Beyond tie-tie

Look, stop trying to keep me up. It’s time to go to bed. I just wanna curl up with my People magazine and turn the world off. Just, just—leave me alonnnnne…. soo… tie…tie.


Michelle, the sender-inner, and Bengal Kitties, the SITE!



  1. gwenchocolate says:


  2. apophis16 says:

    Just like me every morning.
    I feel ya kitteh!

  3. gah! too cute.. now i’m so sleepy too:)

  4. Something my kitten would do… *is now tie tie*

  5. Aaw! So slinky! So sleepy! <3

  6. Ahem, just exactly WHERE do you work, Gwen?

  7. aw, a basket case. too sweet.

  8. J. Bo — I’m guessing maybe the garden?

  9. Ha, Ha!

    This picture had me snorting coffee out of my nose, and Gwens comment made it find its way to my ears, too.

    I’m with J.Bo: Please tell us where you work, Gwen!

  10. wonderkitten.

  11. you guys r silly says:

    poor beh-beh…..
    he just *oozled* right on out of his little beddy…

  12. Brak_Silverbone says:

    Yeah, I’ve felt like that too. Look at the gorgeous markings on that sleek and slinky torso!

  13. That was probably a basket-of-kittens pose being set up, and this guy was just trying to get some space of his own. Mission accomplished.

  14. Bunnajenny's Busband says:
  15. Bunnajenny's Busband says:
  16. Bunnajenny's Busband says:
  17. Bunnajenny's Busband says:
  18. Bunnajenny's Busband says:
  19. Bunnajenny's Busband says:
  20. this kitty looks like a ferrett

    with stripes

    and a kitty face

  21. Bunnajenny’s Busband-
    Cute pictures =)

  22. AuntieMame says:

    The snoozing kitteh and puppeh are both cute!


  23. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. It’s like he was sleeping, and then wanted to get up to snorgle, but was far too tie tie and fell asleep again halway out of his wee wittle basket. I wuvs you, sleepy kitteh!

  24. aw hes very tai-urd! he must be dreaming of something sad, poor bebe looks like hes frowning

  25. Tony James says:

    Theo – you mentioned Lorna and her kittens – does this mean you’ve been fostered? Where are the piks!?!?!

  26. TJ – check out Theo’s new little family in the “I’m hidinks” thread. 🙂

  27. gwenchocolate says:

    I actually work at a hotel. I’ve been working a lot of 12/13/14 hour days lately, and while I was checking rooms today (which I normally don’t do–I’m usually at the front desk) I found myself desperately wanting to just flop down on one of the fluffy beds and take a nap. So I did the next best thing: I bent over and smooshed my face into a pillow, and literally like the kitteh in the picture, just rested for a minute: with my butt sticking up and everything. But don’t tell my boss that!

  28. Oh, that’s sooo cute.

  29. lauowolf says:

    This way kitty’ll be be just this much closer to wherever he’s going when he wakes up.

  30. Fritatta says:

    Liquid kitty, semi-solid for the moment…

  31. hrh.squeak says:

    Sleepy kitters and puppers, yay! I was like that yesterday. But they are much cuter. Trust me on this one.

  32. *since no one has done it, takes the liberty of helping the kitty lie down right-ways and tucking him in*

  33. Since this is a Bengal, I’m sure this photo was taken during the 2 seconds the kitten was asleep between bouts of rocketing around the house, never once touching the floor. The Bengal kittens page was awwwwwwsome. More than one of the photos there would have been right at home here.

  34. Think this cuteee was sleep pouncing. The smile, makes me think it has dreamed of catching a huge (totally uncute) mouse or something

  35. Take a look at my new kitty Atreyu! Is he cute?

  36. Gentlewoman says:

    Yay! Bengalkitten! I agree, in under five minutes, this kitten re-emerges as Jet Kitty, Terrorizer of Households.

    This photo reminds me of when my Ganesh Bengal Cat was teensy. Now he weighs 18 lbs. And no, they don’t ever outgrow Jet Kitty. He has broken three lamps, two alarm clocks, and assorted glassware and pottery. So far. He’s only six, give him time to work up to furniture and walls.

    I love Cute Overload, I check it every day, but I don’t think I’ve ever commented before. So, hello! And mrow mrow from Ganesh Bengal Cat.

  37. hrh.squeak says:

    Mrow wow, Ganesh Bengal Cat, from MaxWax, Mean Ol’ Kitty.
    and Hello Gentlewoman from hrh.squeak@!

  38. I guess a kitty can be slinky in more ways than one.

    Frittata, ‘Liquid Kitty’ is the name of a great bar in Hollywood. With amoeba-shaped tables and framed photos of Dean Martin.

    It looks a familiy of unbearable bonny kitties have found their way to your home, T. Congratulations.

  39. GOD. Make that ‘unbearably’, before Theo has me kicked out.

    Right. I’m going to bed RIGHT NOW.

  40. Wow. The supreme example of the power of cat-sleep. Amazing.

  41. Like I’d kick out Teh Aubrey. As if.

  42. I’m meeeeellllltinnng! (all us CA types relate?)

  43. “Mom pleeeeeeeaaaaaase???!!! Five more minutes?! Pleeeeaaase!!!!”

  44. That fucker is crazy!