I Sooooooooooooo can’t be bothered with this

Kitten #1: Dewd, I got ‘Zzzzz’s to catch up on.

Kitten #2: Barooo!?

Kitten #3: My eye!!!


Ahnnnnnnnn, Patty S. [literally yawning while writing this]



  1. Constance says:

    ahahah. OMG awwwww. I know just how you feel, sleepy little dude.

  2. I’m speechless. I can’t believe what I’m looking at…

  3. As I was saying, a great many things are inappropriate in an IV format…

    …an den dere wuz kitinz.



  5. Oh! Ow, you got fur in my eye!

    Where, where is the fur, I’ll get it!

    Leave me alonnnnnneeezzzzz.

  6. Lookit the polka dots on teh wittle tummy. [snorglesnorglesnorglesnorgle…]

  7. I have this need to just crawl into these little marmalade fuzzikins box……and snorgle their lil tummies…….THIS IS WHAT LOVE IS ALL ABOUT!!!!!

  8. The round pink tummy of the sleepy little dude needs a tummy rub….

  9. I didn’t know kittehs barroed!

    Marmalade kitteh overdose!


  10. caroline says:

    Oh! the orange fuzzers! Box of cute!

  11. awwwwwhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuaaaahhhhhh
    too cute, I have died. nice knowin yas.

  12. Good.
    Simply impawsible.

  13. AuntieMame says:

    Is he yawning, or did he just bust out a huge, rude burp and now he’s hiding his giggling behind his paw?

    And the other two are trying to stay downwind…

  14. Paulette says:

    C.O. in triplicate! It’s three little snorglepusses!

  15. I’m guessing paw-wash. Nawm nawm nawm.

  16. Watch it, you’ll put your eye out!

  17. I was in fact instructed not long ago that only dogs can baroo.

    I felt certain that sometimes, when not looking at you with disdain…they were genuinely curious and perhaps baroo-ing. So glad I wasn’t crazy!

    Regardless, I am yawning. I fear, however, that my bony skin covered fingers are not nearly as cute as the fuzzy paw to cover my mouth while doing so.

  18. Muffin Head says:


    I am in love.

    Just look at that preeety little pinky belly of the yawny Mr. Yawnerson on the floor of the kidden box!

    EEEEE Papi!

  19. I love all the nap pictures this week. It’s like cuteoverload is reading my miiiiiind!!

    [scurries away to put on foil helmet]

  20. Carefully walks round melted cutologists and fragments of ‘ploded heads. We need warnings, what if someone not used to this level of cuteness saw this!

  21. Awwwwwww….drool drool…..Feline BaroooooO!!!!

  22. sunnykat says:

    if i had those paws, i’d want to bite them too, they’re so cute.

  23. Even I who has been immunized to most forms of cuteness was knocked over good upon seeing this image…that fuzzy pink tummy is just too much for my system to handle.

  24. There is no substitute
    Nor can you refute
    The overwhelming effects
    Of the kitteh cute

  25. KITTY_BAROO says:

    I hereby nominate the Kitty Baroo:

    Ba-Rowe? Ba-Rou? Ba-Rau?

    (Pronounced: BAH – ROW (like “now”)

    My cat actually make this noise… I just can’t spell its’ alien language! 😉

  26. I stick by the canine-only view of “Baroo?” — a cat’s interrogative sounds more like “Prrrt?” They even roll the R.

  27. Tony James says:

    Got to agree with T-oh – it’s a sound that says “I see you working on the kitchen counter, which means food is involved. Perhaps if I ask nicely you’ll feed me. You don’t see me? No problem, I’ll stretch to get my nose over the counter, just to see what you’re doing and to remind you that I’m here and that I’d like to share whatever you’re having.”
    If we humans could say all that in such a short word, we might get somewhere.

  28. So effin’ cute it’s just CRAZY!!

    Theo, fer sure, the pretty “prrrrt!?” is perfect for a kitty baroo.

    (wish I could roll my Rs!)

  29. how about Ba-Mew?

  30. Compromise. “Purroo?” Though I don’t know what South American cats would say.

  31. I don’t think it’s ONLY dogs that can baroo – I’m sure I’ve seen a hamster baroo before.

    But “prrrt?” is, I must admit, the feline equivalent.

  32. Long ago, a friend of mine identified the cat “baroo” as “burf”… but I’m thinking “prrrt” is awfully close.

    Maybe “burf” is “prrrt” in a different dialect.

  33. I also vote for ‘prrrt’! Way more cat-ish than baroo.

    My cat actually emits a crackly squeaking sound when he’s trying to say, “Excuse me please, is there a chance I could get some attention and lovin’?”

    It’s sooo cute – he knows I can’t resist his ultimate power of cuteness.

    These kitties look like they have also been blessed with such ruthless attention-sucking anerableness!

  34. “I stick by the canine-only view of “Baroo?” — a cat’s interrogative sounds more like “Prrrt?” They even roll the R.”

    Oh yes, kitties prrt all the time! My hellion of a tabby does it so often, that my best friend commented that he can’t get away with anything “You’ll hear a crash in the kitchen, and it will be followed by Prrtt?”

    Although it does seem to me that all sorts of animals can “Baroo” with their own respective noises. I believe Meg had a “bunroo” here at some point in time, and I know for a fact I’ve tilted my head to the side and gone “Wha?”, proof of the human baroo.

  35. That’s far too much cute for one post. Lethal, in fact. I came back from the dead just to type this. ::dies again::

  36. GOD makes kitties for us to love!

  37. Here’s some more kitty-talk I’ve picked up from Lorna and teh Dooneses: When the kittens are scouting around the room (which they’re doing more & more, lately) they “mew!” at regular intervals, like little fuzzy locator beacons.

    When Lorna wants to call them all back to her, she starts doing the “Prrrt?” thing. Like, “OK, who’s hungry?” …and it works. Now, it usually takes some back-and-forth of “mew!” “prrt?” “MEW!” “…prrt.” before everyone’s corralled. These *are* cats, y’know; they take things in their own time.

    But then it’s Nozzle Royale again, until everybody falls asleep. (And I warn you, this sleepiness is HIGHLY contagious.)

  38. A Fine Morsel says:

    Love the squished eye! Mawr!

  39. I am leaving work to go to a friends house and further investigate this “prrt” biz.

    I don’t believe I’ve ever heard the sound and since I’m in a feline-free home, I may never hear it without consulting experts on the issue.

  40. oh this is just redonkulous. perhaps the cutest picture yet, rivalling bunny week.

  41. Speckle belly! Speckle belly! STOP! It isn’t *faaaairrr*!!!



  42. The pinky belly is killing me!! It’s all warm and full and the little wrinkles and spots. ::poit::

  43. Brak_Silverbone says:

    This photo may well be one of the most lethally cute photos ever.

  44. Aha! Prrrt!

    My cats do this to each other, like they are asking each other questions.

    “Prrt = dude, what’s over there?”
    “Prrt = you mean besides this pillow?”
    “Prrt = can I have it, or were you going to claim it?”
    “Prrt = I don’t know, aren’t you pretty comfortable over there?”
    “Prrt = well, will you check it out for me?”
    “Mrow = no.”

    …and so forth.


    The little spots on the belleh!

    The PINK belleh!

    The fuzzitude!


  46. SO CUTE!!! Kitteh 1: “Lemme mash my fuzzy little paw into my mouth while I yawn and kill everyone looking at CO with my cuteness”

  47. lurkertype says:

    Another vote for “Prrrrt?”

    And another pic of the Tuxedo Horde.


  48. Nummy nummy kitteh tummy..

  49. Tuxedo Lurkers! How fun! The variety of cute in the kitty world knows no boundaries!

  50. The tuxies are AWWSUM.

  51. Love the half-and-half kittehs, lurker. 🙂

  52. Laurie C says:

    I am as tired as these kitties. This is why:
    1. It is a bazillion degrees here in Toronto in this current heatwave (humidex like 118F).
    2. I had errands to run in the heat.
    3. One of those errands being bringing the Pufftwins (Puffin and Pufferfish) to the vet because somebody started with the diarrhea and NOT using the litterbox yesterday. This AFTER I cleaned the bathroom floor last night.
    4. I got informed early today by the cat rescue group that the lady who was going to adopt them tonight is taking another cat from someone allergic in her family instead.
    5. She showed up at my door at 7 p.m. anyway, with carrier, thinking she might foster these guys anyway, having not got the message that another foster home has already been lined up for them. Awk-WARD!
    6. Did I mention that it’s a bazillion degrees here?

    lurkertype, keep those tuxedo horde pictures coming. Love them.

  53. LC — aargh. Sending cool fuzzy thoughts your way.
    (You should *see* these dudes going at their own little padded boxcar. They have discovered KLAWZ. Too dark for video right now, tho…)

  54. Laurie C says:

    As far as cat noises, all I can say is I heard a lot of very LOUD protesting from the carrier as I took the Pufftwins to the vet today (with their longish fur in the heat) and none of their noises sounded as dainty as “prrt?” There was quite a racket of YEEPing going on, I’ll tell you.

  55. Laurie C – I feel your pain here in Ottawa. The Great Wall o’ Heat hit us hard today.

    Why can’t the kitties stay with you until a new adopter is found?

  56. Laurie C says:

    arbed, I used to officially foster, like Theo does, when I had more room. And now I’m setting up a post-surgical recovery space in the big storage closet in my apt. for the adult cats who will be trapped and neutered. The cat rescue group has lots of foster space to move these little guys to, not so much recovery space.

    I went down to the actual boxcars this afternoon to check on the rest of the colony. Loads of food left by someone else, not a drop of water (which I filled). Melted Salvador Dali cats laying about *everywhere*.

  57. Ah okay, I get it. Yes, poor little post-surgery moms and dads will need all the attention and love they can get. Good on ya!

  58. Another vote for Prrt? Although Polly (and a couple other kitties I’ve had) will Mrrp? or Meep? as well.

    To all those who foster any type of animal you have my utter admiration. Thanks for helping all of the creatures who need it.

  59. where can I get me one of those?


  60. lurkertype says:

    Tux just now distinctly said “Prrrt?” to the Horde. Her Tortie Highness says “Mrrrt?” or “Blrrrt?” to us and her toys, while our previous marmalade dewd said “Mrrrp?”

    Laurie C, I feel your pain — we had that weather a coupla weeks ago and had Dali kitties too. Cannot imagine how Tux gave birth in such weather and is still so fabulously attired. 🙂 And I hope the Pufftwins are better soon and can return to your house with more YOWRLS in the car.

    Sleepy tie-tie tuxedos:


  61. misskitka says:

    prrt? is definitely one of the chatty sounds that my cats (past/present) make and is definitely a the baroo equivalent IMO

    if tuxedo cats = cats that are mostly black with white “shirts” and cowcats = cats that are mostly white with black spots, then what is my rose who is half black (top half) and half white…we just call her orca cat

    all of you foster/rescuers are my heroes….I suffice by always having the city limit (4) on cats that come to me entirely because they “need” me…I use CO to look at cute kittens because I will probably always have older, less easily placed waifs

  62. Laurie C says:

    misskitka, so very nice of you to take in the older ones.

    lurkertype, if *only* we’d been in a car. Nope, we walked the ten minutes to the vet in the heat. Those tiny fluffballs made enough noise that it could be heard all over the street.

  63. I know I’ll probably be outvoted, but I believe that sound is *brrrt!* But then I used to have a cat named Brit (The Happiest Cat in the World™), who said it all the time (usually twice at a time, “Brrt brrt!”, though I once heard her say it four times in a row!) instead of meowing. The odd thing is, we named her long before she took up the habit of brritting.

    She’s long since gone, but she has her own web page:


    Aw, now I miss Brit!

  64. misskitka says:

    actually, now that you mention it, brrt? does sound a bit better

    brit looks like she was a cutey…missing a couple of my misfits…but they were loved…it’s all you can do

  65. lurkertype says:

    I had a kitter in my youth who looked much like the whitest of the Horde — would that I had known the word “orca” back then! May have to start calling him/her that (that ‘un is the bravest and has more white like kittycow dad, so I think it’s a him).

    Eeek, Laurie. Your neighbors must have wondered why you were out in the heat torturing the Pufferkinses! Likely you were wondering that too. Eh, at least it’s slightly cooler for them and you walking than being in a non-airconditioned car.

  66. Brrt works, but I also have a cat that says Glrrp.

    Robert A. Heinlein was a great cat-enthusiast, and he mentions many cat noises in his book “The Door Into Summer”.

  67. Oi the wee tinsy orange creamsicle sweeties!!!

  68. Lurker – Hooray for your Tuxedo Junction – keep the tux pix coming!

    LC – I love Toronto, but it can get a little nastysweatysticky. We’re actually getting some gray clouds in the AM; and I’m willing to share.

    Thalia – Love the web pages, and the names you gave your cats are superior.

    All this talk about kits past and present, I guess the circle will remain unbroken.

  69. Alright, I think theres a niche for a webpage with clips of the different noises you’re talking about alongside photos of the cats making them. Those of us without cats can barely guess what you’re talking about. It’ll be bigger than Wikipedia!

  70. …I feel your pain, Laurie C. According to the Toronto Star, last night was an overnight record high for Toronto… 27 degrees…

  71. Laurie C says:

    Yes, thinker, and felt like 36C with humidity. 48C Humidex recorded at Pearson airport today.

  72. lurkertype says:

    Tuxedo Junction! Smoochies, Aubrey! Why didn’t I think of that? Behold, that part of the yard shall immediately henceforth as such!

  73. lurkertype says:

    er — “henceforth be KNOWN as such”.

    I was too excited by the concept to proofread.

  74. The kitty “prrrrt” thing is reminding me of the end of the old Tom & Jerry cartoons where Tom was substituted for the MGM lion. Instead of roaring, he went “Mrow! Mrow Ffft! Mrow? Fffft! Fft!”
    I loved that!

  75. Laurie C says:

    Remember the MTM (Mary Tyler Moore) Productions logo spoofing the MGM logo with the kitty meowing instead? And for The White Shadow, a show about high school basktballers that they also produced, the kitty in the logo dribbled a basketball.

  76. lurkertype says:

    For those who only speak English and not Cat:

    Say “blurt?” Say “pert?” Say “Bert?”

    Now remove the vowels.

    Blrt? Prt? Brt?

    Now rrrrooolll the r’s.

    Blllrt? Prrrrt? Brrt?

    Mrrrt? Mrrp? and so forth.

  77. but, the squirells?! says:

    hey arent those the vacuum

  78. but, the squirells?! says:

    kitties sorry

  79. Kitties have an amazing range. One of my friends has a cat who has an audible FFF noise on the end of his meow.

    Meowff! Meroowff! It’s hilarious.

  80. Sarcasta says:

    **”Robert A. Heinlein was a great cat-enthusiast…”**

    Ah yes, he also came up with great cat names, like Pixel (from “the Cat Who Walks Through Walls”) which I stole for the name of my fat grown-up version of these orange and whites. Can you believe a 16 pound cat was once this teeny?

    Pixel in the book was so stubborn he would walk through walls (kind of like a magic trick) instead of finding a door. Somehow it worked for him. Pixel in real life is stubborn, but he hasn’t managed to walk through a wall yet, only *into* one… BLAM! Rrrowr!

  81. benvenuta says:

    The little ears! I love those sweet little ears, barely unfolded.
    How old are they, 3 weeks?

  82. chica y gatitas says:

    OMG: I ADORE these bebes! Dey ah soooo tooooot! Please, this is raising my blood sugar level!

  83. Ack! The Baroo/Prrrt cat has no bady! Just a ginormous, curious floating head, presiding over the teeny ones! How Cheshire! I think there’s a Pink Floyd b-side that totally syncs up to this photo!

    Also, Laurie C–Yes! I love the MTM MGM kitty!

  84. benvenuta says:

    The little ears! I love those sweet little ears, barely unfolded.
    How old are they, 3 weeks?

  85. Claire, sounds like your friend’s cat has a lisp!

  86. Oh, and speaking of great cat names, I always wanted to name one Mr. Miagi, after the character in Karate Kid.

  87. Subhangi says:

    Ah. I see Theo has been resuscicated. Meanwhile,

    MARMIEEEEEEEEZZZ!!!! [ploop]

  88. fluffy tummy….i’m melting….

  89. Okay, uncle, already! You’re killing me!


  90. To me the squeey little “baroo” kitty doesn’t look like he is making any noise at all. He just looks wonderfully clueless like the dog-look baroo? So…in this case baroo would be a state of mind rather than a sound.

    It’s getting more and more difficult to scrape together all the pieces of my head and get back to real life after spending time on CO.

    The marmalade babes, the Lornadoones, the Tuxedo hotties…..arggghhhh….and Laurie C….the boxcar kitties….

    It’s time for some new babes around here. …off to the Humane Society…

  91. ahh! there should be a new ule on hw to yawn cute!!!!^_^

  92. Seems like they should be the tuxedo mafia! 🙂

    The kittens are painfully cute. Thank you!!!!

  93. OMG! Kittehs!!

  94. I think I just had a snorgasim.

  95. you guys r silly says:

    All *definately* common kitty language.
    Now I’m stepping out on a limb and trusting you guys not to laugh at me and say
    After months of me coming home each night to my only-kitty, Wembley, and me & her greeting each other after a long day apart…
    My cat *absolutely* started saying “hello!” to me………
    When she first started doing it, I thought I was imagining it. It started out being very “gutteral” sounding. But she’s perfected it now, and my best friend has even heard her say it.
    Don’t laugh — My cat says the word “hello” when I come home from work at night. (over and over and over while she’s rubbing all around me…)
    Anyone else ever have an animal that used human words???

  96. YGRS — I’ve seen a video clip like that, on one of those “Funniest Home Videos” shows. Dogs and cats don’t have the same tongue & throat structures humans do, and aren’t natural mimics like parrots etc. so their potential “vocabulary” is limited. But I believe you, speaking for myself.

  97. Oh sure, I’d believe anything when it comes to cats and intelligence.

  98. CeeJoe — I’m sure you also understand that it TOTALLY depends on the cat. Lorna & her Doones are pretty high on the FIQ scale; Mr. Bounce is no slouch either.

    Aaaaand then there’s Spot… who we adore, of course… but she’s not about to casually ring in any Jeopardy questions as she passes the TV on her way to Taco Bell, if you know what I’m saying.

  99. you guys r silly says:

    Theo….you crack me up…

  100. you guys r silly says:

    P.S. Theo, the next time Spot heads out to Taco Bell, please have her swing by and pick me up to go along with her, ok?

  101. “Yo quiero más en mi cabeza.”

  102. My kitty Bisous (pronounced bee-zoo for those who do not speak French) says the word “NOW!” and “What?”” to mee all the time. I get home from work and she’s all circling her food bowl, looking starved and forgotten shouting “Now. What? Now. What?” Over and over until I give her kitty treats. Cute,interesting and completely bizarre. No one believs me until they come to visit and hear it for themselves.
    BTW, such the cutest kittems evers!

  103. Lol, the FIQ scale… Yep, it DEFinitely depends on the individual cat. But I luvs em all.

  104. Almost as cute as Mr. Sleepy’s yawn is that the kitten on the right seems to be sucking on a tuft of fur from his side.

  105. you guys r silly says:

    *YAY!* for *talking* kitties!!!

  106. i love the tuxedo cat family. i love all cats/kittens. if i had ever had children, surely they would have been kittens!

  107. speaking of talking cats. my boy tommy (long-haired “tuxedo” cat) lets me know when he has a fur ball that he needs to eliminate. he starts saying “oh no, oh no, oh no” and that usually gives me time to get him to a hard surfaced floor (easier to clean than the carpeting). i know he doesn’t like throwing up and his “oh no, oh no, oh no” is music to my ears.

  108. you guys r silly says:

    MY cat always makes a particular “noise” each time before she starts to throw up a hairball, TOO…Next time she does it, I’ll have to listen to what she’s actually saying to see if SHE’s saying “oh no” TOO!

  109. (OK, on some level, I can’t believe I’m talking about this…)

    With our cats, the Hork Sequence goes like this:
    [spitty ptui tongue noises]

  110. you guys r silly says:

    That’s SO completely right on the head, Theo! I still have to listen to see if Wembley is saying “oh no” BEFORE she’s gakking up a hairball, BUT — the actual act of gakking itself IS a giant
    Ahhh the joys of parenting, eh???

  111. YGRS: I’ll assume Wembley had a Cup to yak into.

    Brilliant name.

  112. ddaavviidd says:

    You NEED to see this clip!!! (cutest f-in’ thing ever, and I normally don’t find cats very cute)

    Sorry if it’s already been posted here, which it SHOULD have.

  113. ddaavviidd – that is WAY cute! Good to know cuteness is something we can share with all peoples!

  114. hrh.squeak says:

    ddaavviidd – Thanks for sharing! Sooo cute!!

  115. they are soooooooooooooooo cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!