Come on. Give it up.

Let’s give it up for Stuff On My Cat, People. I mean, look at this quality. It’s redonk—the pure beauty of of the tiny Kitt-tayns are enough to make you crazy. So, check out that site!


Astrid N.—good eye.



  1. What mind boggling thing on a cat is cuter then kittens!?

    …no really, I kind of want to know. Killing with cuteness is an easy and untraceable meathod. XP

  2. wolfwhocriedboy says:

    *sniff* *remembering tender kitten moments*

    That is one kick-KUTE pic. You can’t argue with the little fur balls all snuggie w/ momma.

    It makes being working at 12:30 am worth it. 😉

  3. My favourite’s the cout-of-focus one at the back. He’s like “Oh no, am I in this one? Am I supposed to pose? -staresblankly-“

  4. wolfwhocriedboy says:

    Yeah, and the one just under momma’s chin, looking up at her like, “you like, totally ROCK.” 😉 Milk, warmth, grooming – really what more can any kitteh ask for?

  5. makiono says:

    nya!!! the baby by the momma cat’s head is all “oh do snorgle me momma dear, meow?”

  6. Kitteh 1:”Will your ead me a bedtime story momma?”

    Kitteh 2:”Picture time, AGAIN! (reminds me of that other marmalade kitteh, the one that was high at midnight!)

    Kitteh 2:”Momma! Momma! I’m scared!”

  7. Everything about this photo is exquisite, right down to that pastel coverlet the kitteh clan is resting on.

    And the two front kits have SUCH a look of mom-adoration, while the one in back is saying, “Wha happened? Did everybody move?”

  8. ka9q's wife says:

    as i recall this group got a ton of awwwwwwws when featured on SOMC. So sweet, i can still feel the love. The one in back looks like he just woke up. I love the look of adoration in the white kitten. My teeth just exploded from the sweetness.

  9. Rafael is right, the on one the right is doing a great Oliver Donovan impersonation. Here’s the original:

  10. Oops, meant the one on the left.

  11. Oops, meant the one on the left.

  12. chunkstyle says:

    I want a giant fuzzy kitteh momma right now!!!!

  13. I’m gaping. I’ve never seen such love on a kitteh’s face! That’s my expression as I look at this precious scenario!

  14. Albertanator says:

    I think this is perhaps the most sweet thing I have ever seen on your website and that is saying something considering how many beautiful pictures you have posted….I am in awe……

  15. This is precious!

  16. I remember this one from SOMC – even thought about submitting it but the sweetness overcame me and I was unable to function for quite a while afterwards. Aside from the looks on the kitties’ faces, I love the momma’s “hug”.

  17. Tony James says:


  18. That is a BEAUTIFUL picture! Wow! And I dont recall seeing it on SOMC but I’ve only known about that site for a few months so I may have missed it. 😀 I love that site too though 🙂

  19. The cuteness of this pic has caused my brain to melt. Can’t…type…much..longsdfd…

  20. Holy freaking crap that is adorable!!! Look at the pink nose on the white kitten!

  21. Melts into a puddle of mush..

  22. Isn’t that lil ginger thing on the left a cuteasskitty?! ooohhhhmyyy *fluffy clouds & tinkly stars so cute so cute so cute*

    I seem to have seen a kitty that looks exactly like it somewhere on CuteOverload before. I remember because it’s so ferreaking cute!

  23. Kittens on my cat!

    Like chocolate syrup on ice cream: oh-so-sweet.

  24. The Honourable Gadys Anstruther says:

    Beautiful blue eyes on mom too

  25. Momma Kitty’s one orange ear is killing me. Must bite it…just a leeeetle…..*chomp*

  26. Look at the loving adoration in the white kitty’s eyes!!

  27. Aw f***, there I go… [deliquesce]

  28. It’s like seeing the Madonna and Child. Notice the glowing light that illuminates Momma Cat.

    *big smile on face while leaving to clean guinea pig cages.*

  30. [bubbly puddle voice]
    So, Meg, gurgle, is going to show up under “More! More! More!” soon? Bloop.

  31. OMG… this almost brought tears to my eyes, my youngest fuzzy albino kitty baby was orphaned at 3 weeks and has only had me as a mommy…. she still gets that look every so often and it reminds me of her kitten days… *sniffle* it makes my heart feel like it can burst from all the love…. I wanna go home and snuggle her right now!

  32. Thanks, teho, for a new word!

  33. punkpie says:

    oh Lord that is adorable. MAJOR squeees here!

  34. PURE LOVE!
    lookit dat pink mout

  35. Subhangi says:

    Oh my Good Gracious, what is that I see?
    Not one kitten, not two -but THREE!
    Darn all these tiny fluffy things.

  36. man man..i lurrve the kitten ….so wan to hug them..

  37. i can’t stand the cuteness of this picture. i keep looking at it as if they’re my own little kittehs. I just want to squeeze the cutey kittehs!!!!

  38. awww, cats make such wonderful mothers! this is just tooo cute!

  39. SomC cracks me up–it’s a running tie between this site and that one for my favorite.

  40. what a beautiful tabico momcat. sweet, sweet picture! who needs happy little clouds now?! 🙂

  41. jenni joon says:

    MEG! FOR THE LOVE. You people at CO are just… just.. without MERCY. I am *trying* to be a productive member of society at my job, thank you muchly. How, pray tell, am I supposed to do that when these sorts of pics are available?? Hmmmm…. can ya answer me that! (brilliant… LMAO… just brilliant pic and caption)


  42. kittyluv says:

    li’l white kitteh got the favorite spot! li’l marmalade kitteh’s all “hey i’m next!”

    Makes me think CO could have a photo of the month vote… I’d vote for this one for sure!!

  43. Oh my goodness, that is just too precious! The lil kitty peeking over mommy’s butt, or the orange one looking like it just woke up, or the snuggling one.

  44. My favourite Stuff on my Cat is the one of Janis the cat under a stack of SEVENTEEN PIZZA BOXES. SomC is a tribute to the friggin’ laziness of cats everywhere.

  45. GreenEyedHawk says:

    Look close at the lil white one in the forefront…is that a tiny tongue I see??

  46. Brak_Silverbone says:

    White kitty in front says: I wuv you, mommy!

    The kitten in the back, meanwhile, looks like an escapee from!

    By the way, has anyone else noticed what beautiful blue eyes Mama-cat has? 🙂


    [yes, I *am* slightly evil]

  48. OK, a little more kitteny goodness. For real this time.

  49. Theo I can hear the little honk-shu all the way over here in Oz

  50. Tony James says:

    Ack!!! Tee-Oh, you KEEEEL os! Mit your goodness of ze kittins und ze making mit ze videos! You need to be making mit ze sending of the Kute to wartorn trubble-spotses around ze world! Come to ze cute, mein lieblings – forget ze differences of ze religions und ze skin-kolor, Ze Cute Vill Set You Free!

  51. Tony James says:

    [PS Just had a Jack Nicholson/ Few Good Men moment…”You can’t HANDLE the Kute!”]

  52. Kudos TJ one of my all time fave movies – & so appropriate here!!!

  53. TJ — mein liebchen — there will be a new Lorna and the Doones clip soon. Google Video says it’s being “verified” right now.

  54. Finally! Some cuteness!

  55. Und durink ze furberts, ze photoschnappen! Ve must haf ze photoschnappen!!

  56. Tony James says:

    Von hour, und ze promised video clip hass not been delivered to our agent in ze Overload stronghold. Herr Theo, ze militia of the Peoples’ Popular Front of Cutea vill no longer be placated by ze single postings of ze anerable kittin-piks. Unless ze video is posted zen ve vill haf no option but to storm ze Temple of Snorgle and liberate ze Doones! Ze vill of ze people vill not be denied!

  57. Tony James says:

    Sorry, that should have been “ze Temple of Snorgletude”.

  58. Tony James says:

    Fortress of Snorgletude, even. Ze PPFC is still vurking on its prose style, but ven ve do…

  59. TJ – ve haff ze, how you say, prerogateef to chooss any vord ve vant. Nevah apologice for demandink vat iss ours! Und ze PPFC demands ze video!

  60. …still sez “verification” as of 9:44 PM Central.

  61. …und zee Doonses vould SPANK your puny militia, I sink. Vith tiny Velcro Spazzenpawses.

  62. Tony James says:

    I sink you are wrong – for now it iss clear zat unser renks are growink stronger effery day! Kittenleutnant Arbed! Prepare ze Earzenflappenschnorglekanonen! Mit zis new veppon ve shall ofercome ze capitalist imperialist Spazzenpawses und make mit ze furberts on ze bellies of ze Dooneses! Zen final victory vill be OURS! Bwa ha ha ah aha ha ah aahha ha!

  63. (Vhere ist my posten??) Yah, I zay ve need ze photoschnappen durink ze furberts. Ist gut mit photoschnappen!!

  64. Ja volt, Herr Katzenfuhrer! Fohr ze best purrformanss, ze Earzenflappenschnorglekanonen must nappen und honkshuen fohr ze nite. But ZEN! ZEN ve vill shpring ze veppon upon zees… zees Tee-o pehrson und hees Doonses. Zey vill be helpless againsht ze furberts und ze schnorgles! Ha ha HA! HA HA! [coughen und hacken] HA!

  65. …mit much Pricklenticklen und Meepenmewen.

  66. Netherland Dwarf rabbit, owner!!♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ says:

    Such loving gazes!

  67. psst Theo – I think “Pricklenticklen und Meepenmewen” is a whole other game! 😉

  68. /starts prepping the Earzenflappenschnorglekanonen

  69. bwahahahahaha! teej, teho, arbed–youse guys are too much.

  70. Tony James says:

    Tink! Kom join mit uns in the Holy Skwee-had!

  71. Ja, Tsinkah, you muszt join mit us und help us count ze keetens so ve can furzer our plans. I vill help you also – eins, zwei, drei…. Ach! Tee-o ist nappink mit ze Doonses again!

  72. I don’t know what the deal is. Last time, the video clip went live almost immediately. Now it’s the next day and it’s STILL in verification.

    I’d try YouTube again, but the quality is so crappy…

  73. Hey, these cats sooooo love their mommy!!!! How cute is that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  74. hokay. I am not zo zure how goot I am at zee fake German accent, but I vill try.

  75. arbed, vake him uppen, shaken die kopf und gif him uber schmaken. Yah. Und vile ve vait, ve got to move it, move it. Ve got to move it, yah.

  76. Jaypo — you *might* be getting your Deutsche accent muddled up with your Hindi.

  77. silly me! Happens ALL the time. 😉

  78. Google Video sez:
    “Video is verified; stay tuned – it will be live shortly.”

    …for a clip maybe 50 seconds long. Still, it’s Teh d00n3s!

  79. YAY!

  80. YAY!!, indeed.

    btw, Teho, you have *totally* cracked me up with “Lorna and the Doones”–priceless!

  81. By the way, folks — if you’re going “WTF” about the “Doones” thing, here’s the hoity-toity literary background…

  82. Tony James says:

    Kittenleutnant! Ist ze Earzenflappenschnorglekanonen prepared? Ve must liberate ze Dooneses! Theo ist holding out on uns und denying ze revolutionary bruzzerhood ze furberts which are ze right of ze people! Ze PPFC vill be merzilus! Fetch…ze comfy chair!

  83. Guten Tag, mein Katzenfuhrer! Ze Earzenflappenschnorglekanonen ist oiled und rrrrreddy to ACHtivate. As a shpecial treat, I haf attached ze puddink-pult. Zees vill help mit ze deeshtrakshon Tsinkah ist coordinatink. Zen, ve vill be free to kapture ze Doonses vunce and fur all!

  84. Tony James says:

    Ach! Ze Puddink-Pult! Zis has bin banned unter ze Gen-skwee-va Convention, but no matter – ze PPFC vill employ any meanz necessary for ze liberation of the oppressed Dooneses! Prepare to be puddinked, capitalist running-dogs!

  85. [heavy metallic clanking noises]

  86. Vut? Oh, ja. Deeshtrakshon…hmmph.

    Free bunny cremes over here!!

  87. WHO haz mixed FLAN in ze puddink?!!? FLAN dos NOT FLY, ze Katzenfuhrer has shpokenchoken zis mmmmany times…!!
    [heaves flan off to the side with a red and disgruntled grimace]

  88. [stealthily, unnoticed… 3 little gray kittens, 2 charcoal cloudies & 1 ebony momcat begin lapping up the spilled flan…]

  89. Vunderbar Yaypo, vunderbar! Zey haff taken ze bait! Ve kun now usse ze deeshtrakshon of ze lappink of ze flan to shneak up to ze holl Doonses fameelee und set zem free! Schnell, schnell! Der Katzenfuhrer vill be furry huppy mit us!

  90. [Lorna’s head comes up]

  91. “Kommenzie hier, kittenpoppen, kitteh kitteh”
    [tiptoes but boot crunches on MeowMix under flan…pauses]


  92. [heads swivel]


    [and then]


  93. mariser says:


    ferocious indeed.

  94. Oh, Das Coot!

    Herr Katzenfuhrer, ve may haff to furgive ze capeetaleest peegs who vatch ofer ze Doonses… fur ze moment, hennyvay!

  95. [picks up a squirmy Lorna-cat]
    [trudges back to Catcave, squelching & crunching]
    […to find teh kitnz have :blinked: themselves back into the old cushy computer crate]

  96. They are sooo cute, theo! Fer cryin’ out loud, how can something that cute be alive?!! But they are … [sighing and rewatching vdo]

  97. Tony James says:

    A-HA! Ze brave revolutionary forces of the Peoples’ Popular Front of Cutea have triumphed again! Vonce more ve see zat the imperialist lackies are no match fur unser revolutionary zeal! Ve haf ze Dooneses! Ve haf distracted ze Muzzerkit mit ze cuddly toys and now ve shall stage a daring kidnep of ze teeny-tiny kittenmittens! Kittenleutnant Arbed! You und SkweeKapitain Tink must ready ze Kittenschnappenupundschcooping apparatus, vile unser spy codenamed Yaypo vill hide ze kittens under ze basket of ze dirty linen und schmuggle zem out.

  98. Aye, aye, Kapitain. Ve shall stand by for ze akshon.

  99. Yah, yah, yaddy yah…allo, Herr Teo! Wo ist der kitten? Ich habn’t idea, im der filthyclozingbaschket ist only dirtunddustenpantzen. Zo zorry zee kittenpoppen nicht ist hier, Teo. Auf wiederzein… yah, yaddy yah yah..
    [exits singing]

  100. So long, farewell, auf wiederzein, good night…
    (except it’s already morning)

  101. okay, I really can’t take it anymore…the expression on each one of those kitties is priceless. and the little white meeper in the back has killed meh!

    (wiedersehn, SEHN!)

  102. Weeder’s Shame!

  103. Awww. The little white one is all like “Mommy. Cuddle. NOW.”

    Theo, you killed me. The funeral’s on Tuesday. I expect flowers.