Der teh Der

Der teh der

der der der.






  1. Rayndrop says:

    Awwwwwwwww. So sweet and mournful. And yes, I looove soft, warm, velvety doggy ears. Mmmmmmmf.


  2. punkpie says:

    those ears look like velvet… so soft!

  3. The Honourable Gadys Anstruther says:

    Looks like Lord Farquarson-Chomoldley-Twisleton-Flange “Charmed to meet you my dear”

  4. So what if I never caught a rabbit? And it’s immaterial of I ‘ain’t’ no friend of yours!

  5. that’s ADORABLE!!!! =]

  6. Constance says:

    floppyness is luff!

  7. Hmm, hw who thinks

  8. god good. i first saw this from an angle, sitting at another computer, and it looked utterly terrifying.

    but then i moved over (chittering with fear and hugging myself) and found it was just a big lump of chocolate-brown cuteness. so that’s okay then.

  9. god good?? i do believe i reversed things a bit there.

    it’s the fear i tells ya!

  10. Those ears are adorable! Hard to imagine her going from all lazy looking like that to racing after a rabit.

  11. “I… am… SOOOOO… bored…”

  12. Schnnnnnnnozzzzzzzzz…..!


  13. What’s the “der teh der”?

  14. It’s phonetic, LaurieM. Just say it aloud, with as goofy a voice as you can manage, and you’ll get a vocal expression of idiotic goofiness.

    (Yes, I refuse to reference Carlos Mencia, before any of the rest of you complain. I don’t care. You can’t make me. So there…)

  15. still dont get it. what does it mean?

  16. jenni joon says:

    Feel the warmth of a cold nose, right? Ahh… I just want to hug’m and kiss’m right on his head. So cute. (my head cocked to the side, soft fuzzy glowing feeling of goodness – all from looking at that pic; Tuesday will be a *good* day now!)

  17. dwine, it doesn’t mean anything more than “doh-tee-doh” or “lah-dee-dah” or “doop-de-doop.”

    It is (and I can’t believe I’m playing semantics playground monitor again) merely “vocal expression of idiotic goofiness.” Look at the dog’s face! Say the syllables out loud! This is all you need to know!


  18. Theo, exactly.

  19. BoyARemynoseOO’sbig!

  20. Meg, your captions perfectly capture what J. Bo so aptly calls the “idiotic goofiness” of this flopped-out dog.

  21. Yes, Moooom. Yes I KNOW it’s important to get good grades in obedience school. Yes, I KNOW the top doggie universities accept only the best. (eye roll) Can I turn on my xbox now?

  22. Villeline says:

    Soft soft soft soft!
    Warm warm warm warm!

    Don’t despair, Dwine. Here is another foreigner who has no idea what the point/fun/what’s-it is with the “der teh der” thingie. 🙂

  23. Ryan Blackhawke says:

    I thought maybe we had the Sweish Chef’s dog.

  24. “what J. Bo so aptly calls the ‘idiotic goofiness'”

    Villeline, dwine–You know Goofy (of Mickey Mouse fame)? It’s something Goofy would say.

  25. yoohoostereo says:

    Forget about the ears (which are lovely) I am all about the eyes. Those droopy, lovable eyes.

  26. Laurie C says:

    I think he’s melting.

  27. I hereby apologize for my “Sheesh!” impatience. I forgot what an international phenomenon CO has become, and therefore just ASSUMED all readers were well-versed in American goofiness slang.

    Mea culpas all around, y’all…

  28. 🙂

  29. I love doggy noses. The shape is so cool.

    der teh der, is like, hum-de-dum, would you call that an onomaotopoeia?
    and the people who don’t get it…onomatopoeians? Sorry, I couldn’t resist…:^ P

  30. ceebs, onomatopoeia (sp?) is when a word sounds like the thing it is, like “slushy” or “gulp.”

  31. Yeah, I know, but I thought it was close enuf. had “buzz” and “murmur” as examples (I had to check the spelling)

  32. I LURVE this guy (gal?). There’s something about a huge, pink nose…

    His thought bubble (in Of Mice and Men Lennie voice):

    I wish I had a little friend
    A little friend to pet and play with…
    I used to have a little friend,
    but he don’t move no more.

    (heaves a sigh)

  33. Well I’m Canadian and didn’t get the caption either. I mean, I understood what Meg was going for, but the “sounds” don’t register much with me. To each country its own goofiness and goofy noises! 🙂

  34. ohhhh the sad mournful doggie eyes and the ears they totally own you people makes you wanna take him home and spoil him awwwww

  35. Do you guys do the Winningest/Loosingest Cutetracker thing? I always stop when both pictures are wugly. Like the first picture is of a dog with 3 teeth and one eye and the other photo is of a hairless cat.

    Yeeesh. Don’t make me pick one of those!

  36. DH, it’s even worse when they’re both so cuuuuuuute. Don’t make me choooooose!

  37. arbed, I’m with you. I’m from the U.S. and I’ve never heard those noises. However, I figured it out when I said them out loud.

    Oh, and those ears look so silky soft!

  38. the ears are delectable…BUT…what about those jowls drooping down to a soft smoosh on the floor?

  39. A plain case of what happens when beloved pooch somehow manages to steal the wrong brownies…

  40. Awww! Chocolatey goodness!

    As for “der teh der” or “Doh!” or any other Americanism…

    If you’re not from here and if you don’t get it, so sorry so sad. Once something like that is explained to death, it has effectively lost its humorous power.


    But the dawg is still sweet.

  41. Nah, it’s still funny. You just have to translate it to your own familiar version. 😉

  42. Patricia says:

    He is adorable. Hehe! That is exactly my expression after 6 hours of morning classes following working the night before.

  43. Squishy jowls! Flappy jowls! I’m in soft velvet brown ears heaven! *faints* (near doggie for a hug of course!)

  44. So what do you canadians, or wherever else say or mimic, when someone is being a dumb, idiot.. Like you know those cartoons of a barefooted Hillbilly that usually has a jug of moonshine under his arm? In other words, what’s your version of “Der teh Der”?

    (being from Arkansas, I am so not offended by the barefooted hillbilly thing!)*grin*

  45. well I dont think hes “baroo” because hes not… conscious enough. thats more for curious puppies. but Zelda I totally agree he is Lennie from “of mice and men” in dog form

  46. ” D’uh ” tends to be a popular choice here in southern Ontario.

  47. More along the lines of what J. Bo said way back when. Stuff like “doh-tee-doh” or “lah-dee-dah” or “doop-de-doop.” Like I said, I knew right away what it meant, it was just different, that’s all.

    I just came back from a visit to my sister’s place and she has a Newfoundland dog. He spends almost all of his time in this very position, occasionally issuing forth grumbles and sighs. Very funny!

  48. where I come from, we don’t have hillbillies. thats why i didnt understand in the first place..


  49. I don’t think it’s a “hillbilly” thing, or even specifically an American thing. If you just make a droopy face, and mouth out nonsense syllables like “hurr doy buh wubbuh-wubbuh urk pshooo” then I’m pretty sure anybody would get the basic idea.

  50. 😦 no one got my of mice & men ref for the taco bunny last week…oh wellllll

    “So what do you canadians, or wherever else say or mimic, when someone is being a dumb, idiot..”

    Don’t they just call them Newfies? 😛

    Also, LOL DH, I do the same thing, stop playing cutee when neither is cute or I can’t see what it is.

  51. Yeah Theo, I guess that was my point when I said that I understood it anyway, but I’ve got a b**** of a headache and am not really very functional or literate this morning.

    Ceebs – LOL… I mean, Hey, wait a minute – most of my relatives are Newfies! Oh, wait another minute – LOL again, in that case 😉

  52. I



  53. Velvety, chocolatey goodness. Pudding dog?

  54. PUDDINS!!

  55. That does it. I’m going for the creme brulee.

  56. Ooooh! ESCALATION!!
    [retrieves blowtorch from garage]
    [dons bib]

  57. TEHO, wwatch it with that thing, willya!!

  58. …and Aubrey, don’t you dare waste a perfectly good creme brulee on [splat!] glubbmdjcimub nduf mbub.

  59. Sorry, JP. It’s finished. It’s custardy, it’s carmelized, it’s a classic dessert and it’s ablaze. Watch out – FIRE IN THE HOLE!

  60. I like “Doh dee doh dee doh…” said in oafish tones.

  61. May I throw in some chocolate creme pie?

    My chocolate lab’s ears are puddin-tastic.

  62. (_) (_) (_) (_) (_) (_) (_) (_) (_)

    |—-> lining up buckets to catch pudding!

    (send over the chocolate pudding first, pulllease!)

  63. brownamazon says:

    Too bad flabradors don’t smell more like chocolate, and less like…smelly dog.

  64. I am proud to say that as a native Scot, who has lived in Canada, Germany and France, singing mindlessly a gentle little tune to ones self when bored is indeed a universal trait. Hence the caption.

    And you know that the big chocolate head in the photo was lowered veeeerrrrrryyy slowly and deliberately straight down to cause those perfect “s” curve-lets at the bottom of those beautiful velvet ears.

  65. I actually thought it was something like that, but was also open to the possibility of there being some deeper meaning that wasn’t readily apparent.

    Guilty of overthinking perhaps?

  66. Chocolate (dogs) do tend to melt in the heat…. Better slurp him up quickly! 😉

  67. There’s nothing like labs to stop you in your tracks with their soulful look. There was a lab at work, who would sadly wait at the top of the stairs from 12N-1P every day while her owner was at lunch. Moving not one inch.

  68. Woo hoo! Puddin’ fight!
    [Comes out of nowhere to glob Theo upside teh head with some day-old banana puddin’]


    With all the hillbilly talkin’, the hound dog and the puddin’, I was going to try and attach the “Banana Puddin'” song from Southern Culture on the Skids but that looks to be too much work. Now I’ll have it in my head all day instead. (

  69. [begins preparing the TAPIOCA TREBUCHET]
    *creaky noises*
    *gloopy noises*

  70. Subhangi says:

    Darn me dingbats, its a Chocolate Mousse Pudding McPuddersons alright. And here’s the junior version:

  71. I’ve been compiling Weapons of Mass Desserts for some time now. Just a warning.

  72. Next time I read a ‘Not Cute/It’s Ugly/Wah-I-Don’t-Like-It-So-You’re-All-Stupid-Wah-Wah-Wah’ comment, I’m unleashing a barrage of fresh baked chocolate chip cookies. You know, the ones you burn your tongue on because you have no willpower to wait for the chips to cool down?

    That will teach those crankypants to rain on my happy happy cute parade!

  73. Bring it on, Pastry Puff.

  74. (Aubrey, I mean…)

  75. ShellBell says:

    That is the most mushroomy nose I have ever seen – adorabubble!!

  76. AmyH:
    This is for the wah-wah commenteers. Don’t waste lovely c. chip cookies on them.

    I have access to homemade banana ice cream. And sling shots. Say no more.
    And they call me Phyllo around here.

  77. WMD? … WMD? … I don’t see no stinken’ WMD!!

    (opening mouth wide and squinting eyes)

  78. Kin someone make a yummy Devil’s Food cake (with lots of gooey chocolate frosting)? Thanks!

  79. Phyllo?? A death by baklava and/or galaktoboureko would be honorable!

  80. Constance says:

    Aubrey, I’m with you.

    *Loads pudding in her slingshot*

  81. Watch out, guys: I’m a baker (professionally) so I have access to a whole lotta dangerous pastries…and I have wicked good aim.

  82. Good call, Aubrey. One should never use a chocolate chip cookie in anger.

    [Hmmm, I think chocolate pudding gets more distance, but the butterscotch has better accuracy – must choose pudding weapon wisely]

  83. [heavy metallic cranking noises]

  84. Yikes! I think Theo is readying the Puddin-pult!

    Duck and cover!

  85. T: Crank all you want. Fear the pie. That’s all.

    That’s not me in the picture, but her tecnhique is very good.

  86. You can see it just on the horizon, a large cart bein wheeled to the top of the hill by numerous burly men. With each pull and bump it’s massive cargo shimmers and quivers.
    A cloud passes away from the sun and a golden beam strikes the tranlucent, jiggling mass casting a sickly green hue upon the assembled masses.
    Both women and men swoon as relize just what fate has in store.
    A giant lime Jello the size of large boulder molded in shape of a pinapple is loaded onto the trebuchet.

  87. Enough with the dessert fantasies. Back to the pic!
    Labradors ARE luv – goofy, lazy, big-pawed, shoe-chewin’, face-licking, squirrel-chasing, thinks-he’s-still-a-puppy-tho-he weighs-100-lbs. luv!

  88. 😮 looks like my dog Chopper.
    Whenever he gets that look, you know he’s on the verge of farting.

    Or already has.

  89. hrh.squeak says:

    Pics AND puddin!!

    Puddin: How about warm chocolate death? You know, those cakes you cut into and puddingy goodness comes out all warm and . . . . the heck with throwin’ this, narm narm mmmmmmm.

    EricaE, lovely description of Scary Lime Jello of Death. Just please tell me there’s no canned pineapple in there, or we’re all doomed.

    Pics: Aside from wanting to stroke all the velvet forever and ever, this picture reminds me of a bit from Margery Sharp, in reference to a dog photographer: “Enlarged nostrils like snail shells filled the lens.” Hello Big Moist Nosicle!!

  90. hrh.squeak says:

    Now when my husband comes home, how am I gonna explain all the pudding on the keyboard? Specially with the pudding stains round me mouf….

  91. Aubrey — that is SUPREMELY silly and I’m *not* going to interview you.

  92. Oh, and HRH Squeak? No canned pineapple. Please. It’s shredded carrot. Shredded carrot AND mini-marshmallows.

    We don’t mess around.

  93. hrh.squeak says:

    Aiiiiiiii!!!!! Mini marshmellows!!!!!!!!!! It’s all over!!!!!!!!

  94. Let me explain things. “Der” means “the” in German, while “teh” means “the” in leetspeek. So the first line means “The The The”, and could either be a reference to “The The” or a reference to the Simpsons episode “Cape Feare”. Someone will have to explain further.

  95. Martin — when “The The The” is mispronounced (in typically sloppy labrador fashion), what we hear sounds like “Duh Duh Duh.” Or so I am told. By jealous chihuahuas.

  96. the nose is soo big its unbelievable! ssssoooo bored

  97. Brak_Silverbone says:

    Must… tug… gently… on…squooooooshy muzzlepuff!!

    And look at the beautiful amber eyes! What a sweet doggie.

  98. sip of diet pepsi + picture = mess on shirt

    Makes me want a chocolate lab even more!

  99. Maybe a bit late on the “what is der-ter-der” discussion… but to me, I’d reference the Swedish Chef from The Muppets.

  100. HRH Squeak,

    Well, it is molded in the shape of a pineapple.

    Our engineers have determined with their mathematical prowess and all that gobblety gook that in order to stabilize the Jello and make fly straighter the pineapple was needed. However for aerodynamic’s sake the marshmallows were also added… I don’t mess with engineers.

    …Let’s see if they were right shall we?

    The latch on the trebuchet is released and the Jello sails forth with a tremulous wobble. It’s ungainly bulk seems almost graceful as it casts a pale green shadow on the assembled masses.

    Mother’s stare with dewy-eyed terror clutching children in their arms.

    Brave soldiers stand by armed with giant spoons. They know that even as the evacuation continues many will not escape.

    The claxon of emergency vehicles can be heard in the background.

    The Jello sails for what seems an eternity but soon reaches it’s final destination… the chocolate pudding factory!

    Of all the horrors the town’s folk could imagine none could compare to the site of their beloved pudding factory perfectly encased in it’s new, shimmering, green prison.

    It is a world gone mad.

  101. EricaE & I definitely had different viewpoints to the launch… I was *sure* I nailed a faction of fussing freakers…

  102. rotfl! Well, that proves it. There is nothing new under the sun. I hadn’t read that comment until just now.

    Well played, Theo.

  103. [breathes on fingernails]
    [polishes them on shirt]

  104. Ah and modest too… Golly, Theo. You’re dreamy. ;o)

    Of course, then again, Jello is always funny.

    This only serves to prove another universal truth…

    “There’s always room for Jello.”

  105. “Yeah…last night was a BLAST…!”

    Just look at those eyes. I can’t even look at it.

    *faints from cuteness*

  106. hrh.squeak says:

    EricaE – again, you astound with the jelloriffic prose. I prefer Theo’s target mineself – got enough self-righteous pompousness in childhood to last a Freakin’ Lifetime. Go Go Theo!!

  107. [Opening door, looking around room– AGAIN– shaking head at pudding, Jell-O, and assorted pastry mess]

    “No, I’m not cleaning THIS up, either. No, sir.”

    [Scowling, closing door, and hopping away while carefully avoiding Cool Whip puddles in the hallway…]

  108. Self-rightrous pompousness? …I’m confused.

    In the words of Roger Rabbit…

    “My whole purpose…in life… is to make… people… laaaaugh.”

    (If you haven’t seen, “Who Framed Roger Rabbit” do it! Tee hee)

  109. No worries, EricaE. *I’ll* be the pompous one. (Best to leave that for the professionals, anyway.)

  110. (…but HRH Squeak was referring to the fussy crowd of commenters that I was aiming at, as opposed to the pudding munitions plant which I seem to have entombed.)

  111. Pfew! That’s a burden off me. I could try pompous… but I’d rather not.

    Though, I think that confections are the best weapon against those types. I mean I’d like to see someone continue to pontificate on the cruel nature of photographing a sleeping kitten against its will with two blazing hot chocolate chip cookies stuck to their forehead.*nod nod*
    Jello I think is the ultimate. It muffles sound and if the victim is encased entirely it makes it difficult to type.

  112. no worries. My organization is willing to take full responsiblity for the pudding plant.

    I’d hate of you to be blamed for something you didn’t do.

    Viva la revolution.

  113. *for* not *of*

    I’d also hate for you to be blamed for the wealth of typos in all my post. lol!

  114. Subhangi says:


    All this food talk is making me hungry, and the mess is closed! Have mercy, people!!!

  115. Subhangi says:

    I’m starving. Can someone mail me a Chocolate Lab? (With whipped cream if available, please.)

  116. hrh.squeak says:

    Oh oh oh, EricaE, no not you!!!! You are wonderful with whipped cream and sprinkles!! Theo is right, I meant his target, the snarky poster on the Japanese crochet thread. But I love the idea of encasing them in Jello to muffle the sound. Heehee, keep the word pictures coming!
    (Bows to your skillz, hugs to you)

  117. hrh squeak

    *blush* Aw shucks. Thanks. :oD


  119. He looks like he’s got boo-boo tum. Probably wishing he didn’t eat that last tennis ball.

  120. I’m glad everyone likes my dog. His name is Jake, he will be 4 on November 1 and he looks like this most of the day. When I took this picture we had just got back from a play at the park with his friends. I caught him just before he went to sleep.