Look, sometimes, a Pup and his Ferret just wanna cuddle. Is that SO WRONG!?


No. the answer is no, Becca F.



  1. awwww… such happy contentment!

  2. Ahh…a little muzzle-to-muzzle time!

  3. mariser says:

    veddy cuddly. is that a larger-than-average ferret?
    the face looks like a red panda (except not red)

  4. Dickie Twinkles says:

    Too cute o.o

  5. Flame73 says:

    Knowing both ferrets and dogs like I do, I’d wager a superduper oatmeal cookie, that they’d just passed out after a wonderful tussle that covered most of the house.

  6. Aw, such sleepy bliss!

  7. I love interspecies bonding. If they were mine, I’d be in that picture, with my arm flopped over the dog. Group hug!

  8. If they can get along, why is it so hard for human beings?


  9. Subhangi says:

    Wrong? WRONG? Of course its wrong! It’s wrong coz neither of those muzzlepuffs are nuzzled against my CHEEK!!!


  10. omg… so perfectly demented

  11. ooohh…they are best friends

  12. TWO fuzzbutt pics in less than a week? I must be in PARADISE!! WHOO-HOO!

    Long wiggly-dancy carpet-sharks are tha BESTEST!


  13. CatFreak says:

    > Long wiggly-dancy carpet-sharks are tha BESTEST!

    Aren’t ferrets more properly called “carpet-EELs”?

  14. Kyoot! This makes me want to get another species of pet to play with my ferret, for Ultimate Interspecies Cuteness!

    It does appear to be a hefty ferret (or else the dog is strangely small). Then again, petstore ferrets are generally very small, and they set people’s expectations, so breeder ferrets look huge in comparison.

  15. sabrina says:

    lol who cares, its cute!

  16. Laurie C says:

    “carpet sharks” Ha!

  17. Look at the ears on that dog! So soft! So floppy!

  18. Heaven, I’m in heaven,
    When I’m napping with the critter that I love,
    And it seems that nothing is too hard or rough,
    When we snorg together, sleeping puff to puff…

    La la la…

  19. Inter-species snuggly goodness, PERFECT!

  20. hrh.squeak says:

    Hila – Brilliant! Yay!

  21. aw, such sweet, sweet cutenezzzzz!

  22. Oh, you people and your interspecies snuggling! You’re forcing your agenda on the rest of us, and I’m feeling a little oppressed here!

    *stops rant to coo over cuteness of puppy and his ferret*

  23. no theres nothing wrong cuteoverload the ferret and dog just want a cuddle, is that so much to ask for?

  24. Love, love is strange
    Many people
    Take it for a game
    But dogs and ferrets don’t.

  25. I think this is the definition of redonkulously cute.

  26. dogsleder says:

    …Not that there’s anything wrong with this…

  27. Too cute.
    But about the size of the ferret: me thinks the dog’s still a pup. Look at those paws! There’s a Big Dog waiting to grow into that.

  28. Before my ferret passed away (old age, he was 8!) he and my kitty were great pals. She misses him a lot sometimes… we all do.
    I think it is a puppy and maybe a largish male ferret. The girls are such dainty little things, and some of the guys get pretty big 5# or so. I usually only see baby ferrets in the pet stores, with occasionally a few almost grown ones.

  29. I’m becca and these are my babies! Tank is actually a small ferret. I got gus from the pound and he was only 3 months old in this pic. This picture was taken 2 days after I brought Gus home! Now he is 7 months old and is about 50 pounds. They are still the best of friends.

  30. caroline says:

    Gotta love the pup’s floppy ears!
    Riggsveda got it right… If critters can get along, why can’t we all?

  31. GreenEyedHawk says:

    Aww…I wish my dog and my ferret cuddled like that…as it is, all they do is chase each other around and cause havoc. Then again, maybe they sneak off and steal a cuddle when I’m not looking….

  32. All around the living room couch
    The puppy chased the weasel.
    The puppy zonked out on the floor
    Pup! So’d the weasel.


    lame, I know!

  33. ceebs,
    silly poetry is a way of life around our house. i thought it was very cute!

  34. gwenchocolate says:

    Okay, the other twenty times I’ve looked at CO pics and said, “Yep, THIS is the cutest picture ever”–I take it all back. This one trumps them all. It’s like the-end-of-the-universe kind of cute. Nothing else can top this. That is, of course, until something else does. But not until I say so. XD

  35. Hya, Meg! I know you love animals, and so do I! I’ve created this web campaign against abandoning animals. If you’re interested in participating, this is the link:


  36. Brak_Silverbone says:

    The puppy’s zonked out completely, and it looks like the ferret’s opening his eyes just a leeeetle bit, to say, “Shhhh… Don’t wake the baby!”

  37. AuntieMame says:

    7 months old and already 50 pounds…

    Good Lord…

    (Sooner you than me, Becca!)

  38. Annie H. says:

    OMG! The ears are killing me. Teeny ferret ears, perfectly floppy puppy ears.
    Make it stop!!!

  39. That’s way too anerable.

  40. Laurie C says:

    To address the complete dearth of cute cat pix on CO today (no offense to flop-eared doggies and ferrets), I’ve decided to foist a couple more of my rescued kitten pix on y’all (and because the last one was a little soft focus — occupational hazard when photographing fuzzbot kitties). They’ve been temporarily named Puffin

    and Pufferfish (because he was a bit pricklier when he first came home with me).

    Yes, that’s my skeleton shirt in the background.

  41. Netherland Dwarf rabbit, owner!!♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ says:

    ceebs: I think your rhyme is quite good!

    This pic is sweet!
    A tuckered out twosome indeed!

  42. Laurie C – how long do you get to keep the little cuties?

  43. Laurie C says:

    arbed, someone’s coming to see them on Monday about possibly adopting them. They might be gone by Tuesday. (sigh) Puffin scrambles out to see me whenever I come into the bathroom. She’s become a total people cat in just a few days.

  44. wow – that’s fast! You’ll just have to snatch some more soon. 🙂

  45. aw my gawd~~ overloaded ~~~~~~ can’t take it any more~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~

  46. Kitten R Kitten R!!!
    Kitten N! Kitten N!!I love the alphabet kitties!

  47. It’s a puddle!

    (puppy huddle)

    or maybe, a fuddle.

    Or a befuddled puddle…

    Whatever, it’s cute.

  48. OK. OK. Laurie C!!

    I officially must call a moratorium on looking at your cat pics…mrph…I Am GOing To DIE!!!

    AGH I WANT ONE *NOW*!!!!!

    (ok, ok. that’s out of my system. Must gently close tabs which contain boxcar kitty pics WITHOUT looking at them again, to prevent collapse and death. ok.)

  49. Ehn! ehn…!

  50. I’m so glad I’m not at work with all the “Ahn! OOOOHHH!!!” noises I can’t contain. Love the snugglie wugglie buddies! And then Laurie C’s boxcar kitties put me right over the edge. Must now snorgle my own kitty, who so patiently lets me fawn over everyone else’s anerable pics!

  51. AAAAWWWWWWWWWWWWWW. This picture is proof of goodness’ omnipotent existence in the universe.

    This pic should be shown to all the warmongers in Israel, Libanon and whereever they may lurk. Down AK-47’s, up interracial, interspecies and interreligious cuddlin’!

  52. Smooooshes teh floppy monster puppy!!!! Dat’s going to be a BEEEG doggie!!!!

  53. When they say “Muzzlepuff” does anyone else become spontaneously Jewish and want to toast the bride and groom, and stomp on a glass under a napkin?

  54. LOL Beth!
    I hadn’t, until now & forever after!

  55. Subhangi says:

    Hila – HILArious!!! 😉

    And Ceebs – *NOT* lame. That’s my favourite rhyme of all time!!!!

  56. Becca~I’m in love with Gus!
    Can we see a 50 lb picture?

  57. Becca,
    After 2 days they sleep together like that….adorable they are in heaven at your place.

  58. *dives in to the snuggle pile*

    Squee! Fuzzy aminals!

  59. Nothing like hugging a fur tube

  60. The ears, the eeeears….

  61. mnoblin says:

    Tank & Gus are the cutest!

  62. There should be a new rule of cuteness, ‘Interspecies Cuddling’ ALWAYS CUTE!

  63. LC:
    Stop it. Stop it now. Stop posting photos of those Dangerously Fuzzy kits of yours! I have to get ready for work, and with images of those Future World Leaders in my head, I’m finding it difficult to coordinate a proper outfit for the workplace.

  64. This is one of the most impressively emotional photos I’ve ever seen. That ferret is gorgeous by they way. A real showstopper.

  65. Thats just the way it should be!

  66. Dogs and ferrets, living in sin, what is this world coming to?

  67. Laurie C says:

    Aubrey, you think it’s bad having the photos at hand? I’ve got the actual kittens. Good thing I’m on vacation this week, or I’d never be able to leave the house for work. As it is, I’ve been meaning to get some writing done and somehow that just hasn’t happened.

  68. Here is an album of Tank and Gus. Enjoy the cuteness!

  69. The Honourable Gadys Anstruther says:

    Ain,t love grand. Love the albumn becca

  70. becca the photos,and your pets, are gorgeous!! that video at theend is so sweet.. he wriggles! thanks for sharing. 😀

  71. if yall are wondering why tank looks different its because i cut his hair. he has black hair and when i cut it it is white underneath so in half of the pics he has white hair. its too cute. and in a couple of the pics he has a mohawk. but i will post more pics on that website when i get the chance so check back later to see more of the cuteness. i’m more than happy to share the wealth.

  72. Ho.Ly Crap.
    I may have to look at that photo album EVERY DAY!!!!
    Tank & Gus!
    Emperors of Cute

  73. Becca – What breed is Gus ? He’s just beautiful. I really love the snuggle pic.

  74. He is a mutt, but we think he is mostly german shepard and lab. he is just a combination of major cuteness.

  75. is that a boxer?

  76. no. he is a mutt and he is mostly german shepard and lab. u can see it better in the pics of him grown up. go to this link

  77. is that a boxer?

    (Becca — I’m kidding.)

  78. haha im glad. so gus and cash(cash money on the big ear of corn) are gunna be roomies next week. cash’s mommy is moving in with me for a semester so gus will have a new buddy. Tank, Gus and Cash are gunna be the cutest roommates in the history of roommates.

  79. awwww! Take pictures of the three of them! The tank and Gus cuddle picture is my favorite on Cute Overload. I asked my S.O. what I’d be if I were an animal, and he said “ferret”, which I agree with. He’d be a dog, so when I saw the picture of this ferret and dog cuddling I just about peed my pants. I loved the album! More pictures! =)


  80. More pics of tank, gus AND little cash in the album. take a look.