Night Night

You know what, it’s been a lonnng day. Time to collapszzzze [ears flop down in unison]


Night night, Diana M.!



  1. Aww. I wanna cuddle with it.

  2. The Honourable Gadys Anstruther says:

    I wish I found sleep that easy

  3. Fish Eye no Miko says:

    Awwww!! Wook at da sweepy widdle kitteh! Awwwwwww… [melts]

  4. We have PAW PAD, OMG!!! 🙂


  5. Aww, so sweepies…*tucks the kitten in, kisses its widdle nose, then turns out the light*

  6. Now I marmela-lay me down to sleep…

    I’m off to sleep now, it’s a balmy 80 degrees in my apartment now, so I should drift right off. Or start hallucinating.

  7. Colleen says:

    kitteh is obviously going nite-nite on mommy’s side, the perfect place for a little nap I say…..

  8. *sniffs*
    I wid I waddn’t allerdic!!

    (I’ve been told I sneeze like a cat, kinda funny that cat’s make me sneeze!)

  9. KITTEH!

    (Still needs a MOM&KITTEH category!)

  10. OMG!! could it be more perfect? i really love this photo

  11. ka9q's wife says:

    I don’t know what is cuter the little scrunched face or the pink pads.

    So is this another caticle?

  12. ka9q's wife says:

    I don’t know what is cuter the little scrunched face or the pink pads.

    So is this another caticle?

  13. ka9q's wife says:

    I don’t know what is cuter the little scrunched face or the pink pads.

    So is this another caticle?

  14. ka9q's wife says:

    I don’t know what is cuter the little scrunched face or the pink pads.

    So is this another caticle?

  15. ka9q's wife says:

    I don’t know what is cuter the little scrunched face or the pink pads.

    So is this another caticle?

  16. ka9q's wife says:

    I don’t know what is cuter the little scrunched face or the pink pads.

    So is this another caticle?

  17. StormCat says:

    *yawn* If I’d had this pic earlier, I would have this fuzzy warm thought to help keep me asleep! As it is, it’s very early and I’m awake… But this pic makes me want to start my day on a better attitude… Thanks Megs!!!!

  18. he’s so sleeeeeepyyyyy…

    the perfect end to a night shift!

  19. Mmmm, I want to snorgle myself right back into bed! However, it’s off to work with thoughts of kitty orange’ to accompany me!

    Lol, Aubrey, I hope no hallucinations!

  20. Teeny tiny orange angel. aaawwwwww

  21. Tiny honk-shuus for the wee kitteh. Look at those perfect paw pads and the tiny nose! So very sweet!

  22. Pile o’ soft marmaladey goodness!!

  23. snoopysnake says:

    Those little pink pads and that adorable little pink nose and that soft orange fur! I want this kitty! Soooooo cute!

  24. Last night, after dozing off reading in bed, I woke around 11 p.m. to wonder where my husband was. So I headed downstairs, cautiously opened the office door a crack (so as not to disturb the foster kittens)…

    …and saw the above photo times five, only in gray and black instead of orange, and Theo sound asleep on the floor next to them. Lulled into Dreamland by sheer cuteness.

    Cute Overload lives in our basement. It is a happy place.

  25. Awwww, what a sweet scene, Jaye! <3

  26. Sooo sweet , I used to have a tabby named sisybear.

  27. Shiny, pink bubble pads. Adorable. sqweet!

  28. Tony James says:

    Egads! Marmalade pwnage!

  29. Jaye (and Theo), you’re going to make me want to foster again! Our kitties may not appreciate it, though; they really didn’t enjoy all the fuzzy strangers scampering through the house.

  30. yoohoostereo says:

    I was unfortunate enough to be drinking a cup of hot steaming coffee the exact same time the page loaded and this picture appeared. The coffee I drank was coughed up through my nose because the need to squee was so bad, I had to do it at that second.

  31. ..sweet widdle pink toes! Awww!

  32. Awww. I love the picture of Teho sound asleep on the office floor next to a pile o’ kitters 🙂 So sweet!

    …And Meg, just wanted to say that this above photo is Not Fair. I suffer from an overwhelming urge to touch my cheek to what is very obviously a soft and wonderful tactile pile of marmalade floof. And I cannot. I must endure my face literally burning with the sensation of wanting to touch Teh Kittehs but being unable to.

    …oh well. Perhaps a bunny will do instead.

  33. AwwwwwWWWW.

    Yes, there really ought to be a parents/kids (momma dogs with their pups, momma cats with their kittens, etc) category.

  34. I cannot get over the pink paddy paws. OMG. And teeny floppy ears.


  35. thinkie, bunny is a perfect subsitute but don’t let her/him know you’re thinking “marmalade kitty! Aahhh!”

    where’s the teho=kittens pict?

  36. …there’s also my landlady’s cat. But she’s sleeping in the sun in a tiny niche which is impossible to access and refusing to respond to calls.


  37. That’s the most pristine pink ever ^^

  38. oh, I see now–it’s a picture of sweetness in the mind of the imaginative. Lucky Jaye got to see it for real!

  39. It’s pink jellybean toes!!

    And the mental picture of Teho asleep next to the kittehs is wonderful. Thank you Jaye!

    And Meg for cuteness! And all of you for your comments that make me smile! Joy joy joy to all of you!

  40. awwwwwww….!
    Slepping kitteh!
    :^ P

  41. *this* just made my day a little brighter!

  42. Kris, in New England says:

    OMG, the hint of tiny pink paw pads. Again, it’s all about the pet feet for me!

  43. Constance says:

    you made my day. squee.

  44. It’s Threebert’s li’l bro Sherbert.
    They shall receive furberts.

    (PS — Kitties = love, but basement floor = hard.)

  45. Colleen says:

    Theo, glad to see that you awoke, slumbering with the kittehs sometimes overloads me with “no don’t move me”… have a great day, since you already had a great nite

  46. This little guy looks like he’s being carried upstairs by his daddy to be tucked into his little kitty bed with the small hangy floaty things just above him made out of little plastic fish that he swipes at with his paws when he’s just waking up the next day. So tie-tie…

  47. Tony James says:

    Jaye – any chance of a pic of Theo Asleep Among The Fuzzizens of your basement? Purely for blackmail purposes, of course… 🙂

  48. Tony James, alas, no photo.

    Anyway I’m not sure it’d be blackmail-worthy if one did exist; he was *clothed*.

  49. Are we *still* talking about this??

  50. Yes *we* are 😉

  51. AwwWWWWWwwwwWWWWW!!!! Looks like little Mr Sleepy McPawpads has discovered the magic of trazodone 😉 I wish he was gigantic but still kitten-proportioned so I could curl up on top of him for a nappy. *yawn*

  52. Tony James says:

    Absent anything more exciting, Tee, then yes, we’re still talking about it =p. Of course, the solution is to post more piks of the Sultans of Squee, and we’ll completely forget about the adorable image of you curled up in a pile of fuzz.

  53. oh god…i just had a catgasm! ackkkk!

  54. By the by, congrats on your mention in Woman’s Day this month in the “Things We Love” section near the front.


  55. Subhangi says:


    AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW. Your description of Theo fast asleep next to a pile of monochrome kittens is totally melt-into-goo-puddle material …



    And to the Marmie in the pic:


  56. Kitty #1, Kitty #2, Kitty #3, Theo, Kitty #…… Hey, wait a minute! You’re not a kitty, Theo! Did you actually stay there all night? I can so imagine laying down next to a pile of kitties to watch them, then sailing off into lala-land.

  57. Yeah, teho, I can well imagine some back/neck soreness after falling asleep on a hard basement floor.

    Such, however, most adequately demonstrates your devotion to Teh Qute.

  58. Silence Dogood says:

    The pearly-pink paw pads are precious.

  59. Jaye was able to get me to come back upstairs. It was a near thing, though.

  60. leedle corn on the cob kitten pads! delish!

  61. where is this photo of Theo sleeping by kitties? because that would be true cute overload!
    aww poor bebe is so tired even his ears are sleeping! lol i remember when my kittys ears were flopping down and she couldnt really walk upright cuz her legs was too tiny 🙂

  62. There’s nothing better than the “Mommy Pillow”! Lucky little bugger!!

  63. Nothing else helps a dreary morning at work like an image of a sleepy orange kitteh – hooray for Orange Ade!

  64. Okay. Who’s up for a Cute Overload theme park where bunnies abound, big faux mommeh kitteh fur bellies may be lied upon for naps, etc.

  65. Call for help!!

    Do any of your CuteOverloaders live in the Twin Cities? If so, would any of you be willing to volunteer at the Wildlife Rehabilitation Center, in Roseville? We’re DESPERATE for mammal nursery volunteers (feeding and caring for baby bunnies and squirrels). Sorry if this is the wrong place to ask for help, but we’ve had a huge influx of bunnies this week, and have set a RECORD for intakes this year. It’s crazy.

  66. Precious pink pearl paw pads!
    You have keeeeled me with the Cute!

  67. Zelda — our two potential volunteers aren’t old enough, sorry… and we’ve just taken on the whole feline foster family role. Otherwise, we’d be there, all right.

  68. Oh zelda, I wish… that sounds really rewarding and wonderful!

  69. Z:
    I’m totally spitting in the wind here, but could you ask other centers for a hand?

  70. hey, has anyone else noticed what’s in the bottom left corner of this picture? It’s a little-kitty-nursing-mouth!!! You can just make out one little whisker pad and the chin. eeee! 🙂

  71. hrh.squeak says:

    Zelda – I think it’s the right place, all right. I live across the country, or I’d be there, squeeing quietly so as not to wake the bebehs.

    Teho – You are obviously the Master of Teh Cute. We all have a picture in our head, thanks to Jaye, that we will all treasure forever. (smirk)

  72. HRH Squeak — you don’t even have the whole picture yet. We’ve got this giant yellow plush stuffed duckie in there, as kind of a floor-pillow…

  73. I picture Mr. T, yes, but he’s also wearing that ornately-embroidered kimono he was trying to win when he and Jaye were vacationing at the Anderson House. Yeah. A treasure – chest what I needed.

  74. Aubrey — whenever you refer to me as Mister T, the picture conjured in my mind is most DEFINITELY not the one I see in the mirror when I shave. And Mister T, in a KIMONO, with KITTENS? …*priceless*.

  75. Aubrey – hee hee!

  76. Guys – I love it when a plan comes together!

  77. hrh.squeak says:

    This is the Best. Mr. T, in a kimono, with kittens, asleep on a giant yellow plush stuffed duckie. *poit*

  78. mariser says:

    T. sez:
    “We’ve got this giant yellow plush stuffed duckie in there”

    what have you guys done to Pervert? he used to be tiny…how you get him to giant?
    /never mind
    //don’t want to know now
    ///getting pretty horrific mental images all the same
    ////scrolling up to sqee at the little yeller feller…

  79. mariser says:

    *you know* that Mr. T is tewtally into kittehs…

    kittehs with many gold chains, probably.

  80. hrh.squeak says:

    “I pity the fool who don’t love on the kittehs!”

  81. eep! giant yellow floor-cushion duckie–

    *sighs happily*

  82. Actually, Mr. T hung up all the gold a few years ago. Said he felt it was disrespectful to God, I think.

    Not that this is a tangent or anything.

  83. oh, like a tangent would be unusual around here. 🙂
    I count four kitties, total, in this image. And I am wondering what the proportion of “cats sleeping” pics is on C.O. … out of all the cat pics, how many are of sleeping cats? Why are sleeping cats so damn cute? Why am I obsessing over this??

  84. That’s cool, if he did. Mr. T, I mean. I think I remember hearing that, too…

  85. OOOOO….you pointed out the kitten nursing mouth in the left hand corner and I really did feel my head explode!
    Wow, cool!

  86. Nursing kitty… OMG! Thanks for pointing it out!

    Aubrey, thanks for the wildlife rehab link. I’m going to ask our volunteer coordinator about it, as we really need more help than we’re getting right now. It’s tough, ‘cos the intake of bunnies and squirrels ebbs and flows, but I think the more we humans encroach on the outer lying suburbs and exurbs, the more babies we’ll see in future. Sigh.

  87. Oh man, the nursing kitten! I thought that was just another paw…

  88. DavidBoBavid says:

    is it wrong to want to gently nibble those little paw pads?

  89. Mariser — LOL. The big plush floor-duck is April. Pervert now shares a windowsill with 3 other rubber duckies, including King Duck (the Third).

    For those who don’t know Pervert the Snorkle Duck, look for him in many of the photos here:

  90. House of Mayhem says:


  91. So cute…
    So marmalade….

    Just what I needed!!!

  92. Heather S. says:

    Holy Paw Pads Batman!

  93. Jackie from Michigan says:

    *melts into big glob after viewing cutey marmelade kitten goodness*

  94. for the tale of an adopted pregnant cat.. to her wonderous kittens.. to their placement in loving homes.. filled with the best kitten pics on the web.. click the stingy kitties penny at this website.. you will NOT be disappointed! yeah cute!

  95. Brak_Silverbone says:

    I am GOING to kiss those little pink paw-pads. You CANNOT stop me!!! *smooch*

  96. Rebecca – it took me ages, but I just finished going through the kitty story and pics. Tres funny and tres tres cute!

  97. Tony James says:

    Poor Curious George!!!! 😦 😦 😦

  98. I am in Michigan, so can’t help at Wildlife Rehab in Minn….I would I would!

    Last weekend I had the best rehab experience tho…(segue…haHA)…

    A baby bluejay had fallen out of the tree….after putting him up in a hanging plant pot high as possible for the day…no parents appeared, so I fed him for four days.

    He developed a loud “jay” call…and Mom and Dad both appeared at the window! We put him up in the tree in a cat carrier with the top open…within an hour Mom and Dad were hopping in and out feeding him.

    Yesterday he flew out of the cat carrier! Yay! Success!

    And…I lurv the Theo/kitty/basement floor story!

    Ummmm….TJ….what did I miss about Curious George? 😛

  99. Cute little guy!!!!

  100. Rebecca Woloch — You named your momcat “Slashdot?!” And her DASHES! Seriously? I can’t TELL you how awesome that is.

    Sarcasta, are you reading this??

  101. Tony James says:

    Lauri – go to Rebecca Woloch’s link and scroll about half way down. Have the Kleenex ready, though… 😦

  102. lol Theo, I knew you’d like that. I’m glad you all went to read the story. Best I’ve read about, aside from LaurieC and her boxcar family, in a while.

  103. lurkertype says:

    Nothin’ beats orange and white kitters. BEST EVAR.

  104. Oh dear Garsh.

    You are so right about the Keenex, TJ.

    But, Rebecca…you have the most beautiful kittens ever! And CG got the best care possible! ‘Tis just how it was meant to be!


  105. Ahhh, just had to come look at this pic one more time before bed….

  106. Laurie C says:

    Lauri, What a great story aabout the birds. Whodathunk putting a cat carrier in the tree? Nice ingenuity.

  107. Sarcasta says:

    **Sarcasta, are you reading this??**

    Yup, I just read it, what a motley bunch of kittens! Just like the Slashdot crew IRL. Except their runt is still alive and doing fine. No, I will not name names.

    Makes me want to get a kitten… again. 5 is too many. Right? Riiiight????

  108. Sarcasta — we’ve got 8 now.
    (Well, OK, 6 of those are the fosters… Lorna and her Doones)

  109. Sarcasta, I don’t think there can ever be too many!
    At one point I had 7 cats and 4 dogs. Down to 4 cats now cuz 3 of the bebbes were very old and passed away.

    Everytime another animal needs to come to my house my husband says “We don’t NEED it.” and I say “No, but IT needs us!!!”

    Yay for Lorna and the Doones, too! Great name for kitty groupage! 🙂

  110. Sarcasta says:

    Just be sure you don’t become a “failed” foster parent!

    Apparently (pun intended) you “fail” out of the human foster care system the minute you adopt one of your fosters, and they never ever let you foster again? What’s up with THAT? Hopefully the animal foster care rules are a bit more lax.

  111. When I looked at the fostering information locally, it did mention that they frown on fostererers adopting the fostereeeees because they are two separate programs. While they don’t have a hard time finding adoptive parents for kitties, they do have a harder time finding foster parents for them. Still not 100% sure why this would exclude someone, but that was what I read.

  112. Gillian says:

    That’s what I imagine my white and orange stripey cat Hooter looked like when he was a kitten.


    (that is all)

  114. Hey that is so cute I wish i can find sleeping that easy!



  115. hey all! thanks for the many compliments on the “dashes” (and for the sweet words about georgie!).. just wanted you all to know that i’ve been working on the kitty pages to make them more user friendly and i paid some “home visits” this week to make sure the babies are getting the best treatment – all posted with new pics on the web!! ps to Theo – my computer geek son named the cat slashdot – it’s his fav website

  116. Rule Numbah Seh-Ven anyone?