Hello America? This is your ass

…As handed to you by the EVIL PURVEYORS OF CUTE, THE JAPANESE!

Amurrricans, please join me in bowing.


Specifically Amigurumi Kingdom’s photos. Thanks a whole heck of a lot, Mindy M.

Oh, and I’m gonna do a second bow for eht brilliance of using a cupcake holder for the presentation.



  1. FIRST!!!

  2. Eyes the height of no-ose!
    Eyes the height of no-ose!
    Eyes the height of no-ose!

  3. Thats not cute, thats scary… Somehow I get the feeling that they’ll have huge teeth, but only at night, when I’m asleep…

  4. Bwahahaha! I haven’t laughed this hard since: “I’m gonna pop a bear in your ass.”

    Your intros…priceless. And the knit thingys are cute too.

  5. Holy Rule #16, Batman!

  6. Evil pastel cupcakes!!!

  7. They do look a bit scary, don’t they?

  8. cuteness lover says:

    I think they are cute, in a weird sort of way…..I’d have one on my pillow, where can you get them?

  9. very cute. Sanrio?? I love em.

  10. I’m sorta afraid to admit it, and I feel like a party pooper, but.. I just don’t see the cuteness.. :-/ Well, maybe the one on the bottom left..

  11. arigato! these are too cute.

  12. Jackie from Michigan says:

    Holy kintted cuteness! is that a Pekingese in the bottom left? A cherry on the creature’s heat on the bottom right?

  13. Jessica says:

    those sure are the cutest cupcakes I’VE ever seen!

  14. Jessica — yeah mayyybe… but just try to HAVE your cupcake and EAT it too. Dare ya.

  15. Jessica says:

    Theo- I triple doggy dare you to eat something that adorable!

  16. It’d have to be THREE TIMES as cute as that for a TRIPLE dog dare. I must also stipulate that it be a *real* cupcake, not some knotted-yarn abomination.

  17. Cupcake holder!

  18. With the proper tip in the icing bag you could make something similar.

    And Hell yes I’d eat it if it were a real cupcake. Cute or not it’s still cake. Mmmmmm caaaaaaaake.

  19. I don’t know…the way they are all staring with the same blank, but kinda happy expression…they have a sort of evil cult thing about them.

  20. I went to the artist’s website and she isn’t Japanese. She’s Chinese. 🙂

    Also, she crocheteded a cute poopie, too. Literally. See:


  21. adrianna says:

    aw @ the lil fabric schnozzles, same level as the eyes. i second whoever said this oughtta be a cute rule. that upper right one: is it wearable as an amulet of cuteness?

  22. Just because Americans didn’t invent those balls of cuteness, it doesn’t mean that they will kill you while you’re sleeping, or that they’re secretly plotting the downfall of our economic empire.
    They’re just adorable.
    Can’t we all just get along?

  23. adrianna says:

    looking at the flickr stream: my god, they even come in little bon bon boxes, button pins, & impaled on barbecue & lollipop sticks! i am diggin’ the lil birdy pirate.

    this is insane. there is even a lil poop with toilet paper:

  24. Or possibly Korean…depending on the Romanization…

  25. Plus she lives in New York…ok I’m done now…

  26. i wish i had knitting skillz. my house would be filled with these!

  27. OMG11! PON1ES! I ASSUMED “Amigurumi” was a Japanese name!!! A thousand apologies!

    [Changing bow direction to China]

  28. OMG check out this cute Jack Sparrow


  29. It’s my goal in life to learn how to do these. If only I knew how to crochet. Alas, I only know how to knit. But someday, I will create the cuteness.

  30. Yeah, I think she’s Chinese. Assuming “Yee” is her last name, she could be Korean, but we don’t have a hard L sound in our alphabet, so having “Ling” in our name would be wishful thinking at best.

    That said, amigurumi started in Japan, so Meg shouldn’t feel too bad.


  31. Hey Jenne check out http://www.roxycraft.com. and look at craft school. It also has a free pattern for a toy octopus. Besides I’m sure you can knit plenty of cuteness.

  32. teho, they’re crocheted…

    Not really my kinda Qute, but I know a lot of people like the ultra-kawaii stuff. Nice crafstmanship.

  33. i have 3 kittehs who would gladly un cute these!!!!!!!!!

  34. flat-face sheeeeeep!! aw.

    the cupcakes look a bit chewy though.

  35. I love ’em, personally.

  36. Gah! What happened to their bodies?! Scary crochet decapitated head cupcake thingys! I gotta go with Trond Helge on this one.

  37. Thats it!! Thats why they are soooo scary-cute! They have no bodies because they are actually Godzilla-sized and whole towns have worked at getting them EXINCT. Hence, Mini militia men have shot at them from their toes up and they still can’t reach their big cute heads (which float above the ground where they would have been had they had a body.)

  38. Carbontetra says:

    Amigurumi is the style of these cute li’l plushies, it is indeed Japanese and makes all kindsa cute crochetted things. If you google it sometime, you can see all kindsa cute little knit plush toys in this style.

    Now you know, and Knowing is half the battle!

  39. I don’t get why this is cute. I don’t think it’s cute. So what, a bunch of crocheted freaking animals. Whoopee. Do us a favor and stop posting these. I for one don’t give a flying f about what the Japanese are making. I want to see pictures of cute REAL animals. They have not handed us our asses, Cute Overload has made an ass of us by posting stupid pictures like this.

  40. Geez Can’t you just ACCEPT that other people find that cute and enjoy looking at those?
    I bet you wouldn’t have made this comment if it was the other way around, america handing japan’s ass.

  41. ereshkigal says:

    “for eht brilliance “

    Is eht the new “teh”?

  42. They are totally cute. AND, I’m fascinated with these things! I’m trying to learn to crochet just so I can make these. I have a few patterns, but my crocheting skills leaves a bit to be desired.

  43. Teughcats says:

    Karen –
    There is no need to be quite so rude. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion but that also means that people who think this is cute can say so and enjoy it and those who don’t can QUIETLY wait for something they like better (or be funny about it!).
    If you can’t play nicely please leave the sandbox.

  44. Whoa. I would like the fluffy–sheep…thing. Or whatever it is.

  45. Karen,

    Holy crapulence! You are astoundingly rude.
    Just where does this overbearing sense of entitlement come from?
    If there is anything that is not in keeping with the spirit of this site it would be your comment.

  46. The Honourable Gadys Anstruther says:

    They are the height of naffdom.

  47. Karen — also, there are plenty of OTHER cute-photo sites. Try the links under “More! More! More” in the left-hand margin, for starters.
    And here’s a bonus extra, which features All Otters, All the Time:
    100% knit-free™!

  48. I gotta put my 2 yen in here.

    … If you can’t say something nice, go have a good snooze at http://www.boring.com or how about http://www.superbad.com.

    Fluff that pillow, it’ll soon be sleepy time.

  49. DH — tangent — is Boring.com for real? It *looks* earnest, but somehow I can’t quite accept it.

  50. These things are ugly.

  51. Eat another fart, Bob.

  52. It’s like someone ate some little stuffed bears and kept the best part (the head) for desert o_O

  53. Meg…you are absolutely right. The Japanese have us beat on cute hands down. ::sigh::

  54. amigurumi!!! these things are soooo cute! i want to sharpen my crotchet skills so i can make some (yes, they are crochet, not knit – one of my pet peeves when people get it wrong)

    yeah, they did start in japan, but like all cute things, they spread like wildfire!

    puppy dog, bear head cupcakes for all!

  55. In my grumpy mood today, I find them not so much cute as annoying. But I have been traumatized by too many years of homemade crocheted sweaters to be unbiased!

  56. I kinda like the idea (suggested by another poster above) that these heads are actually on the largish side and float around. Imagine a sea of cirro-cumulus [sp?] clouds that looked like these things?

    Or a glimpse of the rare migration of the kawaii bear heads, floating along serenely over the city…

    Very surreal, and (need I say it?), Cute™, too.

  57. The cuteotter.com site has a pic of two otters floating on their backs, HOLDING HANDS!

    pls make it a cuteoverload pic of the day?

    (squeals some more…)

  58. Theo, eat your poop.

    These things are just plain ugly. I can have an opinion.

  59. Yep. And when you don’t keep your stinky mean stupid opinion to yourself, I can voice my own. NYAHHH!

  60. And you can keep your stinky, trashy and stupid one to yourself too. I was being truthful. You were just plain rude.

  61. Wow.

    I go to work for a while, come back on a break and potty mouth has run rampant throughout da house!

    Give yourselves a pat on the back for no blood drawn.

    … no .. blood .. drawn …right?

    No oreos after dinner, kids!

    (and Theo … yea, that was an actual web site (boring.com). Found it by googling “boring websites”. They actually advertise themselves!)

    … and yea, getting myself a life soon.

  62. Hi everyone! I am Jou Ling- the creator of these crocheted cuties. Thanks Meg for posting picutes of my amigurumi! I appreciate all the wonderful comments 🙂 BTW, I am an american born chinese.

  63. adrianna says:

    what on earth is so ugly about lil bear bear & puppy heads sitting in cupcake cups & heart-shaped bon bon boxes, topped with cherries & swirls & beaded lil sprinkles & chocolate chips, listening to lil iPods & looking like lollipops, i wonder?

  64. DH — hard to believe… a family named Boring, whose business is office supplies, and has been for more than 80 years. Could be worse, I suppose.

    Bob — you weren’t being “truthful,” even though you may have felt you were being “honest” — and anyway, “rude” and “truthful” aren’t mutually exclusive, as you’ve so ably shown.
    [doffs ridiculously flamboyant and expensive imaginary hat in quasi-courtly gesture]
    Sir, I thank you. I’m always grateful for an opportunity to assist an ass to be itself. Ta.

  65. Starbelly says:

    Did anyone look at her gallery? She actually crocheted Mr. Poop and Mr. Toilet Paper! It’s hilarious!

  66. When I saw these, I thought, ‘eh, whatever’. They remind me of the crocheted toilet paper covers that were made to be a dress for Barbie, and Barbie stuck in the hole of the roll. Yes, I grew up in the rural Midwest as a child of the 70’s.

    But even though I’m not too interested in the pic, I look to see how many postings there are to see if there’s a possible commentroversy or something else I should check out. I’d hate to miss out on any pudding fights.

    As usual, my fellow Cuteoverloaders don’t disappoint. Carry on!

  67. hrh.squeak says:

    Butterscotch for me.
    Or warm rice puddin’ with cinnamonoan.

  68. Teughcats & Erica E,

    If a person isn’t allowed to post their opinion what is the point of having a comments section? Are we all supposed to pretend to love everything and be all hearts and flowers? Gag me. I think not. I’m a big fan of Cuteoverload or I wouldn’t come here every day. It isn’t my problem that you took the comment personally, even though it nothing to do with you. If you don’t like reading what people have to say, then don’t. What gives you the right to chastize someone else or to infantalize (if you can’t play nice get out of the sandbox??)a person or their comment?

  69. [stirs the pot of pudding]
    [stirs it]
    [wonders where the Tupperware Catapult got put away, last time]

  70. ——> lining up buckets to collect flying pudding.

    …. Siting back with 2 spoons and waits.

  71. Teughcats says:

    Nothing wrong with voicing one’s opinion, as you can tell by the variety of opinions regularly expressed here. But there is a way to do it politely and with respect for those with whom you disagree. That’s my problem with your original post.
    [Leaves this thread to go look at teenytinyturtles some more.]

  72. [dons diabolical schmirk]
    [reaches under counter]
    [pulls secret lever]
    [directly over DH’s head, a ceiling panel quietly retracts]


    [continues stirring]

  73. Teughcats, that is exactly my point. My comment wasn’t directed at anyone in particular. It was an observation. You taking offense at the tone is precisely why should probably refrain from reading comments. I wasn’t disagreeing with anyone. I was stating my opinion of the photo. If I were to follow your lead, I would then take offense at your comments and those of others. However I am able to distinguish between personal comments and statements of opinion.

  74. Karen,

    >I don’t get why this is cute. I don’t think it’s cute.

    Up to this point, everything was fine. Yes, you were simply stating your opinion.

    >So what, a bunch of crocheted freaking animals. Whoopee.

    I think “freaking” wasn’t needed.

    > I for one don’t give a flying f about what the Japanese are making.

    this is plain rude. and why bother about the japanese? The fact that you pointed out the country makes feel as they’re not worth your attention.

    >They have not handed us our asses, Cute Overload has made an ass of us by posting stupid pictures like this.

    and my earlier statement being proved here.

    If you were to talk like that everytime you voice your opinion, you might get into serious diplomatic trouble on a daily basis…
    But that’s just me, that’s just my opinion.


  76. Puddings AND asses! Oh man it simply can’t get any better… hey, who wants a Bunny Creme?

  77. I’d be up for that at the moment.

  78. Thanks, teho.

  79. The Jack Sparrow is anerable!

    The toilet paper and pooh, not so.

    But, aren’t human beings amazing??? Can you imagine any other species building objects to look like it’s own excrement?

  80. hrh.squeak says:

    O wow, pass the Bunny Creme, please. So cute!

  81. Paola, “I think “freaking” wasn’t needed.”

    And you are who? Miss Manners? Freaky.

    > I for one don’t give a flying f about what the Japanese are making.


    Wow, you’ve managed to turn it into an international incident. That’s impressive. I wouldn’t have liked the photo no matter what country contributed it. I didn’t make a point of naming Japan as the owner, now did I?

  82. [throws lever]
    monstrous Jell-O mold cries: “FREEEEEDOM!!!”

    [graceful arc]

    [remembers about gravity]



    B L O O S H .

    [new oddly-colored lake appears on map]

  83. Brianne says:

    Its my first time at Cute Overload, and I love it! These things are so cute…I would buy them all!

    Nothing changes, no matter what site I visit. A Harry Potter site I look at every day has “pudding fights” as frequently as this one does. Its just too easy to take offense at something that was typed on the ‘net when you can’t hear the tone in which the person is speaking…

    [off my soapbox]
    I shall return for my daily dose of cuteness!

  84. Heather says:

    If anyone wants to buy some crocheted cuties, there are lots on http://www.etsy.com . Just do a search for “amigurumi”.