Mrs. Plumpersons

We’ve seen some premium prairie doggage on this site before. I mean premium. But Mrs. Plumpersons here really takes the cake. You know she’s on her ‘front porch’ right now, telling the kids to get back in the hole. Thing is, can she fit down it?


Kudos to chucktographer Alex D.



  1. My! She’s a big ole grundsow! Great picture!

  2. gloom raider says:

    Cute as a button, but I fear that may be a prairie dog.

  3. Take a look at my new kitty Atreyu! Is he cute?

  4. Looks like a prairie dog to me too. But oh my WHAT a prairie dog! You can almost picture a moo moo on it and a glass of sweet tea in her little paw.

  5. Sarcasta says:

    GIT OFFA MY PROPITTY! Dern kids!
    (shakes her little fist)

  6. I thought she was meditating!

  7. lol! shes like ” COME ON KIDS , SUPPER TIME!” hilariouse just like us humans

  8. Chuckers? Phbttttht… more like Chubbers.

    (PS — Well well, Lohan Roberto has a *new* kitty… to spam all over the place. I’ve asked him to cut it out. We’ll see what happens.)

  9. She’s so yellow, at first I almost thought she was a chick.

    Cute and fluffy though.

  10. That’s a little cute overloaded..but [scratch sctrach] I love it. =)

  11. Perhaps Mrs. Plumpersons *did* take the cake. Mmmmmmmmmm caaaaaaaake………

  12. where the other picture?? Hmmph… to much cute [boom]

  13. Yep. That’s definitely a prairie dog. My sister had one as a pet. Cute indeed but also extremely *mean*! Hoo boy!! They gots long sharp teefs and they know how to use ’em….

  14. All she needs is a weeee little apron. 🙂

  15. All she needs is a weeee little apron. 🙂

  16. Grah! Double-postage! >_< !!!

  17. Michelle says:

    Haha so sweet. She does need a lil apron. Lil Apron.

    Chubby animals are teh cute. That is all.

  18. Fritatta says:

    “premium woodchuckage…” Ah, Meg, what would we do without your captionairing eminence? (Although my vote is for prairie dog).

  19. it IS a prairie dog.
    I had one as a pet and it was the sweetest thing ever. When she was a pup I would take her everywhere with me. She would sleep on my pillow.
    I miss her.

  20. Heeee! You’re right! All ‘woodchuck’ references changes to ‘Prairie dogs’!

    Woo, that was a close one [wiping brow]

  21. Lillith says:

    I think Mrs. Plumpersons looks rather prim and need a little pillbox hat, kid gloves and a Kelly bag.

    “What on earth is taking George so long to warm up the car?”

  22. So cute and cuddly

    “Get your little butts in the door!”

  23. Ooh yes, I’m with Lillith, that is such a beautiful mental image I now have!

  24. Goodness! That’s the biggest prairie dawg I’ve ever seen!

  25. she has a worried look on her weatherworn brow, like she’s about to start wringing her paws, wondering where-oh-where dorothy is, what with the twister comin’ and all. get in the storm cellar, aunt ’em!!! dorothy’s just out shopping for some cool ruby slippers!

  26. Agh! It’s a fatty-boombalatty prairie dog!

  27. Catman Dude says:

    She is thinking: “Hmmmmm…I’d like some pork rinds right now…”

  28. Chelsey says:

    Aww. I suppose that the person who took that picture must have some awesome zoom on their camera, because it’s hard to belive that a prarie dog would let anyone get that close. Of course, there’s always the chance that she really couldn’t fit inside her burrow :p

  29. hrh.squeak says:

    She looks disapproving to me. “Honestly, I can’t believe she’s sunbathing in the altogether again. I have a good mind to call the Prairie Cops”.

  30. She is adorable!! very motherly indeed…

  31. Netherland Dwarf rabbit, owner!!♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ says:

    This one is the cutest of the 3 prarie dog pics viseted/revisited via this post. I agree, it does take the cake!

  32. actually if they are wild prairie dogs, u can actually get that close to them.
    the trick is to not move, and just be part of the background, and avoid eye contact. i went to this field with prairie dogs, and I just leaned against a pole and relaxed when suddenly i felt something paw my jeans. i look down and see 3-4 prarire dogs pawing my jeans and nipping my shoelaces and poking me XD I decided to just stand there and not do anything, and they promptly decided I’m just another ‘thing’ and started to eat and groom beside me. =)

  33. cuteness lover says:

    I think she is beautiful

  34. ” GIT OFFA MY PROPITTY! Dern kids!(shakes her little fist)”


    All she needs is a cig stickin’ out from between her broken/discoloured teefs, a scruffy mu-mu, hair curlers and a gat in one hand (a gun)

    Aaand the propah spellin’ fer a ‘moo moo’ is mu-mu, btw…

  35. S/he was a _total_ ham, actually. As I came up to the area….waddled out, sat up and posed for me. heh. The zoom wasn’t that great, but just enough from where I was. Was using a Nikon coolpix at the time.

  36. Spryte808 says:

    Mu mu is actually spelled Muumuu in Hawaii!

    but thats a cute prairie dog, and I can imagine it getting stuck in the hole.. “ehn ehn!… ehn ehn! uh love? you mind giving giving me a hand here?”

  37. I love Plumpersons !!

    Pablo from Argentina

  38. lol in a couple months her and her prarie dog sistahs after being on a diet and be singin “thanks you kanyes new workout plan im the envy of all my friends, see i pulled me a ballah man and i aint gotta work at the mall again!”

  39. Prairie hawg.

  40. Could this be the prairie dog version of What’s Eating Gilbert Grape? Could Gilbert prairie dog be trying to get his little brother to come down off the power tower again?

  41. Why is there a link to porn from Pablo?! 😦 Not cool.

  42. With her shape, she almost looks like a shmoo!

  43. Patricia says:

    I love the pic. I’m not a prude but still… could you remove the porn link from Pablo’s post… or the post, please.

  44. Could she be preggers? We are all assuming a she, aren’t we?

  45. hrh.squeak says:

    Yeee. Thanks for the warning, Maybalee and Patricia – for some reason I didn’t click on that link immediately, and now I’m very glad.

  46. She’s just waiting for her Companion to come home. It might be a while – this looks like the desert, so Minnesota must be some time away.

  47. Quite regal in her fatness.

  48. The Honourable Gadys Anstruther says:

    She’s saying ‘I told em the Atkinson wouldn’t work’

  49. Aubrey —

  50. (dangit, clicked “Post” by accident!)

    …all I was going to say was, we’ve got dirt in MN too.

  51. jenni joon says:

    Like I alwayz says: it ain’t “plump” but… healthy. Yeah. That’s the ticket. Healthy, yo!! (you can get away with that sort of nonsense when you are as gosh-darned cute as Mrs. Mcplumperson up there). You bet your bottom dollar.

  52. How come it’s like, ok, that she’s all fat, and I can’t be fat?? It’s CUTE when prairie dogs and puppies are fat, but copy editors? Nooo, people always telling me to slim down, eat less. I want to bask in my roundness, too!!!


  53. My BF and I were at the zoo yesterday, and the prairie dogs were to DIE FOR. I said, “Too bad we didn’t bring the camera – we could send some pictures to Cute Overload!”

    Someone was more on top of it than me, it seems.

  54. S.B. — a little something for you. I took this at the MN Zoo in July 2005.

  55. my 1st time commenting at cuteoverload. *ehem*

    this prairie dog is damn fat. i feel like squeezing its lil’ body. i love its squinty eyes. i wish we had prairie dog here in Malaysia. 😦

  56. Subhangi says:

    Mrs. Chubbie McChubbersons is seriously missing an apron there …

  57. Theresa Morgan says:

    it’s cute, fat and soft and I love it

  58. Laurie C says:

    Too right, Subhangi. I actually had to look again to make sure she wasn’t already wearing one after reading your post.

  59. Diane N says:

    If the Buddha was a prairie dog…

  60. hrh.squeak says:

    “The jewel is in the haystack.”
    “Isn’t that ‘in the Lotus’, Master?”
    “You try raising lotuses on the prairie, Grasshopper.”

  61. Aw, I just want to squeeeeezze her!

  62. She’s fuffy…!
    What a fuffy puffy !

  63. Mmmm. Stew.

  64. lurkertype says:

    Yes, she needs an apron.

    The CO postings of prairie doggage are helping me overcome a neurosis my mom drilled into me (quel surprise huh?). I grew up near loads of the critters, with the romping and the squeaking and such but Mom was all “Don’t touch them! Don’t go over there! They might have bubonic plague!” Here I can appreciate the qute.

  65. hrh.squeak says:

    “Bubonic PLAGUE”? Good golly miss molly, your mom must have been quite the trial. Worst my mom ever did was tell me the “don’t swallow the watermelon seeds or a vine will grow out of your bellybutton” – the best part was watching my little sister pull up her shirt and give her bellybutton a horrified stare.

  66. Thah-yet’s one fah-yet prehrie dawg wawtching out fer her kids, y’all.