Happy little clouds

Better than a warm glass of milk, it’s Bob Ross, People!

Thanks again, Nat S.!



  1. Bumblebees!

  2. And for ultimate cuteness, here’s Bob Ross feeding a baby squirrel!

  3. blueberries4me says:

    I wonder whatever happened to his little squirrel.

  4. ohnonichole says:

    ohhh, i love bob ross.

    happy little trees!
    happy little trees!
    happy little trees!

  5. ka9q's wife says:

    I just love him. His voice is like valium to me and makes me want to take a nap.

    oooo Happpy little clouds.

  6. ka9q's wife says:

    I just love him. His voice is like valium to me and makes me want to take a nap.

    oooo Happpy little clouds.

  7. ka9q's wife says:

    I just love him. His voice is like valium to me and makes me want to take a nap.

    oooo Happpy little clouds.

  8. ka9q's wife says:

    I just love him. His voice is like valium to me and makes me want to take a nap.

    oooo Happpy little clouds.

  9. ka9q's wife says:

    I just love him. His voice is like valium to me and makes me want to take a nap.

    oooo Happpy little clouds.

  10. ka9q's wife says:

    I just love him. His voice is like valium to me and makes me want to take a nap.

    oooo Happpy little clouds.

  11. hrh.squeak says:

    Meg, you take care of us well. I’m having dreadful insomnia attacks right now, and this will fix it right up. Even the little tune is sleepifying. And Teko, thanks for the bebeh squirrel link, so cute!!

  12. A Fine Morsel says:

    Yes…just need a blankie and stuffed animal…it’s 1979 again and all is right with the world…Zzzz (snort)

  13. Staranela says:

    How does he keep his hair so…..round?

  14. hrh.squeak says:

    Happy little hair!
    Happy little hair!
    Happy little hair!

  15. that’s exactly what they told me in art school.

  16. um, well, I obviously missed the Bob Ross phenom, despite having a vague knowledge of who he is.

    Cute baby-squirrel-feeding video, though. And Mr. Ross himself is pretty cute with the floofy hair, there.

  17. My husband will be sooooo happy to see these videos when he gets his daily CO fix tonight.

    And hrh.squeak, “happy little hair” was just too much. If I had been drinking milk I’d be blowing my nose right now to get the rest of the dairy out of my sinuses.

  18. Oh, I miss Bob Ross. I loved watching his show, and wanted to see the paintings when they were finished but his voice was so soothing ,I was asleep by the end of his show. He should have lived forever I miss him so much.

  19. Ok. that was freaking AWEsome!! I have never heard of Bob Ross, but I LUFF him. He takes care of baby squirrels! That’s so cool! And his painting is so peaceful…

    How about this quote: We don’t have mistakes, we just have happy accidents. I love it!

  20. I’m going to go smoke some pot now, to keep that happy little feeling…


    (afroverload.com called….)

  21. His happy little Sergio Valente’s make me feel extra snuggly.

  22. anonymous says:

    Aw, Bob Ross. I was so sad when he died.

  23. It’s hypnotic.

  24. We used to watch him & my sisters & I would be like….what is he DOING??? That looks like CRAP! But then with a few quick magical strokes of the brush he’d turn it into yet another masterpiece…..

  25. oh man, now I’m bummin… what happened to him?

  26. It’s 3:20 PM, and if I watch more than two minutes of this, I’m going to have the keyboard embedded in my forehead. So I don’t know what the painting ended up looking like, but if I could bottle that soothing voice, I’d definitely save it for my next insomnia attack.

  27. Bob Ross is the Mr. Rogers of the art world. He’s just so comforting. love!

    (Could you provide links to the videos as well as embedding them? Sometimes it doesn’t work in my browser.)

  28. OMG. What a nostalgia trip – back to my exchange student year in the States more than 10 years ago! Our arts teacher showed us Bob’s videos before we started with our oil paintings and thanks to him, I was able to paint a happy little pine tree! Just like so! Awww.

  29. Sibyl – just click anywhere other than the “start” arrow and it will take you to the Youtube site.

  30. I just looked him up on wikipedia. How could I have missed an entire phenomenon like that??? He’s freaking famous, and I’m 46, so it’s not like I’m too young to remember. Too funny…

  31. Tony James says:

    How on earth does he get his hair to do that? Looks like it would be a perfect fluffy nest for a tiny baby skwerl. Now, if only we had one of those handy…

  32. From rotten.com:
    What television neighbor Fred Rogers does for the lonely, alienated child, Bob Ross does for the isolated, emotionally unavailable adult.
    That article also reminded me that he did a spot for Mtv, which I had forgotten about!

  33. Absolutely uplifting.

  34. Hey, Theo! Remember this?


    (run your cursor over the yellow “Joy of Painting” tape under the TV)

  35. Every now and again I’ll catch a Bob Ross repeat on a UHF channel.

    I think he’s Tellytubbies (aka: mental valium) for adults.

    Happy little office workers.

  36. J. Bo — yep… pity there’s no actual ‘toon for it, eh?

  37. You can even buy a Bob Ross painting kit at art supply stores. I’m sure you could find it online as well.

    Ceejoe – next time you hear any of us over 30 saying “happy little trees/clouds/etc”, now you’ll have a reference point!

  38. Bob Ross. The Pied Piper of motel room interior decorators the world over.

    Not that that’s a bad thing – and he liked squirlies!

  39. I’m glad I’m not the only one who think’s he’s like valium XD

    I love Bob… I used to watch the show every day after school.

  40. Happy little strokes for happy little folks! I had forgotten all about Bob…thanks for the memories! 🙂

  41. ahhh that brings back memories…I used to sit for hours (or what seemed like hours) watching this guy paint. I think it was my parent’s trick to getting me to nap 😉

  42. No offense, but I don’t really see how this is cute….its endearing, but not overwhelmingly, gushingly, mind-explodingly cute….plus as an artist myself, I really don’t find his work to be that skillful at all :/ There’s no soul in his work, just…happy trees. Dentist office material, hehe.

  43. buffnrub says:

    Hey check this out…


  44. AuntieMame says:

    That’s sort of the point, Amy. Bob was the Everyman’s painter, for people (like me) with no artistic skills whatsoever. We could dream of painting happy little trees ourselves, someday.

    (Of course, I never did anything about it, but I always was lazy.)

    And it’s cute in the endearing, nostalgic way.

  45. you guys have really gotten lazy.

    i remember when cuteoverload used to have game. you chumps are sputtering

  46. OH! The noises that that squirrel makes sucking on the bottle KEEEEEELL me. I think THAT deserves front page mention!

  47. It’s a pity he didn’t become a cultural phenom until after he died. I’ve seen the Bob Ross t-shirts and art kits, so someone out there is making money off of his memory.
    I loved his show, even though I didn’t paint (and neither did anyone I watched it with – my dad was addicted). Watching the process was so much fun. Plus, you just want to give him a big hug and snorgle!

  48. bees on pie says:

    I always loved it when he cracked himself up by whapping the heck out of his paintbrush. So cute!

  49. Michelle - also an artist says:

    Meg, you’ve done it once again. Plastered a smile on my face that actually makes my cheeks ache. And teko, that clip of him feeding the baby squirrel was awesome. The combination of Bob’s voice and the lil squirrel making rubbery sucking noises… Gaaaaah!

    And Amy, if you can’t see the soul in his work, you’re merely looking at the paintings.

  50. i can’t believe i just sat here and watched that whole thing. oh my goodness. bob ross enthralls me. lol. :o)

  51. Impossible to watch him without smiling.

    Made my day.

  52. What’s cute about this?

  53. nice. but where the cute.. lol (jk) OMG I was watching this….

  54. OH, I love Bob Ross. I haven’t seen him in so long! It’s just what I needed on a stressful day.

  55. ragdoll says:

    Ah, I love you for posting this. I was feeling so crappy and this just cheered me up so much. I remember watching this as a child and being so amazed at how he can turn a blank canvas into a landscape so easily and quickly. I’m still amazed. I miss Bob Ross. PBS should really air his show again. I need his soothing style now more than ever!

  56. kittyluv says:

    OMG I had no idea this person was dead! I see him every Sat. morning when I’m drinking coffee and channel surfing. Well, the hairstyle makes more sense now – lol!

    Feeding the squirrel – OH! The little squirrel eye movements and bottle sucking sounds – wonderful!

  57. Is this high art? No. Is this reminding people how fun it is to create something? Yes. Bob took the intimidation factor out of oil painting and made it FUN for people again. Again meaning there was some point when most of us put the lids on our finger paints and stopped creating for the sheer joy of it. These paintings have value, but not in a Sotheby’s kind of way.

    So while people may question Bob’s inclusion on CO (doesn’t his hair meet one of the Rules of Cuteness?), don’t be dissin’ Bob.

    I’m going to get off my crayon box now and go buy some finger paint… 🙂

  58. “And Amy, if you can’t see the soul in his work, you’re merely looking at the paintings.”

    Shove it Michelle, I never, ever criticized your tastes or opinions, so please stay the hell away from mine.

    Art is probably one of the most ambiguous, broad concepts of our culture and heritage. Anyone can view anything as artistic or aesthetic. It is my opinion that Bob Ross shouldn’t be considered a “real” artist, if that isn’t shared, fine, but it’s my freedom to say so, if I choose to.

  59. arrrrghhhh… you negative people are piercing my happy bubble…

  60. I had so much to do when I got home from work. Oh Bob Ross… you make me forget the ills of the world. And my chores.

  61. Amy/Pillow — correct me if I’m wrong here — you’re telling a working artist to “shove it” in the context of an old PBS show about how to paint “happy little clouds.” Way to command respect. Please, please run for Congress.

  62. Bob Ross is the best. He gets me to a relaxed happy place. When I was a little kid I used to imagine I lived in one his paintings

  63. aaaaw I can’t get the email link to work but in case nobody has sent you this already http://www.flickr.com/photos/leviathor/114789927/ a tiny iccle babyfriend who nearly died but was too cute for death!! it made my heart die! xxx

  64. Double aaargh! It’s Bob Ross, he’s harmless, he’s given people warm fuzzies for years. Why does there need to be so much anger? If I don’t like something, I shrug and walk away. I don’t need to take some satisfaction in ruining fun for other people.

    (And I’m AmyH – with an H. Just wanted to be clear…)

    Happy little posts
    Happy little posts
    Happy little posts

  65. Well, Bob does have a little muzzlepuff going on there, and if you take his ‘fro into account, he has a tiny ear to head ratio. He’s at least as cute as that sea lion thingy.

  66. Jackie from Michigan says:

    Happy little cloudsss…zzzz…*wakes up* Huh? Whaaa??? Oh, how cute…

  67. courtney says:

    i used to watch this show every day when i was 5 years old and up. i alwyas tried to paint along with him, but someohow it was never the same.
    haha. i love him!

  68. wtf. theres no artistry in simply making people happy? watching him paint on PBS was a weekly warm-fuzzies ritual back when.

    i always wonder why so many people get their arse over their back about posts. whats cute about this, whats cute about that. until you’re making the posts yourself, i’d say no one gives a toss what you think is cute. 🙂

    happy little clouds, people…

  69. who said anything about art….?

    yeah i’m tie-tie now

  70. I’ve never seen him before but I think his artwork is AWESOME!!!! Wish I had half his talent! At first i laughed til I was purple but then I started to get into it – genius! I even did the wrinkly pup thing of squinting my eyes and squishing his hair with hands LOL well it was on a long time

  71. AuntieMame says:

    “Shove it Michelle, I never, ever criticized your tastes or opinions, so please stay the hell away from mine.”

    As a matter of fact, Amy/pillow (assuming you are one and the same), you criticized everyone at CO with your initial rip on why you didn’t think the post was cute and how you don’t think Bob Ross is a real artist.

    And just as you have the right to say so, everyone else has the right to say how they disagree with you.

    So save your venom for an appropriate occasion.

  72. …it’s hyp-no-tizin’. Plus, so cuddly. I loved when he said things like, “This little tree looks lonely. I think we’re going to give him a friend.”
    *sigh…just what I need after a long move.

  73. This was really relaxing, I’d only seen it once or twice before on TV. Thank you!

  74. Doodalalala says:

    Oh boy. This warmed my heart. I believe I just found the ultimate remedy for insomnia, too.

  75. omg the squirrel is the cutest thing I ever saw!! Hear him noshing too lol

  76. I LOVE BOB. Used to watch him every saturday. I made my mom buy me a kit of his for Christmas, and I made a lot of mud (wet on wet technique not as easy as it looks). But I had a blast.

  77. LesbianNeoCon says:

    I miss that guy! He’s so soothing!

  78. OMG. I’ve actually watched that entire thing on TV.

  79. Cauliflower says:

    I haven’t felt this calm in ages…thanks.

  80. Is this cuteoverload or creepyoverload? Has there been a hostile takeover?

  81. I’ve never seen or heard of this guy (I’m from Aus) – this is hypnotic! And so calming! What a legend!

  82. Michelle says:

    Amy, I meant no any offense when I suggested looking beyond the paintings to dig the anaesthetic grooviness of Bob Ross. My comment was not directed at your tastes in art, trust me. In fact, it’s entirely possible our opinions on art and technical skill may be very similar, ya know? But that has very little to do with Bob Ross on Cute Overload.

    ::takes a happy little cloud, “shoves it” into an envelope, sends it floating on a breeze in your general direction::

  83. simpler times.

  84. Hehehe, his voice reminds me of the creepy “community/religious” guy on Family Guy 🙂

  85. ugh, sorry Michelle, I am -beyond- PMSsy this past week. You should have seen me on sunday, my boyfriend STILL won’t talk to me. Sigh.

    Sorry for reaming on you. Very un-cuteoverload.com of me. *takes happy cloud* Yay! *opens up envelope, gets zapped with a little happy lightning bolt* ……aw.

  86. I just gotta say it … if pictures of babies are not allowed on C.O. (see submission guidelines!) then pictures of funny-looking full grown men shouldn’t be allowed either! It’s Cute overload not Afro overload! Yeah, I get it, he gives some of y’all the warm fuzzies, but this is Not a Bunny. grumble grumble grumble [goes back to look at sleepy marmalade kitten …]

  87. I used to watch this in the middle of the day during the summer or sick when I was a kid. His voice was so relaxing on a hot early-afternoon.

  88. OMG yes, the kitten…..the kitten! *dies from the floppy ear-ness*

  89. Bob Ross was tha bomb!! What a sweet, creative, lovely man he was. I used to love watching his show, although I don’t remember actually getting to see the end of it many times…*snnzzzzzzz* (but with a happy smile on my face!)

  90. Okay, this did it for me. Had to join. First post (for me). Happy happy joy joy. Thank you cuteoverload, you make my day. Over and over again.

  91. fawn lust says:

    bob ross! yes!

  92. You have got to be kidding me? All of the cute little creatures out there and we are watching 30 minute Bob Ross video!! You can call Bob Ross a lot of things but cute isn’t one of them!
    Don’t get me wrong, I like Bob but let’s bring back the cute people!!

  93. Oh god. I love this man. I used to watch him when I was about 3 years old – how did he ever hold my attention? He is just THAT awesome.

  94. lol….oh, another thing I love about this site….

    “don’t give a toss..”

    “get your arse over your back

    Phrases I have never heard, but find very interesting and amusing! 🙂

    Cultural exchange, y’all!

  95. thankyou for introducing me to the energy of this person, such an amazing and gentle soul, almost overpowering, so beautiful!

  96. caroline says:

    While this is not the typical “cute overload” post.. It seems to have brought comfort to many! happy happy…..

  97. Wow… I’d forgotten about him. I remember watching him as a kid, too… Happy little memories… 🙂

  98. first poster says:

    My first post ever. I agree with chacha (amongst others)that if babies aren’t allowed (fair enough, no-one thinks a baby is as cute as its mother does)why oh why would you post this? Especially as I usually look at CO on a work computer which has no sound, this really was a dreadful post. Now I will spend today feeling deflated – hoping to get my “daily visual allowance” of cute baby animal pics, and instead getting a puffball-haired retro man doing a painting. Whoop-de-doo 😦

  99. Awwwww, I LOVED Bob when I was a li’l tyke. …and when I was a not-so-little tyke. …and when I was a grown-up (I’ve kinda regressed back into the not-so-little tyke stage).

  100. I met him at an airport, once. He was exactly like he was on his show. He gave me a buisiness card and signed the back (without being asked): To a special friend. That was sweet.

  101. Bob got me started drawing when I was a kid. Not while I watched him though… hypnotizing…

    There’s a bob ross video game coming out for the Wii.


  102. GreenEyedHawk says:

    I used to ALWAYS watch Bob Ross when I was hoem sick as a kid, I love him!

  103. lurkertype says:

    One summer our PBS station showed Bob at 10 or 11 PM M-F. I was out of work and my roomie had a crap job. Bob and his happy little trees were damn soothing to us.

    He’s no marmalade kitteh, but different is good. And Meg never makes mistakes, they’re just happy little accidents!

  104. Bob’s happy little trees make me a happy little Liwl 🙂 He’s clearly on some kind of magic pill, and not sharing!

  105. So… soothing. *crawls happily into bed*

  106. Hi! I just watched the entire painting. Anything that can keep me mesmerized for over 27 minutes is amazin’!

  107. …and yeah, Lurker..different is good! 🙂

  108. lurkertype says:

    Thanks Lauri. 🙂

    Ol’ Bob was really a master of that brush technique, wasn’t he? Art or no, it was mesmerizing.

  109. You know what? I watched and tried to “listen” subconsciously, and I got the impression that Bob put a lot of work into those paintings before they ever hit the tv screen.

    They are really neat! :)….haha..what a term..neat.

  110. damn. i love bob ross. thanks CO.

  111. suck it thomas kinkade! bob ross rules!

  112. I love watching him on the Arts channel, he is so funny! What a nice guy…

  113. Laurie C says:

    I used to find Bob Ross’s tone and cadence kind of irritating, but there was no doubt he was teaching people something that could potentially give them something happy to do and get them to try something creative. He wasn’t the first PBS wet-on-wet technique guy, though, there was an older white-haired man whose name I can’t remember (or remember enough to google or Wikipedia it. Bob Ross inherited that guy’s slot.

  114. Laurie C says:

    Now I’ve got it: Bill Alexander. Bob Ross credits him with teaching him the wet on wet technique. I much preferred watching Bill Alexander. When I worked in an art supply store, loads of people whould come in looking for the Bill Alexander painting tools and kits.

  115. How did you do that? YouTube blocks videos longer than 10 minutes…

  116. Bob Ross was the crunchiest man on the planet.
    How can you not like the happy little trees.
    I met the “bird lady” he spoke of in the squirrel video.
    I did my MA at a school in Muncie, IN. A friend of mine and I were walking to class and a herd of ducklings sans mamma were waddling down one of the busiest streets on campus.
    We weren’t sure what to do so we scooped them into a box and Dave (the guy I was walking with) suggested we call her.
    Short story long… the duckies lived to waddle another day.

  117. Many happy memories of watching Bob Ross, and seeing it on CO this morning just lifted me right up. Thanks, Meg!

  118. Ahh, I love Bob Ross! Never fails to make me smile 🙂

  119. kristen says:

    GreenEyedHawk, same with me – sick on the couch meant a little appointment with Mr. Bob. More healing than chicken soup.

    It’s really amazing, the glowing response Bob Ross has earned. If everything was taught this way, I think we’d all be lots more relaxed and confident.

  120. YAY! I’ve always luvved (and have been amused) by Bob Ross; what a peacefule soul!

  121. DesertFoxCat says:


    This is the second time I’ve ever been able to watch Bob Ross all the way through.

    It’s amazing how it doesn’t look like anything at all in the beginning, but by the end there’s a beautiful painting.

    He may not be a kitten, but he definitely gets an A+ in my book.

  122. wolfwhocriedboy says:

    Ok, weither you think the dude can paint or not he wins top points for ultimate “MELLOW” man. Seriously, Dan is cute with or without the baby rodent. 😉 He’s teaching people the basics and loving life – it doesn’t get any better. 😀

  123. how *anybody* can say *anything* negative while Bob Ross is on the page is absurd. The man is a legend, the ultimate personification of joy – I had a permanent cheesy grin watching this entire episode.

    We need to somehow clone his happy little DNA and mass-produce it in warm cocoa form. There would never be a war again.

    “Let’s draw a little bush here. That’s so Mr Squirrel has a place to hide.”


  124. I love Bob and I’m only 17. His happy little paintings make me smile and giggle.

    I love his “happy accidents”. Tho I would never use that term in reference to a painting, but rather someone who has just wet themselves from laughing too hard.

    And to the people that are gonna sit and get worked up about how this video doesn’t belong at CO, nobody is forcing you to watch it. The fact that it makes like 75+ people happy means that it does indeed belong here.

    Rest in peace, Bob Ross.

  125. Oh my, Bob Ross!! When I was growing up my sister and I were only allowed to watch one hour of PBS per day (dude, going to a friend’s house rocked. Nickelodeon!! MTV!!). Anyhoo, I used to love watching the happy little streams and trees come to life. Bob and “3-2-1 Contact” – the good old days.

    Other Bob memory – my awesome 7th grade art teacher used to bring in his videos. I thought he meant them as a joke, but he also used to have us “draw what we were hearing and feeling” while listening to music, so maybe not…

  126. *sigh* Bob Ross…I miss that guy so much…I would hustle my then-narrow ass as fast as I could after the school bus dropped me off (a mile and a-half away!) so I could make it home in time to check out Mister Happy Little Trees. When I found out he’d died of cancer, it was like the bottom fell out of my artistic world.

    Here’s more info:



  127. Oh my goodness aka dear sweet jesus aka I could love youtube and cuteoverload more but that would be impossible,
    Another great clip from the awesomeness of youtube and yes it is better than a warm glass of milk and a cookie before nap time. It reminds me so much of my childhood. Also, he has the best afro on a white person ever in the history of afros on white people, I LOVE IT!

  128. Oh my. I just watched the squirrel video.

    Oh my.

  129. Oh, man. I used to watch him when I was little. So soothing! That just took me right back. Wonderful!

  130. Donna J says:

    There should be a warning on all his videos: Do Not Watch at Work on a Boring Rainy Day! I didnt even need my Xanax today…and didnt realize how soothed I was till my co-worker walked in and found me half-snoozing, head in hand, with a smile on my face. Happy little nap!

  131. Hey there. I remember this guy. I used to live for the little asides he’d give once or twice a show. In this clip when he goes off about how beautiful the skies were up in Alaska when he lived there. I remember once when he was painting a barn he told a little story about how the farmer had moved away and the barn was lonely now. Thanks for posting that, CO. Brought back a lot of childhood memories.

  132. Hey there, I just saw on the wikipedia page that his show is airing in Turkey, Germany, Mexico and the Netherlands as well. I wonder it the people doing the voice overs for this show in other countries has the same soothing tones. Bob Ross is king.

  133. Ryan Blackhawke says:

    At one point, when he first started doing the trees, I was saying BOB THAT DOES NOT LOOK LIKE A TREE. Then he took the happy little yellow and some happy little blue and VOILA, gorgeous trees.

    I remember watching him a few times. I saw we send a box set to israel and hezbollah and force the leaders to watch the entire box set. Then, no more war.

  134. duncan! i REMEMBER the lonely barn! he made me feel sad for an imaginary structure made of rotting wood as represented in oil paints. amazing. i’m gunna go watch this again.

  135. Brak_Silverbone says:

    At the start of the program, when he said, “It’s a nice day here and I hope it’s nice where you are too,” I actually got all misted up, thinking, yeah, Bob’s in artist heaven and he’s looking down on all of us, and I bet he’s real happy that he’s made us all smile today.

    Thanks, Bob–rest in peace and may your trees always be happy trees.

    (Sorry for being kinda sappy. I’m an artist myself.)

  136. Brak_Silverbone says:

    By the way–I am seriously gonna go get some cookies and milk now, settle down in front of my monitor and watch Bob again.

  137. Nastassia says:

    He’s not cute but I wish I could paint like that :[

  138. but, the squirells?! says:

    happy trees happy trees!
    man ive got that as tune in my head…i just luff all uff it all the poofe` doo,the sleepy talk,the rambling about woodland scenes and wild life, and stuff, all of it…
    wow gives me the urge to start painting seriously,
    its awsome absolutly aws-
    heeey wait a minute…
    *touches finger to chin in thought*
    hmmm what was he saying the other day? hmmm…
    oh yah it was somthing oboat bob dyi-
    *eyes widening suddenly*
    WHAT WILL WE DO!?!?!?!



  139. but, the squirells?! says:

    *snort* huh?
    oh was i saying somthing hmm
    hum hum happy trees hum hum
    happytrees! (laugh)(puffy little blue bird chirping)
    happy happy little bitty treeeeees!!!
    (leans over to pat fuzzy racoon with mouth stuffed full of berries while squirrell hops onto shoulder and snatches nut out of extended hand with fuzzy little paws)
    *eyes widen*
    oh my gosh im possesed!
    hmmm oh well……….
    happy treeeees!!!!!
    lalalalalalala (walks away)

  140. happy little clouds!
    happy little trees!
    its that easy!
    i love his art work, he was so talented, makes me want to go to an art store and by all the stuff right now! to bad they’re all closed! 🙂

  141. Why is it on cuteoverload it’s not cute! ;(

  142. It’s not art either!

  143. It’s not art either!

  144. It’s not art either!

  145. woops!

  146. Every time it rains, it rains
    Pennies from… someplace…

  147. Chelsey says:

    Oh wow. I remember watching Bob Ross paint when I was a lil’ bitty thing. I’m pretty sure my mom used his voice as some sort of nap-inducer ’cause I don’t remember ever finishing an epidsode. Anywho, I remember watching re-runs when I was a bit older (about 7 or 8, I think) and thinking that it would be so easy to paint like that. Turns out….it’s not. Ah well this brought back a bunch of memories. Penny, what do you mean it’s not art?

  148. I think it’s high time we found ourselves another Bob Ross/Fred Rogers-type person to save the world. Someone to stand up to the Ann Coulters of the world and kill them with kindness and sunshine…and a one-inch brush.

  149. chelsea says:

    i don’t have to words to sum up how i feel about bob. i think he was one of the most genuine and kind humans out there captured in a strange concept of a television show and brought a lot of people a lot of happiness.
    this may sound weird but he gives me the same “fuzzies” as say, a baby kitteh.
    love the man, and miss him. that sounds a lot like a eulogy, but hey, respect.
    furthermore, anyone who can inspire people to paint or create and diminish the “intimidation factor” deserves mad props. he should be an inspiration to more people.

  150. What a good, gentle man. I kind of see this post as the very essence of CO: Just look at the responses from people! It’s just what they needed after a hard day; it brings back happy memories; Bob Ross was an everyman who inspired them. I don’t see CO as a repository for pictures of kittens, but rather a salvo for people who are feeling wistful, lonely, or downtrodden. Kinda like art.

  151. brownamazon says:

    How delightful! At first I was all, “Bob who?”, and then as soon as I saw that fluffy ‘fro and heard the zen-master drone of his voice, the memories came flooding back! “Let’s put some happy little birds in the sky over in this corner, so Mr. Cloud has some friends.” Squeee! We need to organize an aerial drop of Bob Ross videos all over the Middle East, stat.

  152. brownamazon says:

    Oh, and send a copy to aggro “class action suit” lawyer guy over there on the right. He’s scaring me.

  153. housecat says:

    Yeah, that class-action lawsuit guy totally harshed my Bob Ross-induced mellow. But wow, for about 30 minutes there, I was totally relaxed. It’s all coming together for me now…this explains why I, at only 25 years of age, inexplicably like smooth jazz. The Bob Ross music is why. Uber-soothing. Anyway, am I the only one who could so see Will Ferrell doing a Bob Ross impersonation?

  154. okey then. nice hair! he should be part of the jacksons. their hair is the best!

  155. ” … alooooot of paint thinner, ‘loooota paint thinner … “

  156. Hey to Amy, Bob Ross not cute, sure he was!! And as for your comment that as an artist you dont find his art that talented, well Amy, Bob Ross Inc are rich beyond their wildest dreams so I think you will find you are in the minority!! I know, everyone has an opininion! x