Kittens Kaptured on Kameraphones Klawing each other! KUTE!


Double paws on face. Nice work, Christopher D. Oh and Christopher D. says that C.O. is the "8th Wonder of the World." Isn’t that nice? I think I have to post that somewhere. That’s really sweet.



  1. sabrina says:

    cute and im the firts to comment haha!

  2. when they get done fighting and fall asleep on your lap, that is even better than the double face paws. i lurve tusseling kittays.

  3. Precious!! Love the double “punch” to the face!

  4. I’m sorry, but making kittens fight each other on camera phones for entertainment is wrong on the same level that midget fighting is.

    Did I just end a sentence with a preposition?

  5. No.

  6. …but the Klawing Kitties are very Kute. Mph–smash–gotcha.

  7. the little calico looks so mush like my abercrombie as a bebe. she still wants to act redonk like that

  8. SO FUZZY!!! 😀

  9. Is today like, two-for-tuesday? We’ve seen 2 bunnies, now 2 kitties. The only trouble is that it’s Monday!

    They are SO cute though! Beyond cute! Cute overload IS the 8th wonder of the world!!

  10. “Mom, he’s touching me! Make him stop touching me!”

  11. …..wrestling in the back of the car on a lo-o-o-ong family road trip.

  12. Laurie C says:

    Should there be “Bif!” “Bam!” and “Pow!” Batman-style caption cards between this pix?

  13. “Oh and Christopher D. says that C.O. is the “8th Wonder of the World.” Isn’t that nice? I think I have to post that somewhere. “

    Meg, sounds like the caption for a new T, no?!

  14. Four months after the above pitty pats:


  15. jaypo… that video was completely redonk! hilarious! i loooved it but you know were gonna hear about how cruel it is!
    thing is… you know those cats were laying sprawled out on the floor together grooming each other afterward… sharing the catnip prize

  16. I’m the cuttest…

    No, I’m the cuttest…

    Nah ah….I’m the cuttest


  17. Ferocioush liddle furballsh, arn’cha?

  18. That marmelade kitteh looks like he’s caught in a jam! He’s spread pretty thin! If he doesn’t start a comeback soon, he’s toast!

    JP: That video is only criminal in its mad hilarity. Love it.

  19. Tony James says:

    Good lord – is it any wonder that I’m not getting anything accomplished today? KYOOT KITTEHS!


  21. Subhangi says:


    ^_^ Awww, the pweshyus widdel puddings.

  22. you could put somebody’s eye out doing that!

  23. Yeah, everybody knows you have to *make* kittens fight each other. Because they’re totally non-aggressive until provoked.


  24. Hm. Must remember to reload page when posting comments 3 hours later, so as to make my own comments make sense.

    obCute: I called my little calico “Flyswat” when she was a wee thing because of those spindly kitten-legs and massive kitten-paws.

  25. “The kits are playing and DEFINATELY not hurting each other! Quick – we need to record the proof! Get out the video catcorder!

  26. AuntieMame says:

    Ooh, I remember that video, jaypo. I believe it was posted here at CO at one time.

    And I believe I commented on the hunkiness of the referee, too. *swoon*

    Oh, and as for the kittehs…it’s all fun and games until someone gets an eyeball poked out…

  27. Amy Dordan says:

    Naughty, naughty babies! You should go to your rooms and have your tummies kissed….It’ll hurt me more than it’ll hurt you.

  28. *In case y’all missed it yesterday*

    And maaaaaaany moooooooore!

    Thank you for all the PROSH you bring (insert ear krinkle)!



  29. *In case y’all missed it yesterday*

    And maaaaaaany moooooooore!

    Thank you for all the PROSH you bring (insert ear krinkle)!



  30. Fish Eye no Miko says:

    Tess Lee said: “Is today like, two-for-tuesday?”

    Oh! Yes! We should have two-for-Tuesday tomorrow! All of the pictures have to feature two of the same cute animal! I love it!

  31. How about two of the same posting…?

  32. How about two-fur Tuesdays?

  33. Tony James says:

    New Calender:

    Multiple Monday
    Two-fur Toosdee (thanks, Aubrey)
    Hairy Humpday (only mammals allowed)
    Fuffday (baby animals only)

    Weekends are free-for-all when any and all animals may be posted assuming that they adhere to the Cosmic Rules of Cootitude.

  34. Nastassia Yalley says:

    OMG….I love kittens!!!!

  35. TJ — I was trying to do something like that too… but I couldn’t come up with anything better than this:

    1) Bun-Day (obviously)
    2) Twos Day (cute pairs, preferably stacked, yeah yeah)
    3) Wet Knees Day (uhmm… this is where I started losing the momentum)
    4) Thirsty (?? like the hedgie & kitten at the “watercooler?”)
    5) Friday. Dammit, let’s party. Puddins! Puddins fer everybody.
    6) Catter’s Day (…yyyyeeeeah)
    7) Bun-Day, PART DEUX! (…for DUCKS!!)

    bfthppppp meh gah ptuy sigh

  36. Tony James says:

    Tee-Oh – less thinking about cute names for days of the week and MORE VIDEOS OF THE DOONESES, please! 🙂

  37. Now *that* I believe I can provide.
    (probably won’t be quick, though, if the “verification” process goes like last time)
    (patience is counseled)

  38. lurkertype says:

    Theo (and all), I’ve got video of the Tuxedo Horde — where/how should I put it somewhere online anonnymouse-like?

    Also still pix — any recommendations of hosting sites?


  39. lurkertype says:

    (whoops — cont’d)

    b/c if we keep it all to ourselves here, we will DIE.

    Also, after y’all see it, I’m hoping someone would have ideas for how to socialize the fluffballs. We can’t take them in b/c Her Royal Tortieness would die, but I’d like to get them adopted. I’ve had kitties all my life but they’ve always been fixed so I don’t know nothin’ ’bout birthin’ no kittens!

  40. Wow…

    That’s at least 8^54 magnitudes of cuteness per square inch more than the human mind can comprehend…

    Reminds me of the kittens I had when I was a kidlet – we knew very well that they were play-fighting as practice for later on in life, so we called it “Bite-ball”. (Even though said bite only registers at 1 pound of pressure per square meter…)

    Goofy, true – but still very amusing and “Awwww”-inspiring to watch. (I should be locked away for using that term…:p)

  41. Sarcasta says:

    Man! I just got in from trimming the blackberry pricker vines (in bikini top, no less… DUH) and every time I got scratched it felt like kitten claws.

    Is it wrong that I kinda enjoyed it?

    IS IT SO WRONG????

  42. Tony James says:

    Ladies and gentlemen, we bring you…Kink Overload!

  43. Laurie C says:

    lurekrtype, Theo recommended this site to me, and I’ve been using for my boxcar kitty photos. It’s free!


  44. talk about Darth Maul, y’all! These two are all, “it’s only a flesh wound!” “Your arm’s off!” “No it isn’t. Have at you!”

  45. BenPanced says:

    “Mom! Puff hit me!”
    “Did not!’
    “whap! whap!*
    “Muh-AHM! Puff hit me again!”
    “Did. NOT!”
    *whap! whap! whap! whap!*

  46. Awwww, they are paw-melling each other.
    Very very cute!

  47. LurkerType — I used both YouTube and Google Video to upload clips of Lorna and the Doones… Google Video won out in playback quality, but it helps if you already have a GMail account (whish ah doo). Both are free, and reasonably anonymous.

    And yes, AllYouCanUpload.com is great (free, anonymous, instantaneous) for plain .JPG or .PNG stills. Anything fancier than that (like animated .GIFs) needs to be hosted someplace else, though.

  48. Sarcasta and TJ… a-HEM.
    (funny thing, tho — I’ve got blackberry scratches all over my arms too)

  49. People! People! Think of the kittens!

    And where’s my Bactine?

  50. AuntieMame says:

    That’s why you shouldn’t pick blackberries in your bikini, Theo.

  51. Sonuva… and I just waxed, too.

  52. lurkertype says:

    I didn’t read AuntieMame’s comment. No sirree.

    AllYouCan etc. does not like Firefox! Feh! I just tried to give it basic .GIF and it got all snotty. Will have to get Mr. Lurkertype on it. And the Google Video — quality is important as the Tuxedo Horde is dark kitties in a shady place.

  53. LurkerType — I use FF (v1.5.0.5) almost exclusively; no issues with AYCU. How big was this .GIF? Can you use .JPG format instead (or convert)?

    (Yes, I live in PAH… Perpetual Acronym Hell)

  54. Scary stuff! I wonder which one is going to survive?

  55. Tony James says:

    Auntie – um…you have blackberries growing in your bikini?!
    Theo – silly, you don’t need to wax blackberries. Gooseberries definitely, peaches possibly, but please please please don’t talk about waxing plums…

  56. PAH – Between the majority of our clients and work initiatives/departments, I can’t keep track of more than about 20 acronyms at any one time. New client with an acronym? Out of the brain goes the one I haven’t spoken to in six months. 🙂

  57. Tony James says:

    Arbed – acronyms made up by other people don’t matter, just the ones that you live by. My personal faves are FUBAR, SNAFU, WGASA (“wa-GASA!”) and TWEeP. If you throw them into everyday client conversations, no-one will admit to not knowing what they mean, so you can be as offensive as you like with impunity 🙂

  58. Tony James says:

    As in “Tweep that sucker,” “the status on this project is ‘wagasa’,” and “this client is foobar, I’m going home.”

  59. Well TJ, as luck would have it, there are a number of my clients, acronymically-inclined or not, who are indeed FU, if not completely FUBAR. And hey, who am I to say anything – I just used a non-existent word!

  60. Tony James says:

    Ah, your client is Dr FU-Man-Chu?

  61. Dr. (you are so) FU-man (man, you soooo FU)-Chu (chu your head off, that’s what I wanna do, you so cwaaaazy, man) is definitely a client.

  62. YPAW.

  63. IAGW.

  64. Tony James says:


  65. lurkertype says:


    Theo, methinks my pics were too big. Will try resizing.

  66. I’m almost scared to ask what those mean, especially Tony’s.

  67. Laurie C says:

    “(funny thing, tho — I’ve got blackberry scratches all over my arms too)

    I was at the dentist last week, who was going to give me an IV anasthetic to do a procedure and he looked at my arm to see how my veins were. And immediately said “You have a cat” because of the array of variously healed scratches. He has one himself –get this: 24 years old!

  68. Laurie C says:

    Oh, also, peeps, the boxcar kittens Puffin and Pufferfish will have a permanent home as of tomorrow. A potential adopter came to see them today and totally fell in love. Slam dunk.

  69. YAY Laurie C!!

  70. Tony James says:

    YAY for HR Puffin/er Stuff! Can we have some piks before they go off to their furever homes?

  71. Laurie C says:

    TJ, I’ll see what I can do. I posted a couple on another thread a day or so ago that nearly slayed Aubrey and others. But I want some more, too.

  72. LC:
    Hope the procedure proceeded according to…procedure, and yippee skippy for the kitties!

    And yes, I’m slain but I certainly can’t complain.

  73. wow I am completely lost with these comments. At least they arent threatening to call peta for posting vids of cats wrasslin… i thinks its way cute when the moods swing from fighting like mini tigers to laying together in yogi-like positions

  74. Michele (1 “L”) — I’m happy to provide mood swings as needed. And puddins.

  75. Laurie C says:

    It’s true. Theo swings a mean puddin’.

  76. lurkertype says:
  77. Further proof that EVERYONE looks good in a tux!

  78. lurkertype says:


    It’s a formal occasion around here now.

    Mommy is named Tux, and the kittens in this picture from top to bottom are called Greater Than, Equal To, and Less Than b/c

    a) that refers to how much white they have compared to MomCat

    b) Mr. Lurker was a math major

    The indifferent daddy (not seen) is Moo, the cowkitty tomcat. Who, of course, is also Tux’s daddy. (Shocking!)

    G’night, lil’ > = <

  79. Laurie C says:


  80. lurkertype says:

    Thanks, Laurie. Not as fluffy and colorful as the Boxcar Kitties, but I like ’em.

    Phew! Now I can go to bed. I vowed not to rest tonight till I got a cat pic up. Will put more of them up tomorrow. The blue eyes with the B&W coloring is cuuuute.

    Bye from the Tuxedo Horde’s food supplier!

  81. They are alsmost as cute as my lil kitten:

  82. AuntieMame says:

    “Auntie – um…you have blackberries growing in your bikini?!”

    TJ, I hope I have more sense than to be seen in public in a bikini. No sir, I keep my blackberries to myself.

    The more pertinent question, it seems, is why the blackberries were wearing Theo’s bikini.

  83. YAY’s all around!!
    To LC — for finding Pfn and Pfr-f a new home. That’s *two* bebes to *one* home!!

    To LKRTYP-paparazza for catching elegant royalty on film for all to view (babies are the rage these days in that quarter)

    To AuntieM for keeping her blackberries in her bikini

    To Lohan Roberto for…oh, never mind.

  84. You do not KNOW how confused I am right now.

  85. ‘s ok, teho, just drink yr. coffe.

  86. oops, coffeE.

  87. Google Vids first. Coffee later.



    (These went live IMMEDIATELY this time. No complaints, but wha hunh?)

  88. PS to da peeps:



  89. I second jaypo’s YAYs!!!

    And add another one for new Lorna and the Doones videos. YAY!!!

  90. Black kitties + orange carpet = supersqueet!!

  91. Boys, boys, stop fighting!

  92. Mmmmmmmmm… mmmocha.

  93. squiggle says:

    nothing’s cuter than a kitten with its eye gouged out

  94. Nothing’s more pathetic than a drive-by troll trying to pass itself off as a crusader for aniumal rights. Right, Squiggle?

    Sheesh. You’d think kittens haven’t been tussling with each other for several millennia…

    Kitties are cute, BTW! Nice phone-cam work, Christopher D!


  95. [enjoying mental image of Denita’s two dragons quietly approaching from behind, unnoticed until a drop of drool chances to land upon Squiggle’s collar, which begins to smoke and dissolve]

  96. Sorta missed breakfast this morning; thinking about hunting up some early lunch. A tidy brunch, perhaps. Something like… an itsy bitsy teeny weeny pesto chicken hot panini.

  97. THEO,STOP IT RIGHT NOW!! I am *not* going to hum that song all day today, no,indeedy, I’m not…I’m not.

  98. Jaypo, I think I know just what you need… here, have an itsy bitsy teeny weeny shaken bunny creme martini.

  99. AGH!! (puts hands over ears)

  100. “…la la la lala di dum di dumddi didi deee dumm la la la”
    [fingers stuck in ears]

  101. for the record…NOT A CAMERAPHONE!! …just a crappy one :c)

  102. Bwahahahaha–All your comments are *hilarious!* 😀
    What, precisely, does “TWEeP” stand for, anyway?
    Also, cute^2 kittens, and happy (belated!) birthday, Meg!

  103. nothing like a little sibling rivalry. they’re precious!

  104. LOL at all da comments and YAYs.

    Da beebees feets are still way cute, too!

    And, Theo, I love the Lorna Doone’s videos. The black kitty on the bottom of the kitty jam has the best “Holy crap, get OFF me” look!

    And, Lurker, what a handsome bunch, too!

    I want ’em ALL!

  105. New Kit/Vids!

    Kittehs and squeekers. Too happy-making.

  106. squiggle says:

    denita: it was a joke. geez.

  107. (It was kinda hard to tell, Squig. Very short sentence, no “tone of voice” clues, no previous comment history to extrapolate from, etc.)

    (Do keep an eye on your six for those dragons, though.)

  108. hi cool pics dude or dudette

  109. Ow. That looks like it would hurt… clawsh in dee eyesh!