I feel a flip book coming on!!! [singsong]

Turtle Junior has been CAPTURED! Susan the Farmgirl found him while "gardening" [That’s farmspeak for turtle-huntin’]

Check him out, he’s all: "Oh, Crikey. That’s it—I’m taking my pin-prick nostrils, and we’re outta here!"


"I’ll just be on my—Ehn!—way!" [waves claws]


"If you’ll just let me—ehn!—down" [looks down the eqivalent of 800 miles]


"Don’t make me take your kneecapsoutEHN!"




Great job, sender-inner Angela S. 😉



  1. oh, my GOD. I looooove turtles. I’m photographing one this morning, in fact…. Sooooo cute… and determined!

  2. juggle geese says:

    never knew turtles could look mad! Look at that face!

  3. Grumpy turtle sandwich!

  4. Teenage Mutant Really Cute Turtles

  5. gwenchocolate says:

    I never knew I wanted to snorgle a turtle…

  6. gwenchocolate says:

    I never knew I wanted to snorgle a turtle…

  7. Ooo! I want one for my garden. How cute is the little eehhhhn?

  8. Kris, in New England says:

    In that 3rd picture he looks about ready to clobber the next thing that passes by!

  9. The Honourable Gadys Anstruther says:

    Suffering succotash, he sure is cute

  10. Look at those lil arms! Ern! Must.. put.. me.. down! *Turtle slap* Sooooo cute!

  11. Laurie C says:

    AFter all that effort, I hope he got his freedom back.

  12. The last picture makes me think of that scene in the movie “Titanic.”

    “I’m the king of the world!”

  13. Eyes the height of no-ose!

  14. that is one blurpy little turdu!


  16. Teughcats says:

    Or would that be Grand Cayman perhaps? Their mascot is Sir Turtle.

    luvs the teenytinyturtle!

  17. RevWaldo says:

    Lil’ Gamera (ガメラ)!

  18. Can I pet him? Can I? Can I?

    *grabby hands

  19. I think this little guy is so cute. Help save his enviroment at: saveontarioparks.ca


  20. Courtney says:

    Turtles are so funny. I love how they hide at first, and then EHHHHHNNNN!!!! their way to freedom.

  21. CatFreak says:

    Oh! Eeeny turkle! The cutest. I’ve always loved turtles and tortoises. I love the stretchy necks, the serious expressions, and their adorable front legs, perfect for digging.

  22. The eyes, how they kill me.

  23. Cute Turtle, EVIL EYES!

  24. nice photograph. =) *turtle squints*

  25. I think ‘ehn’ is the perfect word to describe him. He’s just so determined to get away you just want to give him a pat and set him down.

  26. hahaHAAAA! all that effort!! this ‘ehn’ series is on par with the snail, which was also just fantastic.
    ::bows to the meg::

  27. Nyerhe — Hey, you! Why-I-oughta … Put Me Down! — Nyerhe

  28. “Behold the turtle! It only gets somewhere by sticking its neck out!”

    (apologies to anyone who actually knows the quote)

    squee… totally adorable though, the last one is almost “I believe I can fly….” 😉

  29. aw poor bebe tutoh! hes going to have to go all ninja turtle style in a minute. Heroes in a half shell! Turtle power!

  30. awwwwwww! he’s so adorable! i’m right there with anyone who wants to snorgle him and keep him for ever and ever!

  31. How cute and tiny! Look at the little scales on the legs. I agree he does look ticked off. EHN! Lemme Go!

  32. That gives a whole new meaning to “You’re so cute when you’re mad.”

  33. My personal favorite “tiny but tough” example is Henry Hawk from Looney Toons.

    …Cause he’s a chicken hawk and he eats chickens see… Now are ya gonna come along peaceable like or is he gonna hafa muss ya up.


  34. Turtles, one of the many “mysteries” of life that is underrated and overlooked!

    These photos are fabu!

  35. Yeeeesh, adorable turtle!

    And good lord, Theo, the PotC refrence was just what I needed to start my day. <3

  36. Eeeee! Leeeetle teeeeny box turtle! I want to see the tiny hinge on the plastron. TEEEEEENY HINGEY!! I want to kiss his snout.

  37. Gah! Teeny Ninja Turtle! I’m betting green money that lil dood is Donatello.


  38. I just wanna put him in my widdle pocket!

    Struggle struggle! Valiant turtle, eeeeeeeeeehn-ing his way to freedom! You can do it! I belieeeeeve in you!

  39. A pocket turtle!
    And here I am with no pockets about my person, doh!


  41. punkpie says:

    I sent in almost identical pics about a month ago! Oh well. As long as turtles get some love on C.O. it’s all good 😉

  42. I think, based on this submission, perhaps we can identify another rule of cuteness: claws, sharp beaks, fangs, or other “dangerous” things are cute if they are on tiny creatures. The same is exemplified by Mr. Paddles and his plaintive but not at all threatening claw from a few days ago.

    Also, I think that the ear to head ratio rule actually is best described by a U-shaped function, as opposed to a negative correlation. Which is to say that either a very small ear to head ratio or a very large ear to head ratio will = cuteness.

  43. Y’know, this little guy/gal might actually be smaller than my turtle shaped keychain.. Each photo is so great, and the series.. priceless.

  44. Hee hee, what cute little scaly feeties! Teeny weeny turtles just make me oogle.

  45. Last picture:


    – looks down –

    “Hey! Did that bunny push the up button before he got off the hand elevator?”

  46. Farm girls blog is amazing, I couldn’t stop reading it! She has a wonderful story about a baby sheep named Cary that is rejected by her mother, and I got choked up at work! It’s a must read! Lub bub-eh turtles.

  47. paulette says:

    Wot a adorable little sqweeter! My ickle turtlekins!

  48. *singing superman themesong*

  49. how sweet! i just can’t get enough of your site!


  50. Its a tortoise morons…

    Tortoise = land
    turtle = water
    terrapins = both

  51. hmmm… “tortoise morons”… must be a new species

  52. oh noes it is picking on my grammar!

    and for the record if it was a species name it would be – Tortoise Moron (name = capitals)

  53. Actually, it was the punctuation that I was picking on. And I was just having some fun, so please take it in the spirit in which it was intended. And to prove all of this, I won’t pick on the last comment other than to say that I’m a she, not an it. 🙂

  54. AuntieMame says:

    For the record, Gamera, it’s “It’s”…

    apostrophe = missing

  55. “Gamera! Gamera!
    Gamera is really neat.
    Gamera is filled with meat.
    We’ve been eating Gamera!”

    Even though the Gamera movies were never my favorite MST3K, I still must thank the Gamera in our midst, because I personally never did know the difference between turtles/tortoises. As snappishly as the difference was pointed out. Gamera, are you a snapping turtle, perhaps?

  56. Phooey. That would be ‘my favorite MST3K movie’.


  57. caroline says:

    Cute teeny tortoise… Is it a baby California Desert Tortiose?

  58. We deff need more turtles on this site. I love love love LURVE turtles. Send ’em in, turtle lovers!

  59. Anyone else thinking ‘Magic By The Lake’?

  60. Chris Judge says:

    Cute Overload keeps me from putting a bullet in my head. Sorry if that’s a downer, but seriously, thank you.

  61. BenPanced says:

    I agree, Anne. More reptiles! More amphibians! Rabblerouserabblerouserabblerouse…

  62. I never respond to posts, but I really can’t help it this time. That is the cutest little turtle/tortoise in existence! He reminds me of Little Foot from The Land Before Time.


    Thanks for the daily cuteness!

  63. Subhangi says:

    EEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!! Toitils!!! Me lof toitils!

  64. Chris J — hmm.

    Glad to hear Teh Cute™ is good for you, too. Seems like maybe a lot of responsibility for a fluff blog, to my mind, but that’s not really a complaint. We’re generally a happy silly kitten-drunk group, here.

    So you’ve got at least one item on your list. Cute Overload, check. Now, add to it. (I’m trying not to use the term “bullet points,” but I’ve been in the corporate world so long…)


  65. ‘turtle’, ‘tortoise’, it really doesn’t matter.

    quoting wikipedia:

    Turtle, terrapin, or tortoise?

    In British English it is normal to describe these reptiles as turtles, terrapins, or tortoises, depending on whether they live in the sea, in fresh water, or on land (respectively). Thus the green sea turtle, Chelonia mydas, is considered a turtle; the red-eared slider, Trachemys scripta elegans, a terrapin; and the eastern box turtle, Terrapene carolina carolina, a tortoise.

    In American English it is common to call them turtles regardless of habitat, although tortoise is usually used as a more precise term for the land-dwelling species. Ocean-going species are sea turtles. Terrapin is reserved for the diamondback terrapin, Malaclemys terrapin, though even that species is often simply referred to as a turtle. Incidentally, the word terrapin itself comes from the Native American (Algonquian) name of this animal [1].

    There are no fully-terrestrial forms in Australia; therefore, speakers of Australian English tend to use turtle for marine species and tortoise for freshwater species. This confusing nomenclature is changing as recent publications have used turtle for both marine and freshwater species [2].

  66. These might be my favorite captions of all time!
    I’ve read them-and admired the SO CUTE pictures-50 times already, laughing every time!

  67. Awww it’s so wittle and cute! What did they do with it? Let it go? Keep it? Put it in a safer closed place outside? What what? I must know!

  68. Lisa — 2 words: Turtle Soup.

    I kid, I kid.


  69. mariser says:


    he looks so indignant.

  70. Bunnyhero, thanks for the clarification.

  71. Ahhh….again with the wonderful education in the form of humor.

    That is very helpful, Bunnyhero.

    And, Master Tortoys is PERFECT!

    Next let’s have cute Toad pics! I LOVE toads!

  72. hrh.squeak says:

    *sign of bliss*
    Greenighs, thank you.

    Lisa – she let him go. Click on the “Susan the Farmgirl” link above the picture, but only if you’ve got lots of time, ’cause the site’s wonderful and addictive. I have to go back and read more stories (lambs!), but be sure to see the first turtle pics, the ones who can run when they see a strawberry. Hilarious!

  73. hrh.squeak says:

    Uh, Greenighs, that was supposed to be a *sigH* of bliss . . . . fingers slipping on all the pudding on the keyboard . . . . .

  74. Fuzzybutt says:

    I luv his cute l’il nostrils! EHN!

  75. paulette says:

    Edited info in caps:

    Wot a adorable little sqweeter! My ickle TORTOISEKINS!
    ehhh…I think turtlekins is cuter.

  76. jkhsquonk says:

    This is a young lady turtlette, males have maroon eyes.
    Hope she trundled on her merry way after the cute pics were taken.

  77. He is just adorable! Great pics!

  78. abbiegrrl says:

    Tiny pin prick nostrils. YES, the Creator still does great work. :o)

  79. soccermom says:

    i love turtles they are so cute! 🙂 What is cuter than a turtle! I can’t think of anything! Great picture and it is so so so cute!