the snow.

  120. Constance — ah, I recognize that; that’s the dog that got all the “Sound of Music” comments started. Hang on…

    Yep, here it is:

  121. awwwwwwwwwww cute little baby!

  122. Brak_Silverbone says:

    Love the flying fur! Sproing on, li’l dude, sproing on!

  123. This is soooooooo cute

  124. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!

  125. I have a blind Lhasa Apso, so this hit me 2 ways. Delight to the eyes, it touched my heart and also made me laugh out loud in joy for him!

  126. it really friends dog looks like that

  127. LaurieC — hi! I work at the takeout counter at the Pizza Hut across from the ROM addition, and I was expecting tons and tons of the ROM construction workers to come in to buy water on Tuesday. They didn’t, though, because most of them got sent home due to the heat.

  128. Laurie C says:

    Christy, I totally would have thought that those guys would have been provided water for free by the employers, having to do manual labor out in the heat. Buy their own? Sheesh.

  129. ginettissima says:

    My God, this doggy looks like a cartoon, could he be any cuter?

  130. Rich Fader says:

    Byong! Byong! Byong! SP00F!

    (oops, snowdrift…)

    (per Theo)

  131. The doggy looks like he’s flying! Reminds me of the classic kitten running through the field photo from

  132. Rich Fader — LOL!!
    Looks like *somebody* was paying attention. 😉

    Susan — you mean *this* kitty?

  133. seconds later, the puppy slipped and broke his neck. poor poor puppy.

    kids, if your dog is blind and it snows, keep it inside, no matter how humorous the carnage is. whether your puppy falls down the stairs or just runs into the door, you should not let him outside. unless he has a seeing eye dog. *IRONY*

  134. Awwwww! Its soooo cute!

  135. Steve Gale says:

    This is our Puppy Guido and he is doing fine and well in Boulder, CO
    Shane, who took the picture,took 3rd Place for MSNBC Picture of the year.
    Guido has friends from all over the world and we would be glad to keep you updated