Submissions back open!

Think you have a cute photo, Punk? [Clint Eastwood voice] If you think it fits our seriously stringent requirements, send it to us. We just might post it! But if we don’t, it’s really for the best [patting your back.]

Handy tips:
• Don’t forget to attach the photo [Almost half of sender-inners forget]
• No, I won’t tell you what the ‘seriously stringent requirements’ are, Punk!
• Don’t bother to send in your baby, no one wants to see him/her as cute as he/she is
• Also consider submitting your photo to CuteTracker for the People to vote on!
Put a "stamp" on it when you "mail" your "letter"! (J.K.)




  1. Awww! Sweet baby beluga! 🙂

  2. w00t!

  3. Double w00t!

  4. hrh.squeak says:

    wOOt to the wOOt power!!
    Hey, Meg, if we submitted something just before the submissions went down, should we resubmit? Did you lose all the old stuff, is what I think I’m askin’ here. Brain melty.

  5. Aww! I want to submit but am so afraid my Tessarooni will be rejected. I don’t she (…I) could handle it!

  6. AuntieMame says:

    I suppose pics of Hugh Jackman are out of the question?

    I was afraid so…


  7. does it matter?? Send it in! The submissions are back, if it’s cute then obviously you should hab no worries, none.

  8. Holy crumoleum, there have been 171 submissions since the mailbox wa re-opened this AM. I think I have all the older submissions, as long as your didn’t bounce.

    If it bounced, please resend.


  9. Brinke Guthrie says:

    Just sent some in of Sherman the cat and SMiley the rat—you’ll love ’em!

  10. Man, I can’t believe it, we’ve had almost 300 photo submissions today. Whoa [say in Keanu Reeves voice]

  11. hrh.squeak says:

    Meg – Ummm, when you say attach the photo, do you mean that just giving you the link is not what you had in mind? Oh goodness, I may have to learn a few Skilz.

  12. HRH Squeak — no no! If you’ve got a LINK to your photo, like from a Flikr set or or something, that’s even better than the photo(s) itself (or themselves). Emails with links are tiny; emails with attached pix aren’t & tend to jam up mailboxes very fast.

    Meg’s talking about emails where folks who get all excited and fire off a message like “MY WIDDEW MUFFIN IS TEH QTSEST EVAR DONT YOU THINK SO???” — and then just click “Send” without including Muffin’s widdew pheau-teau-gwaph.

  13. hrh.squeak says:

    Whew! Thanks, Theo.