Keeping-cool tactic

Mehbeh if I just keep a teeny part of me tongue out, I’ll stay a few degrees cooler. Yes! Yes, that’s the ticket!


Gracias, Anna, the tongue-wielding KITTEH



  1. Rachell says:

    Gene Simmons, eat your heart out! I am the true dark overlord!

  2. That’s not a cool-off, that’s a PTHHHBBBBBBBTTTTT!!!!

  3. gwenchocolate says:

    The eyes, people, the EYES. Those are the most catterific eyes ever invented. No, wait, those are the cat eye prototype. All cat eyes are made in its likeness…

  4. and, it’s “YETH! YETH! THATHS THE THICKET!”, too.

  5. That’s it! I’m done! FINISHED. That is the CUTEST thing I’ve ever seen on this site.

  6. Awww. Now say “Fluffy Bunny,” silly kitty!

  7. ShelleyTambo says:

    Change the eyes to yellow (with some odd brown spots) and this could my kitty, tongue and all. I always assume she’s giving me the cat raspberry.

  8. My goodness! What a beautiful cat. Kinda takes your breath away with the black velvet fur…

  9. herpantsness says:


  10. What an extraordinarily lovely witty. The schweet little pink tongue adds just the right touch.

  11. kitteh tongue!!! *squeal

  12. Thats my cat!!! ^_^ it’s so cuteeeeeeee. I love it

  13. I’m glad that other people have cats that do the tongue thing. I was starting to think my boy had been getting into the liquor cabinet or had some kind of brain defect. (Of course, his other behavior also gives weight to those theories, so I guess I’m not out of the woods yet.)

  14. MaggieBelle says:

    Aw. This cat looks just my Libby back home. She was my black velvet kitty in high school.

    That cat’s gotta be 15 years old by now.

  15. What an awesoome kitteh! Golden eyes an’ pink tonguers. Beauty.

  16. Looks like the blue couch is doing its *thing* again. With a little more texture this time…

  17. This looks like Spot the Satisfactory! Even down to the irregular ear. (Can’t see any spots, though.)


  18. “Don’t suit the @#!tty serif. Don’t suit the @#!tty serif. Don’t suit the @#!tty serif…”

  19. I love the contrast between the pink tongue, black coat & green eyes! I do just wanna tug on his tongue though!

  20. arwo, your kitty is mos def not the only kitty to do this. My Timothy’s tongue always goes out whenever he’s resting and happy. I theorize it’s a retrogressive nursing instinct.

  21. “I theorize it’s a retrogressive nursing instinct.”

    Or maybe she thinks she’s still a kitten!

  22. Awwww, it’s my Edgar! He doesn’t stick his tongue out quite so far, but still. In the sunlight, Edgar’s fur is a very deep chocolate brown (I read once that this is the true colour of black cats). If you look closely at this pic, toward the back, you’ll see the light making this kitty’s fur chocolate-coloured as well.

    I’d include a link to a pic of my Edgar, but I can’t remember my Flickr log-on info… lol

  23. Tongue-out-Friday today then?

  24. it’s all tongue friday!

  25. *rofl* OMG that looks exactly like my older girl but she NEVER does this… that is so damn cute!!!!

  26. ShelleyTambo says:

    My kitty does this when she’s been interrupted while grooming. Even after she gives up on the grooming, the tongue hangs out for a few minutes.

    Most black cats are really either dark brown or dark brown tabbies–in the sunlight you can see the stripes. Bombays are supposed to be black to the root, though.

  27. Well, it’s about time, after “all disgusting rodent Thursday”…

  28. Both Lorna and Spot are actually gray, underneath. The long glossy hairs of their coats are black on the ends, but they’re grey at the root (and all the “sub-fluff” fur is gray).

  29. ohmulahd my kitty does that but he has even teenier bit of tongue sticking out. I have been thinking of getting a photo and submitting it. i dont know why he does it but its way cute and i dont question t3h cute

  30. Erasmus says:


  31. Erasmus — AWWWWW!!!!

    (still waiting for Google Video to set the latest clip of our foster litter to “Live” — should be soon)

  32. Before Lorna and her Doones, all opposition crumbles. Let’s just get that out of the way.

    Now – Anna is so beautiful and sleek, she reminds me of a seductive secret-agent-super-spy: Cata Hari.

  33. Hey! My black cat does that too.

  34. theo, i completely resent your comment. i am NOT gray at the roots and if my hairdresser tells you otherwise, he’s a liar! [btw, this is really only funny if you know that my name is lorna and i am not a cat]

  35. That a tiny nyyaahh!

    PTHHHBBBBBBBTTTTT to you kitteh!

  36. Oh the toungey!

  37. Take a number, please!

  38. Maltakeet — LOL. Hopefully, then, your life is a bit less tragic than that of Ms. Doone’s.

  39. how to grab a cat’s tongue:
    1. have a cat
    2. cut a small pat from a butter stick. no, not the panda!! *
    3. place said small pat of butter on the tip of your thumb
    4. approach cat, and once near, extend buttered thumb while index finger hovers nearby
    5. as cat begins to lick butter on thumb, bring index finger down until it makes contact with cat tongue.
    6. there, you have grabbed a cat tongue! congrats!

    NOTE: do not hold cat tongue more than 3-4 seconds if you wish to live.
    ANOTHER NOTE: if you think this is easy, just try it without the butter. you’ll fail, I promise
    YET ANOTHER NOTE: use butter. do not try this with margerine, unless you want to sit there while cat takes a tentative sniff and walks away disgusted

    * if after dealing with the cat-tongue-touching-experiment you still have lingering panda desires, check out:

  40. Subhangi says:

    It’s a BITUMEN KITTY (aka BITKIT!!!)

    Wonder who’s it mocking at, though …

    OWNER: Look, Honey, I’ve brought home a puppy for you to play with!


  41. Cats I’ve had always do that leave the tongue out thing. I always thought they were playing Catch the Tongue because they seemed so oblivious, yet as soon as I go to touch it “slurp” tongue’s gone; and they would have that ever so slight “heh, heh” look on their faces.

  42. Yes, Edgar will pull his tongue back in the second I touch it when he’s doing this, however, when he’s sitting in my lap and licking my hand/fingers, I *can* grab his tongue, sans butter. For some reason, I find it very funny and giggle every time I do it. He’ll let me do it time and time again.

  43. ShelleyTambo says:

    Good-tempered cats! If I even tried to touch Bryn’s tongue she’d claw my eyes out–even though she’s dangling it like a lure.

  44. my cat does that after she’s been using the tongue as kitty toilet-paper. she always has a shell-shocked vacant stare on her face too, kind of like “gah…poo…gah…poo…think of…happy place.”

  45. gwenchocolate says:

    Yeah, what IS it with the blue couch??

  46. Mariser — KITTEH is just the South Park pronunciation of “kitters.” 😉
    You know, like “TIMMEH!”



  48. Beautiful kitty! Just gorgeous!

  49. mariser says:

    “kitters” is an inferior term. demand the original! the one and only “KITTEH!” *

    * the ! at the end is not mandatory. neither is using all caps. cute, though.

    [taps foot]
    [continues tapping]
    [almost tapdancing]
    when is the CO Glossary getting upgraded?
    don’t make me switch to German! ve haf vays to make yu talkk, yu know!

  50. Fritatta says:

    Aubrey — now just *stop* it! :giggles:

  51. One of my cats used to do that because her teeth caused her a lot of pain and it was her way of getting relief. We got her teeth fixed and now she doesn’t do it.

  52. Just because it’s about kitties:


    * Life is hard and then you nap.

    * Curiosity never killed anything except maybe a few hours.

    * Variety is the spice of life: One day ignore people, the
    next day annoy them and play with them when they’re busy.

    * When in doubt, cop an attitude.

    * Climb your way to the top – that’s why the drapes are

    * Never sleep alone when you can sleep on someone’s face.

    * Make your mark in the world – or at least spray in each

    * When you go out into the world, always remember, being
    placed on a pedestal is a right, not a privilege.

    * Always give generously; a bird or rodent left on the bed
    tells them, “I care.”

  53. my cat used to do that…she’s in a better place now…
    **sob sob sob***

  54. Boschka says: in the world did a picture of my bebe girl Xena get here ??

    LOL..she really is this kitteh’s twin

  55. hrh.squeak says:

    (hug for Zoe)

    Actually, the Booberkitty is so laid-back (not to say dang near terminally stupid), that I can grab his tongue 2 out of 3 times. I then get the “What gives? Why can’t I get my tongue back?” look. Him’s an indoor kitteh for a Good Reason.

    I think this kitteh is telling its pwnee “Whaddya mean, we don’t have air conditioning? Ppllppbbbt.”

  56. mariser says:


    so sorry for your loss ((((hugs)))). hope this pic also brings you happy memories…

  57. FINALLY got the new Google Video clip live, of Lorna’s kittens…
    (also posted under “Come On, Give It Up”)

  58. Laurie C says:

    Love the video! They really are a mob, aren’t they?

  59. deirdre says:

    ..such a beautiful little piece of midnight. we call ours the patented ronco pocket panther.

  60. *THUD*


  61. Brak_Silverbone says:

    My cat Sheba does this too, especially after grooming herself (as do other posters’ cats–it must be a common thing). I always tell her, “Sheba, put your tongue away!” and get a blank look. I then have to grab her tongue and then she’s like, “Oh… I left my tongue hanging out again, didn’t I? *schlurp*”

  62. I have a kitteh just like this too!!!

    Her name is Gypsy. If Stuff on Cats and Hitler cats all have their own site maybe Uber-Cute, Velvety Black-Teddy Bear Tongued kittehs should have their own web-site too!


  63. Oh the darlings!

    Wee and wobbly.

    Great vid, te-ho.

  64. You are raising some savages, T. I enjoyed especially the claw action employed by the black kit at the bottom of the fur scrum. And the other kit at the beginning, blazing a trail of its own.

    Was that you narrating? Thrilling!

  65. Aubrey — they’re gettin’ all POUNCEY lately. And yep, that’s me providing the verbal portion of the audio. (The first one had me *and* Jaye.)

  66. Villeline says:

    Cats are among the smartest and most dignified animals I know, but I’m amazed at how many of them tend to forget to pull in their tongue after washing.

  67. T.,

    is the rest of your house carpeted? if not, you get to experience the spectacle of kittehs * who learned to walk on carpets trying to navigate a wood/tile/linoleum floor.

    * still not in the CO glossary? well, I oughta…

  68. Mariser — the Catcave (aka Computer Room, Office, Easter, Music Room, Foster Facility) is carpeted. Upstairs is largely smooth, skiddy wood, but that’s for Resident Cats Only at this time.

    re: frivolous Glossary additions — well heck, I take bribes. Real, fresh espresso mocha, though; no ass coffee accepted.

  69. T.,

    for real. one day the Resident Cats Only are otherwise engaged, bring the little ones upstairs. and prepare the video, you’ll thank me.

    re: bribes. mhnnn. no. besides, you stood me up somewhere in Illinois last time last time I was talked into providing your espresso mocha fix.
    and besides, the ass coffee is mine! mine, I tells you! muahhhhhaha!!

    and whaddaya mean “frivolous glossary additions”????

    …I oughta tell Meg…

  70. hmmm… i’m not so sure this one is so cute. she looks like she could kill you with her death glare. =P

  71. she is so cute thogh i agre with cristina she dus have a deth gleir.

  72. thats so cute but i agre with Cristina she dus have a poynt

  73. i wonder wat her name is! my cat is coled panda

  74. Christina & Sierra — of course they’ve got The Eyes That Yeem. They’re cats. 😉
    (Gotta watch out for those BUNNEHS too.)

    Mariser — OK, OK! Glossary is updated.

  75. ok. now you die.

    I’ll be back!!!

  76. Last time I visited (some 5 hours ago) this picture wasn’t here – nor were the 77 responses. Hmmm…

    And oh, a cute cat.

  77. Lisa,

    it moves fast here.

  78. AuntieMame says:

    “Ah searched thuh wurld over and thowt Ah fownd troo lurv, then yoo fownd anuther and PBTPHBPT! Yoo wuz gawn…”

  79. Theo —

    Adorable videos of the foster kittehs. My cat Polly was mesmerized watching them!

  80. BenPanced says:

    Wow, kitteh. Harsh critic.

    *walks away, trying not to cry*

  81. I did not believe it was possible but I have the evidence right in front of me! A nice,cute, beautiful photo of a gorgeous BLACK cat! Most photo’s/picture’s of black animals suffer of the ‘black curse'(tm).
    Photo’s of my little black cat ‘Nazgul’ just show a deep black hole/void.

  82. I can grab my Kage-tabby’s tongue all the time, mostly because he’s a cleaner. Always has to clean you if there’s some small part of you near him.

    Cute kittens Theo, I love the commentary 😀

  83. GreenEyedHawk says:


  84. What a sweetie! She looks a lot like my baby, Akasha.

  85. I had a black cat who used to do just that… oh so cute. *dies*

  86. It’s KITTIN TEIM right now in the Catcave. Lorna and the Doones have giggly human visitors. And believe me, there are squees (both human and feline).

    Have had far, far too much caffeine today. Is difficult to type.

    Mariser — what??
    [whistles innocently]

  87. my kitty often does the same thing!!!! it’s adoooorable!

  88. two comments in re: caption (wonderful as ever, Meg!)

    1. “…teeny part of me tongue out, I’ll stay a few…”
    does BITKIT (Subhangi, u r a genius!) does accents, like certain other kitteh? Just a Little Patience
    (4th picture down)

    2. “…the tongue-wielding KITTEH…”

    T.; once Meg uses ‘kitteh’ – in a caption, even – you are out of excuses for not including KITTEH in the glossary. now, hop to it!
    I’ll leave it up to you if you want to add the other -EH variations…but KITTEH is a must.

  89. ooh!! I miss my little black kitty…Panther!! He ran away!

  90. hrh.squeak says:

    Hey you guys, I found an excellent picture of Teh Yeem, demonstrating its amazing power –

  91. hrh.squeak says:

    Insomnia’s great. This is one, demonstrating doggie patience with silly humans –

  92. Pirate_geekshades says:

    awwww so cute – my kitty Baldrick (yup the name rocks and we didnt even give it to him heh)does that all the time, we have to reming him sometimes, especially when hes trying to give someone the evils – it just looks daft, someday ill get a piccy of it

  93. LOL, hrh.squeak! That kitty-yeem is absolutely *wonderful*!!

  94. That is one of the most beautiful cats I have ever seen…

  95. HRH & Thinker — you should browse through My Cat Hates You, too.
    Start here:

  96. hrh.squeak says:

    Oh, Teho, I do, I do. My Favorites bar has grown Exponentially since I became a Cuteologist. I just found last night, and I’m surprised you didn’t hear the squeeing from here – or was it drowned out by the mewenmeepen?

  97. squeak, it’s a ghost kitty!!
    yeemyeemyeemyeem…[kitteh evaporates before our eyes]

  98. Such an elegant-looking kitty in general, but the tongue “spoils” that image. Reminds me of thie supposedly evil kitty from cuteoverlord:


  99. Haha. My cat does the tongue thing too when we interrupt her during a paw-cleaning session. I guess she gets so distracted she forgets to return it to its proper place.

  100. A pink tongue is very Cawaii(>_< )

  101. oooooh my gosh I love kitty tongues! this is SO cute