Cats… in bowls! Whaat’s the deal with them? [Jerry Seinfeld voice]

I mean, they’re in, they’re out—who are these cats?



Bowlriffic! Becky, Jana L. and Mark B.!



  1. I’ll have a heaping helping of the love that’s being served here!

  2. Three courses of cute. How sweet!

  3. Fish Eye no Miko says:

    Pic #1: Awwwwww…

    Pic #2: “Waiter, there’s a kitty in my salad!”

    Pic #3: Hmmm… marmalade!

  4. “I asked for croutons in my salad, not CUTE-ons!”

  5. What a crock! Mixing these catseroles in like this. Has Cute Overload gone to pot? When the critics see this, we’ll be panned… people will be laughing at us from Tupperwary to China…

  6. Theo, i’m bowled over.

    Kitties are surpisingly ball and bagel shaped. Sigh. I want one.

  7. Kitteh al vodka

    Kitten cordon bleu

    Kit au vin

    Cornish Game Kits

    Kits Benedict

    Kitties Jubilee

    Kittens Foster


    …all a fine smorgasboard, indeed.

  8. hrh.squeak says:

    Waiter, I’d like a double helping of Teh Cute, please.

  9. punkpie says:

    similar pics can be found at 🙂

  10. never ceases to amaze me that cats ( like number 3) who look seriously twisted and misshapen in their current sleeping position, can nevertheless be comfortable and peaceful. that cat is like..10x too big for that bowl, but does he give a rat’s ass? pun intended..

  11. caroline says:

    I’ll have a bowlful of cute ,please!

  12. Ho !! So pretty

  13. oh, to curl up and be so snug 🙂


  14. and, madame, zee salad tunaught, eet eez zee fahnest of zee lettuse weeth a laht dressing of zee local organeek kitten

  15. Aww, I love pic 2 best.
    Every kitty should be served with salad.

  16. I’ll have a bowl of kitten, with a kitten on the side… oh, and a kitty for dessert, too please.

  17. AuntieMame says:

    Steam zee kitten lightly, zen serve wiz a garnish of zee salade et tomate or, how you say, al dente, wiz a leetle bit of zee l’huile d’olive. A leetle crème fraîche for zee sauce et voilà! Zee repas magnifique et fantastique! Zut alors!

  18. Mmmmm! I love a good cats-serole.

  19. aaaawwwwww!!! #1 is so precious, with his tiny nose all tucked in and his tail draped for dramatic effect.

    i think kitty #2 saw that picture of the guinea pig in the frying pan and is now laying in wait for any small rodents who happen along.

    #3 is a whole lot of cat for that bowl!! but s/he better be careful – the humans have the onions out and ready on the table!

  20. hmm? cute in odd ways. =)

  21. They must really taste like chicken.

  22. Waiter, i ordered a tabouleh salad, NOT a tabby salad!

  23. Re the third photo: Isn’t the dough risen enough when it begins to poof over the edge of the bowl?

  24. Let’s hope Cheney doesn’t see them…

  25. Tony James says:

    Take the kittehs bowling, take them bowling…(C V Beethoven)

  26. This is so adorable! So CUTE!!

  27. I would love to have that for menue, instead of boring looking spaghettis, would also make a nice decoration on the table for a change to the eternal flower arrangements !

  28. Has anyone noticed the cat on the lid of the bowl in pic one.
    Perhaps kitty 1 is sleepig off the fish that was in bowl one, and bowl 2 was tuna salad.
    Well bowl 3 well thats just cute

  29. Take a look at my new kitty Atreyu! Is he cute?

  30. lohan roberto-your kitten is cute but he wants you to stop whoring him out please and thank you.

  31. Hey hey, now *I’ve* got a kitten video to share! The quality’s not great, so I’m not gonna submit this to Meg, but seriously… it’s kittens. Five little kittens and a momcat. How can you possibly top that?

  32. Aw jeez, the quality’s *really* crappy now, sorry. YouTube throws the audio way off & compresses the hell out of the video so you can barely tell they’re kittens. Wonder if Google Video does a better job…

  33. Laurie C says:

    Still, Theo, they are very clearly wee wobbly kitties, and the mewling and meeping is unmistably melt-worthy.

    I saw three more boxcar kittens tonight, about five weeks old, that have just emerged from their nest. Not grabbable yet, but another two nearly are. In fact, I disentangled the long floofy fur of one from some barbed wire it had got wrapped around tonight.

  34. OK. Google comes through with better quality…

  35. It was 100 degrees today – with humidity (thank you so BLOODY MUCH) – and it’ll be the same tomorrow. Too depressing. I needed this to bowlster my spirits.

    T: What I loved best about your video was the Tiny Kitty Meow towards the end.

    LC: Your good works shame me. I realize that these kits are young and wee and fragile, but aren’t they ALL grabbable – aesthetically, I mean?

  36. Catties in bowls.

    I do love how completely unconcerned cats are with *what* they are sleeping in, so long as they can fit into it with their thousand squishable bones. Wonderful animals.

  37. teho: no audio in the Google video??

  38. Audio should be OK on the Google vid, except strangely I can’t get it to play at all, this morning. It was fine last night, honest…

  39. Kitty video!!!!! All wobbly and such! (the kitties, not the video) I’ll have to watch it again at home. I didn’t want to turn the sound up too loud here at work so I haven’t heard the mewing yet, just those crazy humans speaking. 🙂

  40. Youtube and Google both worked just fine for me moments ago….

  41. Hmm, OK. I logged into my GMail/Google Video account, edited some of the video info, clicked on “I agree to the terms of service” and grabbed a new link. THIS should work, now:

    By the way, you may have to move the volume slider all the way to the right, at the bottom of the Google Video window. Check your PC’s volume level too; the “soundtrack” isn’t loud.

  42. OK, well, I got the audio on the YouTube vid, so I’m all good, for now. Shall just mentally sync them.

  43. But… but the audio is *out* of sync on the YouTube version…

  44. hrh.squeak says:

    Well that ‘splains something, I wondered why it took so long for Teh Schmoop to laugh when the kitter fell over . . . .

  45. backstory, backstory, backstory. Was the salad in the bowl before the tabby, or were leaves & tomato added for effect?
    C’mon, y’all. ‘Fess up!

  46. Chacha — re:Pic#2 — it looks to me like the first thing that went into that bowl was a paper towel. So I’m guessing you’re right, the salad happened *after* Tabbers climbed in & fell asleep.

  47. Brak_Silverbone says:

    Nobody can relax like a cat can! We could all learn a lot from them.

  48. Laurie C says:

    Aubrey, yes, they are all grabbable. And as reported in the “cat boss” thread, I did in fact grab a pair of boxcar kittens today. They’re now in my bathroom, snoozing off the effects of a busy day that saw them retrieved into domesticity *and* a trip to the vet, who believes in the cause, too, and only charged me for the de-flea-ing dose, and not the exam or deworming. She’s a gem.

  49. Yay for the vet!

  50. I like a good catsserole.

  51. Its so sad when a kitten outgrows its favorite bowl – they just dont get it; sad but so cuuuuteee

  52. LOL..oh what great pics.
    Love der cats!
    And little wobbly kits……squeeeeeeeee

  53. #2 gives new meaning to the term “bed of lettuce”

  54. “Hmmm…let’s see. I’ll have the Sauteed Kitty in a Pan. Does that come with fries?”

    *food delivered to table*

    “Wait, I can’t eat that! I’ll take it home instead!”

  55. Will you peapole just start a freaking “Pets in Bowls” categorey already?!?!