What a lazy kitten.

Man, kittens these days. They just sit on their asses and accomplish nothing. It’s such a shame—their cat parents should really get after them—man. Look at this good-for-nuthing kitten. WHAT HAS HE ACCOMPLISHED TODAY!? Nothing. Nothing, that’s what.


OK, MAYBE he accomplished being a Snorgle Target, but that’s about it. Geeshe, Tracey.



  1. squeaky says:

    ah, i’d love to be that lazy!

  2. It’s about time that kitten got a J-O-B and started earning his keep around there.

  3. squeaky says:

    mel, his job is looking cute 😉

  4. Heather S. says:


  5. caroline says:

    That little guy just got off the job chasing bugs and stalking dangling strings..
    He’s resting up for his next big job.. whatever that might be!

  6. The poor baby has to teef! What do you want from him? He’ll just embarass himself in an interview.

  7. Punk Penguin says:

    he’s not yawning, he’s hitting a high note?

  8. Ohhh….my…god.

    I want it.



    I want it.

  9. I must pounce on the kitten!
    Must rub my face with its belly!

  10. Otter, I must agree. That little baby is overdue for a belly rubbing.

  11. TOTALLY overdue.n *snorgle!*

  12. watch out! Look at that ferocious toothless maw of his! He’ll gum you to death!

  13. Villeline says:

    Lazyness is a little appreciated profession. Like sleepyness. Not to mention sleeping itself. All that sleeping I do for the common good of all, and nobody even pays me.

    MAYBE accomplished being a Snorgle Target?!? M A Y B E ?!?! Get out of here.


  15. citizen says:

    awww, it doesnt even have any teeth..

  16. squeeeee!! that wee kitteh with the snorgle-inviting belly toothlessly, effortlessly made my head explode. i hope you’re happy.

  17. Hooo, that’s so how I feel half the time.

    Lookit them ears, shooo tiny.

  18. Being cute is hard work!



  20. 2nd the earlier post–than kitten needs a J-O-B! what kinda lazy butt kittens they grownin in that part of the woods?

  21. Honestly, if I had that kitten, I think I would require that it *not* do anything but lounge about and produce toothless yawns. Shiver me timbers, that’s a cute cat!

  22. I sleep to live. Live to sleep!

  23. [head flops on the keyboard]

  24. cat yawns are the best.


  25. Snorgleable marmalade kitteh at one o’clock! Charge!!!!

  26. The_Alpha says:

    OMG. I want this kitten more than I want a million dollars. Too f’in’ cute.

  27. *Squee*

    *Brain bursts*

    *Falls to floor*

    Damn you cuteness!

  28. Awwww it looks like a yawning kitty teddy bear! Wook at it’s wittle ears.. and it’s big meepin belly! So cute!!

  29. Lick My Pickles says:

    Look at the belly on that guy wot a cutie!!!

  30. What a lazy lima bean! I must blow bubbles on his little round kitty tummeh.

  31. Snorgle target! You said it!
    Holy smokes that’s a cutie!

  32. I wanna zerbert his belly!! *pbrbrbrbrbrt!*


  33. when it stretches, it’s little arms are shaking to get in a full streeeetch.

  34. Lazy kitty indeed! They don’t get any more productive as they get older. When I come home, I always ask Elvis what he did all day. No vacuuming, no dishes, no nothing! Then he rolls over on his back so I can rub his belly. After that he reaches up all desperate-like so I can carry him around like a toddler on my hip. He then lays his head on my shoulder and purrs like a lawnmower.

    Sigh. He may not be a getting much done around the house, but he’s great at giving out the love.

    Go ahead and laze about, li’l baby, you’re doing a great job of being a kitteh.

  35. kittikin says:


    I’m dyin’ here!

  36. The paw on the belleh, the open mouth, the face on that kitteh…

    Kitten? Or great leading tenor with an international career… eh? Yeah, Nessun Dorma, Bach Cantata, Mozart opera…you tell me!

    Just look at that cute widdle face!

  37. Does that kitten have NO TEEF?!?!

  38. Jackie from Michigan says:

    I’m so tempted to drop a kitty treat into that little kitten’s mouth…

  39. OMG! That’s my baby Chase! Finally on Cute Overload! He was only 17 days old in that picture, he’s now a 9 month old monster kitty!
    you can see his blog by clicking on my url

  40. GAH!!

    horrifically, fatally cute. I bow to the kitteh.

  41. Amanda, I will give you One Meellion dollars…no…Twoo Meellion dollars for baby Chase!

    (This is pathetic, I’ve never even seen Austin Powers but this cute baby has driven me to drastic measures.)

  42. On my screen the kitten looks almost more mad than lazy. It’s a small screen alright. Smaller than a kitten.

  43. lurkertype says:

    Marmalade kitteh!

    He looks like I felt this weekend.

    Must upload pix of the tuxedo horde at my house. Maybe you guys could suggest some names? I know I’m new here but… they’re KITTENS! You’ll like them, I promise.

  44. Amanda, is he still all snaggle-toothy like he is in the smiling picture on your blog?

  45. Can I kiss that tummy?

  46. snorg snorg

  47. Laurie C says:

    “tuxedo horde” — lurker, is that just a well-dressed mob? Or merely refined chaos?

  48. lol. My cat sleeps like that after eating too much tuna.

  49. The only thing cuter is when they flop over & roll on their backs like a gymnast and look at you with those HUGH eyes, as to say “pleeeeeease, I need attention now!!!!”Oh and don’t forget the paw curl!

  50. I’m not even a cat person, and this one had me laughing and squee-ing from the hilarious cuteness. Chase looks like he was a character from day one!

  51. I want I want I want!!!
    gimme gimme gimme
    *grabby hands*

  52. My cuteometer is OFF THE CHARTS.

  53. Can I be that kitten today?? unfortuantely no, even though it’s my birthday. But I shall dream of lazy kitten like days.

  54. OMG Amanda…the pic on your blog page is hilarious!!! floppy ear, winky eye. Elvissy sneer, and the tail between his front paws! Great shot.
    Being cute & lazy IS our pets’ jobs, people! And darned if they aren’t all experts in that field!! They should all get raises!

  55. [falls down in utter and complete awe]

    dreams of holding marma-yawning bebe…

  56. he’s so cute!!!! ^_^

  57. Nice jux, Jaypo!

  58. this is so not cute

  59. just playing!!!!

  60. Tiffany says:

    I think I just died.

  61. Hurray for toothless kittenness!!!

  62. ka9q's wife says:

    Kittens and Children should not have jobs. Their job is to learn. Adult cats work in my house at bug control, shedding, keeping the furniture from floating away during the day, and shredding the bathroom carpet. Apparently they think our job is to pet them and give them treats.

  63. Subhangi says:

    AWWWWWWWWW. Itty Bitty Lazy-poo Kitty.

  64. i want its toothless mouth to bite my nose. i don’t really know why. 🙂

  65. OMG!!!!!!!!!! I can just imagine its little meow…that’s how I look in the morning. 😀

  66. lurkertype says:

    LaurieC: yes!

  67. NY — I think that would be a little “meyawn.”

  68. must… put… face… on… belly…. resistance…. futile….

  69. jerseygull says:

    The more I look at that, the more it makes me smile. What a sweetie!

  70. No way. It can’t be. Too much. They’ll ban it. Could be lethal.

    dying…dying…-is ded-….

  71. Actually, this kitten could be the CO mascot. That’s clearly what the poor tiny dear is suffering from. All tuckered out.

  72. Awww. That is awesome. And cute. The poor duder must have had a really hard day that he just couldn’t move another step towards the couch so decided to fall on the ground. HA! I just love it!

  73. This is too cute…