Hot damn!

When your Master delivers you an enormous ice cube to rest on, you know it’s hot. HOT DAMN it was hot today in California. Like, fry-an-egg-on-the-asphault hot. Good lo’!


Ice melting on sender-inner Tracy G and more on temperatures soaring in this story.



  1. ‘a christmas story’ anyone ? 🙂

  2. Awww, those look like some happy pigs.

  3. Schnonnnnkkk! Noses like the manatee nose from the other day! Nice little piggy popsicle though 🙂

  4. apophis16 says:

    Dalmation piggies! so cute! XD

  5. i lubba me some photochop, too.

    pic is so fake that it’s not even cute.

  6. AliceTanzer says:

    I was wondering when the first person would cry photoshop.
    It seems real enough to me.

  7. Li’l spotted piggies! Too adorable!

  8. “Spot! Dot! you kids eat your veggies now, they’re getting cold!”


  9. raised piggies on a farm. their little noseses are very sensitive, so they’d never press them against ice. the grass is fake. shadows are wrong (compare piggie’s shadow from the left and and ice cube’s shadow from the right). lack of fence/enclosure. etc.

  10. Pinky and Perky? Oh dear oh dear…

    But so keeyooooot! Li’l cowpigs!

  11. The grass looks quite real to me, I see nothing wrong with the shadows, and they’re NOT pressing their noses against the ice! What are you complaining of, mmbb?

  12. Michelle says:

    You know what I noticed? Look how the chubby little carrots are all short and stumpy like the piglet snouts. That slays me so it MUST be fake. Nothing is really that cute.

    Seriously. Photoshop Conspiracy Theorists: give it a rest.

  13. hrh.squeak says:

    Whee, Devon piglets!! I went to an exotic breeds farm in Cornwall once, and tried to pick up a piggie. Darn, those little fellers can skwerm and skweeel. “Nherhe” be darned, this was “NOOOOOOOOOOO EEEEWWWWWWWWWWWWW LEMMMEEEEEEEEEE GOOOOO!!!” They were still cute as heck. So are this guys and their ice lolly lunch.

  14. Netherland Dwarf rabbit, owner!!♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ says:

    Piggy popsicle…Coolness!

  15. The weird thing is that this pic was taken in England (I lived there for a year, it wasn’t like this at all) and it’s real, they are going through a heat wave. It’s hot everywhere. Blackouts.

    Anyway, pic is real, and I absolutely love pigs.

  16. AliceTanzer says:

    The nosing around is probably more of a “Why..why are they stuck..?I…I want that carrot.. Oooh, Cooold.”

  17. Whaddya mean it WAS hot? As I type this it’s 2:24am in Silly Valley, and still 80 freepin’ degrees out. I want my dinner served in a block of ice!

  18. mmbb — clearly you have the eyes of an eagle, preserved in a jar in your garage attic.

  19. Is that carrots? I thought it was some alien worms from outer space. It’s cold out there, you know.

    Now they just wait for the ice to thaw, so they can get the piggies to “Take us to your leader”. Then they’ll probably conclude that the Earths population is not sentient, and destroy us all without a second thought. We’re surely all lost!

    Then again; this might just be my paranoia speaking.

  20. Hey, this picture is definitely not fake. This picture was posted on “most emailed pics” from Yahoo! yesterday.

  21. K`shandra….you can have your dinner served on a block of ice, it’s called, Lean Cuisine! (or Stouffers or Swanson, etc…) 😉

    cute, cute pigglies!

    I don’t think it was photoshopped, think about it, someone takes the time to do all that & they do it crooked? i mean, duh.

  22. The two little piggies

  23. Brak_Silverbone says:

    Two adorable li’l spotted piggy-lets and salad on ice! What could be nicer?

  24. Faith Henricksen says:

    WRONG TITLE! It should be


  25. AuntieMame says:

    I saw this photo on BBC the other day. Very cute.

    And very not photoshopped. They don’t have their snouts “pressed against” the ice. They’re licking and chewing it to cool off and to get to the veggies.

  26. you guys r silly says:

    Thanks to Cheryl, for providing the link to the actual news story — I’m always glad to see the photoshop criers be put back in their places. There’s *cuteness* out there in this miserable screwed up world — and it’s WONDERFUL when you’re lucky enough to be able to glimpse it sometimes.
    *Wonderful baby piggies with their veggie-pop*!!! What a treat!!! &:o)

  27. AuntieMame says:

    Here’s another photo from CNN:

    It must be photoshopped, because surely monkeys don’t press their tongues against ice…

  28. oh how cute. much frustration Im sure. the piggies are like “ehn!” to push it somewhere to melt faster. Im sure it is real, the shadow thing… thats the ice shadow, not the pigs shadow.

  29. chackler says:

    Photoshop or not, those piggies are cute. I love their spots – like dairy cows. Little cow piggies!!!

    BTW, It’s flippin hot here in the San Gabriel Valley, suppose to be in the 100’s here. I’m done with this weather!!! I’m sure those piggies are too – England never gets that hot!

  30. It’s NOT photo shopped this photo has been in all the newspapers in England. The zoo’s here are also making blood ice lollys for the lions, bananna ones for the monkeys, etc, etc.
    Raining now though.

  31. Yep the heat has been unbearable here in the UK.
    There were pictures of piggies being covered in sun screen in my local paper and the previously mentioned ice lollies turning up in some interesting flavours just for the animals.
    Ben Jerry’s have seriously missed a trick there.

  32. Edit: I meant Ben And Jerry’s but I’m sure you got that anyway.

  33. you guys r silly says:

    Now I’ve got visions of little lathered-down sunbathing beauties, in little “pig-kinis”, with sunglasses on & stretched out in their little lounge chairs by the poolside…

  34. tee-hee, theo! keeping it real in the “it’s a fake!” world.
    and oh my, sunscreened piggies! er, piggy sunscreen. SPF factor: 15 (squeeeees per farm!

  35. lauowolf says:

    Poor piggies waiting for dinner to unpack itself.
    Looks af if the party is just beginning — I’d love to see what it looked like about half an hour later.

  36. Rorkalico says:

    Judy B, there is a very good reason for putting sun screen on pigs. They burn very easy, as easy or even more so then humans. Part of the infamous rolling in mud is for protection from the sun.

  37. yes, 3ding the comments on sunscreen for the lil’ piglets.

    I *love* this quote from the site where this pic was originally published:

    “After the initial shock and a bit of investigation, the ice lollies went down a real treat”.”

  38. Note: am I the only one who’s thinking of “Where’s the lolly?” (from the original version of “The Lady Killers”)?

  39. Ooh – the Pennywell Farm Centre site says these guys are *miniature* piglets.

    No wonder they look so teeny next to the ice!

  40. Anonymous says:

    why are there carrots in there?
    incentive too get the pig too keep cool?
    whoo sorry delayed reaction
    the carrots…

  41. hrh.squeak says:

    CowPiggies are the pets for me
    CowPiggies, what I want to see
    Forget the others, just gimme a CowPigeeeee!!

    (To the tune of green acres)
    (To all the other fuzzfaces – I didn’t mean it, I was carried away by the PiggieCute, I’m sorry, snorglesnorglesnorgle)

  42. This photo is unbelievably surreal. Deep blue sky, spotted piglets, and a giant ice cube with carrots and lettuce embedded in it. This must be a still from a movie about Pig Heaven.

  43. MAJOR nose wrinkles!

  44. “Don’t we live on a farm? And they’re giving us Green Giant frozen vegetables?”

  45. haha, I love seeing the brits commenting about how hot it is (OMG IT’S 80!!! WE’RE MELTING!) – it reutenely gets past 110 as late as september where I live. we’re lucky if we get one snowfall the whole winter. that aside – the piglets are adorable.

  46. Yeah, I saw some giraffes being fed some apple slice/applejuice ice lollys once at a zoo in NoCal…
    made their tongues all slimy when they attempted to lick your ice cream.

    Cute but icky.

  47. carol basquez says:

    pigs are my favorite!!! this was a really cute picture and they looked very happy!!!

  48. oink! oink! nice yum little ice carrot!

  49. oink! oink! nice yum little ice carrots!