This is nice.

Two people enjoying a bunny.
Thanks, David R.



  1. yipee i got a submission on cuteoverload

  2. I WANT to like this, but it freaks me out a little.

    I did get a little choked up when he hugged the bunny though.

  3. This is sooo silly! I can’t stop laughing. I especially love the understated and simple intro. Really, what more needed to be said?

  4. …but is the bunny enjoying its people?

  5. Tracibub says:

    I LOVE the look the bunny has on its face after the lil’ dude breaks out in the hug. Cracks me up!!! HOORAY BUN!

  6. I’m sorry, that’s just scary.

  7. Why is this on CUTE overload? 😦

  8. Tootienator says:

    that is supposed to be cute? That is scary and creepy. Those dudes look like pedophiles!

  9. Ponygirl says:

    That bunny looks a little freaked out when he gets hugged. I love that cartoon.

    I guess I was emotionally scared by all the college boys back in the early days of the “internets” that would have me click links to footage of “faces of death” and chinese televised executions and than laugh and laugh and laugh because I was upset. So now when ever I click a link I get a small shot of fear and nervously wait for the carnage to start. With Cuteoverload’s help I am conquoring this fear. Thanks everyone!

  10. This is quite creepy…

  11. At first I though it was Bunny Torment, but now I realize it’s Bunny Enjoyment, so it’s all good. I like the fact that the big guy is unshaven and has the uni-brow thing going on, but still has the time for a bunny.

  12. Charlotte Conrad says:

    Even the fuglies can be lovey! Awww…

  13. Creepy. I love the “WTF?” look on the rabbit’s face, though 😉

  14. CorgiGirl says:

    I would like to hug a bun like that! (that would be one big, scary bunny!)

  15. Aww… I really want to watch this but I can’t get past the “enter your email address” screen…?

  16. eh?

  17. Lol.
    Ok, this is one post where the comments are definitely cuter than the post!

    But…whatevah floats yer bun!

  18. I watched it again, and it’s better the second time.

    I think it’s because I was sure some creepy corpse was not going to appear on the screen and make me wet my pants!

    I’m with you, Ponygirl, those things freaked me out!

  19. yeah that was dumb

    and most definitely not cute.

    lets see some kittens and baby animals. now THATS cute.

  20. um.. I vote for the “weird” category..

  21. hrh.squeak says:

    Second to you, Aubrey – I like how he is very friendly to the little guy and willing to share his bun. (And the look on the bun’s face cracks me up!)

  22. see

  23. isn’t “Zune” the super-secret Microsoft ‘iPod killer’ product/initiative?

  24. heh. puppeh with an i/MacBook followed by a Microsoft plug. this site certainly caters to all tastes…

  25. That was cute, but a completely bizarre way to market a portable mp3 player from Microsoft. I guess they’re saying “Apple’s consumer-friendly? Well, we’re so consumer-friendly we have BUNNY HUGGING!”

  26. jennifuh says:

    “I like the fact that the big guy is unshaven and has the uni-brow thing going on, but still has the time for a bunny.”

    That is the funniest thing I’ve read all day!

    I think it’s cute. Who wouldn’t want to share a nice bunny among friends?

  27. teko sez,
    “…we’re so consumer-friendly we have BUNNY HUGGING!”

    and if you don’t buy pur product, we’ll EAT THE BUNNEH!

  28. er,


  29. [cocks head to one side]



  30. It ain’t right, dawg!

  31. comment? Creeepy,retarded,what else can i say?
    Not cute.Yeah, there we go.

  32. …Ew.

  33. …I want to be small enough to glomp bunnies and make them go “Bunroo?!”

  34. I don’t understand why some people find that creepy…?
    It’s all about sharing and loving bunnies; that’s just lovely.

  35. w00t for Regina Spektor

  36. Michelle says:

    Aww bun hugger.

  37. hmmm thats was…
    they were harassing the bunny and u can see it on its face!

  38. I’m sorry, that’s not cute — it’s just creepy.

  39. I’ll give ’em an “A” for effort – and I like the fact that it shows guys who like rabbits. Lots of guyz like cute animalz….

  40. that is terribly adorable.
    yay for hugging bunnies.

  41. Nobunny’s anybunny ’till somebunny wubs you.

  42. man why do people have to always look negatively upon things. sheesh. anyway this is really cute and yayyyy regina spektor!!

  43. Baroo? I don’t get it. Creepy. Not cute.

    I know….. Meg just wanted a new item to be voted to the bottom of the Cutetracker contest.

  44. Arvay!
    Are you in AK now?
    Are there blackflies?

  45. Katiekinz says:

    Its cute! In a .. creepy .. sorta way.

  46. Quite…umm…disturbing.

  47. Tony James says:

    Less Microsoft plugs, and more pictures and video and snorgles of Tee-Oh’s kitties!

  48. dissapointed says:

    it wouldnt work for me – I just got the music, and a blank screen till the zune logo at the end!!! any suggestions on how to view it?

    ps: I expect my comment to be ignored because you all ignore emails from anyone outside of your cliquey little group and wait till one of your friends writes an “in” joke.. Go on, change my opinion!

  49. Dissapointed, wish I were more technically inclined and could help. I just clicked and there it was.

    My techy friends would probably ask: “What kind of computer do you have?” and then “What browser are you using?” I have no idea what they’d do with the answers though.

    Here, hug this imaginary bunny, maybe he can help you feel better.

  50. Laurie C says:

    “ps: I expect my comment to be ignored because you all ignore emails from anyone outside of your cliquey little group and wait till one of your friends writes an “in” joke.. “

    disappointed, though I can’t help you on the tech side myself, I’ve seen many occasions in the past where Theo, computer wizard and regular poster has offered tons of technical advice to others with difficulties, and not just people of a particular group. Kinda late in some time zones, however to expect everyone else to be around to pitch in advice, though.

  51. grandefille says:

    Thank you SO much for this link.

    Even creeps need to hug a bunny every once in a while, y’all. Don’t be hatin’.

    P.S. — Even creeps sniffle at a poignant little line drawing, too. Ahem.

  52. Kitsunegirl says:

    Very strange, but still cute in a weird way. I like that it represents a different version of cute than we’re used to seeing. I LOOOOOOVE all the fluffy animals & stuff, but it’s good to get some variety too. 😀

  53. Regina Spektor is fantastic. The cartoon is creepy cute in that “my little brother drew it and he meant well” kind of way. 🙂

    Disappointed, I have to tell you that I’m not part of the in crowd and I’ve half a mind not to answer just because I don’t like to encourage petulance.

    However, try it with a different browser, or from home if you tried from work the first time. *shrugs* it played for me in Opera.

  54. This is the best we can do!? No wonder we’re having our asses handed to us by the Japanese.

  55. Shannon L says:

    I was gonna write a disappointed comment, because at first it didn’t dawn on me that it was a flash cartoon, and not just a picture. Maybe some people aren’t actually *watching* it?

    I watched it, anticipating unhappiness….but I giggled. Yes, I giggled and forgave, lol.

  56. Uhhh… Creepy? Disturbing? Wtf?
    Seriously, why is it that every time something else than a photo of a cute fluffy animal is posted, these people jump in to post “No sir, I didn’t like it”?
    Some of us can actually enjoy several different forms of art, okay?

  57. this is cute in a way that i’ve never seen cute before. it’s weird. but it’s still cute. …but it’s still weird. (but cute). what???!

  58. OMG! The regina spektor song!!!

  59. OMG! The regina spektor song!!!

  60. double post

  61. Zzzzzz[snort] …wha???

    [rubs eyes]

    Right, right, opinion time… OK, I find it odd and a little funny that this Microsoft ad shows up in a distinctly Apple-ish environment like Cute Overload. But I suppose it gives equal time to balance out stuff like this:

    And for those who can’t view the animation, two very basic steps to clear up first:
    1) You have to click on the image first
    2) Your browser probably has to have the Flash Player plugin (free) installed. It’s available here:

  62. PS — you say clique, I say fan base.

  63. It certainly proves that perspective is everything. And I love the NFB-not-anime feel…pretty, floaty tune, too

  64. not cute. wierd. since when are bunnys bigger then little people er..what the heck!

  65. called, they want their content back.

  66. Laurie C says:

    Now, *that’s* a witty way of opining on the post. Good one, mo.

  67. I didn’t think it was creepy. I liked it. And I love Regina Spektor to itty bits.

  68. Sorry that quiet a few of you didn’t like the post. I just thought it showed how a cute bun could soften even the roughest toughest bloke. And just think what it must feel like to hug a bunny not just stroke and snorgle

  69. David R — You can’t please all the people all the time. It’s no big thing.

    Personally, I like the variety in Cute Overload’s selections (even if I don’t necessarily care for each and every individual post).

  70. Why does the big guy look like a child molester?

  71. “And just think what it must feel like to hug a bunny not just stroke and snorgle”

    Actually, bunnies aren’t all that big on hugs, unless they know you well and trust you. And there’s no guarantee even then.

    So either the guys in the animation are this bun’s close friends, or the animator has never hung out with bunnies, or both (??? I’m just guessing here…).

    At any rate, I like the way it was drawn and animated.

  72. etabetapi says:

    I’d like to enjoy that bunny… on my plate! Bwahaha! Cute animation.

  73. Awh I think its a lovely little animation. I’d like to think its making a statement.
    “People make connections by sharing the things they love.”

    Here is this homely large guy, who probably is feeling down due to living in a superficial world. The only thing willing to deal with him is the bunny. (the ol “animals love everyone” card). Along comes the tiny person who is afraid to approach. Not because of the bunny, but because the guy looks scary/mean. The little person wants to pet the bunny SO BAD though, that he overcomes his fears and approaches. The little person reaches out their tiny little hand to the bunny, while apprehensively waiting for approval from the big homely guy. With a smile and a nod from the big person, the little fellow gives the bunny a tentative pet, and then a huge hug. The large fellow looks on with a somewhat sad face, perhaps a little jealous/envious of the small persons ability to hug the bunny. But he then smiles, cause he made a new friend.

    Awh fluffy bunnies for everyone. ^_^

  74. There is not anything cute about a Microsoft viral marketing campaign. Nothing.

    Frankly, it’s pretty disappointing. I expect better from CO.

  75. Diane N says:

    I’m with Loxi on this one. Sometimes “cute” is more than just muzzlepuffs and floof. Too bad more people aren’t open to that…

  76. BunnyWings says:

    I think it’s cute, because it expresses the crap bunnies have to go through JUST because they’re cute. I love it.

  77. ka9q's wife says:

    I liked it better before i learned it was associated with Microsquash.
    I wonder why people who are big and don’t look like the cultural ideal get classified with child molesters. The scary thing about people who do bad things to kids is they look like you and me.

    BTW for those of you in the UK, here in the states homely means not attractive rather than having to do with the home.

  78. Zzzzzzzzzzzz ( snorty ) Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
    wha….. ew that is just plain stuipid!

  79. Cute? Yes!

  80. ScorpioSpirit says:

    The bun looks a bit like a freaky blob, but overall this is quite cute. The little dewd is so shy! & then he’s made happy by hugging a bun. Isn’t this what CO is all about??

    P.S luvvin the cool music.

  81. ScorpioSpirit says:


  82. ScorpioSpirit says:

    Honestly! Can you guys seriously not remember back to reading fairy tales as a child? Jack and the beanstalk? No? It’s a rule in fairytales:
    Giants are ALWAYS ugly!
    …and they always have cool pets.