Lil’ Winkie

Karen A writes:

"Last night I walked to the bathroom, turned on the light (thank GOD i turned on the light) rounded the corner and saw…well, I didn’t know what it was. I saw an ear and gray/black fur and that’s as far as I could go. I called linda saying something like "um…lINDA! there is SOMETHING as big as a SMALL rabbit in our toilet. YES! I’M SERIOUS! hurry up, I’m gonna cry." It ended up being a opossum. When Linda got him out he was all shivery and baby and then i called him lil’ winkie. We put him in a carrier with towels and left him outside hoping that he’d make it until the morning. It’s funny how he went from disgusting, horrid creature to pitiful, little baby. He is fine today, Linda’s going to take him to the Prairie Park Nature Center."


She continues: "The worst part of the whole experience is the what if’s that keeprunning through my head. What if I didn’t turn on the light? I hardlyever turn on the light at night to pee. What if I went to pee and itbrushed against my butt? Or if i was wiping and it touched my hand?Karen think’s that I would have thought I had a opossum baby, which ispossible. Then we would have to name him Jesus and it would be amiracle to be investigated by the church. Seriously, and where the helldid he come from? There are no openings anywhere in the house (wechecked because i was convinced that his big, mean, momma was under thebed) so the only conclusion that we can come to is that he crawled upthe pipe. ugahhblaghhshivercreepyfreakout."


Karen A.—too funny.



  1. hrh.squeak says:

    Is that a Possum in the Potty?

  2. wolfwhocriedboy says:

    OK! Anyone who could argue that there is no way our N.A. marsupial friends CAN’T be cute have to surrender right here. That last cute is too cute for words.

    It makes me feel guilty for all the times I’ve flushed without looking!

    ‘Possum haters – hanger your heads in SHAME. :p 😉

  3. OMG. LOL It looks like a mischievous toddler who’s just been fished out of one of those toy-grabby machines in that last pic.

    “Hiiiii… *childish giggle* I gawt stuck in the toiiiilet… aheeheeeeee… it was scawy… *giggle*”

  4. i had 2 possums as pets i raised from their birth. they make awesome pets and are sweet as can be if tame. like big dumb cats.

  5. Oh, the little feet, scrabbling on the cold cruel, porcelain in the first picture is making me sad and apprehensive, but the warm, fluffy, blue-toweled ending to the story is so reassuring. All the best stories have a warm fluffy, well-laundered ending.

  6. oh how sad. one time my sister had this parakeet and it ended up in the toilet somehow and luckily my mom checked before using said toilet.
    that bebe possum is effing anerrrrable! i would kiss him but he is all toilet watery

  7. CUTE???? R U Joking??? I would have awakened the dead with my blood-curdling screams and flown out of that room and maybe the house!!!

  8. If that little baby wasn’t so happily fished out, that would certainly have been one marsupial in the soup.

  9. omg, i was drinking water when i read that, and i totally sprayed water out my nose when i got to the jesus part! so anyway, in summary, my thoughts: (1) ow; (2) i haven’t done that since, like, the 3rd grade; and (3) that possum in the towel is absolutely redonkulous!

  10. gopenguingo says:

    would you please change the site’s name to grossoverload now? k, thanks.

  11. ka9q's wife says:

    The real mystery is how he got there. Hopefully there is no leak in your plumbing.

  12. ka9q's wife says:

    oh and that little nose is so pink and prosh.

  13. oh man. the poor thing must have travelled in God knows how much crap.

  14. I’m so glad your toilet was clean so you could share the pic!

  15. awwwww… how sweet…. hehe… the glove on the lady’s hand did make me giggle though. 🙂

  16. Ahh, he’s gorgeous!

  17. The little face peeking out from the towel? SO cute! Especially with the little curl of “hair” on his forehead!

    I want one.

  18. Oh, no. Not a possum. Not cute. Stupid and creepy. They used to kill my sister’s chickens and not even eat them.

    Flush. Flush immediately. Flush right now…

  19. Awww, poor little guy! I’m sure he didn’t wanna be in that toilet either..and extra glad he didn’t see a full moon coming at him.

    *sigh* Seeing him makes me wanna cry though. Something that happened over 2yrs ago that involved our next door neighbor beating a possum that had gotten at her chickens to death…thinking about that happening still makes me cry.. anyway.. that’s a downer.
    I hope the lil possum is ok.

  20. Are you setting him free or will he be cared for at the place you are taking him? I think he is too young to be on his own. You should contact a rehabilitator before setting him free to make sure he can make it on his own. He is precious!

  21. I have to say that this possum looks cute in the second pic.

    But the first picture is just gross! Living in a town where there are reports of rats crawling up the sewer pipes and entering apartments through the toilet… eewww puke-a-tronic!

  22. Fuzzybutt says:

    I am SO SO glad I have never had strange life forms in my toilet. (Well… that’s another LJ, isn’t it?)

    Poor baby opossum! With his sniffling l’il pink nose!

    I would have pee’d on him for sure, without realizing it. I NEVER turn on my bathroom light!

  23. Queeniefarie says:

    Looks like a flea crawling on his eyebrow whisker.

    But a very pretty baby x

  24. Eeh, look at his little cheeky face!

    “Yeah I was in your toilet and I’d do it again I tells yer, I’d do it again in an instant!! Bwahahaaa!” *maniacal laughter, jumps out of an open window*

  25. I got to visit a wildlife rehab center where they had a possum that had been hand-raised when her mother was killed by a car. By the time she would have been old enough to take care of herself she was too tame to make it in the wild so she went to live at the wildlife center. She was amazing! She would eat a grape out of your hand so gently. And I never knew how soft they are–they don’t look it and since the only time I’d ever been that close to a possum before was when one was on the outside of my window hissing at my cat with my cat on the inside hissing back, I’d never really gotten a chance to touch one. But since I met her, I’ve really liked possums, and thank goodness you didn’t flush!!!

  26. omg.. what a story! can’t deal..with the cute.. big pink shiny nose awwwwww <3

  27. oh man, great story! and very well told… Look at the little toesies, people!!

  28. creepy!

    He looks so emo in that second picture.

  29. falnfenix says:

    Katy’s comment up there cracked me up…hehehe

  30. That’s one lucky li’l winkie!

  31. I’ve rehabbed possums before. They’re great. If you handle them too much though they do become too tame to release. The two we have now will never be more than pets. They’re great though, even though they can get into anything and cause lots of trouble, lol.

  32. The Honourable Gadys Anstruther says:

    I’ve always maintained you can’t trust foreign plumbing. This wouldn’t happen in the homeland of Thomas Crapper!

  33. He looks evil.

    Seriously, evil.

  34. Well, *that* would be a surprise in the middle of the night. Good gosh. Poor lil’ Winkie was probably far more traumatized than the human tho…

  35. Michelly says:

    LOL, Matt. He looks totally emo!

  36. PiperJon says:

    I personally think baby oppossums are extremely cute! I’ve rescued many litters when I was doing wildlife rescue, and they really are endearing little guys. You are a good soul for fishing out this wee pocket-baby and getting him/her where he/she needs to be, instead of freaking and flushing like many would have done.

  37. HOLY…

    Oh man, that may give me nightmares…

    I had a toilet that had frogs in the tank…loads of lil’ frogs…

    THAT was cute.

    This? Not so much…eeek!

  38. Genevieve says:

    I WANT HIM!!!

  39. very lucky winkie! he’s a miracle possum. glad Karen turned on the light!!!

    look at that pink nose!

  40. EaghACK, I totally would’ve peed on the lil’ guy and then flushed.

    Except my cat, who is obsessed with the toilet, (…she’s weird.) would probably try to play with it through the lid and wake me up.

  41. I wish my toilet spawned cute baby animals. Like a baby bunny or giraffe or something.

  42. Grossoverload? now that’s taking it too far.
    I love that little pink snout.
    Cute!cute!cute! =)

  43. omg the little nose!

  44. omg the little nose!

  45. Pink Nosicle! He is adorable!

    And they are such gucky looking creatures as adults!

    It really really does make ya wonder about toilets, pipes, and humanalligator people living in the subways of NYC.

    *shudders*,,,,, no *MAJOR SHUDDERS*

  46. ROFL, Garfield….”pukeatronic”

  47. So, uh… how exactly… did, uh… a baby opossum, y’know… get IN that TOILET????

  48. oh man.. ROFL.. what a story! *wiping tears of laughter*

    and yeah.. pukeatronic? I gotta remember that one!

  49. zosterops says:

    what is it with people here, getting grossed out by a baby possum?? because its a possum? because it was found in a toilet? so only bunnies and kitties are good to go silly over…?

  50. Oh my gosh!

    We had a similar(-ish) story from this weekend. My husband decided he had enough time left to mow the lawn, but I thought it was getting too late. Since our lawn is small and he wasn’t going to have time the next day, he went on out to the shed and figured he’d get done whatever he could before dark.

    A couple minutes later, he comes back in the house and says, “There’s something little and pink wiggling around on the floor of the shed, and it’s kind of freaking me out…”

    So I go out there… BRAND NEW BEBEH SKWERL. The poor little guy had obviously fallen out of his nest or something. And when I say brand new, I mean eyes closed, perfectly pink, not a fluff or furry spot on him. I got some old washcloths and a cardboard box, made a makeshift heating pad, and brought him inside.

    Of course, it’s after 8PM on a Saturday night! We called the local SPCA, pet stores, wildlife rehabbing centers, and everywhere else we could think of. At long last, we found a 24 hour animal hospital that agreed to take him until the next morning when one of the rehabber offices would be open.

    I had the same “what if” thoughts as the submitter here… what if my husband had let me talk him into not going out there that night? I hate to even think about poor Squirmy (name we gave Mr. Squirrel) in that condition!

    And I do have a picture! Although, at the moment, I’m at a loss for where to post it… will work on that later. 🙂

  51. Diane — try this, it’s easy & it’s free:

  52. Oh Diane, great story too. Bless all you people for taking care of such little ones!!!

  53. OHOHOHOH I got one! Yesterday my 6 year old was cleaning his room, and came across his backpack from last year. He brought it in the kitchen and asked me what he should do with it. I told him to clean it out and maybe we could find someone to give it to, because it was still in pretty good shape. So he unzipped one of the pouches, looked inside, THREW the thing down, and RAN. Just as I was wondering, “wtf?” he yelled from the other room “I don’t think anybody will want it! There’s a LIZARD in there!!!” And sure enough, there was a little baby lizard crawling around. One of my other kids took it outside and let it go. I didn’t think to take a picture of it though.

  54. possums are SUPER DUPER adorable! i wish i found one in my toilet! 🙂

  55. Great story! I’m so, so glad you saved the baby possum and that he was okay. Man, a trip through the sewer would be very traumatizing for a bebeh.

  56. Once when I lived at the beach I was making soup and heard a crackling noise from under the cabinet. My fiancee said I was imagining things, but when I went to get the crackers out I saw a tail, fur, and the package in shreds covered in crumbs. I screamed, he jumped in and found a baby possum, who was scared back into the ventilation ducts he entered through. We put the crock pot over the hole and he went to work.
    Well, then the possum went CRAZY, banging up on the crock pot to be let in. I went ape, banging on the door with a broom to scare him off. Of course, when my fiancee got home he was gone. Or so we thought…
    The next morning, my fiancee reached into the silverware drawer for a spoon when it caught on something…a baby possum butt. He had crawled in over the back of the door, made himself a bed on my potholders, and went to sleep.
    Explain that one to me.

  57. Subhangi says:


  58. Subhangi says:

    I remember a house we used to live in, I found a HUGE TOAD in the pot 5 TIMES!!! [shudder]

  59. I love all these “found” stories! All I ever find in my house is spiders. Or carpenter ants. Ewwww.

  60. I once found little baby mice under our garbage bags outside. Captured them all, put them in an old hamster cage,cleaned them up and fed them with a quetip. After a few days they got really bouncy (like popcorn) and kept escaping. They were hard to catch – so very tiny! Took them to the wildlife guy, he said oh they’re fully grown and it’s common to find them living around trash. One of the “babies” was probably the mom! I let them free in the wildlife area and they seemed very happy.

  61. /self-righteous rant

    zosterops: People have outrageously stupid preconceived fears of things that have been passed down generation after generation and through social stigma. It really infuriates me, actually, that people allow those fears to control them to the extent where they would wish harm on an innocent creature such as our Possumy Pal here.

    People will say, “0h! But they harbor disease!” Funny how they’re usually diseases caught because of our own negligence and waste. WE spread just as much, if not more disease than any ‘vermin’ would. In fact we’re far filthier than most creatures.

    /end self-righteous rant

  62. Love all these stories. Glad they all happened to someone else!!

  63. I once found a baby opossum in my dining room. I figure he had been in my house for at least 2 days. They’re good at sneaking in like that. It was soooo cute and cuddly looking at that age. I think it’s the same one that now, as an adult, visits my house every night and trips my security lighting so I think there’s someone trying to break in.

  64. hrh.squeak says:

    Here’s a “found” (sorta) story, which explains why I’m not worried about adopting rats when I own three cats –

    (Sad Ending Alert)

    We used to keep dry cat food in one of those big tins they sell popcorn in. We’d put out one dish of food for all three cats, they’re good about sharing. So good, in fact, that when a mouse got in, it was obvious that the cats never disturbed it at all. (Tiny turds all around the dish, just at mouse length, like a poopy halo.) You have to wonder – did they even *notice*? Or did they think it was the floor show?? Sad ending, the mouse got greedy and must have gotten into a new bag before I dumped it into the can, because about a week after the halo effect stopped I found a Mouse Mummy in the can. (Yes, I threw out the food after that.)

  65. She’s just lucky she was home. My parents once came home from a three week vacation to find a dead squirrel in the toilet. 😦 We assume it drowned.

    The dogs were happy, though.

    Are animals in towels a Rule? if not, they should be.

  66. genevieve says:

    The toes! *faints*

  67. Here’s the picture of Squirmy… to get an idea of how tiny he is, that’s just a regular sized shoe box with washcloths.

    Sadly, this picture doesn’t even begin to convey how freaking adorable this little bebeh was! (And the fact that it looks like he went potty as the picture was taken doesn’t help.)

    Just wanted everyone to see how incredibly BRAND NEW this little guy was! And don’t let the stillness in the picture fool you… little guy was ALL over the place and very active.

    Thank you much to Theo for the tip!

  68. I had a rat in my toilet once. That was NOT funny. But I wasn’t the one to discover it. It was my husband. That is the first time I had ever heard a grown man scream!

  69. wolfwhocriedboy says:

    Clotypus: Well said. Preach-IT! 😉

    Many people have a bit of bias against the shape of marsupial skulls – especially the carnivorous / omnivorous ones for some reason. I’ve seen people shiver inexplicably at a picture of a Thylacine (Taz. Tiger). The long and angular jaws seem to strike a primitive chord in people where, ancestrally, you’d think we’d be viscerally more affected by cats. Cats do have the longest history of feeding on us as a species (heh, explains their attitudes still ;)). There is no sense to it at all.

    I’m a HUGE advocate for misunderstood animals lest we forget that eagles, wolves, cougars and many other animals now considered “majestic” were once considered among the number of “vermin.”

    *so ends my own rant*

  70. Had a bebeh ‘possum shuffle into my room once as a kid–My mom had to call Animal Control and everything–Heh…
    Not half as cute as this one, though. It hissed and spat at everyone.

  71. Oi my goodness, Diane. That is one freakin’ cute lil brand-new squirrel.

  72. Much cuter than the dead baby one my dog brought into the house a few weeks ago while I was out.

  73. A nature center had two skulls side by side– raccoon and opossum. They were about the same size, but the coon skull had plenty of room for a big brain, and the possum skull had room for a brain about the size of a dried pea. I like possums, and the babies are especially cute little snouty people, but they’re not bright. This is why many more possums than coons end up on the side of the road. Raccoons are North American monkeys, smart with manipulative hands.

    And if anybody else finds a baby, the best thing to do, if possible and if there are no cats/dogs/kids around, is to try to find where it came from and put it back there. (Not possible with this possum, but maybe with the pinky squirrel, which couldn’t have gone far from where it fell.)

  74. The wild animal in my toilet last night was a scorpion, and I put it there after we had an ‘encounter’. I should have crushed it first because now I’ll think of it swimming around the system getting bigger and putting baby opossums at risk.

    I’d take a fuzzy baby mammal over an evil arachnid any day. Right now, though, I’d take a shot of morphine or a botte of Jack. OWWWWWWIE!!!! It burns!!!! Must keep looking at cute to keep mind off of searing pain…

  75. Zap,

    We thought of that. We assume the nest is somewhere up in the roof area of the shed, but it was getting quite dark and we couldn’t find a way up there. Also, just bought this house, and previous owners kept the shed in absolute shambles. There is still a bit of a coating of Sevin dust (ant/bug poison) on the floor in there. Thought it best to get the little guy some medical attention.

    ‘Tis an excellent tip, though… wish it would have worked for us.

    Oh, and I don’t think (correct me if I’m wrong) the oppossums usually have nests. Vet friend mentioned that while mom probably does sleep the same place every night, she keeps the babies on her at all times. If you find pinky oppossum, mom may have dropped it an be long gone… 😦

  76. I am so glad to hear of others who’ve had possums show up inside their houses! I thought my family was the only freaks like that! 😉 I got up one morning when I was in junior high and went in the kitchen for cereal and found a possum walking around on top of the top cupboards! It was the hissy spitty variety. 😡 I woke up my mom and told her about him and she said “Okay. Dont go in the kitchen for a while.” and she went back to sleep! Sheesh!

  77. Christy says:

    Haha…those are quite the stories.

    My family had mice for a little while because they were attracted to the seed for our bird feeder (which we eventually started keeping in a sealed container outside). I was up late doing schoolwork one night, and I looked up from my desk to see two little baby mice running across the floor. It was adorable. I’ve never seen anything interesting in a toilet, though.

  78. Poor guy! How did he swim through all those pipes and why? What a momentous adventure!

  79. Villeline says:

    Darn cute critter! I bet he staged it all himself for cuddles! 😀

  80. kittyluv says:

    When I saw the first pic I thought it was a rat. My cat has brought a rat in to my bedroom (UGH – sorry if you like rats)3 times! I love critters but I just have this phobia about rats. This li’l guy is cute though, and I’m glad he got saved 🙂

  81. I used to live on a farm were the water from the toilet came straight out of the dam, complete with little frogs. Now don’t get me wrong I LURVE little froggies!!!! Just not in the middle of the night slapping on my butt, I learned to turn the light on & look before sitting *smirk*

  82. Chilli:
    What an experience. If that happened to me, I’d have croaked.

  83. LOL Aubrey . . *bows to the queen of the pun*

  84. Poor little possum. I’m glad the humans took care of it and it didn’t get flushed. It looks bewildered in the towel picture.

    I found a bat sitting on my upstairs hall rug a few days ago. I think it was ill or something because it wouldn’t fly no matter how much I prodded it. To get rid of the bat I had to carry the whole rug outside. Now I wish I’d taken a picture. They’re kinda cute, bats — like mice with wings and no tails.

  85. Meaghan – That’s why the germans call a bat Fledermaus or “flying mouse”

  86. My dad once happened to turn on the light before using the toilet one evening and happened to find a water moccasin had crawled up the pipes and was in the toilet bowl. Ever since then, everyone in the family always turns on the light when going to the bathroom.

  87. It prob’ly didn’t crawl up from the sewer… There is a vent pipe a short distance from the bottom of the toilet. They usually go straight up through the roof. If the ‘possum was on the roof, and investigating the vent pipe as a good place to hide, it would have fallen down into the drain pipe. The only water it would have encountered was the little bit in the bottom of the toilet that keeps the sewer gas out of the bathroom.

  88. Well, I’m going to suggest that possums may be smarter than we think they are: There’s one old fella in my neighborhood (by a park). I’ve seen him cross the street, and I’ve stopped to let him cross, and he waits till he’s off the road to flop over and Play Dead.
    I suspect he does that just because it’s Expected.

  89. Nastassia says:

    uggh I hate possums…I would have freaked and started crying.

  90. Thanks for the explanation Nemo about the vent. I feel better knowing he wasn’t in the water very long.

    Way to go Karen A. for rescuing teeny, tiny, cute opossum. So adorable!

  91. hrh.squeak says:

    Lizzi – a Water Moccasin? As in, most poisonous north american snake ever? Dear sweet hopping toads on a platter, I should think you’d turn on the lights forever after *that*. Whatever did your dad *do*????

  92. Once, while on vacation in Mexico, I found a cockroach in the toilet. I flushed and flushed but that little bugger was a strong, fast swimmer. Never did get him down.

  93. Cockroaches, Lori, respond to only one thing: Teh Squish. It’s kind of gross, but it does the job (you’re left with a giant smashed insect, but it’s dead).

  94. Hard to squash a swimming roach, Tink.

  95. Yes, I know. Did think of that, but…

  96. Jessebel says:

    Aw! Bless your hearts for taking care of the baby possum. A lot of people wouldn’t have been as nice, I don’t think. Possums ARE cute! I don’t care what anyone says.

  97. (tasmanian)wolfwhocriedboy:

    “Many people have a bit of bias against the shape of marsupial skulls – especially the carnivorous / omnivorous ones for some reason. I’ve seen people shiver inexplicably at a picture of a Thylacine (Taz. Tiger).”

    Well, have you ever seen a picture of a thylacine “yawning”? I’d be scared too!

  98. He has golum fingers! My precious…

  99. Ack! I meant Gollum. Sigh.

  100. I’d like to address the roach thing. The only efficient way to kill a roach is with an assault rifle. It’ll do the job and it’s fun too!

    I hate bugs.

  101. Aub,

    talk about overifleacting…

  102. Mariser:
    Bullets the only way!

  103. let’s make this short and sweet:

    you win.

  104. blue moon says:

    cute but i would not like it in my bathroom

  105. I’m really confused now… I honestly thought Aubrey was *English*, not *Texan*…

  106. Was there a cat in the house? We once found a baby possum in the washing machine — after much thought, we found the cats had excavated through a hard wood floor in the back if a closet, and were foraging for snacks. We think that they were using the washing machine as a holding tank, for late night cravings….


  107. hrh.squeak – I honestly don’t remember. I was about 6 at the time, and all I remember is my dad screaming and a lot of flushing noises.

  108. I think this little fella is adorable!
    I have never seen a possum (going to google it soon) but I wonder how a furry creature like this could be disgusting in anyone’s opinion. Don’t live in US, so maybe someone could enlighten me..?

  109. “Thank youuuu, beeg blue hand. Eet eez so warm and snorgly een ‘ere!” *little opossum stretch*

  110. hrh.squeak says:


    Basically, it’s the Big Pointy Teeth. At least, it is for me.

    (and yet, he’s still cute – lookit the toesies!)

  111. hrh.squeak says:

    And what is it with opossums and plumbing?

  112. hrh.squeak! The little splayed handies!! The funny surprised puppet face!!!

    That is LOL-*adorable*.

  113. Hrh.squeak, thanks for the possum picture. I have to admit, the mouth is surprisingly big. But hedgehogs have quite similar teeth and still nobody hates hedgies… Or do they? 8/

  114. i love hedge hogs!
    possums are cute too

  115. hrh.squeak says:

    Well, Janni, hedgehogs only get to about the size of a good loaf of good bread. And they roll up when they’re threatened. Possums get to the size of a shoebox for hiking boots (but not so wide), hiss and spit while showing you all their teeth, and look like a giant wild rat with a Much Scarier Mouth. Plus, here in the US, hedgehogs are not a native species, while possums are almost as common as rats, and just as good at rootling through your garbage.

    That said, I thought the little possum in the sink was cute as heck. The big ones in my back yard, not so cute.

  116. Thanks for the info. I understand why an uninvited visitor who makes a mess, shows aggressive behaviour and possibly is a carrier of a deadly disease, can make people hate them.
    Btw, I just described the human race… :/

  117. jcooper19 says:

    Okay, I have a story. One morning, my mom came into the kitchen and found a banana peel on the counter, it wasn’t exactly peeled, more scooped out. She didn’t know who had done it, and it hadn’t been there the night before. That night we bought some homemade lye soap at the fair. Next thing I knew, my mom was waking me up and telling me to be quiet. We came into the dining room and looked into the kitchen, and there was a possum on our counter. He was chewing through the cheese cloth on the soap, and eating it. He did this for about 5 minutes and apparently lost interest, so he explored the rest of our kitchen. Then he left… through the kitty door. He didn’t come back that we know of…

  118. You’ll have to re-make The Da Vinci Code with an adorable baby opossum.

  119. i had a possum in my toilet once too!!! i had just moved into a new house and my mom and i were painting my room. my mom went downstairs to go to the bathroom and i heard her scream louder than ever. it was a possum, about the same size as the one in the picture. we were both hysterical so we got some workers who were next door to come and get it. they did and let it go.
    and to answer the question about possums being gross, i dont like their tails. i dont like any tails that resemble rat tails. i sometimes even have trouble touching my cats tails. sorry.

  120. allycatgIrl says:

    One time when we lived in our old house we went outside and there was a big fat possum STUCK IN OUR GATE!Don’t ask me how it got there,cause I don’t know.I remember seeing its long ugly tail(gross).One of our neibors,Ms.Doris,came over and went right up to it and kicked it.It didn’t move so she grabbed it with her bare hands and pulled it out of our gate. Then she went up to her trashcan and threw it inside.It was so nasty!

  121. allycatgIrl says:

    Oops!Spelled a bunch of stuff wrong!Sorry,don’t hold it against me,it is 11:30 p.m at night over here so i’m a little drowsy.Okay,more like a lot.

  122. I had one as a pet!!!!! She was so cute.

  123. ILuvCuteOverload says:

    Ok, my sister had a mouse who had babies once and, (wait for it) my mum was gardening and she found an anerable like 3 day old LIVE baby mousie! I had seen its mother in the same vicinity that day. He must not have been tied to his buddy tight enough(like on those preschool field trips) and just been abandoned! I was happy my mum found him before our cat! So we just put him right in with mommy and her litter. We seriously lucked out, because she took him on like her own little one, and he lived to be adopted.
    P.S. I luv your possum. sweet helpless look.

  124. Hooray for the ICK category!

  125. Thalia: you have helped me understand more about my ick factor with opposums…I thought it was b/c my first good look was gotten staring at a big drowned one in my grandparents’ backyard creek when I was a kid. Like watching a trainwreck, I was horribly fascinated with the gaping pointy mouth with all the sharp teeth (feeling at once sorry for it, yet extremely creeped out). That memory is what makes me shudder when I see one with its trap open even now (and Janni, I feel ya: the baby is cute, but it’s still got that…that mouth)! And now I know why: that pic of the thylacine yawning gave me goosebumps too! Only cute until the mouth opens…

  126. d’aawwwwwwwww. you should have adopted it =)