Baby! Baby! Woooooooooooo!

Woooooooo! Baby! You are lookin’ HOT! H-O-T in that tankini woooooooooo! How ’bout swimmin’ over here and pullin’ up a floating chaise, Baby? ow! Oh yeah, the Coors Light Malteases are here now too—woooooooo!


Dianne M. This scene is like, radical.



  1. eeeeeee : That is one tongue fo-show!

  2. awesome! i love the super swoopy tongue on Mr. Black and White on the left.

  3. Looks like they found a way to beat the heat – I can almost smell the wet dog smell from here.

  4. Subhangi says:

    Hot Dawgs In A Cool Pool – now how ’bout that?!

  5. MikeyFur says:

    Cute, cute pic. They are lucky dogs to have an owner that lets them have such fun. Look at the white on the Golden Retriever’s muzzle. I love older dogs.

  6. Courtney says:

    three happy doggies!

    Wish I could be there too.

  7. swimming with puppies is always a treat!

  8. Whoever says dogs can’t smile needs to see this picture. They are clearly smiling, happy dogs. Love ’em!

  9. Adorable! Just chillin’ and posin’ for the camera!

  10. I am amused by the idea of 3 dogs cat-calling and wolf-whistling. Ha!

  11. [snickers] for reals, CB.

    And let me just save everybody else the embarrassment:


  12. gwenchocolate says:

    They do look like they are grinning, don’t they? I lub me some doggies!

  13. I don’t know what I enjoy more on this site-the CUTENESS of the pictures or the HILARIOUSNESS of the captions!
    Always great.

  14. Yeah, yeah, that’s the life… lounging by the pool in the summatime. Move over, doggies, I’m going to join ya.

  15. Sigh to have a dog’s life…

  16. *chanting and stomping feet*



    It is only fair!

  17. that tongue is AMAZING!!

  18. gwenchocolate says:

    I just thought that it would be appropriate to say that this picture most definitely represents “The Dog Days of Summer.” Yep. That’s not pun-tastic at all.

  19. The Honourable Gladys Anstruther says:

    Lucky buggers I am stuck to the chair, its 4:40 in the afternoon in London England and bleeding hot!

  20. i haveta agree for all dog friday!!!!! that is one of the longest tongues i have seen on a puppy dog!! and damn i thought my dog had a long tongue! (then again he does have jumbo ears )

  21. What the hell is that stuck to the tongue of the dog on the left?

    Funny, but not cute. This is another in a long line of recent photos that Are Not Cute.

  22. Donna —
    1) Nothing’s stuck to the left dog’s tongue. It’s just long.
    2) I’m mostly a cat person, but c’mon, this pic *is* cute. Cute *and* funny.

  23. I LOVE LOVE LOVE that the front two are on a floaty. I seriuosly have no idea how that’s possible.

    All the dogs I’ve ever known/had are way too spastic to balance on a floaty like that. Heck most of the time, I lack the balance to get on one of them.

    [swinging leg, attempting to center body weight, ugh, slip, splash, sigh]

    It’s friday and my entire weekend is scheduled full of pool time. YAY!!!

  24. rad. (cute too.)

  25. These guys represent what is great about dogs. I love how the golden’s paws are positioned, and the smirk on the back dude is sooo funny.

    More dogs please!

  26. (takes up Skwerly’s chant)

    NEXT week!

    NEXT week!

    Dog *gaaah*
    (chant cut off as I try to squeeze betwen the two pups and end up tipping the floaty over)


  28. sabrina says:

    but its not cute lol

  29. Man, I wanna party with those guys! They look like they could show a girl a *real* good time.

    As for the “not cute, waah, what about *my* needs” people–shut up. So this picture isn’t to your liking. There are plenty of others. Go look at kitties or bunnies or hamsters or whatever if you don’t think three smiley, wet dawgs are adorable for whatever God-only-knows reason. The people who created this site are kind enough to grace us with all manner of cuteness, and none of us has the right to demand to be catered to. Make your own site if this one doesn’t suit you, but quit with the entitlement mentality already. *You’re* not cute.

    *gets off soapbox and snuggles the adorable doggies*

  30. hrh.squeak says:

    Man, these guys are welcome to wolf whistle me anytime. Woot Woot Cute!!

  31. hrh.squeak says:

    ps “Malteases” – pure freakin’ genius, I tells ya.

  32. Thanks, HonorH for taking up the cause! I guess some people out there have much more rigid views of what cute is supposed to be. Are the rest of us just that easily amused? Sure! It’s more fun that way. I’d rather be happy and find the humor and cute in a wide variety of pics.

    How sad to not be able to enjoy and appreciate these postings. Instead of continuing to get irritated by the “WAH I don’t like it (WIDLI?)” posters I’ll just pity them instead.

  33. Oh – and this pic is great! What kind of a floatie is that? I can’t stay on one without rolling off and here are two dogs all comfy and chillin’! Of course, they probably haven’t had as many beers…

  34. …some poolmastas! Those dawgs rule da pool, yo!

  35. “Marco!”

  36. LOL!!
    [splashes Aubrey]

  37. Ponygirl says:

    Dogs are goofy.

  38. Man, I’d brave the odor of wet dog and join those cuties in that cool pool, if I could…

    *sigh* We’re broiling with drought conditions here in the Heart of Texas. The local river is a muddy vein of rank, stagnant water you wouldn’t trust your cows to drink. The nearest public-access pool is at least 50 miles away…and water-rationing is in effect, so you can’t even frolic in the sprinklers… *sigh*


  39. AuntieMame says:

    Boy, talk about tru-huh-huh-hubble!

    “Hey, baby, wanna be in our wet t-shirt contest? Huh, do ya, baby?”

  40. Awwwwwwww yeah, it’s party time and mah dawgs is ready, y’all, what?! What?!!You heard me, RED’T’GET it OOONNNNNN!

    …and we loves us some pool games, so

  41. Watch that splashin’ Theo or it’ll be the *cannonball* – especially for those doubting the cute!
    Those doggies are tewtally rad and most definitely smiling!!

  42. randasand says:

    What type of dog is the one in the back? My puppy looks like her.

  43. Christina says:

    Yah! Puppehs! So cute! So fuzzy! So wet! So squishy! They look unbelievably happy. Its about gosh darn time those fuzzy doggie butts showed up.
    *Adds name to All Puppy Friday petition*

  44. You know what I like about this picture?

    Every single one of them is not only wearing a collar, but wearing tags, too! This way, if they get lost, humans will be able to help them find their way home again!

  45. What a GREAT picture!
    Nothing warms the cockles of my heart like happy puppies!!!
    That one on the right looks like the happiest dog on the planet!

  46. I love the chunky li’l old body of smiley on the left! They’s all cool and happy. Makes me smile… 🙂

  47. Gentlewoman says:

    Ahahahaha! I love this photo! My brother’s Giant Poodle and Mini Dachsund looooooooove the pool. I don’t know if they ever get on a floaty, though. They’d probably do it if they saw a camera, as they’re both hams 😉 Cool in the Pool!

  48. How could anyone say this is not cute??? I swear, some people that come here are severely cute-impaired! Maybe it will eventually rub off on them. One can only hope. 😀

    PS My chihuahua has a tongue like Mr. Guy on the left, people wonder how he fits it in his mouth.

  49. Which one’s Sinatra?

  50. ALL of them are sooo cute!
    What kind of pooch is the one outside the pool??

  51. JRT’S put me over the edge, Jenna my girl take a look at your competition!!!

  52. i have a baby sister and she saw the dogs an started crackin up laughin she is two i think the golden retriever is funny did he fall in the water or something cause he is soaked!:)

  53. Wow, I wish I was on holiday there, it looks lovely!