‘Snowy’ look-a-likes

The perfect pups set off for backyard adventures. The Fluffy twins look exactly like ‘Snowy’
from Tintin, don’t they? 


Nicole D., they’re the perfect bookends!



  1. Hey! More Japanese crochetwork! 😉

  2. does anybody know what kind of puppies these are? too adorable!

  3. They look like two lil clouds. That will slobber all over you.

    I love them.

  4. hrh.squeak says:

    Fluffitude! Wanna snorgle!!

  5. It’s the doublemint twin doggies!

  6. they remind me of… snow.

  7. Adrienne says:

    EEEE!!!! westies!!! (i think) they are so anerable!!! mi want 10 of them please

  8. Weee! They’re off on an adventure!

  9. I could just eat their little puppy snouts.

  10. Heh, I know that angle on puppies. Too adorable, and in seconds they’re all over you and heaven protect the camera!

    I went out one night to watch a meteor shower, and laid down carefully on my driveway, being as quiet as I could. A HUGE meteor streaked over with a fizz like a firework, left a dazzling trail through a quarter of the sky, and woke up the herd.

    Next thing I knew, about 8 7 week old lab mix puppies knew where I was and were all OVER where I was.

    I WANT these two little cream puffs!

  11. *squeeeeeeeeee!* i just wanna pick them up and hold them and squeeze them and snorgle them forEVER!

  12. Ah…. I have a soft spot for Westies (as I am a Westie… :p No one will get that, but whatever).

  13. ooh! i love TinTin! and snowy! cuties!

  14. Not only are those pups anerable, I lurve the Tintin ref, Meg!

  15. SUCH cuteness should be prohibited.

  16. Brak_Silverbone says:

    Such snorgleable fluffitude! Lookit the pink TONGUE!!

  17. I saw a great documentary on the life of Georges Remi (Tintin creator) on PBS. <3 PBS

  18. gwenchocolate says:


  19. adrianna says:

    wow @ the flower-made puppies!

  20. I’m going to guess something in the bichon/maltese range. Pure Westies would have pop-up ears and would probably be less fluffy but there could certainly be Westie in the mix.

    Whatever they are, they’re perfect.

  21. OKAY!!! We’ve gone from worst to best in just three posts!

    Refer to “This is nice.” (below) for “worst”.

  22. Yes, those are Maltese. A gift shop in my in-laws hometown has one that hangs out during store hours, and he’s really cute and fun to visit when we go shopping there.

    We’d have one except that most breeders have overpriced them due to the stupid reason that Paris Hilton and Britney Spears have them as pets, thus making them “in” as favorite dogs. DUMB! DUMB! DUMB!

  23. They look like Coton De Tulear puppies, not Westies. This is a rare breed, and they are very intelligent with very unique personalities; very loving and gentle. They are companion dogs and love to do nothing, but sit in your lap and snuggle. They are so adorable!!

  24. Ear flop! Ear flop!

    And lefty there has a serious trouble huntin’ face going on.

  25. These Maltese are surely “the stuff that dreams are made of”.

  26. Oh please…someone save me! Overwhelming proshness!

    And as for the Tintin comment: the only good thing about Tintin was the dog. By the way, in the original French comics and movies, the pup’s name was Milou. Cute or what?

  27. It is really, really difficult to tell subtle breed differences between Cotons, Maltese, Bolognese, Havanese when they’re this young, so it is all speculation. I’d put my money on Maltese, however, because of the ears and face shape.

    If you want to adopt a Maltese and live in the New York area — or just want to look at some more perfectly precious pups, go to http://www.malteserescue.com Metropolitan Maltese Rescue — a wonderful group,

  28. Let’s just hope the twins don’t hit the “sauce” like Snowy!

    Do you think it looks like the twins are racing to make happy hour last call? Just say no, twins!

  29. Puppy stampede WATCH OUT !

  30. Molls:
    No one can stand between a pup and his pub.

  31. There is even pink under the ears. Must lift up ear and snorgle.

  32. I love how cute overload makes me squeal in severe onomotapaeic delight.

  33. and these, children, are maltese clouds. they float low to the ground, and are prone to moving fast and sprinkling precipitation. they have an amazing effect on people, and in their path are a bunch of people saying “awwww” or “squee”

  34. Subhangi says:

    These are seriously the LOWEST-ALTITUDE CLOUDS I’ve ever seen.

  35. I like small dogs, but those two are just about the most adorable I’ve ever seen. Severe squealage on this end.

  36. The Honourable Gadys Anstruther says:

    Where do you put the batteries?

  37. These dogs look exactly like my Bichon-Poo did when he was a puppy. TOO CUTE!! Are we sure these are Malteses and not Bichons?

  38. a flatmate of mine had a doggie like that. It got totally pissed of with my then boyfriend when he sneezed because doggie thought he was barking at him..hihi…tiny dogs are very funny when angry

  39. When these roll up next to you, tongues out, happily panting, you can gently scoop one up and give it a quick, deft squeeze; and it will squeak, once, before resuming to pant, until you roll it off your hand, onto the ground, where it will softly pad away to join the rest of the errant herd.

  40. msumissa says:

    Can’t you just imagine how squiggly wiggley they would be if you picked them up in an attempt to lavish kisses all over your face. Aghhhh, I think I might die in a puddle.

  41. Laura, I *want* them to be bichons. That’s my fantasy dog 🙂 My fantasy bichon would always be a fluffy cloud of whiteness(ie, without that mucky face they sometimes get)

  42. they’re the REAL powerpuffs. 🙂


  43. yoohoostereo says:

    You know those toy dogs that continuously bark until they flip over? These puppies remind me of those toys.

    I love puppies with short little stumpy legs!!!!!!!!!

  44. These look like Maltese puppies~I have one and they are the best in the world!


    I call these kinds of pups “wind-up doggies” – I think they have little keys in their backs that you can wind up.

  46. ohhhhhhh….da leetle fluffy butterdolls!!!

  47. Michelle says:

    My money is on Maltese as well….

    A friend of mine got herself a miniature (can you beleive these come in a mini?!?) and the little sweetie muffin won me over. I don’t ordinarily like the little dogs.

  48. Christy says:

    SO ADORABLE! I’m glad to see the former lack of little fluffy dogs on this site is being remedied. 🙂

  49. maltesemommy says:

    These are DEF. Maltese pups. I have two of them at home and they are the most cutest things ever!! So adorable!


  51. I think that they are BICHON BABIES! They are too stout to be maltese.

  52. istgut42 says:

    those have to be bichon frises, I <3 Bichons!

  53. I don’t know what breed they are, they are simply fluffy white bundles of puppy goodness and that’s good enough for me!
    (If I knew what they were I’d just end up searching the web for rescues and breeders.)

  54. Oh my gosh! The other day I saw a puppy that looked a lot like this, only it was ALL black (black eyes, nose, fur, etc). Then it had this adorable little pink tongue sticking out, which you could see from 20 ft away even though the pup was *tiny*. Sooo adorable! Even my boyfriend, mister “I only like big dogs”, thought it was a sweetie.

  55. They look like two dollops of whipped cream on the run – just want to catch em and eat em up.

  56. Jan Spencer says:

    I had a maltese up until this past December and she went to the Rainbow Bridge. OH she was so adorable, her mannerisms, her fluff, and just a joy they are. I would HIGHLY recommend getting a maltese.

  57. OOOOUUUHHHHH!!!!!They’re sooper cute!! Take in every minute of them because they grow too fast.

  58. sock monster says:


  59. MissMichelle says:

    awww… big fluffy headedness with small bodyness… 😀

  60. aww theyre so cute they dont look real

    no dog could look so cute
    in real life


  62. I’m just sooooo enamored with these two — stop your killing me!!!!

  63. They look exactly like my bichon when he was a puppy. I miss those days!

  64. My dog, Milou (or ‘snowy’), is a Fox Terrier.