Deals! Deals! Deals!

Tabbies are flying off the shelves at PetSmart, People! Get yours while supplies last. Right next to the ‘Small animals" section and the Parrot treats.


Above is a joke, but sincerely, you can find great adoptable pets at Petco’s PetFinder…



  1. Normally I would worry since kitties + plastic bags = bad combination for the kitties, but since someone is obviously there, I am going to just go “Awwwwwww!” a whole heck of a lot. What pretty eyes she has!

  2. nightbird says:

    What is is with cats and bags, plastic or otherwise…my little zhu-zhu luvs to dive headfirst into the things

  3. What…no “Cat’s not quite out of the bag” jokes?

  4. Fish Eye no Miko says:

    Looks like someone just bought themselves a new Pantry Pal!

  5. Kitties like the rattle of plastic sacks; bags are like a little cave for them to hide in and explore.

    On a different note, when I curtailed my Beauty from catnapping a skein of yarn, he retaliated by grabbing the entire bag (by the handles, no less)and hot-footing it for an ‘undisclosed location’. When he heard me coming, he picked up the pace! The little cat burglar! 🙂

  6. Constance says:

    Is there a limit on how many we can get?

  7. I think the fact that the cat is hiding out RIGHT NEXT TO the can opener is the most significant aspect of this photo…

  8. lurkertype says:

    Yes, J.Bo, Tabby is hiding. Thinks he/she can’t be seen right there. “Me? Next to the can opener? Naaaaah.”

  9. Fish Eye no Miko says:

    J. Bo said: “I think the fact that the cat is hiding out RIGHT NEXT TO the can opener is the most significant aspect of this photo…”

    Hey, yeah! He was planning to hide there and then spring out whenever his human was using it, and snag the food! MUAAHHA!!

  10. Fuzzybutt says:

    They were small so I bought TWO!

  11. This is so like my cat!!!

    Hey – if you’re following me along in the blogathon Treasure hunt – here’s your next clue!!!


  12. My two babies love to lick the palstic bags. They won’t eat the $2.00 a can of cat food I buy, but will lick the bags till they get lockjaw!

  13. I know I spelled plastic wrong, give me a break, look at the time I typed it.

  14. i take 5!! is that ur kitt-eh meg?


    Excuse me, Grocer? Your Parsley is a little too fresh…

    (My boy’s name is Parsley, obviously…)

  16. wouldnt the little tabbie at suffocate? look at his little head poking out! awwww

  17. Wild-eyed kitteh monster.

    He is waiting to POUNCE.

  18. 8950gt: I lived with some people whose cat had this weird fetish for licking plastic bags. Never did understand that one.

  19. Deals Deals Deals lead to Bills, Bills, Bills (holla!)

    Can I get a what?

  20. I heard that they lick plastic because it has some animal product in it, like gelatin does. This is kind of disturbing for a vegetarian, since those bags are everywhere. (But better to use a mesh or cotton totebag anyway, if you need the bag at all.)

    I discourage my cats from licking the plastic because I don’t know what else is in it. Some plastics contain stuff that’s bad news for kids who lick or chew it, so I assume the same is true for cats.

    I have a vision of this little character LEAPING out of that bag, and the bag goes flying….

  21. I wouldn’t overthink it, Zap. Animals lick ’cause animals lick– sometimes it has a reason, sometimes it doesn’t.

    A friend of mine had a very sweet and very stupid dog who would sit at my feet, devotedly gazing up at me, lovingly licking my knee. I thought this could be explained by the salt in everyday persperation, but this damn stupid (but adorable!) dog would lick my JEANS if that’s what I was wearing.

    A unified animal-licking theory is as elusive as anything persued by Einstein, I’m tellin’ you…

  22. 1: awwwwwwww
    2: that’s not a PetCo bag!! it’s PetSmart!!! ;P sheesh.

    Aren’t there some toys in that bag? “I know you probably meant to surprise me with these, mom, but I found them! Now make with the tuna!”

  23. Cats are so weird. Which is one of the main reasons I love ’em!

    This pic reminds me of a few years ago when I was living in an apartment. The woman upstairs (my friend) had cats & one of them liked to come in my apartment to hang out (much more favorable cat-to-human ratio if he wanted attention). I knew he hadn’t left but couldn’t find him anywhere, till finally, I happened to look under my tv, and there he was, peeking out of the paper bag I had there for recycling. Little goofball. RIP Thomas.

  24. ShelleyTambo says:

    Is this the same kitty as was in the laundry bag a few months back (don’t have time to search for the link)? Looks like it could be.

    Is something wrong with my kitties that they don’t seem to like sitting in bowls, boxes, and bags? Attack the bags, yes; sit in them, no.

    Yes, J.Bo, animals lick because animals lick. My cat licks light bulbs–while the lamp is turned on. I’m not sure how she hasn’t ended up with either a scorched tongue or a good idea, but so far, neither.

  25. The cats at work used to lick the lotion off my hands, sometimes even my face when I got in to work. And when my dog was a baby he used to chew the bottom of my pants while I was wearing them, I forgot about that one. Now he will lick my clothes only if there is something edible splashed on it, hehe.
    LOL @ the light bulb licking cat! Yikes! My dog used to chew on thumb tacks if they fell on the floor!

  26. Laurie C says:

    I had a cat that licked plastic bags, I called it his “plastic girlfriend”. I had to make him stop, thouhg, the noise was too annoying.

    I hope the “parrot treats” in the caption are parrot-flavored treaties for the cat.

  27. ShelleyTambo says:

    ceebs–my cat (the one that licks light bulbs) likes to chew on anything metal, particularly paperclips. I finally had to get some enormous paperclips so she wouldn’t swallow the small ones. Tried to substitute binder clips, but no go. I don’t have many thumb tacks, so thankfully I haven’t had that problem. I have had her try to steal nails while I was hanging pictures or shelves, though.

  28. My Edgar is a plastic bag-licking fool. And bubble wrap. And any lotion I might use, if he deems it to be a delicious flavour. Moisturizing my legs has to be practically the last thing I do before I leave the apartment for work or else I trip over him trying to get ready. He licks lots of other things too but plastic is the biggie.

  29. Okay, the results are in and the data confirm it:

    Pets are crazy.

  30. I had a kitty in love with plastic bags until she got it around her neck and tried to run away from it. She ran around like a maniac! My laughing didn’t help so much, I’m guessing. 😉 Poor baby.

    Also, they DO put animal grease of some sort in grocery palstic to make them slicker than plain old plastic. I worked at said pet store and they lectured us on it.

    Anybody else’s cat like q-tips?


  31. My sister’s cats like to PEE on plastic bags, so licking seems like and improvement over that.

    If I send in the rebate coupon on this purchase will they send me more cats?

  32. Looks just like our Spice cat. When the eyes get wide and the ears are up- you’re about to have a bag of exploding cat!!! Duck and run – they’ll getcha every time!

  33. I used to have a cat who liked to chew on emery boards. I could never understand it…she would gnaw on them, using her side teeth. Thinking what that must have felt like still gives me the willies!

  34. weasel_tea_party says:

    Mine likes emery boards, too, the kind on cardboard rather than metal so they have a bit of give. He uses his canines (felines?), though. Maybe they’re thinking of crunchy mouse bones.

  35. Emery boards, yep, yep. My kitty likes chewing them (some), but mainly she licks them. Especially if it has been freshly used, or—best!—WHILE I’m using it. It’s a tad disturbing…

  36. Yep, can add emery boards to Edgar’s list, too. Maybe they think they’re french kissing another cat…. heheheh sorry, couldn’t resist that once it popped into my head. 😉

  37. Hello! I see your blog for the first time. I’m an italian girl so my english is not good. I want to make you my compliments for your beautiful photos. I like animals and here I saw very funny and sugary images! Bye 🙂

  38. Driver B says:

    My cat Benny likes to lick the bottom of the tub. He’s not too smart.

  39. Sarcasta says:

    Cat that hides in bags: check
    Cat that licks bags: check
    Cat that chews on bags: check
    Cat who is scared of bags: check
    Cat that chews emery boards (prefers used ones): check
    Cat that chews Q-tips: check

    Man, amongst our 4, we have all the bases covered. The one who licks bags got started licking the underside of my plastic venetian blinds. Now he licks anything plastic, from the laundry basket to the vent covers. Yuck.

  40. Sarcasta says:

    Oh yes…

    Cat who licks the floor and walls of tub after we shower: check

    Ours is not too smart, either, Driver B.

  41. our cat used tochew on my dads shoes, probebly how it died…

  42. TexIrishRose says:

    Thanks, Miette, for pointing out that it’s a PETSMART bag, not PETCO… was gonna do it myself, but ya beat me to it. 😉

  43. Brak_Silverbone says:

    I like the “Try Me!” arrow pointing to the cat, on the packaging of whatever that is the bag is sitting on…

  44. Does the kitty come with the hair removal brush?

  45. Looks kind of scared, doesn’t she? Don’t look in here, please don’t find me in here, go somewhere else, please!

  46. BenPanced says:

    One cat used to lick plastic bags. Another used to loverub her head all over my shoes after I’d taken them off, like I’d worn catnip in my socks. Kats = teh insane.

    David R: I think you get the cat free when you buy the brush.

  47. I have two solid-white hooligans (Jadis and Elric) who are absolutely HORRIBLE about gnawing on such dubiously-tasty treats as used Q-Tips and Kleenex. I think they’ve finally seen the light, after several diligent sprayings with the +1 Vorpal Squirt Bottle of Soggy Punishment.

    Elric also loves to paw at the glass door of our shower, for no discernable reason whatsoever.

    …they say that pets resemble their humans. If this is true, I need some serious therapy…*LOL*

    (The cat-in-the-bag is adorable, too! *GRIN!*)


  48. The top caption has the bag correctly identified, Meg was just pointing out Petco’s adoption page. Some of the PetSmarts here in Phoenix have adoption stations run by a no-kill shelter. Sometimes I buy the kitties toys and food or other supplies when I’m shopping for my beloved. I’d really like to take them all home – but Elvis would not approve.

  49. The PetSmart near me has kitties from a local no-kill shelter as well. It’s all I can do to avoid that area of the store. I found myself going over there last week because I heard a family discussing choosing a cat – the daughter was whining because she wanted a cat that looked a certain way. I think I finally convinced her that personality is more important. Meanwhile, I had to convince myself that I did NOT need to adopt the adorable gray tabby who kept making eyes at me…BLUE eyes, mind you! Yikes.

    BTW, my youngest cat likes it when I put “Icy Hot” or similar on my knees (old injuries)…she goes crazy like it’s catnip or something…weird.

  50. That’s MY kitty! 🙂 No, she’s not the cat from the laundry bag. This is her first time on CO. I explained in the email I sent that my fiance and I were getting parakeet toys out of the bag, and Dacey hopped in. We think she was probably pretending to be a toy so we’d put her in the cage with Oliver. 🙂 Oh, she was adopted from a PetSmart in Mississippi, btw. I buy all my pet stuff there!

  51. caitlin says:

    haha, i love the wild look in his eyes.

    plus, I just started volunteering at our local petsmart’s adoption clinic. it is EXTREMELY snorgle-icious and delightful.

  52. “I like animals and here I saw very funny and sugary images!”

    That is just too great. Let me just say that Francesca is now my new favorite CO comments poster…

  53. Sarcasta says:

    Uh oh, Theo! Looks like you have some new competition!

  54. A cute warm fuzzy *threat* to my popularity?? It’s like I’m back in school and the mysterious new kid is stealing my thunder. Oh noes!

  55. (By the way, that’s not really a wink, that’s a normal smiley, or supposed to be… I woke up this morning and my right eye just looked like that. Weird. It’ll probably pass.)

  56. Ben’ venuto, Francesca! Tutti qui sono molto simpatichi, e gli animali spezialmente adorabili. Como si dice “cute” in italiano?

  57. ShelleyTambo says:

    Shari, Icy Hot has menthol (i.e., mint derivative) in it, and catnip is in the mint family. I’ve heard many tales of cats who go ape over mint–one who would rip apart a purse to get at the Breathsavers.

  58. “Honey, what did you buy anyway? It looks like the checker left the tab on.”

  59. Yeah, one of our cats digs Q-Tips out of the garbage in our bathroom and eats them. Eww. And he’s the normal one…

    The other one will eat anything. Her favorite is anything in a bowl, including sorbet (weird, since cats can’t taste sweet), but she also likes olives, bran cereal, and blue corn chips too. She’ll also lick human hands and knees ’til the cows come home – lotion or no. It hurts after a while, but it’s cute. In a stinky way.

  60. 2 of my 3 kitties came from the stable where I ride horses. Whenever I come home, those two rub themselves all over the sweaty, horse scented items. #3 kitty, who was adopted from a shelter, can’t imagine what in the world is remotely attractive about that!

  61. brownamazon says:

    Lindr: my cats also love to sleep on the stinky saddle pads and bandages I bring home to wash… and my blakc one will happily chew for hours on photographic paper (like for making for prints). My husband left a stack out on the table once and came home from work to find every sheet covered in little pinprick holes from her teeth. It looked like they had been through one of those Braille typewriters…

  62. Brown’zon — the licking of the photo paper thing is a pretty common feline phenomenon. Our Spot does it too. I think it’s something to do with fishy emulsion coatings. YUMMX0RS.

  63. My cat doesn’t do anything weird – unless coming when he’s called, not jumping on any furniture that’s not padded, not killing bugs and being completely uninterested in catnip is considered weird.

  64. Laurie C says:

    AmyH, are you sure what you haven’t isn’t, in fact, a dog in disguise?

  65. Laurie C says:

    Oops. “haven’t” shoulda been “have”

  66. That’s definitely a thought. He’s a very dog-like cat, except he doesn’t bark, I don’t have to walk him and the clean up is a lot easier. He also, though, acts like a toddler and wants attention if I have company or if I’m on the phone.

    Silly kitty!

  67. “wants attention … I’m on the phone.”
    Mr. Bounce is like this. He figures that since I’m talking, I must be talking to *him*, naturally.

  68. lurkertype says:

    Her Royal Tortieness came to us from a group who was showing fosters at the local PetSmart. She also is hooked on plastic licking and so I’m glad (?) to hear this is not unusual as no one in our family has ever had a cat who did that.

    She’s otherwise insane and stooopid, however; indoor-only is a MUST.

  69. Shelly –

    I hadn’t thought about the menthol in IcyHot! And both my kitties are crazy for the ‘nip, so that would make sense. 🙂

    My older cat, Buku, once climbed into the kitchen cabinet (to the very top shelf), opened a box of catnip tea bags (they were for me, not her), and proceeded to eat all the nip.

    When we got home, my roomie & I first saw a bunch of cheesecloth shards all over the living room, then Buku belly-up in the middle of the room with little pieces of nip still attached to her fur. For a moment, I thought maybe she was dead from a nip overdose…but she just slept for around 10 hours or so.

  70. I’m scared of the world outside my plastic bag! It is not as fluffy as I am!

  71. adbuster says:

    Does anyone think PETCO paid for this “post”?

  72. Especially since the bag is actually from PetSMART, where they partner with humane societies and animal shelters… but hey, AdBuster, did you notice the cat?

  73. ShelleyTambo says:

    Shari, I wish my foster would react to the nip like your cat did–I might get a full night’s sleep for once!

  74. Love the pic…but I have to Boo the Petco ref. Petsmart is the company pictured and they are much better to all animals than the other. Boo to Petco in my opinion! Support your local PetSmart Adoption Center!