Love……exciting and new

Come aboard….

We’re expecting YOOOOOOOOOOOOOU!


Soon we’ll be making anuther run!


Promises some-thing-for-ev-ry-one!


Ferret one and two, NAPPING ON THE FIESTA DECK. Right, Doris?



  1. I do believe that this is very cute.

  2. Heartwarming! 🙂

  3. Hamilton Lovecraft says:

    Thees ees reediculous.

  4. Get OUT! That’s outRAGEous with the cuteness! I have to go lie down.

  5. Ok, I normally don’t like ferrets very much, but………AWWW! *implodes from the cuteness*

  6. Aw man! Now I’m going to have the Love Boat theme stuck in my head all day.

  7. perhaps some snoozy ferret tail positioning going on here? They sleep like the dead, y’know. Wouldn’t be too difficult to get those tails just right.
    Snoozy ferret tail positioning or no, this is destined to become a CO classic. Do I smell T-shirt?

  8. Aaiieee! Perfectly heart-shaped ferrets!

  9. The cuteness! I’ve been overloaded again!

  10. You’ve got to be kidding me. lol!

    Le sigh!

  11. shanchan says:

    Yay, ferret heart! Having no spine does have its advantages, apparently.

  12. Oh man! THAT is aDORable!!

  13. OMG… You have GOT to be kidding!!! A perfect, furry heart shape!!! I have to hold back my SQUEEE ‘cos I’m in the salt mines right now.
    *covers mouth with hand… mmmmphhhhrhrhphrhr!!!!

  14. That would be a PERFECT picture for a Valentine’s Day/Anniversary/Love card. Hallmark should be beating a path to Doris’ door. TOOOOOO cute!

  15. New desktop background! *stares at ferrets for hours*

    P.S. Ferrets do have spines, they are just uber flexible. 🙂

  16. sweetiesweet says:

    Uh, I’m 99.9999% sure this is photoshopped… I don’t doubt that they were in those positions separately, but the tails are very ‘shopped looking.

  17. Fuzzybutt says:

    Ferrets are so cute! This pic is UBER adorable!

  18. shanchan says:

    Sari- I know, just being silly.

  19. blueberries4me says:

    Oh. My. God. Look at the paws of the grey one. Too cute!!

  20. Suzanne says:


    Can we get rid of the scary Alltel My Circle class action lawyer guy off to the right? he has invaded the Zone-of-cute. and. he looks like a hater.

  21. Ahhg! Those floppy feets!

    I doubt it’s ‘shopped, what’s with the ‘shop paranoia? They were prob’ly just manipulated in the fer real.

  22. That would be on heck of a trick to photoshop that given the position of their little feet.
    I’m with Kelly. I think if anything they person taking the pic put them together like that.
    Either way, hooray for them on taking the creative initiative!

  23. Perfection! ♥ ☺

  24. Alienor77310 says:

    Shouldn’t that song be “Lovestoat”?

  25. gbiedzycki says:

    t-shirt! t-shirt! t-shirt!

  26. “Love Stoat”–
    Bwahahaha–You all crack me up!

  27. Oh my god. More ferrets, more ferrets!!!

  28. *Rolls eyes at the photoshop comment* One of these days I gotta get my cats in some of the redonkulously cute positions they lie on so someone can go “omg so shopped” and Theo can smash them.

    Smash Theo Smash!

  29. Argentee says:

    Ferret love *thump thump*
    Ferret love *thump thump*
    Don’t wake me please,
    We’ve gotta get our zzzz’s…

    (now you all can have “tainted love” in your head instead)

  30. Beauregard says:


  31. Yes, very good.

  32. OMG OMG soooo anorable! *Squeeeee*

  33. Thanks for the earworm, Argentee!

    Hey, that guy in the gray suit is harshing my buzz. I thought is was a joke, at first. He’s not cute, not cute at all!

  34. That’s absolutely perfect.

  35. Ferret must be super-heavy sleepers. Remember these cuties?

  36. *sigh*
    Obviously, that should have been “Ferrets”!

  37. johnnytwentythree says:

    you must be kidding me. this site outdoes itself on a regular basis.

  38. kittyluv says:

    The feetsies!!! Gah!
    I agree with Suzanne, can we please get rid of angry alltel man?!

  39. Claire — here ’tis…
    (you paying attention, SweetieSweet?

  40. Michelle says:


    How beautiful! I’m not super crazy for hearts or ferrets, but that is really charming.

  41. belphebe says:

    Ooh, I have to try to do this to my little monsters when I get home! Unfortunately, my ferrets don’t do “sleeping not dead” (SND). They wake up much too easily.

    What a sweet picture! Such adorable ferrets.

  42. AuntieMame says:

    *hums Marilyn Manson loudly to self to prevent implantation of the Love Boat theme…”

    This photo is redonkulously anerable. Obviously their people manipulated them into this position, but why on earth would they do it photographically when it’s 50x faster just to stick a heart-shaped cutout around them and smoosh ’em into shape.

    (And, yes, please. No more gold-digging legal shysters on CO! Yes, phone companies suck, but you don’t need some greedy old lawyer to sort it out for you. All he’s after is his cut of the profits anyway.)

  43. how did she get them to do that!! soo qute!

  44. Wow, what a perfect picture! Two ferrets making a heart is just too cute!

  45. [tries to picture AuntieM going “babble babble bitch bitch rebel rebel party party…”]
    [dies in a fit of snorts and giggles]

  46. They’d probably have to take a ferret cruise in order to reach that ‘lovestoat’.

  47. Where have I seen that pic before? I’ve seen it.. just recently.. Where’s it from?

  48. I didnt notice that Alltel guy until just now after reading all the comments and looking at the ferrets one more time…! EEK he IS scary! ROFL!!

  49. And not that you all need to know, but I have to say I just went and dl’d my first Marilyn Manson song to my MP3 player because those lyrics CRACKED ME UP. Had to have it..! LOL!
    [okay, I’m done being a comment hog now]

  50. AuntieMame says:

    You’d be disappointed, Theo. I’m not really a rebel-goth-punk. I’m as boring and conservative as they come. And in fact, it wasn’t MM I was humming after all. It was Korn, and it just happened to be the last thing I’d heard on the car radio as I came back from lunch. (See! I don’t even know the correct artist names.)

  51. Christy says:

    Haha…I love how perfectly positioned those ferrets are :).

  52. WickedWendy says:

    Soooo anerable!

  53. Woods Walker says:

    That picture has to rate in the top ten all time cute photos.-Woods Walker I check thid site at least twice a day.

  54. cute *implodes*

  55. MelSkunk says:

    I have smoo ferrets and I can assure you, one of the top passtimes of ferret owners is sticking sleeping ferrets into cute positions. No ‘shop nessisary, they get to this point where they’re so deep asleep, you can walk around with a sleeping ferret hat, or put them in a jug, or a million cute things. *squeeee!*

  56. This is just too much! I’m going to have to do that to my weasels when I get home tonight.

  57. Hey Finn? Please take AuntieM clubbing soon. Too bad NIN seems to be done touring, for now.

    Jenne — being a “comment hog” is fine (if it wasn’t, I’d’ve been banned like 6 months ago)… as long as you’ve actually got something to say. It’s “spam” we don’t like.

  58. GreenEyedHawk says:

    Dawww we definitely need more furrets on the site! Look at them! They’re in WUV!!

    Yes, ferrets are easy to pose when they’re sleeping…that’s when I trim my ferret’s nails. Most of the time, he doesn’t even wake up. Lazy, lazy The Cheat. I think he needs a friend so I can make my own bendy ferret heart.

  59. they look soo cute… they also look my ferrets lucy and doger!

  60. Brak_Silverbone says:

    Hee! So goshdarn cute, you’ll want to scream!


  61. R. Moore says:

    Doris is my grnadmother’s name. I so hope she sent this in!

  62. Susy Mack says:

    I know these are, technically, ferrets, but couldn’t they also be on the Love Stoat?! (vs Love Boat) heheee.

  63. THIS should be the next official t-shirt. I can’t believe how cute this is. So, so cute. 🙂

  64. You had at ZZzzzzzzz

  65. Mr. Alltel lawyer looks grumpy. Maybe he should be sent a ferret heart valentine? 😉

  66. Meltworthy! *becomes puddle in front of the screen*

  67. Stephanie S. says:

    oh my god! I want to cry! I love this website!

  68. Ferrets, after a day of playing hard, sleep even harder…and are very poseable when asleep.
    Love Stoat! (and Ferret Love Thump! Thump!…we need more lyrics for both.)

    Yes, this NEEDS to be a Tshirt.

  69. BenPanced says:

    Acutally, I was thinking “Ferret Love”, instead of “Muskrat Love”.

    And now that you have THAT song stuck in your heads? You’re welcome!

    But ‘shopped or posed, it’s still freakin’ anerable.

    *wants to pet teh ferrts*

  70. I think the ferret on the right (the black and whitish one) was put in later to make it look like that. cute, though

  71. Netherland Dwarf rabbit, owner!!♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ says:

    Not a big ferret enthusiest but that pose/sleeping position is nothing short of loveable!

  72. Laurie H says:


  73. Subhangi says:

    I’ve been sitting on this comment for the past half-hour, thinking of what to say.


  74. DEF. A perfect T-shirt motif!!!!!!

  75. i want a ferret now. please.

  76. Chai — just curious — do you work with the Trillian folks?

  77. this is probably the cutest picture i have ever seen in my life

  78. (Chai — never mind; I’m thinking of Cerulean Studios.)

  79. hrh.squeak says:

    T-shirt! T-shirt! T-shirt!!!!

  80. This is one of the most adorable things I have ever seen in my life. Wow.

    I really miss my ferrets.

  81. I miss my Loki, Oni, Pele, Koko, Spriggan, Bacchus, Leannan-Sidhe and Beowulf and Wendigo…*sniffle*

    Totally desktopped this one. It’s so cute I lost all muscular tone and fell out of my chair! Sponge me up, STAT!


  82. Oh–and yes, T-SHIRT! T-SHIRT! T-SHIRT!!


  83. Two dead frets, sweet.

  84. 1) Not dead.
    2) Not frets.

  85. GreenEyedHawk says:

    As a side note (just thinking about the sleeping-not-dead) my ferret was running around playing like a maniac, as ferrets do, and he ran headfirst into the wall, as ferrets do, but instead of just keeping on with his war dance, he rolled right over on his back and didnt move. I totally thought he was dead, he looked dead, all he needed were little x’s for eyes. I just about had a heart attack. Then he just hopped up and went back to his playing. So, The Cheat, if you’re reading this, that was NOT FUNNY!

  86. I found them here:

  87. You guys have no idea how much these two ferretitos look like my 2 late ferrets… 😦 I sent in pics of them long ago (and multiple times), there was a FERRET TONGUE in one of them, and you disregarded! WHY OH WHY??? They’re freakin cute! (see link in my name here for my late ferretitos, and for FERRET TONGUE)

  88. P.S. It would’ve been SO freakin easy to get my ferrets to do something like this… SMASH the ‘shop comment, SMASH IT!!!

    P.P.S. T-shirts of this pic would RULE!!!

  89. book_monstercats says:

    T-shirt, definitely. I don’t care whether it’s been photo-shopped or not. I nursed a ferret that had been clipped by a car a few years ago, and he was ADORABLE, even his tendency to nibble my toes when I wasn’t looking.

  90. Piggalette says:

    After the yin-yang kitties, this MUST be a t-shirt. I am in desperate need of CO shirts! Come on Meg, enough with all of that “real life” and “work” business, get with the shirt-makin’ woman. 😀

  91. They’re making a HEART!!

  92. PoCky^ ^ says:

    OMG THAT IS SO CUTE ^_^ … i love ferrets so much!! Planning to get one 😀 … BWHAAHAHA… so adorable <3

  93. cutest thing i have EVER SEEN!!!