Just what the heck is going on in this household?!

OK, apparently, "Mali" the rat and "Squirt" the cat are pals, who like to engage in Rule #4. Just why Mali sports a ‘devil’ costume is unknown, but who really cares? I thought she was Mighty Mouse at first. Shows you what I know.



Nice find, Sheryl S.! 😉



  1. OK. OK.

    This I do *NOT* believe.

  2. Superrat, no?

  3. Da da da da da da da da Ratman!

  4. LOL… that’s all I can say….

  5. It’s a bird… It’s a plane… It’s Ratman to the rescue!

  6. misskitka says:

    so much cute going on in the second photo….

    the creation-of-adam-esque near nose touching (I have no idea how to actually punctuate that last bit)…is the rat giving the cat life?

    and the rat clinging to the ledge of the table with the feets

  7. Of course the rat is super, it has the power to bewitch cats everywhere! Seriously, I’ve read about animals that usually do the predator/prey thing getting along; I guess the key is making sure everyone stays well-fed.

  8. Also, check the paw action on that rat, who could eat such cuteness

  9. urgh! thats just gross *barf*

  10. Tony James says:

    Cat: “Ah-HA, und finally my diabolical plan ist verking! Ze rat vill use his tiny cape and FLY into my mouz! No more shall I be forced to suffer ze indignity of heffing to eat off ze floor! Airborne food! Soon ze whole VURLD vill be mine!! Bwa hah aha ha hah aha hah aha!”

  11. That costume! Those paws! That face! The smooch!

    Someone mind sponging me out of this chair, please…? I melted from the cuteness!


  12. Both of the faces! And the toesies on the back paws. Eeeeeeeeeeee!

  13. I’m looking really closely and trying really hard to see it.. but.. rat.. not cute.. Sorry. CAT, however, very pretty 🙂 I used to have a cat that color *sigh*

  14. Christine says:

    ‘Kay, so I just thought it wa s cute how teh rat was wearing a cape…then I scrolled down.

    Forget the cape- the fact that the rat has such cute little paws and he’s about to give the cat a kiss on the nose…
    It’s almost too much.

  15. Sarcasta says:

    **”Just why Mali sports a ‘devil’ costume is unknown…”**

    Do we REALLY need a reason for dressing up our pets? Isn’t the fact that they will tolerate it enough of a reason?

  16. [goggle eyes]
    [slack jaw]

  17. [sigh…] I wish *my* pets would wear cute costumes.

  18. Back feet look too much like human hands but the nose touch is suh-weet!

  19. This HAS to go to Stan Lee, if this isn’t the winner of “Who Wants to Be a SuperHero” something is really really wrong with the world!

    Rattie in a cape is just adorableness… but when he’s flying, doesn’t he technically get reclassified as a bat?

  20. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again:

    If inter-species bonding is wrong, then I don’t want to be right.

  21. persimmontree says:

    satan is my lord and… ratster?

    cutest. picture. EVER.
    rat haters, please shut it.

  22. It’s a crazy idea, but instead of posting something negative, why not.. oh.. Not post at all!

    That aside.. PAINFULLY cuteness!

  23. interspecies snorgle! Way to go! Gorgeous cat btw.

  24. Is there a rule of cuteness for cork-like noses? There should be. 🙂

  25. Cats need to be taught to hunt by their mothers. I seen cats stalk all kinds of pray (and bring the kills home….eeeewwww!). Then you have cats that would not hurt a fly, literally! Depends on their siblings and mother or if they are in a house with an older mouser who decides to take them under their wing.

    A well trained cat can decimate an entire backyard ecosystem in less than a month!

  26. Awww. this duo is almost as cute as my muzzlepuff babies! i love the cape. i wish i could get tank to wear something like that. if any of y’all are interested i posted a link on the muzzlepuff comments so you can see more pics of tank and gus. P.S. ur cat is beautiful.

  27. Ratman, the Dark Rodent of Furniture City, pauses in his efforts to eraticate evil to speak with plucky reporter Kitti Vale.

  28. Somebody please ‘shop me a Ratmobile. I need an antidote for that H**** K**** ‘shop job.

  29. Nurse, he’s sinking fast…someone administer the emergency Doone application, and SOMEBODY:
    we need a Ratmobile here, STAT!

  30. Aubrey – try a chocolate pudding IV. That’ll hold him over.

  31. without the pudding skin

  32. Eat your heart out superman … here comes superat!

  33. john wade... says:


    yet another doomed love…

  34. /shudders at pudding skin

  35. ceejoe, Arbed: Possibly an emergency blood (raspberry) tiramfusion.

  36. Apophis16 says:

    AWW, that looks just like my kitty Boo. ^^

  37. ROFL….love the devil costume!

    Love rats! Love cats!
    Love butterscotch puddin’…

    *spontaneously combusts from too much lovin’*

  38. One thing I do *not* need intravenously is chocolate.

    In fact, now I come to think of it, there’s an awful lot of things that I just don’t need in an IV drip.

  39. “so ya told me da treats were up here…sniff my nose..I SWEAR….I dint find em, dint eat em …can ya come n gimme a paw? I’m sure dere stashed up here SOMEWHERE!”

  40. Photo 2 reminds me…rats (and maybe cats too!) do this thing called “social transmission of food preferences”, whereby Rat 1 sniffs the breath of his buddy, Rat 2, to determine what Rat 2 has been eating. The logic here is “Well, Rat 2 seems to have eaten Exotic Food A, and he seems to be feeling OK, so I think I’ll eat Exotic Food A rather than (unsniffed) Exotic Food B.” Smart little buggers. And cute to boot.

  41. that is one of the most cute photos I have seen.. A RAT AND A MOUSE… I thought they were arch enemies. But that is way to cute.

  42. oops a CAT AND A MOUSE.

  43. that is an amazing photo. i just keep staring at it, wondering, ‘what happened next?’

    p.s. i had numerous pet rats as a kid, and they were great pets. totally cute, totally smart and a lot of fun. my first one was named ‘cleoratra’. i was going through an egyptology phase.

    fyi though, they do not get along with hamsters.

  44. quick, somebody give kitty a halo and a set of angel wings.

  45. So very Superman/Lois Lane….my eyes are welling with tears.

  46. Laurie C says:

    “cleoratra” – priceless, k

  47. teh catty and ratty look like TRUBBLE…

  48. Subhangi says:

    LOVE the second pic. [squeegles]

    Oh, and we URGENTLY need a truckload of Marmalades for Theo to regain his respiratory functions …

  49. Kayak wings?

  50. Hmm. I thought it was Superman, er– I mean, Superrat. How could that cutesy wootsey lil thing be the devil??

  51. Mighty Mouse is my friend! Anyone remember the Mighty Mouse? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mighty_Mouse

  52. apocalypse is near… yet that is so cute…


  53. Awwww! Again, the whiskers, the whiskers! **dies**

  54. okay stop. rats are never, ever, EVER, NEVER, NEVER, NEVER, EVER, NERVER under any circumstances cute. ever. they are pointy and disgusting.

    the cat’s not bad.

  55. AP, you can’t find even an ounce of cute in those fisty little paws??

  56. (“This is the first day, of my rat days…”)

  57. OMG that looks exactly like one of my cats! Eerie. I think might be one of my two Burmese brothers’ littermates.

  58. Awww, thats so cute! Your cat looks just like mine! Is it a Russian Blue? The face looks somehow too pointy for a Burmese xx

  59. Great shot!
    Very Dramatic.

  60. The rat and the cat are kissing!

  61. WOW! I CANNOT believe I found this photo here! 🙂

    That goofy cat/rat combo belongs to me 🙂 In all I have 2 kitty boys and 4 rattie girls. Plenty more pics on my Flickr site http://www.flickr.com/photos/aniali/

    I’m sooo glad MOST of you liked the photo. (Still not sure why you’d bother commenting if you don’t think their cute… I wouldn’t comment on a pic of you or your fur kid unless I had something nice to say) I’m just thrilled the photo didn’t come out completely blurry! It was a very hurried shot 😉

    Anywho… Mali, Squirt, and I appreciate all the nice comments… This just made our month! 🙂

  62. I have a pink sparkling cape for my hamster sans the horns though.