You did NOT just do that

OK, People, this is getting redonk. You did not just do that to your race car. OR your exhaust pipe. Please tell me you di-int. ‘Cause this is officially OOC*.


*Out of Control; Catherine P.!!!



  1. Tony James says:


  2. I just burst into flames and screamed like a girl.

  3. /backs quickly away from the computer


  4. chunkstyle says:

    Yet again, I am about to say something I never thought I would:
    That is the cutest tailpipe I ever seen!!! SQUEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! Whiskers??

  5. No.
    No, no, no.
    Sweet fancy Moses juggling typewriters on the turnpike.

  6. ZOMG. *dies*

  7. sunnykat says:

    Mebbe it’s a toy car for a little girl… but the background in pic #2 just makes no sense… still, it’s cutemobile!

    Lub the license plate!

  8. That is not cute, that is frightening and thank god its photo-shopped(I went through the links on the page referenced).

  9. oh fer pete’s sake, of course it’s cute! And why in h*ll would it be photoshopped? All kinds of companies sponsor race cars, why not Hello Kitty?? sheesh, people. If all race cars looked like this I might even watch the races.

  10. RevWaldo says:

    This car is fake, but there are official Hello Kitty cars . Check out:

    I read about the Hello Kitty Mira in the WSJ ages ago. The best touch is the speedometer. Drive slow, and Hello Kitty is sleeping. Drive fast and Hello Kitty is sweating bullets!

  11. Constance says:

    Let me be the first to say…


  12. Constance says:

    …ok, so apparently not the first. Dang you, slow internet!

  13. I’ll see your race car and raise you a Darth Vador:

  14. AHAHAAHAHAH a Hello Kitty Darth Vadar. Now *that* is high-larious!!

  15. i *WANT* that car!

  16. sweetjeezuschrist

  17. That pipe is simply exhausting.

  18. I’ll assume that the exhaust that comes out of the pipe smells like cotton candy, right?

  19. I Love IT!!!. How much?

  20. if you find a nyan nyan nyanko cat car, that would be most sweet. nothing can beat nyanko! not even hello kitty! >:)

  21. OK, so the car is photoshopped, big deal, awsome job.

    That other link said nothing about the tailpipe. Where can a person get one of those?!?!?!

    It is just too cute!

  22. Diem – I didn’t find the tailpipe, but ebay had a ton of hello kitty car stuff 🙂 i was going to post the link, but it was just waaayyy too long.

  23. Lisa Loeb should drive that thing!

  24. I feel like I’m trapped in somebody’s pipe dream. HELP!!!!!

  25. i wanna cram cookie dough innit and make: cookies.

  26. i wanna cram cookie dough innit and make: ROBOTS.

  27. AnonyMouse says:
  28. The Hello Vader suit confirms what I’ve been saying for years: that Hello Kitty is in fact the evil Galactic Emperor and all who worship her have joined the Dark Side. Or rather the Pink Side, which is even worse!

  29. Damn the photoshopping! So many hopes and dreams crushed when the truth of technology is revealed.

    That Darth Kitty/Hello Vader costume would be easy to put together. Perhaps that should be an official CO Halloween get-up. And we can pass out pudding cups to trick-or-treaters.

  30. Hey, it’s a Furrari!

    (I can’t believe I beat Aubrey to that one…)

  31. JB:

    Too busy thinking of
    cat-alytic converters, etc.

    Still. Well, done, Grasshopper.

    Wasn’t this car created as a fore-runner to the Mouse-erati?

  32. From my big-eyed three-year-old:

    “A Hello Kitty Car?!!!!!”

  33. brownamazon says:

    Hey, it’s a fur-rari! (groaaan).
    Um, why Lisa Loeb? Is there some reference I’m not getting?

  34. It’s photoshoped ^^

  35. Annica ~ Welcome to the department of redundancy department. It’s already been established as ‘shopped. Who cares? It’s cute!

  36. Do the whiskers make anyone else think of goatse?


  37. Ducks!

  38. Photoshopped or not… it’s still one of the official signs of the apocalypse… poor, poor Ferrari…,. There, there… they didn’t mean to make you look so ridiculous! Poor poor thing… that’s so sad 😦

  39. Holy crap, Jennuh… that’s *two* real versions now.

  40. The inside of my car was covered in cat hair from Elvis’ last visit to the vet. Does that count?

    (Yes, he was safely secured in his carrier. It’s amazing how much fur really does fly from a freaked-out feline.)

  41. cjmr – that’s exactly what i said too! with probably amount the same amount of want/need/have to have in my voice. haha, i think i scared my co-workers .. .again.

    still, MUST HAVE!!!

  42. Laurie C says:

    Darth Kitty is awesome funny, shopped or not.

  43. Um, uh?!

  44. Scawwy.

  45. I love it! I wish I had it for my real car! The exhaust pipe is very inventive!

  46. It might be ‘shopped NOW, but you KNOW someone’s gonna turn it into a reality sooner or later…



  47. benvenuta says:

    Sigh… I don`t get Hello Kitty. I think it`s ugly and kitschy. And cars are never cute
    Hello Vader gave me a good laugh, though.

  48. “/backs quickly away from the computer


    I’m with you, arbed, though there’s something kinda cool about the exhaust…

  49. benvenuta says:

    Sigh… I don`t get Hello Kitty. I think it`s ugly and kitschy. And cars are never cute
    Hello Vader gave me a good laugh, though.

  50. benvenuta says:

    Sigh… I don`t get Hello Kitty. I think it`s ugly and kitschy. And cars are never cute
    Hello Vader gave me a good laugh, though.

  51. Subhangi says:

    SOOOOOO CUTE!!! I want that exhaust pipe!!!

  52. There’s a Hello Kitty car you can unlock in Need For Speed Underground(PC)! Pink and all!

  53. thats cute but OTT! ( OVER THE TOP!) i mean hello kitty rules everything to toiletries to cars now!! but too cute to handle

  54. I don’t have the car, but after seeing the picture a few years ago, I do have the “HL0KTY” tag on my vehicle!

  55. kittikin says:


    (and yes, I’m shouting.)

  56. Katiekinz says:

    That’s my dream car right there.

  57. Wha– the–


    Okay, the poster of the photo needs to check into a mental hospital.

  58. Donna, this *is* the mental hospital.
    You can check out anytime you like, but you can never leave…

  59. And I thought seeing the Hello Kitty BUS was amazing…..!

  60. I just had to tell everyone…I saw that same pic in “Maxim”, april 2005.

    It might be ‘shopped, but it’s still cute!

  61. This is not a racecar. The Ferrari Testarossa is very much a street car. Chopped or not, Enzo is rolling over in his grave. There is only one color Ferraris were ever meant to be, and that’s blood red.

    Here’s a website with racecars:

  62. SNA — I note the Pink Impreza in that lineup. That’s not even one whole step away from Hello Subey.
    My favorite feature, though, is the “Structural gaffer tape.” What, they couldn’t afford *real* duct tape??

  63. OK if you think THAT’s bad have you not seen the Darth Kitty? mebbe I’ll send it in?

  64. WOW!! I love hello kitty and io am 10 1/2 That is cool! But don’t you think it’s exadrating!!

  65. weemonkey says:

    Would dogs chase the Hello Kitty car?