Nuzzling Lorie #1: I lerrrve you.
Nuzzling Lorie #2: No, I lerve YOU!
Nuzzling Lorie #1: No. You!
Nuzzling Lorie #2: I lerrrve you more.
Nuzzling Lorie #1: I lerrrve you more.
Nuzzling Lorie #2: More.
Nuzzling Lorie #1: More!
Nuzzling Lorie #2: MORE!
Nuzzling Lorie #1: MORE!!!

[cloud of feathers]


Steven W.—please try and maintain some kind of control here. For crying out loud.



  1. gorgeous feathers! Soooo pretty…

  2. OMFG youse guys, don’t tell me I got the ol’ F.P. I’m just a hangers-on, not even a regular commenter. WHERE WAS EVERYONE?

  3. get a room!

  4. Lervley… and kinda creepy, actually…

  5. There are not nearly enough parrots on this site! Thanks

  6. sabrina says:

    hmmm not very cute tho!

  7. for a split second when i first opened this i thought their feathers were part of the background and their heads were the entire bird! lol geez, i guess i need to get more sleep at night.

  8. It’s so cute when animals eat the bugs off one another.

  9. Christina S.,

    you are not the only one. that’s what I thought to, except I thought someone had dyed their hedgehogs!

  10. mariser – lol whew! glad i’m not the only one! 😉

  11. Hey, click on the photo — there’s a much bigger version.

  12. Veddy pretty feathers, too!

  13. kyfilly says:

    They look like lorikeets – I love them!

  14. I’ll have no truck with these lorries.

  15. Subhangi says:

    Holy …

    And I thought the hawt pink poodle (http://mfrost.typepad.com/cute_overload/2006/07/pink_is_the_new.html) was crazy!!!

  16. Leilani says:

    Subhangi wrote: And I thought the hawt pink poodle was crazy!!!

    The poodle’s color is fake; the birds are real! Lories are lovely!

  17. Aubrey — you’re far too witty & erudite for most of us Murricans.

  18. Grrreat captions!

    And truly beautiful colors. Lurvely.

  19. wow they’re so vibrant


  20. they are gorgeous! they look so cozy preening each other, awwww.

  21. They have a walk-thru Lorikeet aviary at the Portland OR zoo. You can buy little cups of nectar to feed them, and they will mob you.

    It was really cool – till one of them pooped on my head.

  22. I want one!! Where do I get one?! They are amazing! *tear*

  23. Hey you two! Get a roost!

  24. hrh.squeak says:

    Wendy – *snort* of laughter

    Wow, rainbow birdies.

  25. Fuzzybutt says:

    What gorgeous birdies!!!

  26. Tiffany says:

    Beautiful birds.

  27. ahahahaha *groan* Aubrey!

  28. Laurie C says:

    Wendy, isn’t it supposed to be good luck for a bird to poop on your head? (Probably first said by someone who was trying to keep his friends from laughing at him when it happened to him.)

  29. Netherland Dwarf rabbit, owner!!♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ says:

    Wow! At first glance they look like berries or flowers;not birds!Cool!

  30. running around brisbane (australia) i see these all the time. they’re flying flowers. why anyone would clip their wings is beyond me.

  31. aww now i miss San Deigo.. At the zoo theres a Lorikeet feeding thing and like hold out this cup of sweet nectar stuff and they sit on ur hand and drink it its SOOO cute.!!

  32. nightbird says:

    They groom each other like that to break the little shafts that cover new feather and to re-align them…I know, I have to do that for my conure. (except I use my finger nails)

  33. Why must I have the same name as a bird? They are cute though…

  34. Lick My Pickles says:

    Pictures like these remind me of how wonderful it is to be an aussie we have the best animals and birds!!

  35. Pickle's mom says:

    These birds are so sweet and loving! My conure likes to groom my eyelashes. Many people don’t realize how intelligent, funny, and snuggly birds can be.

  36. wendy – they have a walk through just like that in cornwall, england – s’called paradise park

  37. My goodness, they sound like me and my husband! Well, we are still newlyweds…

  38. OMG, I thought the nostrils were eyes! They look so cartoon like that way!

  39. What fabulous colors! Not much of a bird person, but they are very beautiful!

  40. I used to work in the Lorikeet tent at the Buffalo zoo. The birds were very cute when they would sit on my arm or hang like monkeys from my keychain. They weren’t so cute though when they would chew on my jewelry or unbutton my shirt and threaten to chomp on my fingers when I tried to wave them away. Oh yeah, and let’s not forget all the pooping. Overall it was a fun experience though.
    They are wild animals and legally aren’t supposed to be kept as pets, but I guess it happens anyway.

  41. Depends on whether they were wild-caught or hand-raised, Vicks. Here in texas we have several breeders who have done a wonderful job of providing humans with happy, healthy, non-wild-caught birds. Most of the pet stores in Central Texas won’t even LOOK at a supplier if he can’t furnish paperwork showing his chick’s pedigrees.

    It’s a horrible truth that wild-catching is still a reality–but there are many good folks who are turning the tide. And hand-raised parrots are so much healthier, more trainable and friendlier too!


  42. Not having any birds as pets myself, it is striking to see how beautiful their colors can be.

  43. These are Rainbow Lorikeets, and they are indigenous to north-eastern Australia (the rainforesty part). Every evening, just at dusk, they gather all together and go rocketing around all over town, in flocks of thousands – screaming and squealing big ball of colour. I watched a Christmas parade once that got totally overwhelmed by lorikeet action – fabulous.

  44. Very much!!!

  45. They look like Big Bird’s baby twin sisters! Totally cooooooooool!